Thursday, 23 June 2011

Corcyrus ... Jewel of the Vosk

My Master is still building. Work goes slowly but that is because my Master intends to build one of the most beautiful cities in Gor. He has been putting his two faithful boys to work too. Endy has built a wonderful Initiates tower which he has selflessly called 'River's Song to Sardar' and though I am no builder even I have been working, placing doors, and adjusting textures. And though seeing the city grow and start to fill with citizens I can't help but wish we were finished already. A very good friend of mine has taken the adjoining sim parcel and is currently busy building his gorean project. (More details when its ready.)
So here are a couple of pictures of the city as it is looking now. There are still bits to finish and landscaping to do but you will get the right idea.
I will photo Endy's builds separately.

On a separate note the former slave of my Master, Mamba, wandered into the city last night and knelt before my Master and begged to be collared by him again.
My Master took pity on the boy and took the collar that he carried on his belt and re-claimed him as his.
Mamba is now third on my Master's chain,

Welcome Home My Brother.

Monday, 13 June 2011

A master's blog

just a quick post to let people have the link to Joey Brentley's blog.

Joey's Blog

Ankii's Dance

last night the lovely Ankii did a dance for his new Masters, Joey and Binx.

I had the honour of watching the rehearsal. I am posting here as I don't know if Ankii has a blog of his own and also the dance happened last night so I am not spoiling a surprise ..

I have as usual made it more like a story rather than blocks of text.

River settles down to watch his friend and is filled with excitement wondering when he will get the chance to dance again for his own master.

Ankii walks to the sands with a soft blush colouring his cheeks. His sheepish grin shows how nervous he is with all eyes on him. He turns to look at his Masters who give him the strength to continue. Nodding to himself he kneels down before them poised to start his dance. He kneels with his lean body bent over his knees, arms extended holding tightly to the fans. The music fills the air reverberating across the mountains at his back raising up the heavens. Slowly he rises up on his strong legs, tucking the fans to his side. His bright blue eyes seek out those of his Masters curling his lips up into a smile. His whole life his slave heart longed to find the one he truly belonged to. Never did he dream he would find two in such perfect accord.
Ankii's heart beats rapidly in his chest, his body quivering as his feet gracefully kiss the sands beneath them, each movement of his body slow and deliberate. Ankii remembers the ache in his belly in the past. The desperate longing to serve, to be useful, had long gone unfulfilled. His soul seemed to wander aimlessly without purpose, yearning to be owned, the need to submit. The fans flow around his body, caressing his skin with the air in their current. He tilts his head back, full lips parting with a silent sigh of longing for a Master's touch. He closes his eyes as the song of the flute enters his soul with its mournful cry. The soul of a slave is born for one purpose and one purpose only, to please his Master in all ways. Slowly he opens his eyes to peer at his Masters through a curtain of sable bangs. His heart leaps at their beauty, the power they have over him, bringing a single tear from each eye to slowly roll down his cheeks. He is filled with joy as he raises his hands to clap them high in the air. A smile curls his full lips, his face shining. Keeping his gaze on the men before him he stomps in the sands with his feet twirling the fans from one side of his broad torso to the other. The emotions of his first days with them rising up into his rapidly beating heart; the fear, the nervousness, the longing to show his best in the hopes that he would be found worthy.
Ankii steps out with one foot then draws it back as his hips sway to and fro. The breeze against his skin making him shiver slightly as he is reminded of his complete submission. Heart, mind, body and soul all given to them freely. He would give more if he had it. His greatest desire to serve them without thought of his own needs. He finds freedom in his bondage, complete contentment kneeling at their boot. When they look upon him with their kind eyes he knows he has found heaven. He twirls and twirls as delight fills him. He knows he is home! The ebony of his silks cascading around his taunt legs. Turning to face his Masters. Just the sight of them sending a shiver over his body. There before him he sees where he belongs. He reaches out with his whole body raising his leg as if he could reach them from the sands. Smiling brightly, he never takes his eyes off the two men that have fulfilled his destiny.
Ankii flutters the fans before his body as if the flowing of a river, the power of the water smoothing even the roughest of stone. Such is the life of a slave. Beautiful in their own right, each unique, each their own person. With the power and strength of their Masters, honed to perfection. Creating, within their submission, a more beautiful being, always growing, learning. Yet the longing to serve and to please ever constant. These are the things that Ankii has been granted by his Masters. Meekly he lowers his gaze to the sands, bowing low in his dance, offering himself up to them. It is his desire to be moulded for them, to come to as close to perfection as possible so that he may return to them a greater gift. He skitters the fans over the flames catching them alight as his Master's have awake the light and fire within him. Dancing with the flames unafraid, welcoming the warmth against his flesh as his Masters touch, he twirls with abandon. The joy of being owned by them heightens his dance. His soul sings a new song, light and airy and so full of love for those that own him. He is now complete, a true slave because of them. With a single word, or a touch in praise brings him to a place as bright as the sun over the glittering sands. His face shines with glee as his eyes fall upon them once again.
He twirls one final time, unable to contain the rapture he feels. He ends his dance by lowering his body to the sands once again, his arms extended out to his Masters, his head bowed in respect, in complete submission.
Ankii: so whatchya think?
River: slaps his hand against his left shoulder in applause whooo hooo

I hope it all went well Ankii

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Building a sim

Building a sim is fun but it does take us away from the village and roleplay.

Its been a lot of hard work for our Master, but I am quite sure he has enjoyed it.
here is what has been achieved so far. Let me know if you like it.

City of Corcyrus


The Dock

Public Baths

public baths

public baths

public baths


City of Corcyrus

Corcyrus Harbour

Friday, 3 June 2011

my new profile picture

So I was a bit bored today so I took a new profile picture. What do you think?

New profle picture

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A slave's day off

On Saturday My Master had rl work as usual  so Endy and I took the day off and hit Paradise Beach.

I guess we were the only ones there that intended to have fun. We swam, played in bright yellow duck floaties and then cuddled under the sun and later the stars.

Surprisingly evey other person there kinda drifted into our chat ranges . Giggles so we gave them something to listen to. Of course when our Master came home we had to confess to our naughtiness. punishment pending ... sigh .. it was worth it .. totally.

Such a wonderful relaxing day with my lovely chain brother.