Homes I've lived in

We have all moved around in Secondlife, Some more than others. So I decided to make a page of Pictues of Sims and houses that I have lived in, starting from the first up to the latest. I make it no secret that River is my second Av, my first is Joshua Cartauld, who has been packed away for most of the past year and a half. I really concider River as me now. Anyway, I mention this because I am going to start with Joshua's homes then onto River's.

Oh lord did I really look like that ....

my first sl house, a tree house with a ladder, what was i thinking, L$60 a week and 40 prims.

What on earth possessed me to get a house on stilts, it used to take me 30 minutes to get in it.

two weeks later and fed up of trying to get in and out of my house I moved. I found a sim with beach houses. This time I picked the one with the prettiest view (well of the ones that were on offer anyway.) L$1000 a week for 400 prims, I know now that, that was expensive (we are talking three years ago)

I lived here quite happily for 6 weeks even moved my boyfriend in. Everything was lovely till I met Jarrod and he turned my world upside down .. I left my beach house and bf and moved to Obama with him and his husband . (yeah he was married and i was the other boyfriend on the side, my bad)

obama decorated for jarrod and joshua's wedding,

in our house in obama

we kept adding rooms to it

we even had a pool and a funfair

I lived at obama for a while then Jarrod's husband took a bit of a dislike to me.. cant imagine why (eeps) So I moved to Cote's du Azure. I lived there until Jarrod and his partner sorted out their relationship then I moved back to Obama and married Jarrod.

Cotes du azur
Blaze was doing well so we got a full sim between a few of us and moved the nightclub there. To save money we gave up Obama and moved to Backdraft and made our home there.

Unfortunately, we started to loose money and decided to move yet again, so we took a homestead.

our yacht

i have always been a beach kitty

yes we even had a pirate boat

speedboat i bought jarrod for his 2year rez day
we just got it nice, and then the usual happened, The idiot with no taste or consideration for the neighbors moved next door and erected a monstrosity that overlooked our entire sim, So we packed up our prims and moved to an island. It was in a cluster but the other sims were on the corners so could not be seen. So for L$7999 a week we took on Mountains of Silence.

Our first Clan house was built in the sky, Though honestly it was more of a beach house.

Later we built one that was more fitting of a vampire clan.

Unfortunately after a year of married life, i found myself alone and homeless. So I started looking around for somewhere new to live. It was then i found myself visiting Tidra a lot, first to see Teleny, spending time with him and the sim owner, Franzi. Being Joshua at this time was causing me pain. I was so sad. Franzi was also very sad at the time, going through a similar thing that i was and i gravitated towards him.

River was born and I moved full time to Tidra.

Tidra was the most beautiful place i have ever lived. Unfortunately,  it was just too expensive for Franzi to run alone. So in Dec 2010, with a broken heart Franzi dismantled it and we moved . But before he did, i took as many pictures as i could for our memories of a really happy and beautiful time for me.

After leaving Tidra we moved north to Hrimgar, later to become Kalana Fjord East. we also moved to an earth parcel. which i will find pictures of and post later.

while i was on holiday, things came to a head in Kalana and on my return i discovered that we had moved house again, this time to Tabor Tropics

we have moved earth home again, this time we are at Singer, a lovely island with no one around us at all. I will link to the photos of there, as i have already posted them in my home page.
well i think that is it for now, hopefully this will post and not crash the blog lol. its turned out rather longer than i thought.