Friday, 27 April 2012

what did you do today, my lil sunshine?

Well, i played a ridiculous facebook game that i really shouldn't be playing, I posted part 5 of 'The Trip' and i posed some pictures of us posing.
What else did i do, Oh yeah, i went fishing.

Finn Millar and Spencer Ronzales

Two sexy men that presented my Master with a lovely gift of a multipose ruin, for taking pictures. We haven't used it properly yet, but you know what its like when offered the opportunity to pose, all three of us jumped on board. here are the results.

The Trip, pt 5

wow, two updates in 24 hours ... inspired or what? if you are reading this please let me know what you think, i would love to know.

The Trip, Pt 5

Franziskus stirred, and opened his eyes. He felt refreshed from his afternoon nap. His boy, Endy, was fast asleep in his arms and he smiled to himself, thanking his good fortune that he had two such lovely boys. He lifted his head and craned his neck to see his other boy. River was curled on the coarse mat still. He looked so small lying there. Franziskus or Franzi as most people called him, unwrapped himself carefully from his brunette boy, not wanting to wake him just yet, and rolled off the bed. He stretched his body, working out the kinks that develop when you sleep. Then he padded, barefoot and naked over to where his lil sunshine slept. He crouched down beside him and very gently stroked his hair. The boy’s mouth was still stretched open by the ball gag even though his four hours had long transpired. Franzi smiled and looked down between the boy’s legs. His pretty boy cock lay limply against his thigh, nestled in a bush of blond hair. There was no sign of semen, so he felt satisfied that the slave boy had been good and not wanked himself into climax or cum in his sleep. Though his cock was limp his balls looked swollen, which also was a good sign. He would question the boy later, when he woke. For now he would let him sleep off any jet lag he had left. He looked back up the boy’s body to his face and was surprised to see a pair of sad green eyes looking at him.  
“Did you sleep well, my lil sunshine?” he said softly. The boy nodded and Franzi knew he was not telling the truth. His mouth was stretched by the ball gag and his cock must have throbbed for at least an hour but he didn’t contradict him. The boy was telling his Master what he thought he wanted to hear and he wouldn’t blame him for that. “Kneel,” Franzi said in a low voice. Endy was still asleep and he wanted to keep it that way for a while so he could spend some time with his first boy. River got up onto his knees, assuming the nadu position. Franzi saw him recoil when his tender rump rested on his heels but the boy never tried to adjust his position and Franzi loved him for that. The free man stood up and walked over to where his jeans were tossed carelessly on the floor and he searched the pockets. Finally he returned to where his boy knelt, a tiny key in his hand. He reached around the back of River’s head and inserted it into the lock, turning it till it clicked. Then oh so gently he removed the ball gag from his slut’s mouth. “Better,” he said kindly. River nodded and lowered his head. Franzi reached out and put his hand under his chin, lifting his head so he could see his pretty face. “Talk to me, my lil sunshine.” He said in a low voice. “Why so sad?”
River shook slightly and never met his Master’s eyes. “You don’t like me,” he said quietly.
The boy’s words took Franzi by surprise. Did he really think that? “Why do you think I don’t like you?” he asked.
“You took Endy to your bed.” River replied sadly. “You left me on the floor.”
“Oh my lil sunshine,” Franzi said sadly. “How long have you been my secondlife slave?”
River’s jaw twitched nervously and even though his head was being held up by Franzi’s hand, he still refused to meet his Master’s eyes, scared of the repulsion he might see there. “Nearly two years, my Master,” River said quietly.
“Do you think that I would have kept a slave for that long if I didn’t like him?” Franzi demanded. He felt a little angry at his boy for thinking that he would play favourites but also his mind kept telling him, be gentle with the boy, its new to him. He is scared. Scared he has disappointed you; that you don’t find him attractive. He is insecure.
“No, my Master,” River said in a small voice.
“Do you think that because I punished you more that I care less about you?” Franzi said a little roughness seeping into his voice.
River chewed on his bottom lip nervously, not knowing what to say; scared that his answer would anger his Master. “No, my Master,” he said eventually.
“That is right, no. You were punished more because you had made two mistakes on your arrival, not just one like Endy. Then you suffered more because you failed to hold still. Do you think that I strapped you more because I don’t like you or because you twisted away from the strap?” Franzi’s eyes blazed into River’s face.
“Because I twisted away, my Master,” River said miserably.
“That is right,” Franzi said. “What did we talk about, River, when you first become my slave?”
The boy looked up blankly, and then dropped his eyes again almost immediately and Franzi sighed. His lil sunshine had the most awful memory of anyone he had ever met. Once he had slept then there was little chance of him remembering anything. “I told you that it wasn’t personal and that once the punishment was done, it was forgotten and forgiven.”
River nodded sadly.
“Look at me, my lil sunshine,” Franzi said kindly, his hand lifted the boy’s chin a bit higher. The blond slut met his Master’s eyes for the first time since he had been punished. “You are beautiful,” Franzi said softly. “And you are mine.”
A faint smile reached his boy’s lips and he whispered. “I love you, my Master.”
Franzi smiled his lazy grin, leaned in and pressed his mouth to the boy’s lips, controlling the length and depth of the kiss. His tongue pressed deep into the boy’s mouth, owning it. The grip on his boy’s chin not giving him the option to pull away from him until he was ready. When he eventually let the boy loose, the blond was panting. His sweet boy cock had firmed up again and was jutting from his body. River blushed as he realised that his body had betrayed him and Franzi smiled widely. He had gotten that reaction from just a kiss; his lil sunshine really did have potential.
The free man stood up and held out his hand. River hesitated a second then took it, letting his Master lift him to his feet. Franzi looked towards the bed, Endy was still snoring softly, curled on his side, and then he turned his attention back to River. “Turn your back to me and bend,” Franzi commanded and River obeyed immediately, he had no wish to be punished again. He blushed a deeper shade of red now that his arse and hole were displayed to his Master but he held still.
Franzi examined the tender bruised rump. Damn the boy had bruised badly, he hadn’t expected that. “Do you usually bruise easy?” Franzi asked.
River swallowed. “Yes, my Master,” he replied. “Sometimes I wake with bruises that I don’t know how I got.”
Franzi nodded even though his boy could not see him. “Does it hurt much?” he asked.
River bit his lip, it hurt like hell but what should he say in reply. If he says yes it’s the worse pain he had since he had his operation would he anger his Master or sadden him? So he chose an answer he thought his Master would like to hear. “It’s bearable, my Master,” he said quietly.
Franzi ran his fingers over the deep bruises, already a deep purple and yellow combined. “Stand up,” he commanded and River straightened up. “Come with me.” The slave boy turned and followed his Master into the bathroom. “Turn on the shower,” Franzi commanded and River obeyed. The shower was a standard bath with an attachment.
“How hot do you like the water, my Master?”  River asked.
“Cool,” Franzi replied and River nodded his understanding and set the water to a tepid temperature. The free man stood waiting patiently while his boy prepared his shower, his hungry eyes ate in the slender slut, the curve of his lovely buttocks the creamy smoothness of his skin. How much more beautiful would he look with a collar locked around his lovely neck. Franzi felt his cock twitch and he reached down, stroking it to erection. He didn’t wait for his boy to tell him his shower was ready, instead he pushed past him and stood under the tepid water for a moment or two, letting it cascade down over his head and face. River knelt by the side of the bath, waiting to be commanded to fetch a towel, or to wash his Master.
After a moment or two, Franzi looked down at his slut and held out his hand again. “Come under the water, my lil sunshine and wash me.”
The slut stood wordlessly and stepped under the water with his Master. He picked up the soap bar and rubbed it between his hands to form lather and then he started to smooth it over his Master’s back and shoulders. Franzi let out a groan of pleasure. Every man, he thought to himself should have a slut to wash his body. The boy continued his task, washing his Master’s legs, arms, in his pits, his belly. He paused nervously as he reached his Master’s groin. “What are you waiting for, slut?” Franzi asked. “Wash me.”
River lathered his hands once more and then reached down, taking his Master’s manhood in his hands. He smoothed the soap over it, careful not to get any into the piss slit. He then reached under and massaged the foam into his Master’s balls. Franzi groaned louder than before and he grabbed his boy by his shoulders and spun him around, slamming him forcefully against the wall, pinning him there with his body. His soaped up cock pushed hard to the boy’s sphincter, pushing in steadily. River gasped and spread his legs wider as his Master claimed him as his. Franzi transferred his grip to the boy’s hips, pulling him back onto his cock, digging into him deeper with each thrust. He was being driven by pure lust. He reached around and grasped the boy’s smaller cock in his hand, pulling it each time he thrust. River moaned deeply, his wet soapy hands slipping on the smooth white tiled wall, held up only by the strength of his Master.
“Let me hear you beg, my lil sunshine,” Franzi hissed in his ear. “Let me know how much you want your Master.”
River groaned loudly. “Please, my Master,” he pleaded. “Fuck you slutboy, make him yours. Claim his boy cunt for your own. Please my Master, fuck your lil sunshine harder.”
The boy’s words excited Franzi more and he increased his pounding. River was gasping, never had he been fucked so violently but his body loved it, his cock was dripping steadily.
“Please ... my ... Master,” River begged, his voice breaking with each word. “Please... let... your...   slut...  cum.”
“Not yet, my slutboy,” Franzi growled in his ear. “Not yet.” The free man’s fingers dug deeply into his boy’s hips and in the back of his mind Franzi knew he would be responsible for yet more painful bruises on the boy’s body but he didn’t care right there and then. His boy was trembling with the effort of holding back his climax and Franzi himself was struggling, but he wanted his boy to remember their first time alone together.
“Fuck your slut’s boy cunt, my Master,” River moaned. “Stretch him wide and use his worthless body for your pleasure.”
Franzi growled and jerked as he came hard. The little minx had talked him into climax. He pumped his seed deep into the boy’s bowels, thrusting harder than before so that it filled him completely. The boy was almost weeping with his own need to cum. “Please, my Master,” he begged.
Franzi reached around him and took hold of his little boy cock and began to jerk him hard. His teeth found the lobe of his ear and he hissed, “Come for me slutboy, cum for your Master?” that was all that it took, within seconds the boy was shivering, trembling and boneless in his Master’s arms. “Good boy,” Franzi whispered in his ear. “Obedient boy.”
“I... I ... love... you,” River wept. “I love you, my Master, I love you.”
Franzi nibbled on his boy’s neck. “And I love you, my lil sunshine,” he breathed. He turned his boy around and fixed his hand in the back of his hair, pulling him close to his body for a long drawn out kiss that left the both of them gasping for breath. “Finish washing,” Franzi said tenderly. “Make sure you clean inside too.”
“Do you not want me to dry you, my Master,” River asked. His eyes were bright and shiny and he looked happy for the first time since Franzi had picked him up from the kennels.
“No, my lil sunshine, not this time. Wash yourself, if you want the water hotter you may increase the temperature.” He added that because he had noticed the way his little slutboy was shivering in the tepid water. “When you are done come into the main room. I am hungry and want to get some food and Endy will have to bathe too. So do not take too long.”
“I won’t, my Master,” River promised.
Franzi smiled, the boy looked radiant when he smiled. A good hard fucking had made the boy forget about his punishment and his hours alone on the mat. “Hurry,” Franzi said again, enforcing the urgency of his hunger. He lingered long enough to see his slutboy turn the water temperature right up and sigh as it warmed his chilled body. Franzi grinned again, shaking his head in awe of how hot the boy could bare the water as he went back into the main room.
Endy was sitting up on the bed, his hair dishevelled with bed head. “Go and get showered,” Franzi told him. “And be quick. Do not dally in there with your brother.”
“Yes, my Master,” Endy replied and he jumped off the bed, wincing from his long slow pounding earlier.
Franzi looked into his case and found that it had already been unpacked. He frowned for a moment, thinking when his boys would have had the time. Did River get off the mat and do it, disobeying his order to stay put? Then he remembered that his bags had been brought here by two village sluts, they would have unpacked for him. He went to his closet and took out a pair of brown checked shorts and a beige tee shirt and pulled them on. He didn’t bother with underwear. He didn’t look very Gorean but he really didn’t have any of those types of clothes. He would look around the village and if the prices were reasonable he would get something more suitable. He pushed his feet into a pair of brown deck shoes and turned around to find both of his boys kneeling silently behind him. Their naked bodies pink from the heat of the water.
“Are you hungry, my boys,” he asked.
Both slaves nodded. “Yes, my Master,” Endy said in a low voice. “Yes, my Master,” River echoed.
“Then on your feet my lovely sluts, it’s a long walk to the village.”

Thursday, 26 April 2012

WTF!!! why do the powers that be feel the need to fuck with something that is not broken. I just logged in to make a post only to find its been fucked up. Why the hell can't they leave well enough alone. The perfect end to a fucking perfect day. Thank you so much blogger!!

The Trip pt4

River shuddered as he lay over the end of the bed, his pert buttocks lifted up, undefended in the air. This was it, the time that he knew would come. The first time his Master disciplined him. He had already tasted the strap so he knew what to expect but somehow this seemed different. This time he was shaking all over. This time it was his Master holding the strap. He wanted to look around, to see his Master but he didn’t dare. So he imagined what he looked like standing behind him, his cock solid and straining against his jeans as he bent the thick leather of his belt in two and pulled it though his hands. Unbidden tears formed in River’s eyes. This was worse, much, much worse than the strapping he had received already. His Master had yet to swing his belt and already he was on the verge of blubbering like a baby. Not because he feared the pain, he did of course fear how much it was going to hurt, but because it was his Master holding the leather. It was his Master that had disappointment in his eyes.
He cried out suddenly, the sound muffled by his ball gag and he grasped hold of the blankets, his knuckles turning white as Endy’s shaky voice said ‘One.’
His arse felt as if it was on fire. Oh this was worse, much, much worse. The blow had been delivered with force, more than he had already experienced. ‘Two,’ Endy said, and River bent his right leg and twisted as the shock of the second blow reverberated through his slender body. He was whimpering he realised. He had wondered where that pathetic noise was coming from. It was from him, his pleas muffled effectively by the gag.

‘River, stand still and lift up your ass,” Franziskus said sternly.

River, shaking all over lifted his arse once more. Almost immediately the belt bit into his tender flesh and he howled into the gag, twisting once more from the vicious blows. “Three,’” Endy almost whimpered. He knew that once his brother had been punished it would be his turn and seeing the force of the blows was scaring him.

“I said stand still,” Franziskus boomed. “Endy, straddle your brother’s back and hold him in place.”

River tried to protest but the words just came as muffled sounds. He felt his brother’s weight on his lower back and felt his cock resting on the top of his crack. He could feel his brother shaking on top of him, trembling in anticipation of his own punishment. This time when the belt cracked over his bare buttocks there was no escape. He screamed, burying his face into the bedclothes, reaching behind him in a vain effort to protect his defenceless arse. “Four,” Endy almost whispered. Positioned as he was, he could see the blows coming and feel the aftermath coursing through his slender brother’s body.

“One,” Franziskus corrected him. “Start again at one.”

Endy made a small whimpering noise and replied. “Yes, my Master.” The belt fell again. “One,” Endy said.

River screamed with every blow to his body. He knew when they were coming because he felt his brother tense up a second before the belt hit. By the time Endy said, “Six,” River was a shaking mess. His ass felt as if molten rock had been poured all over it. He stamped his feet trying to ease the pain with movement but nothing he did helped.

“Your turn, my lil moonbeam, “Franziskus said not unkindly.

“I’ll be good, my Master,” the brunette promised. “Please, my Master, I promise I will be good.”

“I know you will, my lil moonbeam but you still have to take your punishment.” Franziskus paused for a moment, his eyes on his lil Sunshine’s badly bruised ass. “Would you like your brother to sit on your back?” he asked.
River never heard a reply, he figured that Endy must have nodded because his Master barked the order for him to take up position on his brother’s back and hold him down as he himself had been. He hissed in pain as his tender rump rested on his brother but he couldn’t lift up, he had been commanded to hold down his brother with is body and he didn’t dare disobey.
“Count for your brother,” Franziskus snapped and then a soft “Oh,” slipped from his lips. “You are gagged, I forgot. Endy, you will have to count for yourself. Nice and loudly so I can hear, or I will have to start over. “

The first blow fell squarely over Endy’s firm buttocks and River saw the angry red welt appear immediately on his soft white skin. Not having the luxury of having his cries muffled, a pained cry ripped from the brunette’s throat. “Wh... one,” Endy counted, the pain in his voice more than obvious. The second blow fell before he had finished counting the last, and his buttocks tensed up as he tried to twist out of it, but with the weight of his brother on his back he couldn’t move. He could feel the heat from the blonde’s ass in his lower back and the fire in his own arse as he cried “two.”
The third blow fell three heartbeats after the second, and again Endy cried out. “Three, he whimpered. “Three, my Master.”

Behind him, Franziskus nodded with satisfaction. “Now my boys, to my feet and thank me for your punishment.”
River moved stiffly, wincing as he got off his brother. It had hurt him badly to press down on his brother’s back but he knew he had to, the same as he knew he would have to kneel with his tender backside resting on the heels of his feet. The two boys moved in unison, both trying not to hurt themselves further. Both hung their heads, not meeting their Master’s eyes.

“Thank you, my Master,” Endy whispered.

River tried to say the words but they were lost in his gag and he whimpered with fear that he would be punished again.
He saw his Master’s feet just to the side of him and then heard him order Endy into his arms. It was silent for a moment, and then a soft sob slipped from his brother’s lips. “You are forgiven, my lil moonbeam.” Franziskus said softly.

River felt his brother return to his knees by his side and then his Master’s feet appeared in front of him.

“Come to my arms, my lil sunshine,” he said softly. “Show me you are sorry.”
Painfully River got to his feet and pressed his body to his Master. He didn’t try to hold him; he just stood shaking with pain as his Master enveloped him in his embrace. He rested his head on Franziskus’s chest and began to sob. “You are forgiven, my lil sunshine,” Franziskus said softly, stroking over his silky blond hair. “It is done now, it is forgiven and forgotten.”

River nodded.

“No more tears,” Franziskus said kindly. He lifted River’s chin and used his thumb to wipe away the tears gathering under his eyes. “No more tears,” he said reinforcing his word. River nodded again and Franziskus kissed his forehead almost tenderly. “Join your brother,” he said gently. “Stand both of you, your hands on your heads, your backs to me. I wish to inspect your asses.”

Endy and River stood side by side, both boys still trembling from their ordeal. Endy hissed as his ass was grabbed, his Master pressing on the bruises that were forming. True to his word Endy stood completely still, being good, as his backside was examined. “Bend over the bed,” Franziskus said, when he was happy with how his work had marked his boy. He turned his attention to River, prodding and pinching the painful welts on his pale skin. Again satisfied, Franziskus ordered his blond to the bed too.

His cock was throbbing in his jeans as he looked down on his precious boys. He already cared deeply for them both but would show no weakness. He couldn’t. He was their Master and a boy was only as good as the Master that controlled them. He stepped up close to his blond slut, gripping his hips as he rubbed his groin up and down the boy’s crack, he felt the heat burning through his jeans and wanted to feel more, using one hand he popped the button on his pants and pulled down the zipper, allowing his cock to be free. It jutted out from his body, solid as a rock, throbbing in anticipation. Franziskus spat on his hand and smoothed his spittle over himself; he lined himself up, rubbing the glans over his lil sunshine’s rosebud. He felt the boy begin to shake again but ignored it as he pressed forward, pushing himself past the tight sphincter. The boy beneath him moaned deeply, and fisted the bed sheet, his knuckles white once more with tension. Franziskus stroked his hand over the red bruised skin and thrust forward with force, sinking deep into the boy. His fingers gripped tightly to the boy’s narrow hips, bruising him even more, pulling him back on to him as he thrust deeper and deeper. With a guttural groan he pulled out. If he carried on he would come in the boy and his second boy would be denied the pleasure of his Master’s cock inside him. He slapped River’s arse a stinging blow making the blond whimper.

Franziskus repositioned himself behind his lil moonbeam. Again he moistened his manhood before pressing deep inside the brunette. His second boy was even tighter than his first, making him groan with intense pleasure as he sunk into him up to his balls. Unable to hold back he began to fuck his boy, rocking his hips back and forth, plunging into him with force. Sweat ran down his face as he pulled out of him and shifted his weight plunging in again to his lil sunshine, fucking one then the other, over and over. His boys were panting and moaning, tearing at the bed sheets, their pretty faces pressed into the bed.

“Beg me,” he grunted as he thrust his whole length into River’s tender arse. “Beg me to fuck you!”

“Please,” River mumbled around the gag, his words lost.

Frustrated, Franziskus slapped his gagged boy’s arse again and yanked himself out, turning his attention to his brunette boy instead. “You,” he growled. “Beg me to fuck you.”

Endy groaned loudly as his virgin arse was pushed into again. “Please,” he begged. “Please, my Master, fuck me.”

Franziskus slapped his arse. “Louder,” he growled. “Beg me like you mean it. Beg me to fuck your boy cunt, slut.”

Endy’s face burned red. “Please, my Master,” he begged. “Please fuck your slut’s boy cunt.”

The brunette’s words sent Franziskus over the edge and he came hard inside his lil moonbeam, filling him with his seed. As his arse was filled, Endy came too, unable to control his body as he was fucked for the first time. The free man leaned down over his slut and licked his ear, his soft breath caressing it. “I give you that one, my beautiful slut, but if you ever come again without permission, ten lashes will be yours.”

Endy whimpered in fear, “Yes, my Master,” he whispered. “Sorry, my Master, it won’t happen again.”

“I know it won’t, my lil moonbeam,” Franziskus said kindly. He turned his eyes to this blond slut who was still bent over the bed, grinding desperately, his boy cock still engorged and his boy cunt wide open. “On your knees both of you.”

Both boys moved in one fluid motion, his brunette with his boy cock hanging limply between his legs and his blond with his still jutting out painfully from his body. “I think I will take a nap now,” he said, pulling his tee shirt up over his head. His eyes rested on Endy. “Is your arsehole hurting?” he asked, he hadn’t meant his boy’s first time to be so rough but the excitement of the spanking had taken over and he had been much more forceful than he had meant to be.

“It burns,” the brunette said softly. He kept his eyes low, his pretty face burning with embarrassment.

“Go and wash it with cool water,” he said kindly, “it will soon stop hurting.”

The brunette whispered “yes, my Master, thank you, my Master,” and got up and padded barefooted to the bathroom.

Franziskus looked down at his blond. The boy was shaking and his cock dripping. “My poor lil sunshine,” he said softly in his lilting German accent. He crouched down in front of him and took his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. The blond boy whimpered and tried to press into the touch. Franziskus withdrew his hand. “Count this as part of your punishment, my lil sunshine. Do not touch it, do not make yourself cum. Do I have to tie your hands?”

River shook his head and looked up miserably at his owner.

“You do not get to cum today.” Franziskus said firmly. “If you are very good, I will let you cum tomorrow but do not bank on it.”

River nodded, he was thoroughly miserable. This was meant to be a holiday. His body jerked with a swallowed sob and Franziskus’s heart melted a little. The temptation to take his little blond slut into his arms and stroke him to climax was great but Franziskus resisted. He was the Master and would make the boy understand that. Besides when he eventually let the boy cum it would be all the sweeter. He held his hand out to the boy, who took it tentatively, and drew him to his feet. He walked him over to a coarse mat that was under the window. “Lie down on the mat,” he said and River obeyed. The blond looked up at his Master with liquid blue eyes, his pretty mouth stretched open by the ball gag. “Stay on the mat and try to sleep,” Franziskus said not unkindly.

Endy came behind his Master and knelt, his abused hole feeling better now that cool water had been splashed on it. Franziskus turned and faced him. “On the bed, my lil moonbeam, I like to sleep with a warm slut in my arms.”

Endy got hastily to his feet and almost ran to the bed, climbing on top of it. His eyes met River’s and the blond looked away. The brunette looked at his Master, considering if he dare speak, then bit his lip knowing that if he did he could be punished again and banished to the other sleeping mat. Franziskus climbed onto the bed and pulled his slut down into his arms, gripping his cock and balls in a vice like grip. “Sweet dreams, my boys,” he said as he settled down to sleep.

From his place on his mat, River watched with envious eyes as his brother was pulled into a tight claiming embrace. In total misery, the blond laid down his head, he kept his eyes on his Master’s back, and listened to the whimpers of his brother as his Master pulled him tight to him, pushing his semi hard cock back into his anus. River turned his head and hid his eyes in his arm and tried to tune out the sounds of his chain brother being ravished slowly and gently. His cock throbbed and ached between his legs and his boy cunt pulsated with want. He tried to think of something, anything other than what was going on in the bed. He wanted to go home.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Happy Birthday, My Master, pt 2

As promised, Second post of birthday pictures. Enjoy. x

who's daft idea was it to give everyone balloons. lol

Franzi's party and two naughty slaves

It's our Master's RL Birthday, So Endy and I decided to throw him a party. I am pretty sure he has worked out that we are up to something but is too kind to say. Anyway, We hired his good friend and favourite DJ, Heloq, bought balloons, fireworks, made banners, I crafted a birthday invite

 (though i forgot to set it to open, hopefully everyone will work out that there is stuff in it.) I have been decorating the beach in secret. Putting out prims and taking them back in as bulk pickups. He doesnt want a Bday present so I got him a cake between Endy and I, its So cute, found Here.

this is what the beach looks like at the moment.

This boy hopes that his master isn't too angry with him.

Here are the party pictures ... Enjoy and


well the time of the party came and unfortunately no DJ, lucky for us the wonderful Wuzz stepped in and saved the night for us. Nearly everyone that was invited came so we had a fabulous time. Our Master was very surprised but also very tired by the end of the night. So it was a quick run back to our house and a quick cuddle then bed. 

Here are the pictures. Thank you everyone for coming. kisses to you all. 




Kenny and Kel

Wuzz, the lifesaver of the day

 Think i need another post for the next 25 pictures. Well that can wait till tomorrow i think. NINI everyone, kisses . especially to you, my master. love you so much. xxxx