Saturday, 26 February 2011

what a nice day

Had a pretty nice day today. Started off by waking up in my beloved master's arms. That always makes me feel good. We hung out until he had to go to work, just talking, discussing. I find that we have the same feelings on a lot of things. 
What we were discussing today was this.

In the picks of slave it read that he had permisson if captured to attack his captors and escape by any means.
This is bullshit.
A slave is a slave, be them male or female. No slave would lift a hand against a free not even if captured. As Franzi pointed out, in one of the books a female slave was punished by her master when he was told she had been insoltent even though she was a captive.

The second half of the day was spent with Endy, my new chain brother. We had a long chat and shared a few things. Then after a short break we went looking at empty sims, just to see how much they were. Then we tp'd home again and did a bit of cuddling. Sigh i am such a lucky slave to be surrounded in such lovely people.

chain brother forever

Friday, 25 February 2011

Endy's Collaring 24/02/2011

((today my beloved master collared a new boy, the very lovely Endy. Welcome to the family my dear chain brother and I look forward to having lots of adventures with you. Kisses sugar. ))
 Taken by River Airy ..... Collaring of a new boy

Franziskus Ninetails nods to Sean and steps a bit closer, reaching a copper tarsk to him he holds his hand out to wait for Sean to give him what he ordered
River: moves a little closer to his master
Sean handed franz the item "just as you asked hir." and with a nod smiled. He pondered why there were soo many slaves on deck...he wondered if he missed another orgy or something.
Franziskus Ninetails takes the collar and turns it in his hand, making sure his name is written right.. not 'frans' or 'fronz' or however others like to call him... He smiles content as he reads in fine curved letters 'ENDY - Property of Franziskus Ninetails', then attaches the collar at his belt and looks up to Sean "Very good work. Thank you, Sean"
Sean nodded felling good about his work, "aye" he said quietly.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles to Eko and Sean "If you like, you are invited to meet us in 30 ehn up at the stone-circle" - He turns to slaves "You of course as well"
Eko Lemon gives a soft nod at the invite prehap he might he just wait and see
Misha wonders waht is going to happen at the circle "thakn you jarl I will love to come"
River looks up with innocent eyes at his master, not quite understanding to start and then it dawns on him and he smile secretly to himself
Sean would of loved to "i must refuze, my apologies but i am in talks about bringing guest to hrimgar looking for a place to call their future home just stopped by to drop that off." "safe paths all" looking at mish, and mynx, franz, eko, and the rest before going back on the ship
Endy look uncertainly up at the harbor Master having seen the circle from the camp and having thought is was for sacrifices, and worry filling his heart about what the Master is planning
Franziskus Ninetails turns to his first boy "River? Go and bath your new brother!" - Suddenly he remembers something with a glance at Endy's neck. He steps closer and reaches his hand out to Endy's collar, inspecting the little padlock "Did Eilly give you a key for this? Or do I have to picklock it? Or ask the blacksmith to take it off?"
 Misha green eyes open wide and tilts his head "new brother?"
River jumps to his feet and waits for his brother to react. “my master should i teach him how you like us to bathe?”
Franziskus Ninetails smiles over Endy's head to Misha "You haven't heard the news, Misha? I bought Endy today"
Endy looks up the the Master "I have the key my Master" he rummages in his bag for a few ehn then locates it and hads it to his Master
Franziskus Ninetails looks from Misha to his lil sunshine "Hmmmm, as far as I remember Endy is wearing that chastity belt.... "
Misha beams and jumps up in excitement and quickly kneels back down embarrassed, "congrats to you your boys and new boy jarl" he smiles "this is great news"
Franziskus Ninetails beams as his new boy offers him the key "Ah, very well! Raise your chin!"
River: i have a lock pick my master
Endy blushes, "no my Master, Mistress lost the key so.... I spent 40 ehn having to practice my lock picking skills"
River considers his options, he is sure there is a hacksaw in the kitchen if worse comes to worse. A boy cannot submit to a new master when still chastised by his last
Franziskus Ninetails waits for Endy to raise his chin, offering his vulnerable neck to him. He inserts the small key into the padlock and turns it three times till it snaps open. He takes the old collar from the boy's neck, his fingers gently brushing over the skin. Then he reaches the collar to his first boy "Put this somewhere in a drawer of my desk."
Eko Lemon nots tot hem "I am heading tot he village"He waves at the boys a little "Safe paths..I shall see all soon" He wished to go search the vilalge a bit. He had still been on that damn slut that shoot at him.
Endy lifts his chin as told by the Master
Misha: safe paths jarl
Franziskus Ninetails looks down to Endy "So, did I understand that right? You took the chastity belt of?"
Endy suddenly looks worried "I did wrong my Master?"
Misha leans over and whipers in rivers ear "i hope he takes up nudity like us"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and pets his new boy on his head "No, if you done so, it is the better!" Franziskus Ninetails pets Endymion on the head.  Good boy!
River whispers: "not sure he will have a choice misha, my master tells me what to wear i don’t choose."
Franziskus Ninetails: Go now and clean!
River: come brother.
Endy: "Yes brother"
River: misha would you like to come too
Misha: safe paths jarl and brothers see you in the circle soon
Franziskus Ninetails: I think I will change too and get rid of the kur-smell!
River moves quickly to the house leading his new brother with him
Misha smiles happy as he watchs them go home
River: come upstairs endy
Endy takes some dried bosk out of his bag and feeds it to Fluffy in the hope that he will not attack him again
Endy: "Sorry brother"
River crosses to the tub and starts to pump the warm water from the spring. “you will need to strip dearest.”
Franziskus Ninetails takes off his clothes quickly to take a quick bath. He shouts down to the kitchen "Clean up my bathroom later, boys!", as he jumps into the cold water as he didn't have the time to let his boy warm the tub up
Endy looks confused as he presumed that they would go to the waterfall like the thieves, but follows Rivers instructions and begins to strip
River pours a small amount of perfumed oil into the water, swishing it around. He smiles seeing his brother's face. "We have a very modern lifestyle here.”
Endy looks at the tub that River is filling;  its shape pulling at distant memories that are just out of reach.
“in you get my brother,” River says cheerfully.
"Yes... my brother" Endy again being unused to the phrase, but enjoying the way it sounds on his lips
River climbs in behind his brother and begins to smooth the sponge over the vast expanse of soft skin, rubbing a perfumed soap over him, cleansing him lovingly
Endy jumps slightly as River follows him into the bath and scrubs at his back, but quickly relaxes into the sensation, breathing deeply to try to identify the scent of the soap
River leans forward and whispers in his brother's ear. "i want you to relax my brother, i have to instruct you in a special bathing . You will probably hate it but it gets easier in time."
Endy washes at his neck, the feeling of it without a collar feeling strange, he tenses at River's strange words in his ear "special bathing my brother?"
River soaps up his hands and then rubs his brother's back soothingly. "lean forward my brother, on your hands and knees"
 Endy looks nervously behind him, but trusting River says simply "Yes... my brother"

River reaches under his brother and washes his cock and balls gently, making sure to wash under the skin too. He kisses endy's back as he soaps his hands once more. "Take a deep breath in," i whisper as my hand moves to the position it needs to be in.  “Take the breath brother; we mustn't keep our master waiting
Endy groans softly at River's touch of both his balls and cock trying to ignore his body’s own reaction to the touch and obeys River's instruction to take a deep breath being unsure what his brother is doing. As endy takes the breath River inserts his soapy finger inside him and whispers softly and reassuringly to him. "It’s alright my beloved brother, try to relax." river kisses his shoulder once more as he teaches his brother the intimate cleaning that his master insists on each time they bathe. He leans forward to kiss his hair.
Endy yelps at first gripping the side of the bath at the violation, then listening to his brother's reassuring words tries his best to relax and obey and listens to the instructions
“ our master insists that we always be ready for him. There is no excuse not to be clean in here. if you are found to be dirty you will be punished . Make it a daily routine, it hurts less each day and once you have been opened hardly at all,” River says softly. He leans in and presses their lips to Endymion neck in a stimulating kiss
Franziskus Ninetails as he's getting dressed shouts down to the kitchen "Hurry boys! Sun is going down soon!"
River satisfied that his brother is clean he withdraws his fingers and swills them in the water. He kisses endy's shoulder once more and then taps his arse playfully. Okay out you get dearest. Our master is calling us.
Endy moans at the alien sensation within him, and for fear of his voice cracking if he tries to speak simply nods
we are just drying my master," River shouts back. He jumps out and holds up a clean fluffy towel for endy to step into. River first dries his brother's cock and balls, he then rubs him dry all over. once he is dry he uses the same towel to dry himself. first drying his collar as it is his master's property.  once his collar is dry he then dries his own body. “ move to the stove to keep warm brother. i will join you. River comes behind my brother and kisses his shoulders once more. "you will look very lovely tonight beloved."  River Airy hums peacefully as they slowly brush Endymion's hair.
Franziskus Ninetails shouts I'm waiting up on the bridge, boys!
River moves to the stairs and calls up. "we are ready my master"
Endy looks to River and whispers "We are to dress?"
Franziskus Ninetails watches the beautiful sunset over the Hrimgar mountains as he's impatiently waiting for the boys to get ready, wondering what takes them so long in the baths.
“ no not unless our master bids us to,” river answers .
Endy blushes "ooohhh"
River: we are here my master
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as his boys finally appear "Oh, don't kneel for now. You'll get dirty again!"
River: thank you my master
Franziskus Ninetails: Come, boys!
Misha: i made the alter nice for them
 Matteus: Very well.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as he passes "Ah, Korbin. You are invited too"
Korbin Mortensen finally swollows the mouthful of food in time to say "Tal Jarl
River: smiles at his friend
Misha: safe paths my master, i love you
Korbin Mortensen: Tal little brother
Franziskus Ninetails: now where's that circle? Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Oh look. Misha must have decorated it!"
River: ohh it is so beautiful
Korbin Mortensen: "just saying my blessings to Odin for the fruitfull joining of endy to The jarls chain”
River moves to the side and kneels to watch the ceremony take place.
Franziskus Ninetails looks with loving eyes at his new boy. He points to the spot at his feet "Come here, Endy and take the position of submission"
River: come next to me brother
Eko Lemon moves back and sits down on the rocks settling himself down to watch the events
 [2011/02/24 15:05]  Korbin Mortensen says quietly "Tal High jarl"
Matteus casually takes a seat next to Korbin, looking over his shoulder with a cool, collective grin, perhaps a bit wry, but a grin nevertheless. Hearing him great him he simply nodded and he turned around to resume witnessing the collaring of Endy.
River watches with love and pride, his eyes wet as he remembers his own collaring with his beloved master.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles down to the boy, for the moment only got eyes for him. He reaches a hand out and gently.... tenderly brushes over the slave's cheek, whispering "Don't worry... it won't hurt"
Eko Lemon remains silent for the moment he gave the High Jarl a nod in greetings as he looks onward this was the first Collaring of his new homestone he had been able to witness.

Endy gulps nervously, but reassured by his masters voice
Franziskus Ninetails looks up for a moment. Over the shoulders of his new boy he recognized the high jarl visiting to. He nods to him, greeting silently.... then turns his attention back to his boy-to-collar
Korbin Mortensen smiles at the Jarl and draws his feet closer, wrapping my arms around my legs rests my chin on my knees watching the ceremony quietly never having witnessed something as fancy. Having been put in and out of collar without the specialness he is witnessing here, so watches curiously. The Jarls fine dress.. the circle of stones. The attendance of the High jarl.. with Luck even Odin himself is resting on the heavens watching as well
Franziskus Ninetails reaches for one of the white leather-straps of his kilt and rips it off
River wipes a tear away from his eye, hoping that no one notices what a girl he is.
Franziskus Ninetails takes the leather-strap and winds it several times around Endy's wrists. He clears his throat. "Hereby I bind you to my chain, boy known as Endy". He looks up for a moment, seeing the sun already down and the three moons of Gor rising. He ties the straps in a loose, symbolic knot, before he reaches to the collar at his belt.
Matteus smiled to the crowd as he watched with great attention. He leans his weight back on the rock, using his arms apart to brace himself. The smile staying at a constant, but he had one in his eye also.
Franziskus Ninetails holds the collar up to his boy's face. With a soft voice he commands "Lower your arms and raise your chin"
Matteus doesn't notice River crying like a girl.
Endy looks up adoringly into the Master's eyes "Yes, my Master"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles, his eyes sucking in the view of his new boy... his beauty... the light of the moon softly reflecting from on the tanned skin. After a few ihns of silence he raises his voice "Repeat after me: 'I, the boy known as Endy...'"
Endy: "I, the boy known as Endy"
Franziskus Ninetails: '..herewith submit myself, completely and totally, in all things...'
Endy: "herewith submit myself, completely and totally.. in all things"
Franziskus Ninetails: ' him who is known as Fransziskus, lord and seal-keeper of Tidra, harbormaster of Hrimgar...'
Endy: "to him who is known as Franziskus, lord and sealkeeper of Tidra, harbor master of Hrimgar"
Franziskus Ninetails: '... his boy, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases.'
Endy: "his boy, his slave, and article of his property.... his to do with as he pleases"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles for a moment. Then shows the collar to his boy "Can you read this, mine?"
 Endy carefully watches as his Master turns the collar for him, then whispers with awe "ENDY - Property of Franziskus Ninetails"
River watches and holds his breath as endy lifts his chin. His fingers go to his own collar, touching the inscription that is carved there.
Franziskus Ninetails reaches his hand out and caresses softly his boy's naked neck before he snaps the metal ring around it
River jumps at the sound as he always seems to do
Franziskus Ninetails: "With this collar I make you mine, Endy. What you give is pure, natural and the rarest gift a man can give a man." - He takes the key from his belt and inserst it in the small lock. He turns the key the first time and continues
Franziskus Ninetails: "You are giving me complete and unshakable assurance of your commitment and devotion. Your submissiveness is a magnificent gift and sacred responsibility"
Endy: "Yes, My Master"
Franziskus Ninetails turns the key a second time. "I accept this from you with pleasure and joy. I understand the rarity and purity of this gift. You offer me your body and soul, your heart and mind."
River listens to the words that his master uttered to him not so long ago and smiles looking on at his master with such total love and devotion, that nothing would break it
Franziskus Ninetails: "When I see your body kneel before me, in my mind and heart you are raised above all the treasures of Gor. No fortune in Gor is big enough to buy what you give me. From now on you are mine. I will love, protect, guide and teach you - now and forever. This I vow." With these words he turns the key a third and last time and attaches it to his belt again. Franziskus Ninetails smiles down to his new boy "As your Master I give you the name Endy. From this moment on you are mine. My boy. My kajirus. My thrall. I love you and protect you. Welcome to my chain, Endy." - He opens his arms "Now give me a hug!"
Endy feels a lump come to his this throat and his eyes beginning to fill with tears as he leaps into the Masters arms
Korbin Mortensen claps my open palm to my left side of my chest in the typical gorean applause. Calling out "Odins blessings Jarl..brothers.. may your life together be exciting, tender, lustfull and you feel the weight of your Jarls ownership for the rest of your lives!"
Matteus reaching around from the back of the rock, brings his hands together and claps his hand.
Franziskus Ninetails reaches down, with a light pull opening the symbolic binding and pulls his boy from the ground, holding him in his arms tight
Matteus then rolling this left hand over the bridge of of his nose, his nostrals flair as he breaths in the air off them. He smiled to the harbor master and hoped this would bring him joy. As much as he cared for his friend, all Matteus ever wants for the man is bliss and joy.
River smacks his hand to his chest enthusiastically
Endy makes sounds like a larl in heat
River wipes his eyes again not caring if he is seen, the moment is just too special to care what anyone thinks of his show of weakness.
Franziskus Ninetails whispers into his new boys ear "Welcome to the family". He turns his head and kisses the soft lips before he lets him down to his feet again to give his other boy the chance to hug him
River approaches his new brother and smiles
Endy: "Thank you, my Master"
Korbin Mortensen watches the high Jarl, the size of his hand as it sweeps agaisnt his face. Smiling before gazing at the Jarl with his two beasts.. one well loved by korbin the other just starting to be known to me, but loving all the men there
River opens his arms
Franziskus Ninetails smiles proudly as his boys hug... the pale, blond one... and the dark, tanned one... like night and day... Once more he looks up to the three moons of Gor and whispers silently "my lil moonbeam...."
River: kisses his new brother's collar and whispers ."welcome brother, we will have so many adventures together i am sure, River moves to his master's feet and looks up at him adoringly.
Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath then finally turns to take the congratulations to his new boy
Matteus stands and advances towards the Harbour Master with a satchel in his hand, it contained black wine and some rare spices. He takes it to Franzi and offers it to him as a gift. " For the growth of your chain. Enjoy."
Korbin Mortensen: "congratulations Jarl.. I know you will be content , well satiated and loved by your new boys"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles to the high jarl "Thank you, Matteus. Your presence means a lot to me!" He opens his arms not sure if the high jarl would accept his hug
Matteus hugs the man deeply and kisses him on both his cheeks and then once on his forehead. " May you and your chain be blessed for all of time."
 Franziskus Ninetails hugs Matt tight and rests his head for a moment at his shoulder, whispering "Thank you"
Korbin Mortensen: May i give you a hug oo Jarl
Franziskus Ninetails smiles to Korbin "Of course, Korbin"
Korbin Mortensen hugs the Jarl encompassing him in my warmth and love " congratulations Jarl.. was a truely blessed event to be permitted to watch
Matteus: " I'm honoured to have this place ready for such occasion, this why I laboured over it. Endy is a fine boy, he will make you proud. I can, if you like send out an official notice to all of the land to announce your ownership."
Franziskus Ninetails smiles at Matt "That would be nice. And yes... this place is wonderful. And Misha decorated it so sweetly. Too bad that he couldn't join us!"
Franziskus Ninetails returns to his two boys "Look at you two. So lovely!"
River: smiles and lowers his head blushing
Matteus: " He is here in spirit,
Endy whispers "night and day my Master"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches his hand under River's chin to lift his face and look proudly
i love you my master," river whispers as his chin is lifted
Matteus: " harbor master, I will leave you to polish the new link in your chain. " he looked over at the thrall next to him and said. " Follow me." He snapped his fingers quickly and nodded to Franzi and the boy. " Franzi, Safe paths, River, Endy, serve your Jarl with fire."
River: safe paths jarl, safe paths korbin
Endy: "thank you high Jarl, brother"
Korbin Mortensen: "yes Jarl.." I murmer "safe paths brothers.. Safe path Jarl""
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and reaches his hand out for River's face, wiping with his thumb the tears from his eyes "It's a day of joy, my lil sunshine."
River's lips: **Your River's lips is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails
River nods, “: i am just so happy for endy my master, he has been without a real master since he was collared.”
Endy blushes, but with a grin on his face knowing he is with a family he loves
Franziskus Ninetails nods "He got a home and a family now, my lil sunshine"
River: yes my master
Franziskus Ninetails rubs his chin looking down to his two lovely boys, considering if they should celebrate in the longhall or in the privacy of their home"
River looks over to endy and giggles seeing the tiny silver bell hanging on his collar
  Endy looks to River trying to figure out why he is looking at him and giggling [2011/02/24 16:11] 
Franziskus Ninetails takes a leash from his belt and approaches his boys. He snaps one link of the chain into his firs boy's collar and the end in his other boy's collar
Franziskus Ninetails pulls a bit at the leash "come now, my boys. Time to return home!"
River opens the door for his master
Franziskus Ninetails as they finally reached the harbourhouse detaches the chains from his boy's collars. "Welcome to your new home, Endy"
]  Endy: "Thank you my Master" Endy rubs his new collar feeling the intricatly carved lettering on it
River: your collar looks good on you endy
Endy blushes being caught pondering on the collar "Thank you my brother, it feels good too"
Franziskus Ninetails takes off his kilt and cloak, folding it and putting his sword on top of it, then reaches it to river to take care of it
River: holds out his hands for his master's cloak and sword, careful not to touch the weapon as it is forbidden. He bows his head and then runs upstairs to put them in his master's closet
Endy watches River's movements with care, making effort to see how to do things, suspecting that things will be very different to serving thieves and outlaws
River opens the large chest under the window and places both the cloak and sword inside. His eyes rest on the flogger that is also stored there and he winces, remembering his punishment. His fingers brush over the thick leather blades and he shudders. He quickly closes the lid and runs back to join his chain brother and his master
Franziskus Ninetails: My lil sunshine, bring me some kalana to the main hall!
Franziskus Ninetails: Endy, come with me
River: yes my master
Endy: Yes, My Master
Franziskus Ninetails falls exhausted on the pillows after the long busy day. He snips his finger "Come here, mine!"
Endy: "Yes, my Master" Endy hurries over to the Master
Franziskus Ninetails pulls his boy down to him to lay with him on the soft furs and cushions, His hand resting on his boy's smooth, soft skin. He smiles down to him "Are you frightened, my lil moonbeam? This must be very different to the places you have been before!" Franziskus Ninetails's hand slides a bit forward to his boy's belly, down his loins. The fingertips only slightly brushing over his member, soft like butterfly-wings, before he pulls his hand back again, resting it on his hips "And you really have never been touched? Unbelievable!"
Endy tries to put on a brave face in front of his new Master "A... A...." Endy winces as his voice cracks and he clears his throat slightly "I will adjust for you My Master"
River prepares the wine tray, making sure to put a new bottle and a perfect goblet on to it.
Endy blushes at the Master's caress, and chuckles slightly "A number of Jarls have tried Master, but my owners made it quite clear that they wished me to remain pure for the Master who bought me" he leans against the Master and feels the strong muscles beneath the fine material of his outfit
River: carefully he lifts the tray and makes his way into the main hall to where his master is waiting for him
River kneels before his master and places the tray on the ground between his thighs
Franziskus Ninetails is Online
River shows his master that the bottle is still sealed and then breaks it open. careful not to spill one drop he pours the Kalana wine into the goblet, : he then lifts the goblet and presses it to his belly, with his eyes closed he drags it up his body holding it over his heart.  He then opens his eyes and lifts it up to his lips kissing it just beneath the rim, careful that it is not where his master's lips will touch. Then with both hands extended he offers the goblet to his master. "kalana wine to relax you my beloved master, may your paths always be safe and the slave in your arms full of fire."
Franziskus Ninetails holding his one boy smiles at his other boy. His hand on Endy's hips closes a bit tighter "You will have to learn this too, my lil moonbeam. In future that will be more your task, not the task of the first boy. Only because it's your special day today I ordered River to serve"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the goblet, taking it out of his lill sunshine's hand, then nods to the cushion beside him to tell his first boy to take a place at his side also
River moves to his master's side and leans his head to his body
Endy having watched River with care and glad that only the place on the vessel being kissed is different to that whipped into him sighs happily that that part at least will not be a huge adjustment "Yes, My Master”
Franziskus Ninetails takes a sip from the heavy wine, then reaches it first to River's, then to Endy's lips, giving each a small sip, before he leans back to relax
River: sips the wine relishing the taste before whispering "thank you my master," knowing it is a great treat to be allowed to taste the delicious beverage.

((at this stage we decided to go ooc to talk but for some reason we never got around to it. Ah well I am sure we will soon.))

Monday, 21 February 2011

My beloved Master on Gor and on Earth

Unlike most Gorean Slaves, I am My Master's property on and off of Gor. On Gor I am his devoted boy, working hard and keeping the furs warm, subserviant to all masters and mistresses. On earth, I am his total sub, his alone and no other may order me or control me.

Why am I telling you this? Well ....

On Saturday night I really couldnt face roleplay, I knew my master would be tired too so we went to our earth parcel and decided to roleplay our dom/sub game. I handed over complete control to my master with RLV and then sat back and enjoyed. My master chained me and leashed me naked and then tp'd me from one sim to another leading me around, exposed and vunerable. Unfortunately most of the sims we went to ended up being empty but i enjoyed every minute of it.
At the end of the night My Master took me to the dungeon that he has built for our roleplay and locked me naked, bound and gagged and unable to teleport in a cell. He did offer to release me but I said that i liked the idea of being unable to do anything until he returned. So he hugged me goodnight and left me there.

  So I spent all day locked in a cell, totally helpless and hard as a rock. When I got to go back on sunday night (i did sign in on and off all day, groan a bit and then log off again .. giggles. (dont get me wrong i loved this) My master was already at Tabor OOC dance. He tp'd me right from my cell, still gagged, naked, chained. He leashed me imedietly and then dragged me to the middle of the dancefloor to display his property for all to see. Needless to say i relished in the humiliation of being the only naked person there.

This is definately something i want to experience again.

I love my master completely and i trust him. Thank you for choosing me My Master.

what a mess .....

Panthers attacked Hrimgar last night and what a mess.

My master and I returned from a night of ooc dancing, (of which i will post in a bit) Pre warned we tp'd to Silvertree, right into the middle of the panthers, who in the mean time had moved from Hrimgar docks to Silvertree docks.. well My Master and I moved quickly across the boarder to Hrimgar and were met by Mistress Elinor and Master Mattaus. With me so far? Good.
So we all retreated to Hrimgar village where two panthers were being held already. Then the panthers tried to trade. My master Franziskus, The High Jarl Mattaus, and myself stood with bows on the hill keeping them in our sights. This was good until one of them insluted Elinor, well all bets were off, we ended up in another fight and took another panther.

So far so good right......

Ha turned up and decided to kill  one of the panthers, that is where it started to go up the wall. The dead panther resurected, didnt even bother tping out and doing it, and the two captured panthers tp'd out in the middle of roleplay.

Now the tribe is banned for now.

As a role play it was very disappointing, as a target practice it was a good exersise. Maybe we should start having some organised battles between silvertree and hrimgar so that both villages get practice and we can quell these invasions between us efficiantly.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


I had a taste tonight of how it felt to be the odd one out. Now I know how a certain kitten felt. Not sure I can do it again .. damn crying now.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Yay, new layout and colours

Yeah I know. It's still pink .. live with it. I like pink so there. (sticks out his tongue defiently at all (okay his only) reader.) I like the expanded reading area very much.

The Punishment

((This is a little roleplay that my master and I indulged in last night. I have not changed it apart from adding the odd word here and there to make it flow more like a story and to take out the time stamps and annoying "so and so is on line." Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. warning, there is some bad words in there giggles. ))

The Punishment.

River knelt before the fire, building it up so that the house would not get cold over night when suddenly his master’s voice bellowed through the silence.
Franziskus Ninetails shouts through the house "RIVERRRRRR!!!"
River ears prick up and he jumps to his feet. “Yes my master, “He shouts back. “I come my master." River runs into the bedroom expecting to find his master there. Not finding him, he runs up the next flight to see if his master is in his office.  River enters his master's office finding him at last behind his desk
Franziskus Ninetails looks up from his papers as his slave finally finds the office."Have you finished your chores today, mine?" he asks.
River: he slips gracefully to his knees and looks up at his master. “Aye my master,” he replies softly.
Franziskus Ninetails tosses his writing feather on the desk and slowly stands up, looking down to his boy, towering over him, his furred boots between his slave's thighs. He moves between River's legs and presses his boot down on his cock and balls pinning them to the ground
River spreads his legs wider and then moans softly as his cock and balls are trampled by his master.
Franziskus Ninetails looks very serious down to his slave, the tip of his boot pushing hard against his slave's privates "The other day, my lil sunshine, I smelled something on you. Do you have to tell me anything?” he asks with his eyebrows raised.
River looks down at the ground trying hard to think what his master is talking about. Recounting his days
Franziskus Ninetails pushes a bit harder against his cock
“Ohhhhhhhh,” the blond slave moans softly. He thinks hard trying to remember what it is his master is talking about then it dawns on him. “Hmmm,” he says as mouth goes dry as he remembers masturbating
“Now?”  Franziskus says demandingly. “I found some wet spots on the furs in my bed... So, do you know anything about that, mine?” He growls as his temper rises.
River looks down at the booted foot of his master, crushing his delicate organs beneath it. "I.... I came my master.”
Franziskus nods "Aye! I smelled it.”
River looks down still and whispers. "I am sorry my master,”
Franziskus boot crushes a bit harder against his boy’s cock "What did I tell you about playing with yourself, mine?"
River gives a small cry of pain and he squirms under the pressure and answers weakly. "I am forbidden my master. “

Franziskus barks "WRONG!” working now the sole of his boots to your shaft and grinding your cock against your thigh. "Think again!"
River whimpers louder not able to remember what his master had told him. “I  ... I  ... don’t remember my master."
Franziskus Ninetails growls "Then I have to help your memory, mine! Go to my bedroom. You know where to find the flogger and the cuffs! Put the cuffs on your ankles and wrists, bring the flogger up to the attic and wait there for me!” he continues coldly.
River blinks rapidly and gets slowly to his feet. "Yes my master."
Franziskus pulls a drawer at his desk and takes something out, putting it into his pouch
River goes down to the bedroom and opens the chest where the flogger is. He shivers as the leather caresses his palms. He places it on the side and then rummages around and finds the steep cuffs that he locked around his slender wrists and ankles. He lifts the flogger again and taking a breath he carries it up to the attic.
Franziskus Ninetails looks out the window, watching the harbour and the reflexion of the three moons on the water. His arms crossed on his backs as he waits for his slave to get ready.
River enters the attic but does not see his master, so he kneels with the flogger in his open palms and waits.
Franziskus finally stomps up to the attic.
River lifts the flogger up and lowers his head, trembling
Franziskus Ninetails takes the flogger with from his boy's hands and holds it to his mouth, commanding "Open!"
River desperately tries to remember his master's instructions as he opens his mouth obediently
Franziskus stuffs the hilt of the flogger between his slave's teeth "Hold it!"
River closes his mouth around the handle of the flogger and he closes his eyes as he tries to calm himself.
Franziskus Ninetails then reaches for the collar, his fingers closing to a fist around the metal ring. Roughly he pulls his boy up to his feet and pushes him against the post with the chain. He drags River to the whipping post and attaches chains to secure them in place.
River whimpers around the leather as his collar is grasped roughly and he is dragged to the post and chained in place.
Franziskus Ninetails pins with one arm his boy against the post and commands "Arms up!"
The blond slave lifts his arms obediently.
Franziskus Ninetails as his slave lifts his arms quickly snaps the chains into the cuffs at his wrists. He then takes his hand off his boy's chest and squats down to attach the chains to the ankle-cuffs also. His hair brushing over his slave's exposed genitals. He gets up again. His hand slides over his slave's chest upward till it reaches the flogger. He grabs the flogger and pulls it out your mouth
River makes a small noise as the flogger is pulled from his mouth. Tearing the corner a little
Franziskus Ninetails lets the straps of the flogger playfully brush over his slave's genitals. He looks him straight into the eyes "So? Do you remember, mine?"
“I  ... I... may only come at your word?  River bits his lip hoping that he has remembered right. He bites his lower lip.
Franziskus nods "That's right, mine. And what about playing with yourself?"
“That .... that it was forbidden?” River asks nervously.
Franziskus sighs and shakes his head. He takes the flogger back and shakes it in his hand. "Wrong. Think again, mine!"
River looks to the floor and whispers, "I can’t remember my master
Franziskus sighs "What about playing with other slaves?"
River: looks up hopefully. "That I can play with other boys my master?”
Franziskus nods "Very well. So, what about playing with yourself?"  Without waiting for an answer he continues "Do you think your Master likes his boys heated?"
River swallows hard. "Y....  yes my master"
 Franziskus Ninetails nods "Right answer, mine!" He smiles for a short moment, steps closer to his boy. His leather rubs against his boy's exposed naked body as he grabs the cock and squeezes it for a moment. "Of course I like my boys heated and eager to please his Master anytime!"
River groans as his boy parts are handled roughly by his beloved master
Franziskus steps back again, shaking the flogger in his hand again "So, do you think it would heat up my boys, when they play with themselves?"
River shakes his head his voice barely audible. "N .... no my master," I stammer
Franziskus Ninetails frowns "Well, if it wouldn't raise your heat, why would you play then with yourself at all? And I'm not talking of cumming, mine!"  Franziskus Ninetails smirks evil.  “I'm talking of playing with yourself!”
River blinks confused, not understanding now if he should play with himself but not cum or not play with himself at all. He curses his bad memory and looks at his master looking for a hint of the right answer
Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath "I think we will have to start all over again"
“I  ... I should touch but not come," I whisper hoping that I chose the right answer.
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye! We are getting closer"  Franziskus steps closer again, his hand sliding over his boy's chest, down to his cock, his fist closing around the shaft, holding it. He teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him. With gentle but firm force, he grabs River's cock and demands his attention. As he feels his boy's cock growing in his fist starts to stroke him
River groans loudly as his cock is tormented and he grits his teeth to keep from cumming
“So, my lil sunshine....,” Franziskus asks. “What do you think what happens, when you play with yourself, waking your lust... but don't cum?”  Fervidly, Franziskus strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.  “Don't you think you will hunger for your Master's touch? Don't you think you will desperately wish, that he allows you the relief of cumming?”  Franziskus strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.
River groans even more. "Y ... yes my ... master," he stammers.
Franziskus nods "And don't you think your Master would like that; seeing his boy in heat?" Franziskus strokes River's cock more, demanding his body to respond to the touches. He continues, “Seeing his boy begging for the relief?”
River swallows and nods no words able to come from his throat.
“Seeing his boy depending on his Master's permission? Franziskus’s hand strokes harder, giving his boy no mercy. “Can't hear you, mine!” he growls in River’s ear.
River whimpers with need as his master's rough hand strokes him to hardness. "Yes.... yes my master," I gasp.
Franziskus nods and steps back. "So, I ask you again: Are you allowed to play with yourself?"
River nods swallowing. "Yes my master."
Franziskus nods "Right! But what are you not allowed without my permission?” he asks patiently.
“I am not allowed to cum my master,” River replies softly.
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Right!"  And what happens, when you cum without my permission?” he asks coldly. He looks down to the flogger in his hand and shakes it again with ostentation.
River eyes drift to the flogger in his master's hand and he gives a small whimper. “A boy is punished my master,"
Franziskus Ninetails nods again "Right!"
“I didn’t mean to my master,” River cries desperately.
“So, did you cum without my permission, mine?” Franziskus asks already knowing the answer. “Did I ask you if you meant to or not?” he snaps as his boy tries to make excuses.
River looks away ashamed. "Yes my master," I say in a tiny shaking voice.
“So, what do you beg for, mine?” Franziskus asks.
“Forgiveness" River asks hopefully.
Franziskus barks "Wrong answer!"
River drops his head and says sadly, "that this boy be punished my master for disobeying his master.”
Franziskus was just about to swat the flogger over his slave's chest as he hears the right answer "That's right. So beg!"
River suppresses a whimper and begs reluctantly. "Please my master, this boy begs to be punished. He has been disobedient and stupid. Please my master teach him to a better slave"
Franziskus nods contentedly, "Good boy!"
[2011/02/13 16:10]  River feels a tear run down his cheek, not a tear of fear but one of shame for disappointing his master.
 Franziskus Ninetails attaches the flogger to his belt and steps closer again, pulling a short piece of binding rope out of his pouch as approaches his slave. He holds the rope in one hand, his other hand reaching for your cock and balls, stroking it further to get it fully erected. As soon as he's satisfied with his slave's erection reaches with his other hand out. He wraps the rope tight about your balls and cock, handling it roughly
River winces as his master binds his balls tightly with the rope holding him firm
Franziskus Ninetails ties it up to a nice package, the tight rope preventing the blood flowing back, keeping his slave erected. Franziskus finally steps back and nods "First I will whip your cock for cumming without my permission, mine!"
River moans softly as he realises what his master intended, his balls already beginning to throb from the constriction of blood. “Ohh my master, please no. I will be good. I won't disobey again,” he begs.
  Franziskus Ninetails shakes the flogger in his hand again, looking straight into his slave's eyes "Are you ready, mine? Hush!” he adds as his boy begs for mercy.
“Please my master ...” River bits his lip as his master warns him to silence
Franziskus Ninetails growls and lifts the flogger. He's aiming at his boy's cock and swings it....
The Blond slave cries out as the flogger, comes down hard on his sensitive organ.
Franziskus ... not hitting as hard as he'd do on his slave's chest or butt or back, but hard enough to leave some red welts on his slave's cock.
River cries out as the leather caresses his prone cock, sending stinging sensations up into his groin
"I think...."  Franziskus says, as he swings the flogger again. "12 will be..."
River cries out again, trying to twist away from the lashes.
“Enough for the first..." Franziskus continues ignoring his boy’s pain, "time! ...  Next time..." Franziskus continues. "We will double it, I think!"
Each touch of the whip makes River’s eyes water and he cries out with pain even though he knows his master is being light handed
"Number 11... and..." Franziskus continues counting. “TWELVE!”
River cries out as the last lash lands on his tender and bruised cock. He weeps softly, his cock burning from the beating it has just received.
Franziskus attaches the flogger at his belt again and steps closer to inspect the bruised cock and he conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals.
“I am sorry my master, this boy will be more careful.” River sobs.
Franziskus Ninetails nods satisfied, then squats down to open the chains at his slave's ankles. “I'm sure, you will, mine!” he says not uncaringly. “And if it happens again, you will get naked, get the flogger, bring it to me and beg for your punishment immediately! Believe me: I will find it out anyways and then your punishment would be much harder!
River nods, tears running down his face and whispers. "Yes my master,"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches up and unsnaps the chains at the wrists and he points to the ground before his feet "Stand here and turn your back to me!” he commands
River kneels before his master, his head lowered in shame, he looks up as his master speaks and then obeys.
“And now... JERK!” he commands harshly. He grins evilly "You have permission to cum, mine!"
 River shakes as he turns his back to his master, he is tempted to look over his shoulder but then gasps as he is ordered to cum
Franziskus takes the flogger again from his belt and swishes it through the air. He aims at his boy's butt... his arm rises....
River begins to jerk his cock whimpering in pain as he strokes his bruised organ hard.
A swishing sound cuts the air... and the flogger swats right across the slave's butt.
River: cries out as the flogger hits his naked buttocks
“How does it feel....?” Franziskus demands as he swings the flogger again
River’s hand falters and he steps forward involuntarily as the flogger cuts into his naked buttocks and he cries out in pain.” please master,” he begs.
Franziskus Ninetails growls "BACK IN POSITION!!!"
River moves back to position and begins to stroke his bruised cock once more, each stroke agony. He cries out as the flogger swipes his bottom again but he holds his position.
As his slave is back in position swats the flogger again over his butt, much harder than he did at the cock. Franziskus swats his boy’s arse with every word.” How.... does.... it...  feel... to... jerk... that.... bruised ... cock.... mine?”
 “Please my master,” River begs. The word mercy is barely heard. “Hurts my master,” he weeps tears now running down his face.
“The.... longer..... you.... need.... to... cum.... the.... more.... swats.... you.... get.... so.... you.... better cum!” each word is accompanied with a hard lash of the flogger on River’s prone buttocks causing him to stoke harder and cry out with each caress of the leather.
River suddenly cries out in agony as he cums hard
“Very well!” Franziskus says satisfied at his boy’s performance. He attaches the flogger at his belt again and grabs his slave's collar.  Franziskus forces him down on the floor, with the face right into the ponds of cum, commanding roughly "Lick it and swallow it!"
River: he falls to his knees his head to the ground as he gasps for breath, now not only does his cock hurt and his balls throb but his ass burns from the swats of the flogger. With tears of pain in his eyes licks at the floor, cleaning up his own mess as his master's hand holds his head down, dragging his tongue over the rough wood, tasting himself.
Franziskus forces his boy down until even the last drop is licked from the ground he then roughly pulls him again, pushing him against the wall.
Franziskus holding his boy - weak in his knees as he is - with his arm on the chest pinned against the wall, as his other rand reaches down and unties the rope from his balls
 River: whimpers as the blood suddenly flows back into his balls
Pinning his slave against the wall, his body leaning against his slave's naked body and his own package hard and throbbing grinds against his boy's thigh as he stuffs the rope back to his pouch and takes the device out of it instead... the little tool he took from his desk before. Franziskus shows his boy the little metal cage "Do you remember this, mine?” he growls
River gulps recognising the devise that is used to torture. He nods confirming what his master already knows.
“You will wear this the next days, till I decide you can take it off!” Franziskus says coldly.
River chews on his bottom lip and nods knowing that he had no choice but agree
Franziskus reaches with the little cage down to his boy's cock. He roughly stuffs the bruised, still semi-hard cock painfully into the metal cage
The thought of his tender cock in the cage filled River with dread, but he knew he had no choice.
Franziskus turns the key in the little padlock, locking his boy's cock into the cage. He then pulls the key out of the padlock.
River closes his eyes as the tiny click of the padlock reaches his ears
Franziskus Ninetails lifts his hand, holding the key before his slave's face "Open your mouth and lift your tongue!"
River swallows and then opens his mouth and lifts his tongue as he is ordered to do.
Franziskus places the little key under his slave's tongue "As a sign of my trust I will let you carry the key yourself, my lil sunshine" He grins evilly "You better not swallow it or it will take a bit longer, till you will be released!" Franziskus nods to sign his boy that he can close his mouth again.
River presses his tongue down on the tiny key and nods unable to speak with the key there. He now had the fear that he would swallow the key as well as the pain of the cage.
Franziskus Ninetails grabs his slave's collar and yanks him with him "And now come, mine! You awakened your Master's heat!"
River follows his master dragged along behind him.
Franziskus yanks his boy at his collar down to the bedroom, and then throws him with his belly down on the furs. “LAY THERE!” he snaps as he takes his cloak off, but doesn't take the time to undress even more. His cock throbbing so hard in his pants, so he just unties the pants and lets his hard cock jut out
River lays on his belly his butt in the air, he doesn’t look around but he hears his master behind him and he groans knowing that this is all part of his punishment.
Franziskus climbs on the bed between his boy's spread legs and Ninetails slides his hand over his own glans... collecting the precum... using it as lube... all the lube his boy will get this time. He slaps his slave's sore butt before he leans down on him. The leather and fur brushing over his boy's bare skin and leans with his full body-weight on his boy... pinning him down on the furs... his hard cock rubbing between the butt crack...
River shivers as he feels his master close behind him and closes his eyes as his cock strains against the cold steel of the cage. He bites his lip as he feels the small amount of precum being rubbed to his arsehole and braces himself for the painful penetration he knows is coming
Franziskus moves his hips... the glans of his cock searching the entrance to his slave fuck hole
River moans as he holds the key tightly beneath my tongue and whimpers as the head of my master's cock presses on my butt hole
Franziskus groans loud into his boy's ear as his cock finally finds its way. He feels the resistance of his slave's sphincter, but pushes his cock merciless deeper and deeper into the asshole to teach his slave a lesson... and to feed his own lust. He thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood.
 [2011/02/13 17:03]  Franziskus Ninetails: MMMMMMmmmmmm..... yessssssssssssss......
River: moans uncontrollably as his master pushes in past the tight ring of muscle and slides his whole length into him, tearing his hole a little
Franziskus Ninetails groans "So tight, my boy-slut!
River’s tender ass is taunted with each thrust into him, his bruised cock begins to strain against the steel cage and the key beneath his tongue stops him from begging for mercy
Franziskus’s hard throbbing cock stretch his boy's ass wide, ignoring his slave's whimpers and moans he pushes deeper and deeper into the tight ass. Each movement his master makes brings the slut a mixture of pleasure and pain, tears flow unchecked down the boy's cheeks in a mixture of emotions ranging from shame to joy that his master has found him worth using. Franziskus moves his hips harder, thrusting again and again into the sore ass. He's sweating in his clothes... the sound of the leather brushing over the skin makes him even hornier... ... pumping hard into his slave... his balls slapping against the sore butt with every thrust....
River buries his face into the furs, gasping as his hole is pounded to tenderness, each jab hits his sweet spot making him jump and his cock try to swell
Franziskus groans breathless "Ahhhh... yessssss.... sooooo... tight! TAKE IT, MY SLUT!!!!", and fucks deeper and deeper... faster and faster... The leather of his master's pants tortures River’s tender skin and he moans as his master declares him his slut. Franziskus’s hands slide down the sides of his boy to his hips. He grabs the hips and pulls him up a bit to penetrate him even deeper
River cries out and almost drops the key as his ass is pounded deeper and faster than before.
Franziskus kneels behind his boy as he lifted his pelvis up. Fucking his slut hard... pumping merciless into him... slapping against his body that his slave would smash against the wall if the hard grip of his hands at the hips wouldn't keep him forcefully in place. He thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood.
River begins to moan loudly as he is fucked hard and he and moans, begging his Master to fuck his sluty boy cunt!
Franziskus Ninetails more and more breathless... more and more at the edge groans "Have... to... fuck... my slut... more... often...!” thrusting into his slave with every word
River begs over and over, “mercy," his words slurred by the key under his tongue.
Franziskus as his boy begs for mercy takes one hand off his hip and slaps his butt "No mercy! Beg for more!"
River: with the key tainting his words, river begs “please my master, fuck my slutty boy cunt harder.
“Yesssssssss...... that's my slut!” he groans between gritted teeth, so close to the edge... feeling his balls already tighten....Franziskus growls "Beg for getting your boy-cunt fucked!"
 Left with little choice River begs and moans, begging his Master to fuck his sluty boy cunt! “Fuck your slut my master”
Franziskus grows closer, ready to shoot his load into his boy's ass any moment...
“Punish his boy cunt with your hard cock,” River continues, panting breathlessly as his tight anus is ravaged by his Master.
  Franziskus’s thrusts getting even harder. He slaps the butt again with his hand and commands under groans and pants "Tighten... that ass... my slut!"  He thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood.
River reluctantly clenches his ass muscles, whimpering in pain as his ass is pounded harder than before.
Franziskus thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood.  As he feels his boy clenching the ass muscles... the hole tightening closer around his throbbing cock... gasps... and groans... and with a loud yell like a wild beast he suddenly shoots his load into his boy's sore ass.....load... after load... after load... as if saved for weeks just for this moment
Franziskus shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm and cries out, “RoooaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrr
River cries out in relief as his master finally empties himself into his abused hole. His body goes limp held up only by his master's strong arms
Franziskus Ninetails pumps his whole juice into his boy's sore ass till his balls feel empty and his cock starts to soften. He pulls his softened cock out of his boy's ass and falls on his back, breathing heavily. After he caught some breath, he pulls his slave close to him and places a soft kiss on his lips. River trembles in his master's arms and Franziskus holds his boy tight in his arms to calm him down. River rests his head on his master's chest, his arse hole burning. The slave boy, River kisses his master’s chest tenderly as he begins to calm down from my punishment. Deep in his heart he knows he deserved it.
River dries his eyes and lays his head on his master's chest once more. “I love you my master,” he whispers and he means it.  River closes his eyes, the key still under his tongue, he hopes that he doesn’t swallow it in his sleep or worse loose it by spitting it out. He snuggles into his master and tries to pretend that his ass hole doesn’t burn and his cock and arse doesn’t throb “Nite my Master,” he whispers.
“Nite my beloved lil sunshine slut,” Franziskus replies pulling his boy closer to him.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Nothing to report.

What can I say, its been a slow couple of weeks. Its not been helped by the fact my RL BF has been off work and giving me evils everytime I sign onto Sl.

I have made a good friend in the form of Endy, (the one with the arsehole sl bf, sorry Endy, slaps hand and says bad River,) I hate seeing the shit he is being put through. Its bad enough when you have to go through it in rl without putting up with it in sl too.

As I said to him, "Its meant to be fun here, Not heartbreaking."

On a brighter note my RL BF has gone back to work now. YAY. Dances a jig around the living room. Sooooooooooooooooo here is hoping i get some much needed private time with my beloved master.
Hmmmmm wonder what i can do wrong to get some much needed spanking time.


I am so bad.