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Master's New/Old boy

Our Master took a new/old boy this week. After being on travels with our Master’s Free Companion for the past year, Brian returned to the family chain. The boy is looking thin and pale but the tropical sun will soon change that. As first boy I welcome Brian- Master’s Petite Angel  to the family. My Master performed a re-collaring ceremony, short but needed.
As first boy I will strive to make him the best slave he can be for our beloved Master.

The collaring.

River glares at his brother who is still on his feet

Franziskus Ninetails: My boys, go end help your new brother washing. I will meet you in the atrium!

Endy: Yes our Master

River: yes my master, come boy we will prepare you

Franziskus Ninetails smiles and winks at Brian, then turns to go to his bedroom to get dressed
Franziskus Ninetails opens his closet and thinks 'Oh my God, I have nothing to wear!'.

Endy smiles "this way"

River points to the pump. “wash yourself here brother.  i will pump the water for you.  River takes the handle and begins to pump the water, he nods to the boy to go under the flow

Brian s'approche de la pompe tout en enlevant son silk et ces bracelets, prenant soin de ranger le tout sur le sol a coté de lui
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) approaches the pump while removing her silk and bracelets, making sure to store it all on the ground next to him

River: Endy bring some soap for our brother

Franziskus Ninetails enters his office and opens a drawer. He smiles as he takes out the old collar he kept there for so long

River: and take his bracelets and silks if he wears them again is up to our master

Endy smiles and picks up on of the dried towels from the basket ready for when the boy comes out from under the pump lest he catches a cold. Endy nods "Yes my brother"

River looks down on the boy, admiring his body. “make sure brother that you wash yourself properly, inside as well.”

Endy places the towel over his sholder whilst he hurries to get some of their Master's fragrant soap

Brian sourie de toutes ces dent à ces deux futur freres, il prend le savont et ce lave soigneusement tout en appreciant la douce et fraiche eau vive qui raffraichi son corps
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) smiles all these teeth to these two future brothers, he took the savont and thoroughly washed while enjoying the sweet and fresh running water to refresh his body
Brian ce nettoye partout sans oublie aucun des recoin de son corps, sourriant largement a Endi et River
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) it cleans everywhere without forgetting any of the corner of his body, and Endi has largely sourriant River

Endy smiles and leans over the boy, being careful to avoid the splashing, and passes it to the boy "Make sure your work up a good lather, our Master will want you clean"

River: we must hurry now boy

Brian finis son bain et ce redresse lentement, prenant soin de ce secher les cheveux en premier et le corp ensuite
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) finished his bath and it recovers slowly, taking care of dry hair first, and then Corp
Brian: voilà je suis lavé
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en): Here I am washed

Endy growls behind him "Settle down fluffy, he will be here often soon"

River takes the towel from endy and hands it to brian

Franziskus Ninetails takes another set of house-keys from the hidden drawer in the cabinet and attaches it to his belt next to the collar

River: we must go into the garden now my brother," river looks at brian, are you ready boy?" he asks

Brian prend la serviette et s'essuyant soigneusement , en affichant un large sourire a Endy et River
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) takes the towel and wiped carefully, displaying a wide smile and Endy River

Endy smiles admiring the boys body sure that their Master will be please "Yes my brother"

Brian: oui je suis pret
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en): yes I'm ready

River: then come brother, soon you will be on our chain : you will have a home

Brian sourie a ce petit coquin de river
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) smiled the little rascal of a river

Endy smiles "follow us"

River leads the way back to where their master is waiting. River stands before his master. “i bring a boy to you my master.” River looks at Brian, "on your knees boy before your future master." River nods to Endy to join him and kneels

Franziskus Ninetails's lips flashing a short smile at his lil sunshine's demanding voice, taking his role as first boy so serious

Brian regarde Franzi avec ces eyes bleu aux etinceles brilliantes et ce met lentement à genoux dand la position de soumission
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) Franzi with these eyes look blue sparks Brilliant and this is slowly kneeling position dand submission

Franziskus Ninetails stands before his future slave, who - before he can command it - already takes the position of submission

River watches as the boy kneels before their master

Franziskus Ninetails takes the collar from his belt and looks down to Brian. He clears his throat before he begins to speak. "Brian, my lil angel... after years of travels and worries you returned to me, knowing where your place is...."

River looks up with pure love at his master, his own collaring in his mind

Brian regard fixer au dorures du soumptueux pavement, la respiration lente et le coeur qui bat de plus en plus rapidement dans sa poitrine, entandant les mots de son Maitre, lui remplissant le coeur de joie
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) look set to soumptueux gilding the pavement, slow breathing and heart beating more rapidly in his chest, entandant the words of his Master, filled his heart with joy

Franziskus Ninetails chuckles a bit as the lil giani crawls between Brian's legs. He gently pushs the animal a bit aside before he continues. He opens the collar and places it around Brian's neck as he speaks: "With this collar I make you mine again, boy known as Brian...."

Brian sentant le metal en froid ce clipsser autour de son coup son coeur s'arrete un instant tout en prenant une grande respiration...
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) feeling the cold metal in the clipsser around his neck his heart stops for a moment while taking a deep breath ...

Endy smiles "watching their Master, and knowing how much he worried over his lost boys, and grins seeing the love and joy on their Master's face at the return of one of them"

Franziskus Ninetails closes the collar with a metallic snap, then takes the little key from his belt and slides it into the lock. He turns it the first time "Repeat after me: 'I, known as Brian, herewith submit myself completely and totally in all things...."

Brian: I, known as Brian, herewith submit myself completely and totally in all things.

Franziskus Ninetails: '... to him who is known as Franziskus of Tidra, merchant in Tabor,..."

Brian: .. to him who is known as Franziskus of Tidra, merchant in Tabor,..

Franziskus Ninetails turns the key a second time while he continues "... 'His boy, His slave, an article of His property, His to do with as He pleases'...."

River feels his eyes getting wet with every word, he closes his eyes and just listens

Brian: .. his boy, His slave, an article of His property, His to do with as He pleases..

Franziskus Ninetails: "...'to be third boy in his chain, brother to River and Endy.'"

Brian: .. to be third boy in his chain, brother to River and Endy.

Franziskus Ninetails smiles and nods. He turns the key a third and last time. "With this collar I claim you as mine, Brian. Your name will be Brian, as long as it pleases me." - He pulls the key out of the lock and attaches it back to his belt, then opens his arms. "Welcome back to my chain, my lil angel"

Brian regarde son Maitre et se jete dans ces bras
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) his own master and flows into the arms

River strikes his shoulder in the gorean form of applause, welcome my brother

Franziskus Ninetails hugs his new/old boy tight and softly kisses his hair. Then slowly lets him down on his feet again. "You may hug your new brothers now"

Endy grins as their new brother leaps into their Master's arms and their Master hugs him tight and close, a carefully wipes at a damp tear and joins his brother in a Gorean applause "Welcome to the chain our brother"

Brian embrance tendrementet un par un ces deux nouveaux freres
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) and a tender kiss by two new brothers

River approches his new brother, he looks at him seriously, " welcome my brother to our master's chain. "

Franziskus Ninetails: Your brothers will help you with the silks and the rules

River holds out his arms to his brother

Brian: oui mon Maitrre, merci mon Maitre et mes freres
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en): yes my Maitrre, thank you my Master and my brothers

River: i am first," river says looking the new boy in the eye, "now greet your other brother,"

Endy smiles as his brother greets their new brother "Congratulations my brother, and welcome" he says with a grin and pulls his brother into a hug

Brian regarde sont freres et va dirrectement embrasser son deuxieme frere Endy
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) looks are brothers and goes directly to kiss her second brother Endy

Franziskus Ninetails takes the extra set of keys from his belt and hands it to his first boy "Make sure your new brother gets this, when he gets dressed, my lil sunshine"

River: yes my master.  “while in the house Brian, you will be naked as Endy and I am,”

Franziskus Ninetails mumbles with a scowl at his second boy "as long as Endy not forgets that rule"

Endy looks down and blushes and hastly unties the not on his silk

Brian: ((oui je vais devoir y aller, mais j'ai été tres heureux, merci encore mon Maitre et mes deux mignons freres))
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en): ((Yes I'm going to go, but I was very happy, thank you again my Master and my two brothers cute))

River: silks will be worn when we travel, i will get you a warm cloak for when we go to tabor city, you will need some furs for your feet too

Franziskus Ninetails: I think after this eventful day, you first need to kennel, my lil angel
River will show you the place where you normally sleep - at the foot of my bed,  as long as you are not warming my furs

River: aye

Franziskus Ninetails smiles and adds "Which is most of the times"

Brian: oui mon Maitre
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en): yes my Master

River: come my brother i will show you where to kennel

Brian: oui river

River: you may kennel here my brother

Brian: merci mon frere
Brian Warcliffe (Q-Translator it->en): mon frere goods

River: “sleep well .” River waits for the new boy to settle down and then leave him to the feel of the steel on his neck: congratulations my master

Endy grins "yes my Master, congratulations"

Franziskus Ninetails grins

River: your new boy is kenneled my master

Franziskus Ninetails nods "That's good. I am sure you will teach him everything that's necessary

River: we will my master

Welcome to our family my brother.

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