Friday, 18 November 2011

River has a busy morning.

  River goes to the cookie box and sees that it is empty. He sighs sadly, he really wanted to have a cookie with his gruel this morning.
  River: He pouts for a moment then his eyes drift to the kitchen and he wonders .....
  River: suddenly excited river goes and checks the stocks. cacao he knows he has,
  Kool Door opened by River Airy
 River: he opens the chiller, butter? he grins as he finds a batch he had made a week before.
 River: he frowns seeing that the milk is empty and goes out to check the urn.
 Door Kitchen-Out opened by River Airy
 River: he sighs seeing that it is empty and wonders why he has to always be the one that does all the menial chores. He decides that he will have strong words with both of his brothers, as first boy he shouldn't have to milk a bosk all the time.
 River: he collects his pail from the stable and takes it to the pump, washing it out so that the milk will be nice and fresh
  River: then he takes it back over to the stable where betsy is standing waiting impatiently, her udders full as if they havent been emptied for a few days.
  River: i am sorry girl, has none of my brother's come to milk you," he says soothingly as he pulls up a stool
  River: he puts the bucket under her and reaches for her teats, squeezing and pulling down till long thin lines of fresh bosk milk splash in to the bucket.
  River: satisfied that he has enough, he pats betsy on the rump, "thank you girl for the gift of milk," he says affectionately. I shall have words with my brother's that you are milked more regularly. you provide us with so much sweet betsy, with your milk we make our gruel, we drink it, make cheese, make butter, you nurture us in so many ways, it is only fair that my brother's repay your kindness by looking after you properly.
 River goes over to the hay pile and forks three big bundles into the pen, smiling where betsy and boris both tuck in.
 River: he takes the milk back to the kitchen
  Door Kitchen-Out opened by River Airy
  River: and tips it into a bowl.
  River: he looks around and reaches down the flour barrel, its only half full but enough for what he wants
  River: next he looks for sugar, smiling as he sees that they have plenty, having bought it the night before in tabor oasis.
  River: he frowns again as he sees that the eggs have not been gathered yet and he swears under his breath at his brother's tardiness. if they havent done the garden chores then they had better have done the house ones.
River: he picks up a basket and goes out to the coup
  Door Kitchen-Out opened by River Airy
 River: he opens the pen and reaches in under the roosting hen, yelping as she pecks his fingers. "Careful poppy," he says gruffly, "you can always end up as our master's dinner," he reaches in and takes three more eggs from under her, yelping again as he catches his fingers with her sharp beak. "if you were not such a good layer," he grumbles as he closes the coup once more.
 River: he takes the eggs back to the kitchen and takes stock once more of what he has
 Door Kitchen-Out opened by River Airy
 River: he checks off his list , sugar, butter, milk, flour, eggs and cacao.
  River: satisfied he lights the fire
  River: not wanting to do it before hand
  River waits till the oven heats up and then starts to mix his ingredients into a large bowl
 River: first the flour then the sugar and eggs,
 River: he beats them together and then gradually adds them milk.
River: he then adds the cacao, stirring it in till the mixture is a nice chocolatey colour.
  River: he drops spoons of it onto a tray and then pushes it into the oven to cook.
 River: while they are cooking he cleans the kitchen, making sure that he washes up the bowl he used and puts it away carefully for next time.
 River: he checks that the blackwine is brewing for when his master awakes.
 River: and then he starts to prepare his master's breakfast
  River: breaking two eggs into a pan and frying them slowly so that the yoke is nice and runny but the white is set
  River: he checks his cookies then goes back to preparing his master's meal
River: he then cuts two very thin slices of bosk from the roast and puts it on the plate with the eggs
  Kool Door opened by River Airy
  River: (( giggles as nls gives him 20 cookies instead of ten ))
  River: he then cuts a piece of bread and puts it on the plate, he looks for cheese and swears softly as he remembers that there isn't any
 River: he remembers his master told him to use the milk that had started to spoil to make some
  River: that would have to be his next task
  Kool Door opened by River Airy
River: he checks on his cookies and seeing that they are cooked he lays them out to cool
  Door Kitchen-Out opened by River Airy
  Door secret room opened by River Airy [Clicked: will stay opened till you leave range or click me]
 River remembers greywing and begrudgingly goes to the cold storage and picks out a piece of tabuk, he slings it over his shoulder and carries it across the bridge to where the giant bird is roosting. avoiding his snapping beak, river tosses the meat where he can reach him. "you are not too big that i wouldnt hesitate to roast you if you try to peak me again," he growls, yelping as the beady eye of the bird rests on him as if he understands what he just said and darts his head forward, thinking a boy a tastier snack than tabuck anyday.
 River runs back over the bridge and into the house, he sighs feeling safe as before he shuts the door he sees the tarn tucking into his snack
  River: he has three more to feed before he can think about feeding himself. He goes back to the cold storage and takes out another tabuck leg and takes it to fluffy. The old sleen hisses at him through his bars and river steps back a little having felt his jaws around his leg more than once.
  River: "none of that fluffy if you want this," he says chastising the beast. Fluffy sniffs the air and whimpers a little and river smiles, throwing him the meat. while he eats river pats the old beast's head.
  River: mewing from the kitchen reminds him of his next port of call and he goes into the room, collecting the giani's dishes as he goes.
  River: hafnir, layla," he calls as he fills their plates. He laughs as the little cats dart from two directions and attack the food with gusto.
  River: He looks up to the ceiling , not yet hearing his master awake he goes out to start the cheese
  =C= Chores Butter churn: Hi River Airy! Touch me to change pose. Say /1a to Adjust.
 River: he churns the milk until it starts to curdle.
 River: forming lumps of curds that separated from the whey.
 River: the sun moves slowly across the sky as the ahns pass by, and river wipes the sweat from his brow.
  River: eventually the cheese is ready to be drained and he gets a repcloth and a bowl pouring the curds over it
 River: separating them from the whey. He ties the cloth up so that the curds form a wheel and he takes it into the kitchen and puts it in the chiller
 River: sweaty from his chores river goes back outside and washes at the pump
 River: he uses a scrap of soap that he keeps there to clense himself properly and then dries himself with a rep cloth.
 River: ready for his breakfast he goes to the chiller and takes out his gruel, cursing as it is scraping the barrel. Another job that no one has done, He had made the last batch.
 Door Kitchen-Out opened by River Airy
 Kool Door opened by River Airy
 slave gruel owned by River Airy gave you 'NLS Slavebrei v2.2 62'  ( ).
 River: he takes the bowl to the worksurface and puts it down, he then puts some honey in it to sweeten and freshen it up
 River: then he eats it slowly with his fingers, making sure to wipe it clean.
 NLS Universal HUD v2.4.4 whispers: River Airy can not eat anymore. The stomach is filled to bursting.
 River: he checks his cookies and seeing that they are cool now he takes them to the cookie box, pleased with himself that his mixture produced 20 biscuits and not the usual ten.
 Door Kitchen-dining opened by River Airy
 River: he looks around seeing that the house needed to be cleaned but he wanted to rest first. He had done so much already, and without the help of his brothers.
River: he takes a piece of fruit from the plate and takes it outside. he snags a blanket from the washing line and takes it out to the low hanging palm
 River: draping it over it before climbing on to rest in the sun and eat his larma
  Door Kitchen-dining opened by River Airy
 Door Main 2 opened by River Airy
  Door Gate 1 opened by River Airy

(the roleplay took me 1hour and 2 minutes, not bad for a roleplay entirely on my own)

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