Friday, 4 November 2011

Unexpected Tarn Flight

River finishes reading all the notes on the board. As his master has not left one to say where he has gone, river gets on with making the butter. He milks betsy and then gets out the curn, working well into the afternoon until he has enough butter to put in the cold room . he looks up at the sun, he still has time to go to Tabor East and buy some flour so that he and Endy can make some bread.  Not wanting to go anywhere without letting his master know, he goes upstairs and scratches a message on a piece of scrap parchment and then pins it to the board.
My master i have gone to tabor east to buy some flour
Satisfied that his master would find the message he then collects his boomerang and stone pouch, he picks up his stick and bag and then goes down to the dock to get the ferry .
 Welcome aboard the United Continent of Gor Ferry Boat Line!
The boat will depart in a moment...
Entering Tabor Fields
Entering Hillcrest of Tabor
Entering Isle of Tabor
Entering Tabor East
Approaching destination... gather your belongings... watch your step as you disembark... Thank you for using the UCG Ferry Boat Line!
River walks the short distance from the ferry to the merchants store and finding no one there starts looking at the prices. He gasps in horror and amazement that the head merchant had no idea how to set her prices. No way was flour 500 times more expensive that salt. He made a note to himself to tell his master that it might be prudent to buy salt from Tabor East and sell it on.
Endy looks over and sees his brother must have seen the note that they needed sugar "Over here my brother"
River looks around hearing his brother's voice, then smiles and waves. He walks over to meet him and his master. “greetings my master,” he says. “greetings my brother, greetings brother.” He says greeting the other boy that was kneeling before his Master.”
“greetings,”  malex says smiling
Chance: I would wall it off as they did this
Franziskus Ninetails waves with the sa-tarna role in his hand to his first boy "Phreephinph, ma phiph phunphine!"
Endy smiles "greetings my brother"
Franziskus Ninetails spreads some crumps over his first boy
Chance stops to take a breath
Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
“ greetings chance," river says brushing the crumbs out of his hair
Chance grins at the boy.
Franziskus Ninetails ruffles his boy's hair, helping him brushing the crumbs out "Oh, look at you! You go out of the house with crumbs all over your hair???" Franziskus Ninetails hums peacefully as they slowly brush River's hair. : Franziskus Ninetails runs their fingers through River's soft hair.
River: i must have my master
Endy covers his mouth trying to stop a giggle
Desdemona Adjani sets her heavy load on the table. "Here's the honey, Mistress.. Maybe there will be candy soon?"
Franziskus Ninetails smacks his lips, then breaks the rest of the sa-tarna-role in two pieces, reaching one to River's lips and waves to Endy to get the other half from his hand
River: i just looked at the flour my master
Lorianya smiles. "Maybe. We'll see."
River: but its really expensive here
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Eoalla must have gone nuts"
Malex Nightfire looks up hearing voices and swearing someone mentioned candy, sees the bakery mistress and smiles
River: 15kt for one flour,
Franziskus Ninetails: “70,” Franziskus corrects his boy. “70 KT, my lil sunshine”
Endy plucks the piece of bread gratefully and stuffs it into his mouth greedily
River: i thought it said 15 but i might have been mistaken then
Desdemona Adjani: "There's larma for pie as well, Mistress. I was sure to gather plenty."
River rises an eyebrow
Franziskus Ninetails: But still way too much
Lorianya smiles at the free man surrounded by the slave boys. "Tal again, Sir. And greetings, boys."
Endy nods slowly "the flour is more expensive than Mistress bakers pies?"
Chance grins
Malex Nightfire: greetings mistressmaex says with a grin
Chance: Perhaps she needs help with pricing
River looks around in the direction of the voice, "greetings mistress," he says with a big smile. He sniffs the air, smelling the fresh cooked pies
Franziskus Ninetails feeds the last piece of the sa-tarna roll to his second boy, then brushes his fingers at his kilt and waves to the bakerwoman "There we meet again. Tal, Lady Lori" Franziskus Ninetails explaining to River in a low voice "She sold us honey"
Chance: "She sold you!" looks startled
Desdemona Adjani looks over from her finished work - for now - and smiles. "Greetings again, Master. Tal, kajiri." She smiles and giggles. "I am hoping there will be fresh candy soon...." bounces slightly on the balls of her feet.
River watches as his master gives endy the last of his roll, then looks up at his master and whispers back . "i hope it was a good price my master"
Lorianya: We have candy!
Franziskus Ninetails giggles at Chance' outburst "Sold us honey. Not.. sold us, honey!"
Malex Nightfire: hmmm candy malex says, is hard to make, butgood
Chance blushes "Ohhhh"
River hides a smirk at the tabor first boy's misunderstanding
Chance rubs his belly "My Master never feeds me" he lies
Desdemona Adjani eyes Chance.
Franziskus Ninetails nods and whispers to his first boy "Cheaper than expected. I felt a bit bad, that she agreed so fast without haggling, so I gave her some cacao samples too. Maybe you'll get some cookies for it..."
River lowers his head so that the mistress cannot see him silently laughing at chances claim
Chance sucks his belly in
Endy breaks the last part of the roll into two and nudges as his brother's back to pass share the last piece with him and quickly gobbles his piece"
Lorianya looks down at her girl, glad she is no longer covered in honey, and shakes her head, a soft twinkle in her eyes as she looks over at the group. "Sir, would you be opposed to your boys getting some candy?"
Franziskus Ninetails then louder looking around "Soooo.... where did you say to put up a cart or stall?”
Chance eyes the pies hungrily
Chance: Master You could put a stall here Or what i was thinking was Come see this
Malex Nightfire: is slave mush in the kennel if your hungry brother
Chance: gags
River smiles thankfully to his brother and takes the piece of bread, tucking into it happily.
Desdemona Adjani giggles, trying to hide behind her hands.
Franziskus Ninetails looks down to his boys... their number prolly suddenly doubling to four, then looks at the baker woman "I think they won't complain. Too nice, Lady Lori"
Chance shouts: One like this out in front of the bakery
Franziskus Ninetails nods to his boys to go and get some candy from the nice lady
River: oh thank you my master. River moves over to the counter and kneels before it looking up at the free woman, a smile on his face.
Desdemona Adjani watches the boy closely; pretty sure she has not met this one yet. Smiles at him.
River smiles and winks at the pretty kajira, "greetings sister," he whispers, using all his usual charms
Lorianya smiles. "I don't believe I've met you, boy. What are you called?"
Endy kneels behind his brother and whispers softly in his ear "another new stall my brother, how goes the candy making" and smiles up to the nice Mistress and her girl
River gives the fine lady a beaming smile. "my master calls me river mistress, or lil sunshine depending if i am in trouble or not."
Endy chuckles
Desdemona Adjani giggles and plays her hair through the fingers, still watching her new-met friends.
Lorianya smiles and then glances from her girl to the gathered slave boys before grabbing a plate and setting it out onto the table. "Would you like some candy, River? You should tell your brothers to come fetch a piece." she smiles, and she sets a few pieces out onto the plate.
Desdemona Adjani looks at the candies on the plate
Endy smiles and waits patiently behind his brother
River: ohh thank you mistress," river reaches up and takes one candy. "you are most kind mistress"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles at Malex, too busy before and in thoughts "Aye... my boys make nice chocolatemilk too. Hm, it would be a nice combination with the baked goods from lady Lori"
River nudges his brother and whispers ."thank the nice mistress endykins
Desdemona Adjani moves to the picnic table and reaches up for one of the candies her Misress has set out.
Lorianya: There should be enough for all five of you.
Endy smiles shyly, "Thank you Mistress" and reaches up for a candy, accidentally kneeing his brother in the back at the same time
River holds the candy between his fingers and sucks on it slowly, making it last as long as he can
Franziskus Ninetails scratches his head "However I don't know about brewed blackwine... it will be cold when my boys bring it out to here"
“ thank you mistress” malex says as he pops a candy to his mouth, let it melt slowly
Chance: Master we have our tea in a pot with a fire under it: shivers
Franziskus Ninetails: oh? show my that piece of art of builders skills, Chance!
Endy sucks on the candy delighting in the taste"pehapfff asffk the miffweeff iff we caa keep it waammff wiff wher offen mii Maffter"
 “endy did you take your candy? " river asks then hmmfs as his brother knees him in the back.
Endy smiles "yes my brother, thank you"
Desdemona Adjani looks over to Malex. "I hope you are feeling better today..."
Endy coughs realising his just swallowed the candy whole in answering his brother
Malex Nightfire: yes all cured sister, and you?
River finishes the last of his candy and looks around for somewhere to wipe his sticky hand, seeing his brother is occupied with his own sweetie, he causally uses the strip of fabric on his brother's hip as a wipe
Desdemona Adjani: All better, too. The powder cleared everything up quickly.
River: thank you for the candy sweet mistress, but i should go and see if i can be of help to my master, might this one be excused pretty mistress?
Lorianya smiles: "Of course, River. I'm glad you enjoyed your candy. Go help your Master."
Endy smiles "may I be excused too Mistress"
 “thank you kind mistress," river gives the fine lady another of his dazzling smiles and then winks at the kajira.  “when you have finished endy , come help”
Desdemona Adjani waves to the boys, glad to have met them.
alex Nightfire: see you soon sister
River shivers not realising it was going to be as cold here as it is
Franziskus Ninetails: so, put up the crates here for now, my boys
River: ahh yes my master
Chance looks to the boy "You have a cloak brother?"
Lorianya smiles to endy. "Go ahead endy." (sorry didn't see the emote))
Franziskus Ninetails: We will see about chocolate milk and brewed black wne later
River: hopefully i will get another harvest before the rains start
Desdemona Adjani steps a little further back into the bakery, closer to the fire, but watches as the boys set up the cart.
“ not with me brother,” river replies to the taborian first boy.
Endy grins "thank you Mistress, and thank you for the delicious candy"
Chance nods and hands him one
River smiles,  “but i will be okay, i am much tougher than i look.”
Chance Byron gave you ::ptBb:: Tabor White Fur Cloak and hands another cloak to Endy. "My Master keeps them here for his boys"
River: me grinz and takes the fur thankfully, "thank you brother, i will return it as soon as i can
Franziskus Ninetails hears suddenly a shriek and looks around "Oh no!!!"
Chance: blinks and looks around
Franziskus Ninetails points to the bird "A tarn must have collided with the roof! He looks badly injured!"

Chance runs toward the big bird, his eyes wide "Master, he will be dangerous"
Malex Nightfire: oh? malex says as he looks upward
River runs over to look but still keeps well away from the savage beak
Franziskus Ninetails: We better put it out of it's misery.  Franziskus Ninetails draws his bow from his shoulders
Chance shakes his head "Master, please! No!"
Franziskus Ninetails: but it's suffering!!!
River looks on and whispers "can it not be helped my master?"
Chance: "Maybe it just needs a Green" his eyes dark with concern
Franziskus Ninetails sighs and shoulders his bow
Chance: "There are stairs Master"
Franziskus Ninetails: Well, will YOU climb up and try to free it? Oh, stairs! Good! Easier to kill it from there
Chance stands back, the bird screeching and thrashing He shouts "We need ropes!"
River gulps as the tabor first boy and his master run off to try to help the bird and reluctantly follows
Franziskus Ninetails joins Chance up at the stairs "Hmmm, it doesn't look too injured"
Chance: "Maybe it is just...stuck" leaping back as the bird tries to heave itself free again
Endy follows his Master and brother at a distance
River winces with each loud screech of the wild animal
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Seems it is stuck in the beams. Hmmm... it's sattled, so it belongs to someone " Franziskus Ninetails frowns
“ watch its beak chance" river shouts worriedly
Franziskus Ninetails looks down to the water "If the tarnsman fall off and drowned?"
Chance: "My Master before had tarn" he whispers "It is the claws"
Franziskus Ninetails shouts down to the water without hope "Hello?!?"
Chance looks to the water and frowns
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmm,m I see something!
River looks at the urts gathering and thinks it doubtful that the master survived the fall
Franziskus Ninetails: Oh, it's just a sea sleen, I think
Chance raises his brows, his body tensed as the bird thrashes
Endy looks to the water, but can only see a sea sleen "I cant see a Rider my Master"
Franziskus Ninetails: yeah!!!!!!!
Chance shouts: leaps on the tarn, scrambling to hold on and pulls it upward
Franziskus Ninetails: Look at chance! he's riding a tarn!!!
River claps his hands excitedly as the bird is finally freed and takes flight none the worse for its ordeal
Endy grins as Chance climbs aboard and the Tarn suddenly frees and takes off
Franziskus Ninetails: #I hope he knows what he's doing!
Desdemona Adjani calls up. "Be careful, Chance!"
Franziskus Ninetails ducks as the tarn changes direction and flies right over their heads
River looks on in wonder," he is so brave" he swoons
Chance shouts: HOW DO I STOP IT!
Endy yells "use the Goad!"
Franziskus Ninetails shouts: FOURTH STRAP IS DOWN!
River  looks at his brother as if he would know .. and whats a goad?
Franziskus Ninetails adds mumbling "... I hope"
Lorianya covers her mouth with her hand as she looks up, her eyes wide as she watches the tarn. "Is he going to be okay...?"
Malex Nightfire: it seems better under control now malex says as the bird hovers over the ship
River runs around to see if chance was still clinging to the tarn or had fallen off yet," two candies says he falls off " he whispers to his brother
Franziskus Ninetails: Nice bird
Franziskus Ninetails shouts: OF COURSE!
Desdemona Adjani: Please hold on tight!
Endy chuckles "three says that his Master has to pay for a green"
Desdemona Adjani fidgets as she watches the sky
River: well thats a given, if he falls off endy , you should bet that he lands it,"
Franziskus Ninetails giggles "A copper tarn that Chance reaches the ground before the tarn!"
river giggles out loud hearing his master bet what he expected
Lorianya blinks. "Oh my... Poor boy. I do hope he doesn't fall off and hurt himself... I'll take your bet... but I bet he lands it just fine."
Endy smiles "fine, my brother, I say.... hmmmm.... he will jump off just before it lands"
“ ohh he fell off look," river points to where chance is

Franziskus Ninetails smirks as he sees Chance falling down with a thud.  Franziskus Ninetails then swears "Well, he could at least have fallen into the WATER. Silly boy!
Endy sighs as he sees two candies plummet with chance
Franziskus Ninetails: Over here, my boys!
Chance groans
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, he looks unconscious. Maybe you carry him to the infirmary
River: nods
Chance looks up "I'm okay Master"
River: you had better help endy
Endy looks down worriedly, and holds up a hand "how many fingers Chance?"
Chance: rolls over, his eyes unfocused
River: where does it hurt chance?
Desdemona Adjani gasps. "Chance!"
Chance: he grins and spits blood "I rode a tarn"
River: and you were so brave brother
Chance nods
River: help me endy we will take him to the green
Chance: "It was the best thing ever" Chance closes his eyes
Desdemona Adjani moves out of the way.
Franziskus Ninetails grins as the boy awakes "Ah, he's not too bad injured, it seems. Nothing that couldn't be healed with some candies"
Endy grins "you did, now you had better hope your Master does not punish you for it" and groans as he picks chance up my the feet
River: i will take his feet endy
River: you take his head
Endy: ((bugger, I hate driving))
Lorianya shakes her head. "Silly boy. Couldve been much worse..."
Desdemona Adjani: Is he going to be okay....?
Franziskus Ninetails frowns "You are sure he can't walk?"
Chance grins loopily "Master, maybe I can"
Endy blushes "ummmm maybe"
River grunts as he picks up the tabor slave and whispers to him, "you need to lay off the candy brother,"
Endy grins and whispers t his brother "let go of his legs, see if he can walk"
Chance grunts "I think that leg hurts"
Franziskus Ninetails: You better take him to the infirmary
Endy groans "definatly less candy then."
River: yes my master.  lead on endykins
Endy: Yes our Master, which way is it?
Chance struggles "No. No Green. Let me down"
Franziskus Ninetails looks around "Uhmmm.... Malex? Show them the way to the infirmary"
Franziskus Ninetails: Hush, Chance!"
River: last time i saw a green here she gave me candy," river reminisces
Lorianya sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose. "Oh for the love of... Another one that doesn't like the green?"
Chance: "Are we there yet?"
Endy winces "not yet..."
River: (( not with endy driving no ))
Chance: ((Im dying lughing))
Endy: ((bish)) : ((oh crap, steps....))
Chance: ((HAhaha))
River: from you to me," river advises. “ahh edge edge,” river cries as endy pushes him close to the edge of the dock.
  River: try going backwards up the steps.  River grunts under the strain of the first boy of tabor
Chance: ((Oh fuck I am dying laughing))
River: (( whos bloodly idea was it to have steps everywhere ))
Endy: ((bish))
River: brother, you need to go an a diet
Chance looks up his eyes crossed "Candy?"
Endy nods "no more treats"
Chance: sighs "My head aches"
 Endy sighs "so will your Ass in a minute..."
River groans under his breath "i swear a sack of black wine is much lighter than him."
Franziskus Ninetails tries to catch his breath as he finally reached the slaves "Ah, you're almost there"
Chance blinks
River pants heavily, "dont give us false hope my master"
Chance sees the tavern "Can we stop for a paga?"
River: should have bet more than two candies," river complains under his breath, "this is at least worth a small bag
Franziskus Ninetails still tries to catch breath "I... I... thought...."
Endy moans "aye"
Franziskus Ninetails: "... you... "*pant pant* "... put.... .. him on a ....""
Chance looks back at the Master "Don't tell my master..please.. cart to roll him!""
Franziskus Ninetails: Well, too late
River feels like cheering as he sees the green office
Endy groans looking at the steep steps
Endy: Is there a back entrance?
River: are you sure you can't walk brother," river asks hopefully
Franziskus Ninetails: "If your leg is broken, how would you explain that, Chance?"
Chance looks at them "Sure, I can walk" he says
River breathes a sigh of releif as they finally get to the greens office
Endy shouts: Hello! We need a Green!! help
River: put him on the bed my brother
Chance looks around "I dont think there are any greens:
Franziskus Ninetails: HELLO?! A GREEN HERE?
Endy looks at all the blood on the bed "hmmmmm"
Chance: "Gah!"
River clamps his hand over his mouth and runs outside when he sees the blood
Chance shoves the bloody pillow onto the floor.  Chance looks up "Don't tell my Master I rode a tarn...please"
Franziskus Ninetails: Oh, that was quite brave, boy!
River takes three deep breaths then goes back inside, making sure to keep far away from any more blood
Franziskus Ninetails: to fall off it is the part I would worry about
Chance grins wanly " Master, it was fun. Only the falling off part was bad.  I aimed for the water but instead I hit the ship""
Franziskus Ninetails nods remembering the one or other time Franziskus Ninetails pokes the boy's left leg "So where does it hurt? There?"
River: maybe you will get a reward brother for helping the tarn did you see whos colours it wore
Endy growls "honestly, where is the orderly, sheets should not be left like this as he tucks in the last part, then looks puzzled at his own unconscious words
Chance: "No master" shakes his head and winces
Endy shrugs and smiles at Chance "some Master will be very grateful Chance, that they don’t have a dead tarn now"
Franziskus Ninetails gave you when slaves try to ride a tarn.
River: while he is here river covers one eye and tries to read the line on the board.
Franziskus Ninetails as Chance doesn't show a reaction. he pokes the other leg "And here?"
Chance grunts "Master a little sore " but he jerks the leg away
River wonders where the greens are?
Franziskus Ninetails nods as if he would know what to do. Then commands Endy "Bring me some bandages for the legs!"
River: i should take off his boots my master.  River takes hold of one of chances boots and gives it a sharp tug
Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "If you think that helps" Franziskus Ninetails turns to Endy "Do you find bandages?"
Chance grunts "Owww"
Malex Nightfire: im sure his big bottom must be bruised, it must of took the biggest impact malex says looking over at him
Endy picks some bandages from the box and carries them over to his Master "Tibia and Fibula seem fine, no sign of a mid-shaft fracture"
Chance frowns at Malex "My head hurts" rubbing it
River frowns and says sorry brother but we should see if there is any bleeding lower down
Endy blinks
Franziskus Ninetails takes the bandages from Endy "I don't know those kajirae", then starts to wrap the bandages around....
River holds up four fingers," how many fingers brother?" he asks trying to be helpful
Franziskus Ninetails ... his own left leg where Fluffy has bitten him
Chance looks, frowns, focuses "I didn't do good at school"
River: he might have a concussion my master
Malex Nightfire eyes drift slowly up from the first boy spying the candy jar on the shlef behind
Endy grins "with change how would we know if he was delirious? Just mention candies"
Franziskus Ninetails as he finally managed to take care of the sleen-bite on his thigh turns his attention back to the fallen boy. "Let’s try something different"
Franziskus Ninetails pulls four candies out of his pouch and holds it in his palm "How many candies do you see, Chance?"
Chance squints "All of them, Master"
River frowns as his master wraps the bite on his leg, fluffy was getting really dangerous lately ... luckily he didn't have many teeth left but what he did have hurt
Franziskus Ninetails: "Hmmmm... he sees all of them... so, no concussion, I think: What else apart from your head hurts?"
Chance: "My ankles do Master"
Franziskus Ninetails looks at the ankles and pokes
River: they don't look too good my master
Chance: "OUCH!" jumps
Chance: "I tried to land on my feet like a giani does!"
River: i think his ankles are broken my master
Franziskus Ninetails: A Giani has four of them, you only two
Chance raises his head "Noooo"
River pokes at the bruising that is starting to show
Chance yelps again
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, seems so" and pokes once more, just to be sure Can you wiggle your toes?
River: nods as if he knows, "yep broken" he says convinced in his own mind. maybe he should ask his master if he can train as a healer ... ohhh candies.
Chance wiggles them slowly and winces
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, he can wiggle his toes. Is that a good or a bad sign?", he looks quizzically at the boys around
Endy smiles "Good movement, no deformities, no numbness, no break to the ankle Dr"
“ hmmmm good?" river answers not really knowing
Endy blinks "ummm.... My Master", it looks good" Endy blushes
Franziskus Ninetails looks up as he was just about to poke again. He withdraws his hand "Ah, there comes a healer. Tal, Sir""
“ greeting master,” malex say as he looks up
Chance raises his head and looks worried "I am fine. Really"
“ ohh greetings master," river says dropping to his knees.
Franziskus Ninetails blinks for a moment at his second boy, wondering where he got his knowledge
Mathieu Petrovich: Tal, I am but an apprentice. We must keep you comfortable until a skilled healer arrives.
River pokes chance's ankle once more to prove that he isn't okay
Endy lowers to his knees "Greetings Master green"
Franziskus Ninetails: Oh well.... we at least found out, his ankles seem to be broke
Mathieu Petrovich: The opportunity will be as advantagous to you as it will me.
Chance yelps and scowls at River
Franziskus Ninetails pokes Chance' ankle again to demonstrate "You see?"
River nods in agreement with his master
Chance growls "Master, I am only a little hurted"
River: and his head hurts master
River whispers to endy. "i think the rest of him bounced"
Chance looks at the boys and growls "Next time you can carry me to Scimitar"
Mathieu Petrovich: Although my knowledge is limited, I shall depart momentarily to search for more proficient care.
Franziskus Ninetails looks at the healer "Maybe just amputate? The ankles, I mean. Not the head"
Endy grins back "pity he did not land on his Ass, he would definitely have bounced"
Chance tries to get up and off the bed "Amputate!?"
Malex Nightfire still wonders why they didn’t take the ferry but says nothing as he gets distracted again by the candy jar
Endy stands up quietly to try to hold chance down seeing him try to escape
Franziskus Ninetails frowns as the injured boy still got his mouth open "It seems he has a lockjaw too"
Mathieu Petrovich: Take it easy now, you may injure yourself further. I must take my leave. See that he rests until he can be properly attended.
River pushes chance back down on the bed and says "Stay," thinking that it might work
Franziskus Ninetails as Chance falls into unconsciousness looks curiously at the healer "You seem to not come from here" Franziskus Ninetails grumbles "Well, that was a BIG help"
Chance: "Master, I will be fine. Just have the boys carry me home" ((grins))
Malex Nightfire thinks the greens should be caged in the infirmary for when needed
Franziskus Ninetails: well, I have to put the crates up... My boys, pure some sul-paga over his ankles, then bandage it
River pales ." no no my master, he should stay here. what if his ankles are infected, " thinks as fast as he can. "they would have to cut them off
Franziskus Ninetails: And see if you find some crutches
Endy smiles and whispers "simple strain to the ankle, he just needs it to be bandaged to restrict the movement, and someone to keep an eye out for concussions
Endy nods "yes our Master"
Chance looks at Endy "You are a green..."
“ oh dont let that happen please,”  malex squeals out, thinking to himself of a life carrying the first boy around
“ is he your chain brother? " river asks the boy kneeling nearby
Franziskus Ninetails: I think I can get a cart from the market stalls, so you can roll him home
Endy explores the cabinet, a bit worried by the lack of supplied
Malex Nightfire: no I’m just a city slave brother,
Franziskus Ninetails: But first I need to take care of the crates
River: not sure we need a cart to roll him," river mutters
Franziskus Ninetails giggles
Chance grumbles and sucks his belly in further
River: do you know where the sul paga is kept brother?
Franziskus Ninetails: no crutches?
Chance: "My Master keeps some in a flask in his pocket" offers helpfully
Malex Nightfire: the kennel is closer master, i know there is an empty bunk down there
Franziskus Ninetails considers "Hmmm, but his master will search for him, won't he?"
Malex Nightfire: after a few days im sure he would notice, yes master
Chance: looks very worried
Endy opens and closes draws in the hopes of finding some sul-paga
Endy walks over with some crutches "I cant see any sul paga my Master, shall I run to the brewers?"
Endy runs upstairs to check there whist he waits for his Master's instructions
Chance looks disconsolate "My Master might forget me"
Malex Nightfire: tal sister
[2011/11/03 09:41]  Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head and reaches for the bota at his belt "Well, then the precioous sa-tarna paga"
Desdemona Adjani wanders in with fresh candy, looking around and then letting her eyes fall on Chance's form.
Endy growls at the lack of resources the greens have left around
Chance begins to cry
Desdemona Adjani: "Greetings, Master." She looks to Malex and smiles. "Tal, brother." Then looks to the others, a quiet "Tal." before moving closer to Chance's side.
Endy strokes chances hair "it's ok, looks like you are lucky"
Franziskus Ninetails pours some of the precious paga over the boy's ankles, then holds the bota to his lips "Here, take a sip for the pains"
Chance shakes his head "My master will for sure whip me for hurting his property"
Chance leans his head up and takes a sip then sneezes
Franziskus Ninetails nods to Desi "Greetings again, Desi"
Desdemona Adjani whispers. "I brought you candy... Made it myself...."
Malex Nightfire eyes brighten and smiles innocently, " if you want sister, i can hold it for him till he feels better"
Chance looks to the girl, wiping his eyes quickly, embarrassed at his tears "Thank you sister"
Chance growls at Malex
Endy frowns "then you had better hope the owner of the tarn comes forward to congratulate you for saving it," then whispers lower "and hopefully reward him for your damage"
Franziskus Ninetails yawns "Well, I guess I'm taking a nap. Maybe we should just leave him here and inform his Master"
Malex Nightfire looks to the boy with a furrowed brow
Desdemona Adjani eyes Malex and shakes head, placing the two pieces on the cot for Chance instead.
Chance snatches the candies up quickly "Thank you, this is very good"
Endy grins "no complications with his stomach then"
Desdemona Adjani beams at him.
Franziskus Ninetails stretches and yawns again "Well, I will take a nap here....", he points to the other bed
Franziskus Ninetails: Wake me, when you know something new
Chance looks at the boys "I can walk. I think i can:
Endy: Yes our Master
Desdemona Adjani: Don't hurt yourself more... Be careful...
Malex Nightfire watches the boy as he whirls around on four legs
Endy sighs
Chance: See?
Endy: be careful Chance
Chance limps across the room "I can do it"
River: nods be careful
Malex Nightfire: he is strong in spite of the weight he carries
Chance whacks Malex with a crutch
Malex Nightfire: oooh. Malex Nightfire rubs his head as he loks up with a frown
Desdemona Adjani tries to hide a laugh.
Endy: I think you will be fine chance, just keep with the crutches for about a week
Chance widens his eyes "I can't run with these!"
Malex Nightfire: if you need any help kneeling brother let me know, malex says as he grabs one of the cruthes lightly
Desdemona Adjani: That's the point! So you can heal!
River looks sideways at his brother wondering how he knows so much about the greens business all of a sudden
Chance scowls and raps the Second boy's knuckles
Malex Nightfire looks up and scowls
Desdemona Adjani shakes head as she watches
Endy yawns, "think our Master will let us sleep beside him my brother?"
River: nods we had best wait for him to wake up my brother. i am rather tired from carrying heavy loads anyway
Malex Nightfire grins as he eyes the first boy
Endy nods "aye, I think so"
Chance studies them "Thank you brothers" hands them each one of the candies
Desdemona Adjani stretches and looks around. "I should get back to my Mistress... I was only to be gone for a moment." Smiles to Chance. "There may be cookies or more candy in it for you if you limp by..." Turns her attention to Malex. "And maybe you, too."
River: oh my!  he really does have a concussion if he is giving away his candies.
Malex Nightfire smiles brightly " thank you sister ill help him come by
Endy nods "quick, someone run for a green, he is delirious"
River: laughs at their brother in chains
Chance ruffles the girl's hair "Thank you, sister"
Desdemona Adjani giggles and shakes her head. "You are welcome, of course." She smoothes her hair back down. "Now, I really should go. Come by the bakery anytime!" She waves and darts out the door.
River: will you help him to the kennel brother?" river asks
Malex Nightfire waves be well sister
River: we have to stay with our master
Malex Nightfire: i think he may prefer his home, the kennel is a bit infecyed at the moment, later brothers, if you want ill showyou a dead body there malex says a bit disgusted
Chance makes a face
Malex Nightfire: ive been sleeping in the tarn house of late, its safer
Chance shudders"Thank you, brothers"
River watches the first boy hop out of the green office and then he holds out his hand to his brother. "two candies you owe me," he says with a big grin. "i told you he would fall off"
Malex Nightfire heads to the door to open it forhim as he waves be well brothers
River: and you brother
River: come brother lets sleep by our master's side
Endy smiles and hands his brother two candies
River: thank you my brother.
Endy: then rests his head against his brother settling down to sleep.


  1. I am so glad you posted this! And it was wonderful meeting you.

  2. This was so funny I thought I was going to fall over and die. <3

    So glad you posted it lol.