Saturday, 28 January 2012

joshie's makeover

Joshua had a make over, He looks a little young i think, but cute.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012


When will people ever learn the difference between IC (in character) and OOC (out of character).
Last night we were checking our market stall at Tabor East and Chance was there with his Master Will. My Master passed some pleasantries with him and we moved on, checking other stalls and having a wander before getting ready to go home. As we approached the ship we saw a lady standing there so we greeted her IC. She never answered. We greeted her again, and again we got no answer. Presuming that she had gone afk, My Master, said. “Oh maybe she is a deaf mute my boys.” And proceeded to emote, using a rough sign language to speak to her. The next thing we know, Will is up in our face, swearing at us OOC, accusing us of being Rude and Ignorant to visitors.
My Master was furious.

1, because we are some of the only people in Tabor that actually DO Roleplay

2, because we are the only people that actually speak to everyone that we see on the sim and Never, walk past someone without greeting them. Unlike some who tp 50 meters to avoid talking to you, or some that stay in ooc mode all the time and never roleplay anyone.

3, because even if we are in our own home, we leave what we are doing and go and greet anyone that lands on our dock.

I walked around Oasis for thirty minutes last week and two people were there, did anyone of them come and speak to me...? I leave that for you to figure out.

Going back to the point of this post


The fact that I was speaking to the lady as soon as she returned in IM, was completely overlooked.

The one thing I will not be accused of or allow My Master, or Brother to be accused of is being rude.
We always speak ooc in im with our fellow Players and make sure they are okay with what we are saying or doing, unlike the majority of people we know.

So just to clarify


Friday, 20 January 2012

Time for an update

Time for an update I think.

We have a few things that I need to show and tell. Firstly Gor.

We/My Master decided to give Open Collar a go. Since coming to Gor I have always worn a Tokon Collar, My Master's boys all have the same one. After wearing a simple collar for a few days we decided to try changing our usual collar scripts for the Open Collar ones. Yay, It worked. So now we keep a copy of Tokon collar for low scripted area's and our Open Collar ones for everything else. So far so good. I think our Master likes the control it gives him over us. The truth is I love the control it gives him over us. So here's hoping that he wants to keep it for now.

Our Master bought himself some new clothes this week from Tigereye Designs He looks so very handsome in them. And as a special treat he bought us some new matching furs to compliment his.

nice new furs


Thank you My Master

There has been some complaints/moaning in Tabor about Av's not looking old enough and it made me look at myself. Though I thought I looked adult enough. (meant to be 20 when given the serums) I didn't want My Master to be put in a position where he got questioned. (also he complained that i was a skinny bitch when he wanted to photograph me wearing a candy pouch he made and it was WAY too big for me) So I have 'Beefed' up a bit. I am not sure. Somehow I think that I am not as pretty now as I was. But both my Master and my brother like the change so I will see how I feel about it. (I used Endy's settings for the body size and when I put it on I gasped .. "I look so fat," now he keeps saying that I think he is fat. I don't. You look so much thinner in the shape than I do." After being so skinny for so long I guess I just have to get used to it.

Old v New

Other news,

I finally sold something on Marketplace. Some textures that I made. 7 fruit textures it was only 25$L but Yay my first sale

Finally we have been making packets for our market stall in Tabor Tropics here are My Master's two latest items.

leg not included made me laugh so hard

And for good measure I have taken some pictures of the market. Come and visit us sometime.

i am so proud of my carpet display that i made.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Yay I made a Marketplace Item all on my ownsome.

My latest build. I really like this and you can find it Here
Here are some more pictures of it.

Random meetings and cowardly outlaws

Jimmy Bloch sniffs "And I am NOT a boy! Me ish twenty and one yearsh old... at leasht!"
Master's lil Sunshine: “Greetings Masters.”
Kenny Draesia: “Greeting River.”
Master's lil Sunshine skirts around the tarn nervously. still not liking the great beasts.
Kenny Draesia blushes and stutters...
Jimmy Bloch points behind the man "Yesh... I meeted shat boy before. He was shelling me shome black wine." He nods to the slave "Greetingsh, boy"
Kenny Draesia: “I didn't chase this one off. I actually was here first, just patrolling when this man arrived.”
Master's lil Sunshine looks at the trader. "It’s nice to see you again Master." He turns to Master Kenny. "Greetings Master.  I know this Master," he adds.
Jimmy Bloch: "Shee?!?"
Master's lil Sunshine: “He is a valued customer of my master.”
Jimmy Bloch nods
Kenny Draesia looks at the man again, more closely this time..Ï'll remember that then lil one.
Jimmy Bloch: I am in Tabor Easht wish my shishtersh. Shey are shtill shnoring. She ship ish capshured in ishe"
Master's lil Sunshine struggles to follow the young master's accent and smiles picking up the few words he understood. "My master will be very happy to hear that you came back Master."
Kenny Draesia relaxes; secure that river is at the moment safe
Jimmy Bloch misunderstanding the man pouts "You not call me lil one! I know, I am not ash tall ash my shishtersh, but shey shay I will grow shooner or latersh. Sho don't me little not!"
Kenny Draesia grins at the man, "Don't worry, I'm leaving, and I was talking to the slave"
Jimmy Bloch: "Oh..."
Kenny Draesia: “Safe paths Jimmy...”
Jimmy Bloch turns to the slave boy "I shink I got losht"
Master's lil Sunshine smiles again because the master is probably the only one he met that is smaller than he is.
Kenny Draesia: “River? Serve with FIRE.”
Master's lil Sunshine: “I shall master, may your arrows fly true.”
Kenny Draesia turns and runs, leaping on the Tarn and pulling the one strap to soar skyward.
Jimmy Bloch, not knowing what he should tell someone who rides on a tarn in the air, just guesses "Uhm... shafe... ridesh, Shir!"
Master's lil Sunshine turns to the trader, "Might I invite you to my master's home Master and then I can help you return to Tabor East was it?"
Lina: “Tal Jarls.” Lina smiles at the boy
Master's lil Sunshine waves to his master's friend as he takes to the sky . he turns seeing a girl that is unknown to him and gives her a smile
Jimmy Bloch turns in surprise as he hears another female voice and notices the slave girl "Tal, shlavegirl"
Lina smiles warmly at him and looks around the place
Jimmy Bloch turns to the slave boy "Ish bishy plashe here, it sheemsh!"
Master's lil Sunshine: "Aye master we are a busy trading post."
Master's lil Sunshine: My Master is away on travels right now but I expect him to return sometime today.
Master's lil Sunshine: "but I am charged with conducting business for him while he is away." Master's lil Sunshine gives the girl a wink when the master isn't looking.
Lina turns around looking for the Jarl that her Jarl told her to look for
Master's lil Sunshine: “Master might I help this girl she looks lost?”
Jimmy Bloch points to his full stuffed backbag "Oh, I hash been bishy buying shingsh. My shishtersh will be very proud" Jimmy Bloch nods to the slaveboy "Aye.. do sho"
Master's lil Sunshine: “Thank you master," River turns to the girl. "What did you want on the tropics Sister?"
Lina smiles looking at the boy which seems rather friendly , Jarl told me to visit you and search for Geo here
Master's lil Sunshine thinks hard not knowing a slave called Geo.  “I am sorry I don't know the slave you look for." River thinks for a moment. "It is a slave you search isn't it? If you give me a map I will pass it on to the person you seek if I ever meet him."
Lina nods looking around worried " I will go look in some other place then"
Jimmy Bloch listens only half ear to the conversation of the slaves. His bag getting a bit heavy on his shoulders with all the goods he bought, especially the iron pigs
Lina smiles warmly listening at the Jarl's words "I wish you well jarl " says with soft voice then waves at the boy and walks away quietly
Master's lil Sunshine notices the master getting impatient and turns his attention back to him. "Might I carry those for you master?" he asks. “serve with fire sister” he shouts as the girl walks away.
Aragorn Nicolai: “Tal you both”!
Jimmy Bloch frowns as another man approaches. He whispers to the slave "It ISH really a bishy plashe!", then reaches his hand "Tal, Shir!" Jimmy Bloch's eyes rest on the drawn bow and he raises his eyebrows "You are going hunting?"
Master's lil Sunshine turns hearing footsteps behind him. "Tal master," he says looking nervous. "How might this boy help you ?"
Aragorn Nicolai: “more or less, yes.”
Aragorn Nicolai: “hm, possible.” Aragorn Nicolai looks from one to the another and things a bit.
Jimmy Bloch looks from the man to the woods on the other side, considering if there's some meat he could hunt for dinner. He turns his gaze back to the man "Ish shere good to hunt in she woodsh?"
Aragorn Nicolai: “I thing, you know, who I am . Or not? But i thing not.  Argh i forgot a shedule. need to go. Be well”
((okay here Aragorn felt the need to suddenly leave when it was plain he was planning on attacking Jimmy and me. Could it have been that Master Kenny of the Tabor Guard happened to fly back over head and land his tarn on the hill opposite us.”))
Master's lil Sunshine: i am just a boy doing my master's bidding Master and dealing with this visitor to our fair isle.
Jimmy Bloch frowns at the man's words, wondering why every free man is so aggressive here
Master's lil Sunshine lets out the breath he was holding. “I think we should go somewhere more secure master in case he returns.”
Jimmy Bloch notices the slave boy relaxing and exhaling loudly "Ish not a nishe man?"
Master's lil Sunshine: “no is not nishe ... I mean nice man master. I must tell my master he was here.”
Jimmy Bloch nods to the slave boy
Master's lil Sunshine: master please come into the office where you will be safe
Jimmy Bloch shifts the weight of the bag "Shish ish getting heavy. I shink it wash a fault to buy iron"
Kenny Draesia: “Tal again little one.”
Master's lil Sunshine pauses on the dock seeing the warrior is back
Kenny Draesia giggles
Master's lil Sunshine: "master there was a stranger here”
Kenny Draesia: I was just passing back through, river.
Master's lil Sunshine: I recognised him from his description as a warrior that has a cos on his head
Kenny Draesia looks around.
Jimmy Bloch smiles as the other man arrives again. His eye’s searching around for the intriguing big bird. He's just about to complain again as the man calls him 'little', when he recognises, that he is talking to the slave
Master's lil Sunshine: “I think he fled when he saw your tarn overhead.”
Kenny Draesia: “Greetings Sir..”
Kenny Draesia: , “I am just a patrolling warrior.”
Jimmy Bloch: "Greetingsh again, Shir Kenny Sharshent!"
Kenny Draesia grins at river... Aye, boy, from the air he looked like Aaragon, though I can't be sure."
Master's lil Sunshine turns to the trader, "Master you should be on your guard, the tropics are no longer safe.”
Kenny Draesia nods in agreement, “Äye Jimmy, there are outlaws everywhere."
Master's lil Sunshine: “Aye master, he had the look of a savage about him. Like the ones I have seen on Tidra, his bow was drawn.”
Jimmy Bloch looks to the slave boy "You shink he wash not on hunt for dinner, shlave?"
Kenny Draesia looks one more time around, making sure all is well with Franzie's property.
Master's lil Sunshine: “No master I think he was on the hunt for slave boys.  I have heard he only has the courage to attack unarmed boys.” Master's lil Sunshine lowers his head knowing that he was speaking out of turn about a free.
Kenny Draesia grins and turns to go back to my Tarn. “HAHAHA!”
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as he notices his old friend visiting "Kenny!!!"
Master's lil Sunshine looks up with a bright smile on his face. "You are here my master."
Kenny Draesia looks around, Pleased to see his good friend. “Tal, Franzie!”
Franziskus Ninetails then raises his eyebrows to the visitor "Greetings.... boy"
Master's lil Sunshine moves to his master's feet, kneeling in the sand before him
Kenny Draesia waits patiently knowing Franzie must survey all for himself.
Jimmy Bloch stomps his foot again on the ground as once more he is addresses as boy "I am NOT a boy!!!", he answers pouting. But then friendlier, still sulking a bit "But Tal, Shir!"
Master's lil Sunshine: “My master, this Master is here on trade."
Kenny Draesia interjects.. “And I'm patrolling Franz."
Master's lil Sunshine nuzzles his master's groin deeply. Inhaling his Master
Kenny Draesia sheaths all his weapons
Franziskus Ninetails pulls his boy tight to his legs, smiling as his boy buries his nose in his crotch. Over his boy's shoulder he looks to the visitor "Oh... forgive me... I'm Franziskus of Tidra, merchant here in the Tropics" Franziskus Ninetails then looks over to Kenny "All well and quiet, Kenny?"
Kenny Draesia chuckles at his friend.. Seems so, Franz" Kenny Draesia points towards the dock...”Ï arrived just in time to see a boat sail.”
Master's lil Sunshine: “There was a warrior here my master, but he ran when the master's tarn flew overhead.”
Jimmy Bloch grimaces as he sees the male slave nuzzling in his master's crotch. But he shrugs it off, not too familiar with the customs in the civilized world. He finally raises a hand "I am Shimmy of she Clan of Bloch"
Franziskus Ninetails: "A warrior? Or an outlaw?" Franziskus Ninetails looks puzzled and only half minded nods to the dirty visitor "Well met, Shimmy"
Kenny Draesia: “He appeared outlaw from the air, Franz.”
Jimmy Bloch: "It's not 'Shimmy' - it's SHIMMY!"
Master's lil Sunshine: “I do not think he was here to protect us my master , i think maybe an outlaw,”
Franziskus Ninetails looks even more puzzled now "Errrr.... yes.... Shimmy...." looks down to his boy and whispers "Wasn't that what I said?"
Kenny Draesia chuckles and turns a bit, ever wary.
Master's lil Sunshine shudders and feels better that he had his bow on his back as his master commanded he always wore outside of the house.
Jimmy Bloch takes a deep breath and speaks very slowly as he supposes the man is a bit stupid "It's SHI-MMY!"
TheTabor Corporal watches the exchange between Franz and the boy, not interrupting.
Master's lil Sunshine: “I think its" .. River hesitates not wanting to say the name of a free. He thinks for a moment then picks up a stick and draws what he thinks the name is in the sand ... JIMMY.
Kenny Draesia: “It looked like Aaragon, Franz the person I saw sail away hastily..”
Franziskus Ninetails looks with eyes yelling for help at his boy and Kenny, then down to the scribbling of his boy "Oh, Jimmy?"
Master's lil Sunshine: he looks at his master expectantly.
Jimmy Bloch beams "Ah, now you hash it! Yesh, it'sh Shimmy!"
Franziskus Ninetails then narrows his eyes and looks to Kenny "Aragon?"
Kenny Draesia: “Aye, Franz.. Seems he has an aversion to my Tarn...Can’t imagine why.”
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and looks up to his tarn "I wished he had an aversion to Greywing too!"
Kenny Draesia: “The shadow of my Tarn overhead seems to terrify him.”
Master's lil Sunshine: “It is a shame we can't have fluffy on the dock my master.”  Master's lil Sunshine grins, the old sleen attacks everyone that moves even his master
Kenny Draesia grins, lifting a hand to his mouth.."Skyy, Is a Bit Scary."
Jimmy Bloch follows the other man's gaze to the tarn, noticing just now the other big bird at the docks "Ohhhhhhh, anosher tarn!". He beams at that lucky day, when he saw two of the mighty birds
Franziskus Ninetails ruffles his boy's hair "Well, I think you have some chores to do, my lil sunshine. Now as the healer said, you are fully recovered, it is time to pick up your tasks again. I think Endy is already reaching for the position as First boy...."
Kenny Draesia looks concerned at Franz and urgently meets his friend's eyes..."Beware, Franz, Abir is about again, with Winston Phang, Who we capped the other night."
Master's lil Sunshine:  “Yes my master  ... I do not intend to let him take it.”
Franziskus Ninetails growls at the mentioning of that name
Master's lil Sunshine: “If I might be excused my master.”
Kenny Draesia: “They made the mistake of coming close to me with swords.”
Jimmy Bloch as the warrior mentions the sword looks to the man's hip with awe and jealousy, always wanted to have a sword too though he never learned how to handle it
Kenny Draesia approaches his friend and clasps Franz's shoulder... "Nére worry, Franz..."
Master's lil Sunshine stands up and looks to his master for permission to leave.  “I shall do my chores now my master.”
Rivers new golden hair xcite: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
Franziskus Ninetails ruffles his boy's hair "Go and do your chores, mine"
Kenny Draesia looks at river hearing the slave's words..."Serve with fire, lil one."
Master's lil Sunshine: “Safe paths Master," River says to Kenny. He turns to the trader, "Safe paths Master. " He smiles finally at his own master and whispers .. "I shall be at my chores my master, shout me if I am needed.”
Kenny Draesia then turns to Jimmy... "Safe paths, Jimmy, May your journeys be profitable"
Jimmy Bloch: Shafe pash, shlave!", he answers intrigued and puzzled the same time, experiencing so many exciting things today... male slaves, tarns, woman’s trading gag-balls.....
Master's lil Sunshine hurries across the bridge back to his home. A soft smile on his lips at seeing his Master.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

so pretty

I had to post this.

This is Jarrod Fitzpatrick. Probably the hottest Neko in SL (other than my master when he neko's up of course.)
I just love what Jarrod has done with this photo. It's just so life like.

He is just so pretty. And I have the pleasure of calling him a very close friend.