Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New programs


My Master and my brother downloaded a new program and so not to be left out I bit the bullet and downloaded it too.
With it you can make sculpties and import them into second life. I have to say its interesting. (as in nothing i have tried has turned out like the tutorial pictures,

My first project was a mushroom. I followed the steps one by one and thought well that don't work as my mushroom looked more like an inverted bullet. Eventually i got a sort of mushroom shape which i gleefully exported on to second life to see my own created sculpty map turn a prim into a shape. well a sort of shape.

Now inspired by my total success (sort of lol) I ploughed forward onto part two. My aim to make a ... wait for it ... A HAT.

Four (groans, yes four times) attempts later i was bouncing in anticipation as i uploaded the sculpt map, and yes it looked a little like a hat on the floor so i added a texture .. badly and put it on my head. Its upside down .. we can deal with that... rotate it a bit this way and a little that way and YAY i got a new hat.

such a strange program to use .. it makes me feel dizzy

 Don't it look good? bounces, just don't look around the back till i get a hair cut lol.


  1. That looks like an interesting program!

  2. Endy grins at his brother

    "No fair, I have not had chance to make the hat yet :( "