Monday, 28 November 2011

OOC Dancing at Tabor

My Master took me dancing last night at Tabor's OOC dance. Unfortunately due to RL (boo, hiss,) I was late arriving and my chain brother Endy was even later. Anyway, had a good time, mostly talking in IM to My Master and to Master Kenny. Of course as usual My Master was reluctant to let us off his huddle and we kept dancing after everyone else had left. It was only when I told him I needed to go to bed (again RL, boo, hiss,) that he realised that it was midnight for me and 1pm for him. Endy arrived about half hour before we left, but unfortunately I never got to take pictures with him in.

Here are three of the pictures that I took. I think we are going to make it  a regular theme night. Last night was latex, (no fetish there then lol) and next week Master Kenny suggested white leather and latex (definitely no fetish there).

these are my pictures that i took.

My Master went one step further and played in photoshop. I am so envious of his artistic flare.

My Master is so clever, don't you think.

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  1. *lol* My lil sunshine! That wasn't photoshop! It can easily made by EVERYONE here:

    Love you!