Friday, 1 June 2012

locked up

my effort at photography lol.

Slut for Sale

Tuesday night I helped Finn Millar by posing for him on his shop freebie, a Slave Display/for Sale podium.

this is the finished result. I took some pictures of my own but not sure what to do with them yet. I would like to make a picture with them but not sure how yet.

These next ones are pictures i took

I like this one very much

Endykins has a real life birthday

Yesterday was my lovely chain brother's real life birthday so my Master took us both to the ballroom for dancing. My Master and I took turns dancing with him. He got quite seductive at one stage lol.

Then later Endy got birthday spankings from our master, One spank for every year of his life and then one for next year.

when he was done, our Master insisted that I gave endy birthday spankings too. Again one for every year and one for next year.

Hope you had a happy birthday, my beloved brother. xxx