Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Gone Shopping - Nice outfits that won't break the linden bank.

I went shopping the other day and found some rather nice stuff. Thought I would show you all. The Gothicatz outfit is the only one that cost over 200L$ 

Guido - Electric Feel 70L$

Gothicatz have branched out into mesh. Not too much choice at the moment but i thought this was rather nice. 

The first of my outfits from Electric Feel. Not bad for 70L$. This is called Nial

Electric Feel again, 70L$ - Nial in red

Electric Feel - Again 70L$ - Rexx

Scentyn by Electric Feel - variation on a style.

it was hard to take a photo in this outfit as i didnt have a decent pose .. it is nicer than it looks in the photo. 

Team GB all the Way, Nice training outfit for 148L$

Monday, 26 September 2016

Everybody go Surfing ...

So when you open the page to log into Secondlife, you get a list of destinations that might be of interest to you. Every now and then I click them. Today, I ended up at a Surfing Beach. I had some time while I waited for my master to arrive so I donned my surfer shorts and grabbed a board. So much fun.
The sim isnt the best built, but the waves were fine. I even managed to take some photos.

Saturday, 24 September 2016


My Saturday routine has been pretty fixed for a while now. I get up between 7 and 9am depending on how lazy I am feeling. First thing I do is empty the cats trays. I have five cats so you can imagine that after a night in, the place doesn't smell so sweet. So trays are done, cats are in the garden while I air out the house. I leave them out for about 10 to 15 minutes while I clean up after them. Once they are back in, I go to my computer and bring up facebook. I read any posts that are relevant to me. Then I play Criminal Case or CC as we tend to call it. Depending on if  I level up that takes around half an hour, then I get my breakfast. Nothing exciting there. Usually it is two slices of toast and a mug of hot chocolate. (I hate tea and coffee)

While I am eating breakfast I go onto Secondlife and hang out waiting for My Master to arrive. Sometimes I have to wait an hour or so, so I tend to do real life stuff while I wait, (filling dishwasher, vacuuming etc. I can be a bit of a clean freak. I don't like mess) So when he comes on line i then spend the next hour chasing him around Secondlife. It is a bit of a game .. he tps off to do what he has to do and I try to keep up by mapping him. A lot of the time I arrive and he vanishes. I call it hide and seek.

My Grocery delivery arrives between 11 am and 12pm. It is great, i sit at my pc on a Friday and order what i need for the week. It is the only way to grocery shop. And i Don't feel guilty doing it cus it also happens to be my Real Life Job. my job title is Personal Shopper. Sounds great doesn't it. What it actually means is i get to push around a huge trolley and work from a team pad that tells me what to put in what tray.

with groceries put away i am back with my master on Sl. till he has to go to work, usually around Midday . So when he goes i Sign off .

A quick shower, and cat tray check later, i am dressed and ready to go and see Mum. I try to go every week to see her since Dad died. It is very hard going as she often tells me how upset she has been and that she has been crying all night. (I know it is hard for her, but it is really hard hearing it too) I usually try to change the subject and get her laughing over something that has happened during the week.  I spend about three hours with her then i go home again.

Back home again, the hard work begins. I get changed in to my running gear then off i go. I really have to force myself to do it. but i always feel good about it after. So after a 30 minute run i am back in the shower.

This is where the day varies .. if Otto (my partner) comes home early I will cook early but a lot of the time he isn't home till nearly 8pm . So i make dinner for us both. While it is cooking, I open the bar. Well, why not?

After eating he sits and watches TV and I go back into SL. Waiting on my master coming home from work.

I spend a pleasant couple of hours with him. Usually around 12am he has to sleep, so i sit and watch TV till about 2 in the morning. Then after cleaning up after the cats again i go up to bed. And that is my Saturday.

It is not an exciting post i know, but i wanted to post something.

Friday, 23 September 2016

I really should start to post again

Another of those posts that says, Gosh, where has the time gone?

I really should make the effort to post ..

Here is a catch up for you.

My Master and Chain brother are no longer in Gor. We are all still together though. After The Village of Sarona was regretfully closed, the three of us managed to re-rent the sim called Singer. (we saw the fact that our old sim was availible to rent again as a sign that we were meant to give up on Sarona when we did)

As usual, My Master did an amazing job of building it. Jimmy Bloch came along with us and has a farm on one quarter of the sim. (maybe not a quarter but you know what i mean.) We welcome people to come and look around so if you want to you are welcome.
My Master and I have our shops up in the sky also.

I have gone cat crazy, in real life as well as in SL.
Endy is still confusing
My Master is still my world
Jimmy is still having a strange relationship with his verr
and Life is generally good  (in SL)

Now if we can just sort out our Real Lives everything would be amazing.

I will try to keep posting. Till next time

Keep Dancing . River