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New snack bar in Tabor Tropics

It's very quiet living in Tabor Tropics, we don't get many visitors at all there. In a way it's nice but it also means that if we want roleplay with other people then we have to go looking for it rather than having it come to us. We have toyed with the idea of a gorean NLS snackbar for a while and decided that it would be a lot of work but I still really liked the idea, so I thought i would give it a whirl and see what happened.

River got the snackbar together and set it out. He then prepared some food to serve and gathered his drinks together. He sat down and carved two menus which he hung proudly on the wall and then stood back and admired his work, thinking as a temporary bar this is fine, if i get customers maybe i will build something a bit better.

River then role played preparing his Master's bar for business and posted it in the Tabor notices and stood back and waited. He didnt have to wait long before his first customer arrived.

the following roleplay is the result.

Roleplay commences

Master's lil Sunshine: greetings mistress how may i serve you
Vash Lorgsval: Oooo! Karrot Soup!
Master's lil Sunshine: “aye mistress, freshly made.”  Master's lil Sunshine puts down his cloth and washes his hands ready to serve the pretty huntress
Vash Lorgsval: This is a good thing, this food place
Master's lil Sunshine: “aye mistress, my master and i thought that maybe some people don't have time to cook for themselves.”
Vash Lorgsval: Thats true. Too busy makin war! laughs
Master's lil Sunshine: “and frees that have no slave don't want to cook for themselves. I make a pretty good soup mistress”
Vash Lorgsval: You just like to cook, dont you?
Master's lil Sunshine: “aye mistres”s
Vash Lorgsval: Yes you do
Vash Lorgsval giggles: Has the Tarn eaten any people yet?
Master's lil Sunshine: “no mistress: Grey Wing is fed three times a week”
Vash Lorgsval: This is soooo last frontier. Its good!
Master's lil Sunshine: he tries to bite me every now and then but generally he is well behaved.
Vash Lorgsval: I hate cold. All Tabor but here and the desert is cold
Master's lil Sunshine: “more than can be said for our sleen, fluffy who is intent on eating my chain brother. I hate the cold too Mistress.  I like the tropics so much more.”
Vash Lorgsval: You have putlaws here, so I tend to stay in the mountains. I hate Outlaws more than I hate cold
Master's lil Sunshine: i will protect you mistress
Vash Lorgsval: Awww! Your sooo cute!
Master's lil Sunshine: my master likes you therefore i like you too: well a pretty mistress like you needs protecting
Vash Lorgsval: I think it won’t be long, and the outlaws will succumb to the jungle... they always do. Vash Lorgsval blushes.  Vash Lorgsval whispers: Thanks
Master's lil Sunshine: “though i am sure you are more than capable of protecting yourself. Master's lil Sunshine leans forward. "i probably need protecting more than you mistress, i am really bad with a bow. "
Vash Lorgsval: One on one? Maybe against two... but more, I lose. And will not wear a collar, so... I just stay away from them
Master's lil Sunshine: “good for you mistress. Would mistress like something to eat or drink
Vash Lorgsval: Whatcha got to drink?
Master's lil Sunshine:” i think a place like this is so much nicer than a tavern, a lady cannot go in a tavern safely.”
Master's lil Sunshine points to the drinks menu,

Vash Lorgsval laughs 'True, but most of my trade takes me into those places anyways. Ooooo! Cocoa! Please!' Vash Lorgsval smiles
Master's lil Sunshine: “i have paga, black wine, sul paga and ka-la-na, mead , chocolate milk, rence beer too.”
Vash Lorgsval: Choco milk is my fav. Vash Lorgsval giggles
Master's lil Sunshine whispers .. “mine too mistress.”
Vash Lorgsval: I tried some Paga. Its... not for me... nor is wine, or beer.... bleh
Master's lil Sunshine: “its 40ts but you can have it for 30 but don't tell my master.”
Vash Lorgsval: I dont mind. I make good money trading
(nls coins pass hands)
Master's lil Sunshine pours a large glass of caoca milk and passes it to the pretty huntress. "May you find this beverage as pleasing as this boy hopes you find him
Vash Lorgsval blushes bright red and timidly takes the glass. Thank you
Master's lil Sunshine: you are most welcome mistress. : you are my first customer
Vash Lorgsval: Really??? Excellent! Gee I hope I don't jinx you
Master's lil Sunshine: ohh i am sure you won’t mistress. I am hoping that we can get some entertainment here for our customers.  Endy plays the drums and i sing and dance
Vash Lorgsval: I wanna see that! I bet its fun.
Master's lil Sunshine: my master intends to expand our market too: of course its more work for my brothers and i but if our master deems it then we make it so
Vash Lorgsval: Yay! I like it: Sio will too
Master's lil Sunshine smiles remembering the sweet girl that is in bondage to the huntress. "Aye mistress, how is Sio, I haven’t seen her for a while.”
Vash Lorgsval: She is good! She is off on an errand (RL called) and I’m just travelling a bit: She stays at Isle of Palms when I go to trade. The jungle is too dangerous for her to be here alone
Master's lil Sunshine:” is it safer there for her mistress?  Aye my master deems that we arm ourselves when we leave the house now. He says that we have to defend his property and we are his property so must defend ourselves.”
Vash Lorgsval: Sio cant fight well: I try to teach her
Master's lil Sunshine: “nor can i mistress”
Vash Lorgsval: But where she from, she would be killed for touching a weapon
Master's lil Sunshine: nods
Vash Lorgsval: She's not aggresive. : So its best I take her where she can do stuff, be with others like her, and be safe
Master's lil Sunshine: “nor am I mistress, I have been whipped many times for failing to protect myself: well mistress you can always leave her with me, i would do my best to protect her”
Vash Lorgsval: The outlaws here have tried a few to times to capture her. They even tried to enter the cave. so we moved out: She wasnt safe
Master's lil Sunshine: “that is terrible mistress: gor is a harsh world”
Vash Lorgsval: Yes.
Vash Lorgsval: As Snake said, I have responsibilities now
Master's lil Sunshine: “i found it very hard when I was brought here. I had a simple life before.”
Vash Lorgsval: Not that I wanted em, but I love Sio. She is gentle and tries sooo hard
Master's lil Sunshine: nods. “the fire is not to warm for you is it mistress. i can put it out if it is”
Vash Lorgsval: I think you may have customers: Want me to go away?
Master's lil Sunshine: “no mistress, you are most welcome.”
Vash Lorgsval: No, Im gonna change from these Torvie furs anyways
Master's lil Sunshine:” greetings Master.”
Kit Venom: "Tal!"
Master's lil Sunshine: how might I serve you master?
Kit Venom: "Perhaps just a paga, if you have it!" He says, taking a seat, "I hope the day is going well for you both!"
Master's lil Sunshine: “aye master”
Vash Lorgsval nods
Master's lil Sunshine goes over and picks the bota from the shelf and gets a clean goblet from the table top, wiping it with a clean rep cloth.
Vash Lorgsval finishes her chocolate milk "I love Tabor cocoa beans'
Master's lil Sunshine: “would Master like his paga warmed ?”
Vash Lorgsval: Oh shoot! Can I give you the Tabuk meat for your masters Tarn, River?
Kit Venom: "Warmed will be fantastic!"
Vash Lorgsval: I almost forgot
Master's lil Sunshine nods his head to the master. “Of course mistress," he says answering the huntress as he warms the paga over the fire. "Please feel free to leave it with me, how much does my master owe you?
Vash Lorgsval: No charge cuz you worked so hard to get me the beans for trade, ok?
Master's lil Sunshine returns with the paga to the master. “Your paga master," he says in a soft voice, "60 ts please master,"
( I am leaving this in cus its funny ooc but funny.
[2011/12/03 15:19]  Franziskus Ninetails shouts: TAG!
[2011/12/03 15:19]  Vash Lorgsval: Did he just yell Day?
[2011/12/03 15:19]  Master's lil Sunshine: (( tag its endy , he never changes his tag and gets attacked by the sleen ))
[2011/12/03 15:20]  Vash Lorgsval: Oooo! Yikes!)
Vash Lorgsval looks at the boy by the dock 'You can come over here I bet'
Master's lil Sunshine takes the tabuck from the mistress and hides it under the counter.
Vash Lorgsval: Can he River? He looks lost
Master's lil Sunshine: “of course mistress.” Master's lil Sunshine waits for the master to give him the coins for the paga. “are you lost boy?" river asks the strange boy on the dock
Kit Venom digs into a pocket of his pants, pulling a small pouch free, 'too small' he thinks as he opens it and drops its contents on to the counter. With a fingertip, he slides the coins needed free of the others and extends them over to the boy. "You run a tight ship here!" He says with a smile.
Master's lil Sunshine:” aye master. my master expects a profit, a boy can be whipped for not making one.”
Vash Lorgsval: Kit, who was that lady who used to be head of the merchants? : I forget her name
Kit Venom: "Eolla? I belive she was, or maybe still is, the head of Merchants!"
Master's lil Sunshine bites his tongue, he knows her name but dare not say it
Vash Lorgsval: Eolla! Yes
Master's lil Sunshine: “as far as i know master, there is no head merchant.”
Vash Lorgsval: Grumpy told me she left that post
Master's lil Sunshine:” i believe my master thought about applying for the position, then decided not to.”
Kit Venom: "Boy, I have a small pumpkin patch in Northern Tabor... And since I absolutely loath pumpkin, perhaps it could be used to increase the profit you bring your master!"
Master's lil Sunshine:” i am sure i could produce a soup with them master. Would you like me to inform my master that you wish to trade?”
Kit Venom: "Certainly... However as a warrior, I know little of trade..."
Master's lil Sunshine smiles thinking that his master would make the most of the opportunity to trade. "i am sure master is very well aware of what his produce is worth."
Vash Lorgsval bites her tongue, loving trade, but wanting to stay in Tropics more
Master's lil Sunshine: greetings boy,
Vash Lorgsval glances at the boy 'Want something to eat or drink?'
Phil Gotter: greetings Master Huntress and brother hope you are all well
Master's lil Sunshine: “aye brother, you are new to these shores?” Master's lil Sunshine notes the lack of steel around the boy's throat.
Phil Gotter: yes i have
Kit Venom: "Greetings boy!"
Vash Lorgsval: River, can we get him something to drink? I'll buy. He looks really lost
Master's lil Sunshine coughs and indicates to the boy to kneel not lean on the counter like a free. “yes mistress.”

Vash Lorgsval giggles. I dont think he's been here long
Master's lil Sunshine: maybe a caoca milk mistress for energy
Vash Lorgsval: Good idea!
Vash Lorgsval reaches in her pouch and hands the coins to River. Is that right?
Master's lil Sunshine takes the coins from the mistress and turns and pours a milk for the slave boy: he slides it across the counter to the boy
Vash Lorgsval: Whats your name boy?
Phil Gotter: this boy is un-owned so therefore it has no name  Huntress
Vash Lorgsval nods. This happens a lot here
Phil Gotter accepted your inventory offer.
Vash Lorgsval: But do not worry! Someone will name you
wyndi kneels smiling..."Greeting, Master...Greetings, Mistress"
Vash Lorgsval watches the ferry arrive 'Your in luck, boy! This is Wyndi! Of the House of Ember! She can talk to you'
Master's lil Sunshine: greetings sister
Vash Lorgsval: 'Tal, Wyndi. How are you?'
wyndi smiles to the servant..."Greetings, brother. Thank You, Mistress . I am fine. I hope YOu are as well."
Vash Lorgsval: 'I am thank you. I’m glad you’re here. 'This is another boy with no memory or name''
Master's lil Sunshine asks the master, "might I refill your paga master?"
wyndi looks closely at the boi...wondering if he is somehow damaged or injured to have no memory...
Kit Venom sits, sipping his paga and listening to the conversation, "Excellent paga boy!" He says, feeling its warmth spread through him. "Greetings girl!" He says to the new arrival.
wyndi smiles to the warrior.."Greetings, Brave Master" wyndi moves closer and uses tio fingers to tap firmly on the boi's shoulder blade
Vash Lorgsval gently touches the boys face 'Its ok. Wyndi is a friend'
Phil Gotter smiles gently. tal windy
wyndi then places fingers of both hands to the boi's spine and presses there, watching for reactions
Phil Gotter: this boy is honoured to meet you
Master's lil Sunshine starts to polish his counter again, waiting to keep it as clean as he can for his master
Phil Gotter jiggles a litte at the touch
Vash Lorgsval: Whats the proceeedure when this happens, Kit? I guess Wyndi cam take him to House Ember?
wyndi siles warily as she continues to appraise the boi's physical fitness...."Think now before you answer me, brother, think well........What were you called before you forgot your name?"
Master's lil Sunshine listens, wondering himself. he knows that there is a slaver in tabor but not sure what happens to an un-collared slave
Phil Gotter: hmm this boy was called phil sister
wyndi smiles, nodding..."If you always think before you speak, My Master can try to train you...."
Vash Lorgsval: Ember files these things with the City Slaver, and they see if he's runaway, of those strange people who just show up
Master's lil Sunshine notes that the boy kneels in tower and winces at the thought of his nuts being crushed between his thighs
Vash Lorgsval: But I dont know what the thing to do that doesnt get me in trouble is... exactly
wyndi turns to Vash, a gentle touch to her lovely light hair.."Mistress. I can take this boi to My Master's House, but an escort would be best....
Phil Gotter smiles and thinks how appropriate it is for a boy like him in fornot of mistresses and masters to knelt this way
Vash Lorgsval: 'Oh.... an eascort...' looks at Kit, as he is a Red Caste
Phil Gotter smiles
Kit Venom smiles to himself, thinking how he himself is in need of a kajirus, but one of a special nature, a laugh slips from his lips. His hand moves into another of the large pockets, bringing out a small gift for those present. "Take one!" He offers, as he holds them out.
wyndi: "Yes... an escort or a bond wrists..I don;t want a renegade on my hands before I can put him in My Master's kennel..."
Kit Venom gave you NLS Larma v2.2.
Vash Lorgsval: Thank you Kit! I understand Wyndi: I can tie him up
 Kit Venom: "You're very welcome, I love larma... Haven't met anyone yet that doesn't!"
Vash Lorgsval: But I can’t go into your house with him... or anyone
Kit Venom accepted your inventory offer.
Vash Lorgsval: No offense! I just dont go into buildings
wyndi smiels with understanding.."I think I can manage him if his wrists are bound...and all else present have their own affairs ..."
Master's lil Sunshine takes the offered fruit and smiles at the kind master
wyndi: 'me smiels as she again strokes Vash's lovely silken hair..."I would lvoe for you to visit..een if only in mY Master's courtyard or enjoying the view form hHis patio overlooking the Thassian Sea"
wyndi: "..bringing the boi aloing of course..."
Vash Lorgsval: 'Thank you Wyndi. I would love to see the view. As long there are no walls, I can do that.'
wyndi takes the proffered larma, toses it in the iar and catches it easily, then slips it into her belt pouch..."Thank You for this food, Kind Master"
Vash Lorgsval smiles
(Here I missed some of the roleplay as I wanted to say goodnight to my Master who was feeling unwell in real life and was going to bed early)
Vash Lorgsval: If he returns, or I find him in the Jungle, I'll bring him to you Wyndi: i just dont know what else to do
wyndi smiles wanly...."Well then, perhaps I should go to the Oasis mines for My Master."
Vash Lorgsval winces'He still makes you work the mines?'
Kit Venom: "Mines?"
Vash Lorgsval: 'I have three prisoners from a raid by Thornstiens Lair. I hope you dont have to be whipped and beaten like we do them: They hate mining. Oasis has no overseers do they?'
Master's lil Sunshine: i don't know mistress i have never been there
wyndi: just some rocks wiht bits of salt, ore , and gold
Kit Venom: Putting the cup down, Kit stretches out his arms, "I had better get home... Be well all, it has been a pleasure!"
wyndi: "With You leave..Iwill be about My Master's business.."
Master's lil Sunshine: “thank you for your custom master.”
wyndi: "Safe PAths, Master Warrior"
Vash Lorgsval: I have been to steal...err borrow (glances at the warrior) some gold from there
Master's lil Sunshine: “i will be sure to let my master know of your patronage: safe paths master”
Vash Lorgsval: Safe Paths Kit!
Master's lil Sunshine:” i hope you will spread word of my master's little snack bar. and i hope you think the service was good”
Vash Lorgsval: Your the best River. I shall tell everyone."
Master's lil Sunshine smiles brightly "oh thank you mistress, it will please my master to know i have been found pleasing
Vash Lorgsval smile

I really enjoyed my opening night. I hope more people come for role play all are welcome.

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