Tuesday, 14 December 2010

End of Tidra Ahoy


I am quite sad, knowing that Tidra only has a few weeks left and then My Master is packing our bags and moving us to where, i dont know. As his boy I go where he goes. I feel as if My Master's work has been under valued. To me, he is easily one of the best builders and Sim designers that i have had the privilege to meet in Sl.

I have become quite fond of the place in my short time there. Although, a small garden for me to tend, rather than a whole fort is better for me i guess. The Healer has already packed his belongings and is waiting for the final days before moving completely.

Everyone else other than My Master and myself have all but gone anyway. I wish this boy had the money to pay to keep it open for his master, but unfortunately I dont.

The baths i will miss the most. They are so beautiful.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Raid on SilverTree and River's capture by Panthers.

 River decided to go exploring on his own for the first time as Mamba had gone off alone too. Taking the coin his Master gave him, he takes the small sail boat to go to the Mainland. Unexperienced and thinking it just a short way, River looses his direction and ends up in Silvertree. As he steps off the small sail boat, grateful to still be alive he is approched by a Free.

[2010/12/10 14:39]  Rio Paulino: tal boy
 [2010/12/10 14:39]  River Airy: tal master
[2010/12/10 14:39]  Rio Paulino: I don;t think I know you... who are you?
[2010/12/10 14:40]  River Airy: My Master calls me Sunshine Master, and sometimes by river
[2010/12/10 14:40]  Rio Paulino: where are you from?
[2010/12/10 14:41]  River Airy: i am from Tidra Master
[2010/12/10 14:41]  DOCK ALARM shouts: Shelley Constantine has rung the alarm!
[2010/12/10 14:41]  Rio Paulino: oh tidra! How is my friend Franzi?
[2010/12/10 14:41]  River Airy keeps his head low.
[2010/12/10 14:41]  Rio Paulino: we had to savages from your land staying overnight
[2010/12/10 14:41]  Rio Paulino: two
[2010/12/10 14:41]  River Airy: My master is in good health my master
[2010/12/10 14:42]  Rio Paulino: is frannzi your master?
 [2010/12/10 14:45]  Rio Paulino: Have you come here for just a visit, River or seeing something?
 [2010/12/10 14:46]  Jyl Frog: I have in mind to eventually join but I have to discover the place firs
[2010/12/10 14:46]  River Airy: My master sent me out to explore
[2010/12/10 14:48]  Rio Paulino: well you are welcome boy
[2010/12/10 14:48]  River Airy: i am forth in chain of my master, Franziskus Ninetails of Tidra.
[2010/12/10 14:48]  Rio Paulino: I have just got off the boat myself... or canoe with wings as our tidran visitors quaintly called it
[2010/12/10 14:48]  Rio Paulino: he is a great friend of mine
[2010/12/10 14:48]  River Airy: I have never met a savage master
[2010/12/10 14:49]  River Airy: other than snake who captured me and sold me to my master
[2010/12/10 14:49]  Rio Paulino: i think snake could be quite a strong man...
[2010/12/10 14:50]  River Airy: aye master
[2010/12/10 14:50]  Rio Paulino: a difficult adversary
[2010/12/10 14:50]  River Airy: he captured me with no effort at all
[2010/12/10 14:50]  River Airy: but i am just a barbarian fresh from earth
[2010/12/10 14:51]  Rio Paulino: well do you wish to come into the city or are you keen to look around?
[2010/12/10 14:51]  Rio Paulino: a barbarian? a bearded one
[2010/12/10 14:51]  River Airy: may i come to the city with you master?
[2010/12/10 14:51]  Rio Paulino: of course
 [2010/12/10 14:51]  River Airy: thank you master
 [2010/12/10 14:53]  Rio Paulino: are you very cold dressed like that?
[2010/12/10 14:54]  River Airy: No master,
[2010/12/10 14:54]  River Airy: it is cold but i come from a cold country originally
[2010/12/10 14:54]  Rio Paulino: you are a preety sight but i am sure you amster would not be happy if you cock froze off
[2010/12/10 14:54]  River Airy: blushes
[2010/12/10 14:54]  River Airy: My master bid me wear this
[2010/12/10 14:54]  Rio Paulino: you do not need to kneel here in the winter either
[2010/12/10 14:54]  River Airy: it is warmer than it looks
[2010/12/10 14:55]  River Airy: thank you master.
[2010/12/10 14:55]  River Airy: on tidra we only kneel inside
[2010/12/10 14:55]  River Airy: there are things that crawl in the dirt that can harm a naked boy
[2010/12/10 14:55]  Rio Paulino smiles
 [2010/12/10 14:56]  River Airy: forgive me for walking past you master
 [2010/12/10 14:56]  River Airy: as he is now inside River kneels
[2010/12/10 14:56]  Rio Paulino: i am a free and easy going sort of person River...
 [2010/12/10 14:57]  River Airy: thank you master
[2010/12/10 14:57]  Rio Paulino: on the other hand i am quite old fashioned
[2010/12/10 14:57]  River Airy: keeps his eyes on the ground
[2010/12/10 14:57]  Rio Paulino: i do think boys ought to kneel unless thre is som reason not to
[2010/12/10 14:57]  River Airy: as does my master, master
[2010/12/10 14:58]  Rio Paulino: to much kajirir seem to think it is beneath them... they get ideas that they can act almost like a free
[2010/12/10 14:58]  River Airy: keeps his eyes on the ground
[2010/12/10 14:58]  Maggie Whelan starts to sneak about the village looking for wares to steal
 [2010/12/10 14:58]  Rio Paulino shouts: hey!
[2010/12/10 14:58]  River Airy: i have a strong master , master, he would beat me if i was unrespectful
[2010/12/10 14:59]  Maggie Whelan hears some male voice call out and tries to hide
 [2010/12/10 14:59]  Maggie Whelan chuffs at the soap
[2010/12/10 15:01]  Rio Paulino shouts: base!! We have visitors!! Panthers I think
[2010/12/10 15:02]  River Airy: draw
[2010/12/10 15:02]  Bow of Corcyrus Draw 4.05: LR Weapons
 [2010/12/10 15:02]  GM 4.01: Diana Slafford Has Captured Rio Paulino!
(Here I was attacked, I at least managed to hit the panthers six times before before being captured. There were three of them against me. and I did last longer than Rio, sniggers.)
[2010/12/10 15:02]  GM 4.01: Diana Slafford Has Captured River Airy!
[2010/12/10 15:03]  Maggie Whelan runs over the boy that lays on the ground, she snatches at his bow and tisks as using a weapon against a free
[2010/12/10 15:04]  Maggie Whelan then takes a rope bends down before him and grabs at his ankles tying them in a gor knot together
[2010/12/10 15:04]  Diana Slafford leans down to man taking his bow use dagger to cut its string
[2010/12/10 15:04]  Diana Slafford takes his blade tossing it as far as she can
[2010/12/10 15:05]  Maggie Whelan then walsk about to his upper body, she rolls him over then takes his wrists and binds them in a goreon knot together matching his ankles, bless
[2010/12/10 15:05]  River Airy: moans softly as he comes back to consciousness
[2010/12/10 15:05]  Diana Slafford kicks his feet together taking long rope from her belt cut it on three pieces wraps one around his feet several times tying on strong knot
[2010/12/10 15:06]  Diana Slafford pulls his arms behinde back taking another rope wrap it several times around tying on same manner
[2010/12/10 15:07]  Rio Paulino: what is the meaning of this, female?
[2010/12/10 15:07]  Rio Paulino shakes his head trying to clear is mind
[2010/12/10 15:07]  Diana Slafford: meaning of this dont shoot me if you dont want to be shooted
[2010/12/10 15:07]  Rio Paulino: well i was shot at first
[2010/12/10 15:07]  River Airy: groans and tries to free his hands
[2010/12/10 15:08]  Rio Paulino: i am sorry river!
[2010/12/10 15:08]  Rio Paulino calls over to the boy
[2010/12/10 15:08]  Rio Paulino: damn panthers
[2010/12/10 15:09]  River Airy: it is not your fault master,
[2010/12/10 15:09]  Rose Galewarden leans down and grabs the boys leash and drags him over to the other captive
[2010/12/10 15:09]  River Airy: i am sorry i was not a better fighter to protect you
[2010/12/10 15:09]  River Airy: I((my feet are tied))
[2010/12/10 15:09]  Rio Paulino: we were outnumbered... there was no disgrace
[2010/12/10 15:09]  Rio Paulino: who are you women? where are you from?
[2010/12/10 15:10]  River Airy: this boy is sorry master
[2010/12/10 15:10]  River Airy: whimpers as he is dragged bound through the snow
[2010/12/10 15:10]  Rio Paulino: it's not your fault boy... you are a visitor here
[2010/12/10 15:10]  Rio Paulino: hey!! Female!
[2010/12/10 15:10]  Rio Paulino: Who are you?
[2010/12/10 15:10]  Rose Galewarden looks down at the man and smiles but says nothing
[2010/12/10 15:11]  Rose Galewarden sees her come back alone "Maggs coming?"
[2010/12/10 15:12]  Diana Slafford nods * On her way*
[2010/12/10 15:12]  Rio Paulino: you would be wisest to leave us here and run off, females
[2010/12/10 15:12]  Maggie Whelan: I suggest we leave one with map so they come to some sense and bring some goods to trade two out
[2010/12/10 15:12]  Diana Slafford smiles * All we needed its some bosk male now we have you, what is better?*
[2010/12/10 15:12]  Diana Slafford nods * Yes sounds fair*
[2010/12/10 15:13]  Maggie Whelan: I will take this one to the boat....then again with both hands on the rope she starts to tug the male away
[2010/12/10 15:13]  River Airy: Mistress i am a visitor here
 [2010/12/10 15:13]  River Airy: i know no one and have no ties
[2010/12/10 15:13]  Diana Slafford: EN i will leave a map on this one
[2010/12/10 15:13]  Rose Galewarden: "Well guess you visited at the wrong time hun"
[2010/12/10 15:14]  Rose Galewarden: "Alright sis"
[2010/12/10 15:14]  Rio Paulino: grrrrr
[2010/12/10 15:14]  River Airy: groans wondering what his master will do to him the first time he is away from home
[2010/12/10 15:14]  River Airy: ((untie my feet at least ))
[2010/12/10 15:15]  Rose Galewarden: ((AO off will untie when we dock))
[2010/12/10 15:15]  River Airy: tugs back on his leash
[2010/12/10 15:15]  River Airy: reluctant to follow
[2010/12/10 15:16]  Rose Galewarden jerks on the leash "Stop it boy"
 [2010/12/10 15:19]  Rose Galewarden tus he by up oto theship with a huff and tosses a few coins to the captain sailing home
[2010/12/10 15:19]  Diana Slafford tosses fake coin to capitan with map to her home sail away

[2010/12/10 15:21]  Rose Galewarden is offering a TP to http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chrysolite%20Island/211/244/22 (A)
[2010/12/10 15:22]  Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kalana%20Woods/223/20/23
 [2010/12/10 15:23]  Rose Galewarden once docked pulls him off the ship onto the docks leans down to the boys feet and loosens his feet enough for him to walk but nothing more
 [2010/12/10 15:27]  Rose Galewarden tugs the hood off his head and grabs his chin looks his face over then pulls the cloak off him "Come" tugs his ropes
[2010/12/10 15:28]  Rose Galewarden reaches back drawing her bow and looks around for the threat
[2010/12/10 15:28]  Rose Galewarden smiles as the threat is demolished then sheaths my bow
[2010/12/10 15:29]  Rose Galewarden curses as I went over the wrong bridge
[2010/12/10 15:29]  River Airy: follows quitetly for now
 [2010/12/10 15:29]  (GM)Bindings: Rose Galewarden loosens River Airy's feet allowing them to walk.
 [2010/12/10 15:32]  Rose Galewarden walks into camp and heads to the camp fire sits down on one of the pillows pullinghim down to the ground also "Now whats your name boy?"
[2010/12/10 15:32]  River Airy: kneels before the mistress and worries that his master will be angry with him
 [2010/12/10 15:34]  Rose Galewarden notices his worried look "Whatswrong boy? You will not be harmed or anything... Now again whats your name?"
[2010/12/10 15:35]  River Airy: my master calls me his sunshine mistress but also River
[2010/12/10 15:35]  River Airy: stumbles over his words as he knows very little gorean
[2010/12/10 15:38]  Rose Galewarden nods "Alright I shall call you River then... Where are you from River? You said you was visiting there we captured you"
[2010/12/10 15:38]  River Airy: i am from tidra mistress
[2010/12/10 15:38]  River Airy: my master does not know i was in silver tree
[2010/12/10 15:38]  River Airy: he will not know that i am even captured
[2010/12/10 15:39]  River Airy: chews his bottom lip nervously cus he knows he should have told his master that he had gone to get sugar but he wanted to surprise him with new made wine
[2010/12/10 15:40]  Rose Galewarden smiles alittle "Then the poor man would miss you dearly would he not?"
[2010/12/10 15:40]  River Airy: nods sadly
[2010/12/10 15:40]  River Airy: will mistress not let him know that i am her prisoner?
[2010/12/10 15:42]  Rose Galewarden: "I'll make you a deal if you cook for us I'll free you to your Master... We just moved here and have no slaves as of yet so make my sisters and I dinner and you can go home"
[2010/12/10 15:42]  River Airy: smiles and nods his agreement
[2010/12/10 15:43]  River Airy: i will serve you food mistress
[2010/12/10 15:44]  River Airy: shifts uncomfortably, the ropes cutting his wrists
 [2010/12/10 15:45]  Rose Galewarden nods "Good now turn around and I'll cut you free but if you try and excape you'll find yourself in our cage with a new collar and a new brand do you understand?"
[2010/12/10 15:46]  River Airy: yes mistress
[2010/12/10 15:46]  River Airy: turns so mistress can cut his ropes
 [2010/12/10 15:48]  River Airy: looks around him and sees that the masters he was taken with are not here
[2010/12/10 15:48]  Rose Galewarden pulls out my dagger and slices teh sharp blade through his ropes freeing him "How you will have to start a fire also" points to the firepit "There is Boash already cooking but we wish for a stew"
[2010/12/10 15:48]  River Airy: yes mistress
 [2010/12/10 15:49]  (GM)Bindings: River Airy was bound for 0 hour and 23 min.
[2010/12/10 15:49]  River Airy rubs his wrists
[2010/12/10 15:49]  River Airy: thank you mistress
[2010/12/10 15:51]  Rose Galewarden nods "See what you can find in the servery for the stew there should be some veggies and berries and other things also be sure to get some of teh bosk meat into the stew"
[2010/12/10 15:51]  River Airy: aye mistress
[2010/12/10 15:51]  River Airy: mistress
 [2010/12/10 15:53]  River Airy crosses to the servery and looks around. his heart beats fast. He knows that if he wished he could probably over power the lone girl but his training prevents him from even trying
 [2010/12/10 15:55]  River Airy: he looks around finding a big pot and lifts it on to the stove
 [2010/12/10 15:55]  Rose Galewarden streaches out on the pillow and looks over watching him at teh servery
[2010/12/10 15:56]  River Airy: kneeling he clears the fire pit and stacks it once more with fire wood and kindling before searching around for a fire lighter that he knows must be some whre
[2010/12/10 15:56]  River Airy: he sighs, as he searches the shelves unable to find one.
[2010/12/10 15:56]  River Airy: reluctantly he crosses back to the mistress and kneels before her, his head low.
[2010/12/10 15:57]  Rose Galewarden hopes the boy knows how to cook then lifts a brow as he walks back over
[2010/12/10 15:57]  River Airy: forgive me mistress, I cannot find your firelighter
[2010/12/10 15:57]  River Airy: is it on your person?
 [2010/12/10 15:59]  Rose Galewarden shakes my head "No but grab something that can burn and place it in the campfire then take it over once on fire"
[2010/12/10 15:59]  River Airy: yes mistress
 [2010/12/10 16:00]  River Airy carefully lifts a branch from the camp fire and slowly walks back to the servery with it. careful not to make any sudden moves that might un-nerve the woman that holds him captive
 [2010/12/10 16:01]  Rose Galewarden watches him closely as he gets the fire adn moves back over to the servery "You do know how to cook yes?"
[2010/12/10 16:01]  River Airy: kneeling once more he pushes the branch into the kindling, holding it there till it catches. He blows on the flames till they start to burn and then he gets back up
[2010/12/10 16:02]  River Airy: yes mistress. i cook for my master
 [2010/12/10 16:03]  Rose Galewarden smiles adn nods 'Good then" smiles at his words
[2010/12/10 16:03]  River Airy: thank you mistress
 [2010/12/10 16:04]  River Airy looks around till he finds a barrel of water and using a jug he measures out the water he needs and puts it into the pot on the stove
[2010/12/10 16:06]  River Airy: he looks through the panther girls supplies and finds some root vegetables and green herbs. he sniffs them to see what they are and tastes the green leaves
[2010/12/10 16:06]  River Airy: he nods to himself and crosses back to the servery
[2010/12/10 16:07]  River Airy: he looks at the knife he sees there and his fingers hover over it
[2010/12/10 16:07]  Rose Galewarden gives a slight yawn having a long day "River are you able to make pies?"
[2010/12/10 16:07]  River Airy: he pulls back his hand
[2010/12/10 16:08]  River Airy: "i have made pies in the past mistress, although i am not that good at them ."
[2010/12/10 16:08]  River Airy: Mistress, may this boy touch the knife
[2010/12/10 16:09]  Rose Galewarden nods "Well you should learn to make them" narrows her eyes abit "Yes but that knife best stay on that counter"
[2010/12/10 16:10]  River Airy: yes mistress.
 [2010/12/10 16:11]  River Airy picks up the knife and quickly and effiently chops up the root vegetables that he found
[2010/12/10 16:11]  River Airy: he drops them in the pot.
[2010/12/10 16:11]  River Airy: he then cuts up the herbs and adds them to the brew.
[2010/12/10 16:12]  Ron Andretti shouts: Tal there
[2010/12/10 16:12]  Maggie Whelan spies the males crossing the river...Males...then nods
[2010/12/10 16:12]  River Airy: he stirs it and leaves it to simmer
[2010/12/10 16:12]  Rio Paulino shouts: HEY
[2010/12/10 16:12]  Rio Paulino shouts: We come to trade
[2010/12/10 16:12]  Maggie Whelan shouts: ya hey back....looks down...Now you got me bosk?
[2010/12/10 16:13]  River Airy: he checks the sacks and finds some barley which he adds to the pot. along with a small scoop of salt
[2010/12/10 16:13]  Rio Paulino shouts: we got bosk yes
[2010/12/10 16:13]  Maggie Whelan nods to them then shouts out....Di bring him on out
[2010/12/10 16:13]  River Airy hears the voices of the men and stops what he is doing
[2010/12/10 16:13]  Rio Paulino shouts: have you got our warrior and the kajirus?
[2010/12/10 16:13]  Maggie Whelan shouts: ya ya we got him, we been nice don't worry
[2010/12/10 16:14]  Rio Paulino shouts: its your idea of "nice" that worries me
[2010/12/10 16:14]  Rose Galewarden laughs hearing her ask for the bosk again stands up and looks to river "You have the stew ready and cooking?"
[2010/12/10 16:14]  River Airy: he chews his lip nervously not knowing if to carry on
[2010/12/10 16:14]  River Airy: nearly mistress
[2010/12/10 16:14]  Maggie Whelan shouts: Rose it time to say bye to the boy...looks back at her
[2010/12/10 16:14]  River Airy: i just have to add the meat
 [2010/12/10 16:15]  Maggie Whelan shouts: Well I can be mean if ya wanna step in male....gestures anytime he likes be their guest he can
[2010/12/10 16:15]  Rose Galewarden nods "That is fine then you did good so you shall go free"
[2010/12/10 16:15]  River Airy drops in the meat he has cut and then turns back to the mistress
[2010/12/10 16:15]  Maggie Whelan shouts: we'll bring him don't you worry male
 [2010/12/10 16:15]  Rio Paulino shouts: thanks for the invite but I would not want to be a bother
[2010/12/10 16:15]  Diana Slafford shouts: Maggs i have him
[2010/12/10 16:15]  River Airy: it will be cooked in an ahn mistress
 [2010/12/10 16:16]  Maggie Whelan nods back...good, Rose you ready to let him go?
[2010/12/10 16:16]  Rose Galewarden shouts: "Aye he's ready to go!"
[2010/12/10 16:16]  Rio Paulino looks down at his friend
[2010/12/10 16:16]  Rio Paulino: How are you bASE?
[2010/12/10 16:16]  Maggie Whelan: Now pass the bosk males and he all yours.....draws her bow on them
 [2010/12/10 16:16]  Rio Paulino: /ME LOOKS HM OVER TO SEE OF HE IS ok
[2010/12/10 16:16]  River Airy: follows the mistres
 [2010/12/10 16:16]  Diana Slafford nods ... Tal male
[2010/12/10 16:17]  Rio Paulino: sRI... CAST YOUR EXPERT EYE OVER HIM
[2010/12/10 16:17]  Ron Andretti takes the Bosk 'Who get it?
 [2010/12/10 16:17]  Diana Slafford: that will be me
 [2010/12/10 16:17]  Rio Paulino: river... are you OK?
 [2010/12/10 16:17]  Ron Andretti gives the Bosk to Diana
[2010/12/10 16:17]  Serina Neximus moves in looking over at Base body judging his wounds, first, before glancing over at the boy
[2010/12/10 16:18]  Maggie Whelan chuffs...what you worried on a slave for?
[2010/12/10 16:18]  Rio Paulino: he is not our slave... if he is damaged we will have to pay his master for it
[2010/12/10 16:18]  Serina Neximus: I am more concerned with the warrior you have in binds
[2010/12/10 16:19]  River Airy: kneels silently in the grass
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Diana Slafford takes a bosk smelling it then hands leash to Ron ... very well nice to have buisness with you
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Rose Galewarden smiles to River "Now yu come bck when you lern to bake a pie I like ramberry"
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Maggie Whelan shrugs...well don't be coming to our door
 [2010/12/10 16:19]  Rio Paulino looks bas over and sees arrow wounds but not much else wrong
[2010/12/10 16:19]  River Airy: yes mistress
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Ron Andretti: Well lets bring our People out
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Rio Paulino: are you OK Base?
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Rio Paulino: did they harm you?
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Ron Andretti: And ask later Rio
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Ron Andretti grumbles
[2010/12/10 16:19]  Base Rajal: grows... yes, I am fine
 [2010/12/10 16:20]  River Airy: lowers his eyes
[2010/12/10 16:20]  Maggie Whelan: And next time be good if ya tell ya visitors to keep their nose out of unwanted business and they won't get dragged into it.....nods agreeing with herself
[2010/12/10 16:20]  Rio Paulino: have you paid the damn ransom these low lifes demanded?
[2010/12/10 16:20]  Serina Neximus kneels down and moves cleaning out the wounds with vial of marigold oil
[2010/12/10 16:20]  Base Rajal: shakes himself awake... pulling at his ropes
[2010/12/10 16:20]  Maggie Whelan grumbles cheeky bastard
[2010/12/10 16:21]  Rio Paulino bends down and uses his sword to cut the bindings
[2010/12/10 16:21]  Rose Galewarden turns and walks back into camp
[2010/12/10 16:21]  Diana Slafford smirks ... En lets go in, our buisness here is done*
 [2010/12/10 16:21]  Ron Andretti: Be well Huntresses
 [2010/12/10 16:21]  Maggie Whelan: aye you too....keeps her bow aimed at them all
 [2010/12/10 16:22]  (GM)Bindings: Ron Andretti loosens Base Rajal's feet allowing them to walk.
[2010/12/10 16:22]  Rio Paulino: are you tied river?
[2010/12/10 16:22]  Ron Andretti takes his Dagger and cuts Base Feetbindings
[2010/12/10 16:22]  River Airy: no master
[2010/12/10 16:22]  Base Rajal: he stands as groggy as a drunk.. smile slighty.. thanks
[2010/12/10 16:22]  Ron Andretti cuts then his armbindings also
[2010/12/10 16:22]  (GM)Bindings: Ron Andretti starts to unbind Base Rajal
[2010/12/10 16:22]  Serina Neximus moves putting black pepper on the wounds to stop bleeding, "I can put the dressings on when we are at the boat. I do not wish to remain here much longer"
[2010/12/10 16:23]  Maggie Whelan: Hey we were good to him, BOTH IN  FACT
 [2010/12/10 16:23]  (GM)Bindings: Ron Andretti finishes unbinding  Base Rajal, allowing them to stand free.
 [2010/12/10 16:23]  Ron Andretti: Well lets go home
[2010/12/10 16:23]  Ron Andretti: I miss the cold
[2010/12/10 16:23]  Ron Andretti smirks
 [2010/12/10 16:23]  Base Rajal: nods... aii,
[2010/12/10 16:23]  Maggie Whelan shouts: farewell males, lady...nods to them all
[2010/12/10 16:23]  Rio Paulino: are you nbound River?
 [2010/12/10 16:24]  Serina Neximus: perhaps someone should give Base soem clothes
[2010/12/10 16:24]  Serina Neximus: or he will freeze when we get home
 [2010/12/10 16:26]  Serina Neximus goes and starts to apply the bandages on Base wounds
 [2010/12/10 16:26]  Rio Paulino puts his cloak back on as they ge closer to Silver Tree
[2010/12/10 16:26]  Ron Andretti pays the Passage for all and waves them onboard, shows the Captain the spot on the Map where Silvertree is located. After all onboard he let set sail for Silvertree and watches the coast, showing off his Middlefinger in direction of the Panthercamp
[2010/12/10 16:27]  River Airy: follows the frees into the boat grateful that they rescued him along with the free
[2010/12/10 16:27]  Rio Paulino gave you Silver Tree at Kalana Highlands, Kalana Highlands (210, 241, 23.
[2010/12/10 16:27]  Base Rajal: smiles brightly... glad to get away with only a few arrow holes
[2010/12/10 16:27]  Teleport completed from http://slurl.com/secondlife/Chrysolite%20Island/222/247/22
 [2010/12/10 16:27]  GM 4.01: Note: This region has weaker females option enabled.
 [2010/12/10 16:27]  Rio Paulino: thanks ron
 [2010/12/10 16:28]  Ron Andretti: All there, wonderful
[2010/12/10 16:28]  Base Rajal: thank you all
[2010/12/10 16:28]  River Airy: master will you send a message to my master
[2010/12/10 16:29]  Serina Neximus: most welcome
[2010/12/10 16:29]  River Airy: to let him know where i am
 [2010/12/10 16:29]  Ron Andretti offers Base some clothes
[2010/12/10 16:29]  Rio Paulino: yes boy... i will send one by dove messenger now
 [2010/12/10 16:29]  River Airy: thank you master
[2010/12/10 16:29]  Rio Paulino get sme paper and a pen form his pockect and writes
 [2010/12/10 16:30]  Base Rajal: take the rope.. thanks Ron
[2010/12/10 16:30]  River Airy: shivers in the cold as his cloak was left in the panther's camp
[2010/12/10 16:30]  Ron Andretti: Tal
 [2010/12/10 16:31]  Ron Andretti: yes
 [2010/12/10 16:31]  Serina Neximus: come on river I am sure I have an extra cloak in theinfirmary
 [2010/12/10 16:31]  River Airy: thank you mistress
 [2010/12/10 16:32]  River Airy: thank you masters for bringing me with you
[2010/12/10 16:32]  Serina Neximus: I am going ot take River to the infimary and get him some clothing
[2010/12/10 16:32]  Serina Neximus: well at last a cloak
[2010/12/10 16:32]  Ron Andretti: Thank you Lady but i think i am fine
[2010/12/10 16:33]  Safezonemessage: The Infirmary is a not negotiable Safezone!
 [2010/12/10 16:34]  Serina Neximus moves digging through a few things..finding a cloak and smiles moving and hands it to hte boy, "Here try this"
[2010/12/10 16:34]  River Airy: follows the mistress to the infirmary
 [2010/12/10 16:36]  Serina Neximus gave you Celtic Cloak/Women2brwn.
[2010/12/10 16:36]  River Airy: thank you mistress,
[2010/12/10 16:36]  River Airy: i am sure my master will return it
[2010/12/10 16:37]  River Airy: Mistress
[2010/12/10 16:38]  River Airy: when i was taken the panthers dragged me
[2010/12/10 16:38]  River Airy: i cut my legs on the ground
[2010/12/10 16:38]  River Airy: i am sure it is not bad but would you look
[2010/12/10 16:39]  River Airy: lowers his head and bites his lip for daring to ask the mistress to help him
[2010/12/10 16:39]  Serina Neximus: alright boy, get up on teh table
 [2010/12/10 16:39]  River Airy: thank you mistress
[2010/12/10 16:39]  Serina Neximus takes some green papa from her pouch and uses it to wash her hands... then moves with her case wstill with her looks to the boys legs
[2010/12/10 16:40]  Serina Neximus: mmm tis good you mentioned something now
[2010/12/10 16:40]  River Airy: i am sure it is only grazes mistress but i dont know what viruses may be in gorean earth
[2010/12/10 16:41]  Serina Neximus moves taking the marigold oil vial and pours it on the wounds... flushing them out...cleansing them... she then applies numbing salve on it to keep the sting out t hen some antibiotic cream, "Still if a wound id not tended just like urth it wil become infected"
 [2010/12/10 16:42]  River Airy: winces slighly
[2010/12/10 16:44]  River Airy: you have a soft hand mistress, this boy is grateful
[2010/12/10 16:45]  River Airy remembers the last time he was in a healers office and the painful shots he had been given
[2010/12/10 16:47]  Serina Neximus laughs, "I am Lady Siri." she says soflty her lilac eyes burn with a compassion.... somewhere there is a longing that is hidden as her mind dirfts to think of another shaking her head as she gazes upon the boy, "alright that should do it. Just keep on eye on them should they become infect though I do not think they will as long as you keep them clean"
[2010/12/10 16:48]  Rio Paulino: can i come in?
 [2010/12/10 16:48]  River Airy: aye mistress
[2010/12/10 16:48]  Serina Neximus: Of course Rio, this is the infirmary
[2010/12/10 16:48]  Serina Neximus: free to anyone that wants to come in
[2010/12/10 16:48]  Rio Paulino: i thought we were all scolded for coming in
 [2010/12/10 16:48]  River Airy: kneels gingerly so not to put pressure on his scraped knees
[2010/12/10 16:49]  Rio Paulino: the boy seems much better... jumping around
[2010/12/10 16:49]  River Airy: turns so he doesn’t have his back to the frees
[2010/12/10 16:49]  Serina Neximus arches her brow, "You were all scolded for interupting me while I am performing surgeries...not for coming into the infirmary."
 [2010/12/10 16:50]  Rio Paulino: oh sorry
[2010/12/10 16:51]  Rio Paulino: i hope they treated you well, River
[2010/12/10 16:51]  Serina Neximus laughs, "It is alright simple procedures i do not mind. It is when I need to concentrate on them... tath it bothers me...afraid I amy mess up and well you know what the worse can happen during such delicate procedures"
 [2010/12/10 16:51]  River Airy: the panther was not unkind master
[2010/12/10 16:51]  River Airy: she just wanted someone to cook for her
[2010/12/10 16:51]  Rio Paulino: good... i would hate your master to make a complaint
[2010/12/10 16:52]  River Airy: my master will be angry with me i think
[2010/12/10 16:52]  River Airy: i left without word as i wished to surprise him with the gift of wine
[2010/12/10 16:52]  Rio Paulino: tell him it is Rio's fault
 [2010/12/10 16:52]  River Airy: he will not blame you master.
[2010/12/10 16:53]  River Airy: is the master that was captured well master?
 [2010/12/10 16:54]  Rio Paulino: i think so
[2010/12/10 16:54]  Rio Paulino: he seems to have gone home
[2010/12/10 16:54]  Rio Paulino: so i am sure he must be fine
[2010/12/10 16:54]  River Airy: nods
 [2010/12/10 16:54]  Serina Neximus: His wounds were not too bad, and I hd treated them on teh boat
[2010/12/10 16:55]  Rio Paulino: thank you siri... i don;t know what we would do without you
[2010/12/10 16:55]  River Airy: i am sorry i am not a better fighter master
[2010/12/10 16:55]  Rio Paulino: rot in the ground i suppoe
[2010/12/10 16:56]  Rio Paulino: do not worry boy. it is not your fault
[2010/12/10 16:56]  Rio Paulino: i did not realise there were so many of them at first
[2010/12/10 16:56]  Rio Paulino: I thought there was only one
[2010/12/10 16:56]  River Airy: aye master as did i
 [2010/12/10 16:57]  Rio Paulino: i suppose we ought to be thinking of getting you back home if you are well enough to sail
[2010/12/10 16:57]  River Airy: yes master
[2010/12/10 16:58]  Rio Paulino: your master will probaly have the note by now and wonderring why you did not accompany the note
[2010/12/10 16:58]  River Airy: nods, he will be worried i am sure
[2010/12/10 16:58]  Serina Neximus: His wounds were flesh wounds, nothing to worry about, but have been tended to
[2010/12/10 16:58]  River Airy: his other boys have not yet returned from their travels with his fc
[2010/12/10 16:58]  Rio Paulino: you are welcome to visit gain but you will perhaps need your master's permission to come so far
[2010/12/10 16:58]  River Airy: aye master,
 [2010/12/10 17:00]  Rio Paulino: you must have been away a few days by now
[2010/12/10 17:00]  River Airy: aye master, my master was away
[2010/12/10 17:00]  River Airy: and i did not know how far i had travelled.
[2010/12/10 17:01]  River Airy: i am afraid i will not find my way home alone
[2010/12/10 17:01]  Rio Paulino: it can be lonley for a boy when his master leaves his boy behind
[2010/12/10 17:01]  Franziskus Ninetails shouts: HELLOOOO?!?
[2010/12/10 17:01]  Rio Paulino: oh!!!
[2010/12/10 17:01]  Rio Paulino: sounds like franzi!!
[2010/12/10 17:01]  River Airy: lifts his head hearing his master's voice
[2010/12/10 17:01]  Rio Paulino shouts: HELLO!!!
[2010/12/10 17:01]  Rio Paulino shouts: we are in the infirmary
[2010/12/10 17:02]  River Airy: mistress may i go
 [2010/12/10 17:03]  River Airy: kneels nervously looking at the door , he is sure he heard his master's voice
[2010/12/10 17:05]  Serina Neximus: Tal Sir
[2010/12/10 17:05]  Rio Paulino: here he is
[2010/12/10 17:05]  River Airy: looks up to see his beloved master
[2010/12/10 17:05]  Franziskus Ninetails raises his arm to the physician "Tal, lady"
[2010/12/10 17:05]  Rio Paulino: now don’t be angry with him
 [2010/12/10 17:05]  River Airy looks quickly to the ground. his eyes wet with tears of joy
[2010/12/10 17:05]  Franziskus Ninetails frowns at his boy "My lil sunshine....."
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails: What
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails: are
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Rio Paulino: he came to visit Silver Tree as he had heard so much about it
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails: you
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails: doing
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails: so
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails: far
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails: north?
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Rio Paulino: and it was jus bad luck we were raided a few minutes later
[2010/12/10 17:06]  River Airy: I .. i didnt know it was so far my master
[2010/12/10 17:06]  Franziskus Ninetails emphasizing every word, but deep in his heart happy that his boy is fine
[2010/12/10 17:06]  River Airy: i just wanted to get sugar for the wine
[2010/12/10 17:07]  Franziskus Ninetails growls "So you sailed three days north?!?
[2010/12/10 17:07]  River Airy: lowers his body to the ground
[2010/12/10 17:07]  Rio Paulino tries to hide his laugh as he imagines the boy coming such a distance for a bowl of suger
[2010/12/10 17:07]  River Airy: i got lost my master
[2010/12/10 17:07]  Rio Paulino: one usually goes next door for that, River!! haha
 [2010/12/10 17:08]  Franziskus Ninetails claps in his hands and opens his arms
[2010/12/10 17:08]  Couples MultiAnimator Advanced v3.41: Franziskus Ninetails would like permission to animate you. Select [YES] to accept?
 [2010/12/10 17:08]  Serina Neximus: Sir, he has some flesh wounds to legs but I tended to them. They are nothing to worry aobut and should heal in a days time
[2010/12/10 17:08]  River Airy: forgive me my master
 [2010/12/10 17:09]  River Airy: leaps into his masters open arms and hides his face in his neck, weeping softly for the worry he caused
[2010/12/10 17:09]  Franziskus Ninetails finally holds his boy tight in his arms, mumbling "We really have to work on your sense for orientation, mine!!!"
[2010/12/10 17:09]  Franziskus Ninetails <<<< says the right one
[2010/12/10 17:09]  River Airy: yes my master
[2010/12/10 17:09]  Rio Paulino smiles, it being very obvious Franzi is tryg to be stern but is delighted to have his boy back
[2010/12/10 17:09]  River Airy: i lost my cloak my master
[2010/12/10 17:10]  River Airy: the panthers have it
[2010/12/10 17:10]  Franziskus Ninetails kisses his boy's hair, then lets him down on his feet again and turns to the green lady
[2010/12/10 17:10]  River Airy: mistress gave me one of hers to keep me warm
[2010/12/10 17:11]  Franziskus Ninetails: Thank you for treating his wounds, lady. The injuries might heal within a days time, but believe me, his butt will need some days more to heal, when he gets his punishment at home!
[2010/12/10 17:11]  Rio Paulino: hahah]]
[2010/12/10 17:11]  River Airy: whimpers
[2010/12/10 17:11]  Rio Paulino: a reward for him you mean?
[2010/12/10 17:12]  Serina Neximus nods as in understanding, "Well I just wanted you to know they were treated. Teh cloak is a spare I try to keep extra clothing. Never know whom may need it"
[2010/12/10 17:12]  Franziskus Ninetails takes off his own cloak and reaches it to his boy "Wear this for me, I have warm!", he lies
 [2010/12/10 17:12]  River Airy: yes my master
[2010/12/10 17:12]  Franziskus Ninetails gave you Cloak T.E.D. Larl/BlackFur.
[2010/12/10 17:13]  Rio Paulino: well all is well that ends well,,,,
[2010/12/10 17:13]  Serina Neximus accepted your inventory offer.
[2010/12/10 17:13]  River Airy: hands back the cloak to the kind mistress
[2010/12/10 17:13]  River Airy: thank you mistress
[2010/12/10 17:14]  Franziskus Ninetails: What do I owe you, for his treatment, lady?" - searching in his pouch for some copper tarsk
[2010/12/10 17:14]  rivers golden hair (xcite): **Your rivers golden hair (xcite) is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails
[2010/12/10 17:14]  Rio Paulino: well as i said before boy, we will be pleased to see you any time, but it is a long journey so you will need your masters permission to come
[2010/12/10 17:14]  River Airy: butts his head to his master's hand
[2010/12/10 17:14]  Rio Paulino: what would have happened if yu had been kidnapped on the journey?
[2010/12/10 17:15]  River Airy: aye master, i shall not come with out permisson again
[2010/12/10 17:15]  Rio Paulino: no one would have known what had happened to you
[2010/12/10 17:15]  Serina Neximus: Nothingt Sir, just we have slaves that tend to .. become disoriented as well. Perhaps see it as a offer of good faith for a possible friendship between our two cities.
[2010/12/10 17:15]  River Airy: nods and lowers his head in shame
[2010/12/10 17:15]  Franziskus Ninetails caresses his boy's hair in a reflex
[2010/12/10 17:15]  rivers golden hair (xcite): **Your rivers golden hair (xcite) is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails
 [2010/12/10 17:15]  Rio Paulino: i try to get our people to post notices on our board, even if they are going to see aliies
[2010/12/10 17:16]  Rio Paulino: but even the frees do not bother, let alone the slaves
[2010/12/10 17:16]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the lady and bows his head a bit
 [2010/12/10 17:16]  River Airy: keeps his head low, he learns his lessons fast and will not ever make the same mistake again
[2010/12/10 17:17]  Rio Paulino: so when they go missing... its ages befor we realise and we had no idea where to start looking
[2010/12/10 17:17]  Franziskus Ninetails: Thank you, lady. - Oh, and my name is Franziskus of Tidra. I don't think we have been introduced yet
[2010/12/10 17:17]  River Airy: blushes from his ankles to his cheeks knowing that the master is right
 [2010/12/10 17:17]  Rio Paulino: oh i am sorry!!!
 [2010/12/10 17:18]  Serina Neximus: I am Lady Siri, physician of both Turmas and Silver Tree.
[2010/12/10 17:18]  Rio Paulino: we know you so well here from when you lived here, we forget that not everyone knows you
[2010/12/10 17:18]  Franziskus Ninetails looks at his old friend "You seem tired, my friend"
 [2010/12/10 17:19]  Franziskus Ninetails: I'm sorry, that I can't spend more time here
[2010/12/10 17:19]  Rio Paulino: mmmmmmmm
 [2010/12/10 17:19]  Serina Neximus: where is the board Rio? I shall work on putting messages up but I usually am here or Turmas.
[2010/12/10 17:19]  Franziskus Ninetails: Sleep well and my regards to Leo
[2010/12/10 17:19]  Rio Paulino higs his friend and enjoys the familiar feel of his friends body in his arms
[2010/12/10 17:19]  Rio Paulino: i will franzi thanks
[2010/12/10 17:19]  Rio Paulino: he will be sorry he missed you
[2010/12/10 17:20]  Rio Paulino: well i must go
 [2010/12/10 17:20]  Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the healer and bows again "Well met, Lady Siri"
[2010/12/10 17:20]  Rio Paulino: thank you siri for freeing me ad seeing to our injured people
[2010/12/10 17:20]  Rio Paulino: safe paths franzi
[2010/12/10 17:20]  Rio Paulino: safe paths siri
[2010/12/10 17:21]  Franziskus Ninetails turns to Rio "And good night to you. May the PKs guard your dreams"
[2010/12/10 17:21]  Rio Paulino: serve with fire boy
[2010/12/10 17:21]  Serina Neximus: SAfe paths Rio
[2010/12/10 17:21]  Rio Paulino: yo have a wonderful master
[2010/12/10 17:21]  River Airy: whispers .. "safe paths master"
[2010/12/10 17:21]  Rio Paulino: you are very lucky
[2010/12/10 17:21]  Serina Neximus: Well met as well Sir Franzi
[2010/12/10 17:21]  River Airy: aye master i will
 [2010/12/10 17:22]  River Airy: keeps his head low, ashamed that he caused his master so much trouble
[2010/12/10 17:22]  Franziskus Ninetails takes the leash from his belt and snaps it quickly into his boy's collar, mumbling "Just to make sure you not get lost again, mine!"
[2010/12/10 17:22]  River Airy: yes my master
[2010/12/10 17:22]  Serina Neximus giggles softly watching the interaction
[2010/12/10 17:22]  River Airy: turns to the mistress .
[2010/12/10 17:23]  River Airy: thank you mistress for treating my knees and legs
[2010/12/10 17:23]  Serina Neximus: Most welcome river
[2010/12/10 17:23]  Franziskus Ninetails ruffles his boy's hair while he looks at the healer "I hope he didn't cause any more trouble and behaved well?"
 [2010/12/10 17:23]  rivers golden hair (xcite) whispers: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
[2010/12/10 17:23]  Serina Neximus: aye he was very well behaved
 [2010/12/10 17:24]  Franziskus Ninetails holds his hand up to his mouth and whispers to Siri "Actually he's a good boy, but sssshhhhtt..."
 [2010/12/10 17:26]  Franziskus Ninetails looks at his boy's knees an legs... his gaze wandering to the loincloth, then up to his boy's eyes: "Did the panthers... use you?"
[2010/12/10 17:26]  River Airy: No my master
[2010/12/10 17:26]  River Airy: I am still plugged from earlier
[2010/12/10 17:26]  Franziskus Ninetails exhales relieved
[2010/12/10 17:26]  River Airy: and they just wished me to cook for them
[2010/12/10 17:27]  Franziskus Ninetails giggles "Their hunger must have been bigger then their lust then!"
[2010/12/10 17:27]  River Airy: smiles .. "yes my master,
[2010/12/10 17:28]  Franziskus Ninetails: Normally they use to tie their captive-slaves on the ground, arms and legs spread... and force them to feed their lust
[2010/12/10 17:28]  River Airy: whimpers
[2010/12/10 17:28]  Franziskus Ninetails adds mumbling "At least that's what I heard!"
 [2010/12/10 17:28]  River Airy: i am sorry my master,
[2010/12/10 17:28]  River Airy: i had only been here but a few minutes when they attacked
[2010/12/10 17:28]  Franziskus Ninetails ruffles his boy's hair again "I'm glad, they didn't shave your head in the manner they normally do"
 [2010/12/10 17:29]  rivers golden hair (xcite) whispers: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
[2010/12/10 17:30]  River Airy: i was lucky my master,
[2010/12/10 17:30]  River Airy: i will not leave home again without you
[2010/12/10 17:32]  Franziskus Ninetails: It's fine, mine. I gave you permission to go to the mainland for buying sugar. Next time just leave me a note, when you do so!
[2010/12/10 17:32]  Serina Neximus: Pehraps you shoudl stop at the tavern to get abit to eat before your travels back
[2010/12/10 17:32]  Franziskus Ninetails: And try to not get lost so easily
[2010/12/10 17:32]  River Airy: i will try my master
 [2010/12/10 17:34]  Franziskus Ninetails imagines the worries his boy - unfamiliar with Gor - must have gone through as he was sailing three days into an unknown direction. But his face doesn't show, how glad he is, to have his lil sunshine back. He nods to Siri "Aye, we will refresh the reserves for the travel back"
[2010/12/10 17:34]  Franziskus Ninetails turns to his boy "Have you eaten at all in these three days, mine?"
[2010/12/10 17:34]  River Airy: shakes his head,
[2010/12/10 17:34]  River Airy: no my master
[2010/12/10 17:35]  River Airy: as if to agree his belly rumbles a little
 [2010/12/10 17:36]  Franziskus Ninetails nods and grunts again, then turns to Siri once more "Excuse us, Lady Siri. I need to feed the boy. Thank you again for your help and treatment of this boy"
 [2010/12/10 17:37]  Serina Neximus: Most welcoem Sir
[2010/12/10 17:37]  Serina Neximus: I wish you both well on your journeys
[2010/12/10 17:38]  Franziskus Ninetails bows his head again, then yanks at the leash to pull his boy towards the taverne
[2010/12/10 17:38]  River Airy: safe paths mistress," river calls as he is dragged off towards the tavern
[2010/12/10 17:38]  Franziskus Ninetails after he wished "Safe paths" to the healer with a smile
This was when we realised that sivertree was being raided yet again .(( [2010/12/10 17:39]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((are there even more panthers and talunas out there? *sigh*))
[2010/12/10 17:40]  rivers golden hair (xcite): **Your rivers golden hair (xcite) is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails
 [2010/12/10 17:41]  Franziskus Ninetails grabs three of the pastries from the counter and places a copper tarsk on it. He tosses two of the pastries to his boy "Eat, mine!", pointing over to the fire, indicating his boy to warm there
[2010/12/10 17:41]  Franziskus detatches the chains from River's body.
[2010/12/10 17:41]  River Airy: bites hungrilly into the pastry
 [2010/12/10 17:42]  River Airy: thank you my master, he mumbles with a full mouth
[2010/12/10 17:42]  Franziskus Ninetails worries as he looks out the taverne, seeing a shadow passing by
 [2010/12/10 17:43]  Franziskus Ninetails shrugs and walks to the fire, warming up himself while he chews on the third pastrie
[2010/12/10 17:43]  River Airy: moves behind his master so not to be in his way
[2010/12/10 17:43]  Franziskus Ninetails sees the shadow again, his hand playing nervously with his sword while he chews on the pastry
[2010/12/10 17:44]  Franziskus Ninetails with his mouth full "we should sail back soon, my lil sunshine"... spitting some crumbs
[2010/12/10 17:44]  River Airy: aye master
[2010/12/10 17:44]  River Airy: sooner the better i think
[2010/12/10 17:44]  Franziskus Ninetails: have you warmed up?
[2010/12/10 17:44]  River Airy: yes my master
[2010/12/10 17:44]  River Airy: and my belly is full
 [2010/12/10 17:45]  Franziskus Ninetails nods "Then come to the boat. I have some food there too, so we don't have to be hungry on our way home"
[2010/12/10 17:45]  River Airy: yes my master
 [2010/12/10 17:48]  River Airy: i will untie the ropes master
[2010/12/10 17:49]  River Airy: lets loose the strong ropes from the dock and jumps back on ship
[2010/12/10 17:49]  Franziskus Ninetails shivers a bit in the cold, but ignores it, more important to him, that his boy keeps warm.
[2010/12/10 17:49]  Franziskus Ninetails sets the sails "On our way to Tidra you can tell me your whole story, my lil sunshine."
[2010/12/10 17:50]  River Airy: yes my master
[2010/12/10 17:50]  Franziskus Ninetails: For now relax. It will be a long passage back
[2010/12/10 17:50]  River Airy: nods
 [2010/12/10 17:50]  River Airy: and sits down on a pile of nets
 [2010/12/10 17:50]  River Airy: me too
 [2010/12/10 17:54]  River Airy: takes off his cloak and hands it back to his master
[2010/12/10 17:54]  Franziskus Ninetails stretches as he finally feels solid ground under his feet again
 [2010/12/10 17:54]  River Airy: feels humiliated that he caused his master so much trouble
 [2010/12/10 17:56]  Franziskus Ninetails looks up to the walls of the fort. A strange look on his face for a moment, like a shadow
[2010/12/10 17:56]  River Airy: what is wrong my master, you look sad
[2010/12/10 17:56]  Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath and shakes his head with a smile at his boy "nothing, my lil sunshine, nothing"
[2010/12/10 17:57]  River Airy: knows in his heart that something is wrong but does not press the matter.
[2010/12/10 17:57]  Franziskus Ninetails: come now!
[2010/12/10 17:57]  ::Kool Door whispers: Franziskus Ninetails opened the door
[2010/12/10 17:58]  River Airy: shall i bring down the gate my master
((My master was too fast for me at this point and was gone before I finished typing lol))
 [2010/12/10 17:59]  River Airy: kneels at his master's feet
[2010/12/10 17:59]  Franziskus Ninetails: bring some hot water to the bath tub in my bedroom. I think we both need a bath after so many days on the thassa sea!
[2010/12/10 17:59]  River Airy: yes my master
[2010/12/10 18:00]  Franziskus Ninetails undresses while he waits for his boy. Tossing his dirty clothes all on a pile in the corner
[2010/12/10 18:00]  River Airy goes into the kitchen and pumps two big buckets of water from the pump that is fed from the hot spring and struggling under their weight carries them up to his master's bed chamber

[2010/12/10 18:01]  River Airy: puts a bucket on the floor and opens the door, before picking it up again
 [2010/12/10 18:02]  River Airy carries the water to the bath tub and tips it in
[2010/12/10 18:02]  River Airy: would you like more my master
[2010/12/10 18:02]  Franziskus Ninetails checks the temperature with a toe "No, it's fine, my lil sunshine"
[2010/12/10 18:02]  River Airy: nods
 [2010/12/10 18:03]  River Airy: watches his master relax in the hot water
 [2010/12/10 18:05]  Franziskus Ninetails: come into the water, mine. You don't look very clean either
[2010/12/10 18:05]  River Airy: takes off the furs he has wrapped around his feet and hands
[2010/12/10 18:05]  River Airy: and then takes off his loin cloth
 [2010/12/10 18:06]  Franziskus Ninetails growls
 [2010/12/10 18:08]  Franziskus Ninetails pulls his boy into his arms and leans back
 [2010/12/10 18:08]  River Airy: i love you my master
[2010/12/10 18:08]  River Airy: i am sorry i caused you so much trouble
[2010/12/10 18:08]  Franziskus Ninetails in the relaxing water after the long travels falls in a sleep like state

Friday, 10 December 2010

its sad

Tidra is so lovely yet no one goes there. It makes me sad, not just for the lack of role play but for the hard work that my master (Franzi) put into it.

On a brighter note, Giani and Snake got some role play yesterday and today. Although i think that Savage talk went completely over the Mainlanders heads lol.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Agony of Ecstasy

The Agony of Ecstasy
River wakes up suddenly, he didn’t remember falling asleep but he must have. The slave kennel was hot and sticky, the deathly still air stifling. The kennel was empty except for him; his brother must be out serving their master once more. River sighs, and rolls over in his bunk, it had been days since he had enjoyed his master’s attentions and where he did not begrudge his brother, he wished he could have shared in their adventures together too.
River reaches down and scratches his balls that are sticking to his leg in the humid air, and he moans softly as his cock reacts to his touch. He uses his fingers to separate them from his leg and then rolls then tenderly in his hand. His hand drifts to his penis and he trails a finger down the length, feeling it jump beneath it. It had been so long since he had felt relief. He pinches the tip of his cock and a small pearl of cum seeps out. Using his thumb he spreads it over the sensitive skin and then slides his hand down his shaft. Pleasure floods through him and he lies back with his knees bent and legs open as he fists his cock slowly. His head tells him to stop, that if he is found out he will be punished but his body begs him to continue, his hips moving of their own accord, ignoring the warnings in his mind. Somewhere distant River hears a pleasured groan; he doesn’t recognise his own voice. He is lost in his self gratification.
A rivulet of sweat runs down his chest between his firm pectoral muscles  and he uses his free hand to wipe it away, instead his fingers find his nipple and squeezes and pulls it, sending a shock through his body that flows into his cock, making it jump once more in his hand.  Moaning almost silently he begins to thrust up into his hand, increasing his speed as he edged closer to his climax. His body felt as if it was on fire, he felt the wood beneath his back and the metal around his neck. As he fucks his fist slowly, he brings his free hand up to the collar and presses his fingers on the engraving. He didn’t know what it said, no one had seen fit to tell him but he knew it declared him property of Tidra. Property. The thought of that sent shudders through is body and his cock oozed he rubbed his hand over the head again, lubing himself even more.  His hand moves faster, jerking and jerking, every nerve in his body burns and his mouth falls open as his eyes close. He inches closer and closer, his cock throbbing under his caress. With a loud cry his cock explodes sending ribbons of hot creamy cum over his hand, he keeps jerking, riding out the ecstasy to its final moments. The door to the kennel opens silently and the man stands watching as the boy comes back down from his climax.

if River was real

The spirit of Tidra took me on a slave hunt yesterday and we stumbled across this picture. Testimo pointed out what i was thinking and that was that the rl boy in the poster looked exactly like River would look if he was a real boy.  What do you think?

River also got himself and his chain brother christmas silks . Doesnt he look festive?