Monday, 28 November 2011

okay so i am not the most technical

so i am not the most technical person you will ever meet. I have to be told stuff over and over again. So picture me trying to transfer all my music from my zen (which is on its way out ) onto my new phone.
(oh yes my baby, the HTC Sensation) Now what the problem was is this, it doesn't come with a instruction book. There is an online internal help on the phone, which of course i cant work out how to use so i ended up googling it.
Of course it wasnt as straight forward or as clear as google insisted it was so i took the bit between my teeth and took a chance, and YAY, i now have all my music on my phone.
Now i just have to work out how to play it . lol.

On another note, i downloaded Bump app and spent over an hour yesterday with my brother, banging our phones together trying to work out how it worked and why it wouldn't work. After another google marathon we found out its cus my brother hasn't got location activated.

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