Monday, 15 August 2011

right i am off to bed then .. off on holiday

The cats are gone.
bags are packed.
my brother hugged and kissed
My Master hugged and kissed
Now its time for bed.

Will miss you all so much. Take care and see you when i get back. kisses and hugs  xxxx Jovie. xxx

and the countdown starts,

I thought holidays were meant to relax you. i am just getting more and more stressed as the day proceeds. in the words of my master

We're all going on a summer holiday ....

okay so my bro, his gf, my friend, his gf and me and my partner along with seven others are all bording a plane tomorrow and heading to the Dominican Republic for two week.
It's been much harder than i thought. Leaving my master and brother for that long is actually quite upsetting me.
and worse than that i have to put my cats into the cattery, and that is absolutely killing me. My bro dont help by saying, "you know they will think you have abandoned them dont you." and "just think if the plane crashes they will think that you dont love them enough to go get them." bastard!
He knows just what buttons to push. so much so that it wouldn't take much to make me say, that is it, i am staying here with my cats.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

travels and trading

Franziskus Ninetails is taking a last tour around the house before they set for their travel south. Abruptly he stops at the cherry-tree, finding it empty. He shouts over his shoulder "RIIIIVEEEEER!!!!! EEEEENNNNNNNDDDDDDDYYYYYYYY!!! WHERE DID ALL THE CHERRIES GO?!?"
Endy gulps as he and his brother race to their Master "There...there were plenty earlier our Master"
“ i don't know my master, there was a tree full when i last looked,” River answers genuinely confused as to where they have all gone.
Franziskus Ninetails scratches his head "You think birds picked them?"
River looks at the tree and thinks hard. "maybe my master
“There was a lot my Master... I think we would have seen that number of birds,” Endy says pointing out what his brother hadn’t thought of.
River tries to remember if he had seen a flock of birds pecking at the tree,
Franziskus Ninetails gets closer to the tree and searches the ground. He finds footsteps of naked feet... at least two different sizes of feet... "Hmmmmm..... too big for panthers", he mumbles. He turns to his boys, looking at their feet, then at their bellies, but those look flat and in good shape as always.
Endy looks at the tree, then at the branches "Wouldn't birds have eaten the grapes too my Master?"
River spots the footprints and looks back at Endy's feet, trying to judge if they are the same size
Franziskus Ninetails growls "I think they have been stolen!". He takes a look down to the harbour where their boat is already waiting. He spits on the ground and shrugs "Well, will take care of that later. Tell Ol' Grumpy to keep his eyes open. Maybe he has seen someone sneaking into the garden."
“aye my master,” River says. “i will go and tell him now my master.”
River catches up with his master and brother at the dock
sorry my master ole grumpy was sleeping,” River says breathlessly, having run down the steps so that he didn’t keep his master waiting too long.
Franziskus Ninetails mumbles something like "Prolly drunk again, that ole fart!"
River busies himself untying the ropes to the ship
Franziskus Ninetails: Well, let’s sail, boys
River asks... "Did you check the doors my brother?"
Endy gulps "ummmmm....."
Franzi and his boys sail south then make port and then take a tarn 

Franziskus Ninetails kicks the damn beast. “Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!!!!!!”
Endy gulps and grabs the side of the basket hang on for dear life
River closes his eyes never being used to travelling by tarn
Kajirus eyes wide as the tarn lands
Franziskus Ninetails carefully lands the tarn at the corner of the oasis, his heart jumping with joy to been able to ride a tarn again after so many moons, but his ass aching from two days in the saddle. He shouts down to his boys in the basket "jump out, mine!"
Kajirus: greetings brothers, welcome to the oasis
Endy unsteadily clambers down from the basket
“yes my master,” River shouts up, he jumps out of the basket thankfully. glad to have his feet back on the ground
Endy: Greetings, brother
Franziskus Ninetails unties the laces the hold him in the saddle, then jumps from the bird's neck, his legs a bit stiff
Kajirus: Greetings Master, great to see you again
River nods to the brother
Franziskus Ninetails smiles to the slave that welcomed him. "Tal, Kajirus"
Kajirus: grins wide at the Master
Franziskus Ninetails points to his slaves "These are my slaves - River and Endy. My boys, this is Kajirus"
River: greetings kajirus.
Kajirus: smiles at the boys, well met brothers
Endy smiles at Kajirus and nods
Kajirus: Master, how can this boy serve you today?
Franziskus Ninetails wiggles with his finger to allow the slave to stand "You may stand, Kajirus. I'm long enough in the north... Our slaves don't kneel all the time. And we don't want you to burn the goodies in the hot desert sand, do we?” he says with a grin and a glance at the boy's privates
Kajirus: grins, "yes Master"
Franziskus Ninetails: "We are coming for some trading negotiations." He looks around "To whom do I have to talk to about it? Any merchants here?"
Kajirus: thank you Master they feel much better now
Franziskus Ninetails points to the basket "Help my boys to take the goods I brought out of the basket"
Kajirus: this way please Master
Franziskus Ninetails licks his lips "Well, and then we'd first need something to drink and eat, I think"
Kajirus: yes Master, right away”  He walks over to the basket, laden with goods  and helps the brothers unload the trading goods
River lifts off a barrel from the basket and tips it on its side
I think the shady tent was over there,”  Franziskus Ninetails says pointing :
River, kajirus and endy carry and roll their master’s goods behind him as they walk over to what looks like the main tent on the way they meet a kajira that their master seems to recognise.
Franziskus Ninetails: Tal, girl!
kajira casts a friendly smile to the Jarl, "greetings Jarl"
River feels a trickle of sweat run down his back
kajira smiles to each of the slaves, "greetings"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the kajira "We come for negotiations for trading alliances"
kajira: very well Jarl, would you wish to get out the sun and perhaps a refreshment
Franziskus Ninetails: But first... me and my slaves need some refreshment. It was a long travel from where we came from, even with the tarn
kajira grins
River hops from foot to foot as the hot sand begins to burn his feet, now that he is standing still
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Lead on, kajira!"
kajira: please follow Jarl
Endy sighs with releif to be off the hot sand
Franziskus Ninetails points over to a shaded area. “ place the goods there in the shadows” he commands.
kajira: please have a seat, would you wish water or some other offering of the Oasis
Franziskus Ninetails sighs relieved as he enters the shadows of the tavern
Franzi’s boys place the goods where their master pointed 
Kajirus: master may boy serve you refreshment?
Franziskus Ninetails takes his turban off and shakes his hair "Some refreshing water and something to eat would be fine. We only ate dried boskmeat the last two days"
Kajirus: yes Master right away. Kajirus bows deeply to the Master and motions for the brothers to sit
Franziskus Ninetails snips his fingers to his boys "See, if you can help, mine!"
“ yes my master,” river says right away rushing over to see if he can be of help to the oasis boy.” is there a way we can help you brother?” he asks.
kajira scoots closer to the Jarl smiling, "how was your travels Master?"
Kajirus heads to the food preparation area to get refreshments and food for the travellers
kajira smiles
Franziskus Ninetails: "Looooong!", he answers the girl's question
River follows the naked slave and wonders how he doesn't burn in the hot sun
kajira: You wish to speak of trade Master?
Endy giggles wondering if his brother will finally get a tan on his pale skin
Franziskus Ninetails as he sees that his slaves can't help the other kajirus, snips his fingers "I think I saw fans over there in the corner. Get useful, mine!", he commands
Kajirus: looks on the upper shelf for the iron plates and brings them down inspecting them then cleans them thoroughly with a rep cloth
River: yes my master," river answers and follows his master's indication to where the fans lean against the wall
Endy: "Yes our Master!" Endy goes over to the corner to pick two fans, on for himself and one for his brother
River passes a fan to his brother and takes one himself, then returns to his master
Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "Well, it's not the first time a slave be authorized to negotiate" He points to his slaves "My slaves can trade too in my absence"
River kneels to his master's side and begins to waft the white feathered fan cooling his master from one side as his brother fans from the other

Kajirus: sets them down and goes to the kettles on the fire grabbing each plate in turn, he ladles generous portions of suls and roast tarsk the delicious aroma filling his nostrils
kajira lifts her eyes briefly before lowering them, sitting a little straighter hearing the Master's words, "i am so glad to hear you say so Master, many will not speak trade with a mere slave"
Endy watches his brother, and mirrors his movements creating an updraft to each of his brothers downdrafts and vis versa
[2011/08/11 13:46]  Franziskus Ninetails lifts his chin as his slaves fan cooling air to him "Mmmmmmmmmmm... that's better!". He takes off his cloak and weapons, placing both to his side in range
River licks his parched lips as he fans, feeling a little of the benefit from his brother's fanning
Kajirus then pulls three goblets from the shelf and inspecting them each in turn is satisfied that they are free of imperfections. picking up a rep cloth he polishes each until his reflection smiles back at him then he fills them with chilled water and places them on the tray
Franziskus Ninetails turns to his first boy "My lil sunshine, grab a bowl and run to the pond there,. Bring me some water to wash my hands and face"
Franziskus Ninetails while he waits for his first boy to return and the naked slave to come with water and food turns again to the kajira "So, what have your merchants to offer and what do you need?"
Kajirus picks up the tray laden with refreshments for the weary travelers and holds it close to his heart, whispering a blessing for their safe passage home. He turns back to the Masters table and returns with the grace of a larl.
Franziskus Ninetails: Our lands are rich of tabuk and tarsk... so we have good horn and leather..."
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as the naked boy returns with the goods. He licks his dry lips in anticipation
Kajirus kneels at the Master's table placing the tray next to him on the ground.
kajira smiles feeling the cool breeze from the fans, "Master the Oasis is always in need of many things, fresh fruits and vegetable, leather, horn and wool from the northern hills is particularly hard to come by and recently there has been an outbreak of sicknesses across the Tahari making medical supplies in great demand"
River snaps out of his day dream and drops his fan running over to the pool to fetch the water for his master
Franziskus Ninetails: Oh, wool! Yes, wool we have too. Good verrs! And of course our famous kalana wine!"
River searches around the food preparation area and finds a wooden bowl, which he takes over to a pool and fills with cool water
Franziskus Ninetails inhales the scent of the meal and smiles "Mmmmm... that smells delicious, Kajirus!"
kajira can barely contain her enthusiasm to have such a bountiful trader on the Oasis, "kalana wine!"
River rushes to his master, wincing as he splashes a little of the water on the floor, He hopes that no one saw and he kneels placing the bowl on the table before his master
Endy gulps, his throat parched from the travel and heat of the sun, with his brother no longer fanning him
Kajirus smiles as Master seems pleased with his meal
kajira clears her throat remembering her sister's words, never show emotion be stoned faced
Kajirus then places two others plates and goblets of water for the Master's boys onto the table
kajira tries hard to look as serious as she can, "what would Master wish in return for such items?"
Kajirus: for you River, my brother, Kajirus goes to the other side of the table to serve Master's boy Endy
River smiles at the brother but doesn't move without his master's permission
Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head lightly to Kajirus as he tries to serve his boys, as - good slaves that they are - they would never dare to eat without his permission
Kajirus: yes Master
River lifts the fan from where he dropped it in his hurry to serve his master, and begins to fan again
Kajirus bows to Master, and backs away from the table respectfully
Franziskus Ninetails washes his hands and splashes some water into his face, not caring to dry them, just enjoying the cooling feeling as the sun dries the water from his skin. He reaches the bowl to his first boy, allowing him to wash the dust off too and to reach it then to his second boy. In the meantime he grabs the goblet with water and empties it in one gulp
River pauses his fanning just long enough to splash water over his face and the back of his neck, he then rinses his hands and picks back up the fan, returning to his chore.
Kajirus sees Master has finished his water, "Master, may boy refresh Master's water?"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches the empty bowl to Kajirus for filling, before he turns back to the girl "Well, what do you have to offer? Our blacksmith always needs iron. Ores or - even better - bars!"
kajira tilts her head back feeling the cool air from the fans
Kajirus takes the empty bowl to refill it with cool water
Franziskus Ninetails smiles to Kajirus still holding his empty bowl to him "Fill it again, pretty one!"
Kajirus: yes Master, right away
kajira pretends to pondering things, knowing she is anxious for the trade but not wanting to show it, "we have much ore Master" she looks to the Master a look of ease plastered over an anxious interior "perhaps bars as well"
Kajirus rises with tjhe bowl in hand, backs away from Masters table and with the speed of a tabuk heads to the well to refill it
River bits his bottom lip as his eyes rest on the food and water. He forces his eyes away and concentrates on his master's words having already been lapse in his duties and missing his master's first command
Endy sighs softly with relief as he washes the dust from the travels off, the water glistening on his skins as it evaporates in the heat, he grins at the coolness it brings and the breeze of his brother's fan his brother begins to fan their Master again and the breeze caresses his skin
Franziskus Ninetails waves his hand "Enough fanning, mine! come closer and kneel beside me!"
Endy: "Yes our Master" Endy says as he puts down the fan and goes to his Master's side
Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the plate and takes one of the hot suls and stuffs it into his mouth. Hissing "hothothot!"
River stops his task and lays the fan on the floor beside him, and then kneels by his master's side as commanded. "i obey, my master," he says subserviently
kajira jumps a little hearing the Master's distress, "oh my! Master is there anything i can do!"
Franziskus Ninetails: water! more water!!!
Kajirus starts back to Masters table with the bowl of water
Franziskus Ninetails coughs trying to swallow the hot sul
kajira quickly rushes forward taking a goblet from the table i offer it to him, "water Master!"
River looks around worriedly wondering where the boy was
  Kajirus quickly hands the bowl of cool water to Master's boy Endy
Franziskus Ninetails almost rips the goblet out of Kajirus's ... uhm... then Endy's hand and empties it quickly
Franziskus Ninetails sighs relieve "Ahhhhhhhh.... better!"
Franziskus Ninetails takes another sip from the goblet the girl offers to him, but only a small sip. Then turns to his first boy "Open your mouth, my lil sunshine!"
Endy blushes not having been able to hand the goblet over quickly enough and lowers his eyes to the floor, then winces as he sees another two goblets of water on the table that he could have given to their Master, he lowers his eyes in shame
kajira sighs leaning back onto my heals, fanning myself with my hands
River obediently opens his mouth, waiting to see what his master intended
Franziskus Ninetails holds the goblet over his first boy's face... pouring half of it into his slave's mouth... some drops running down his chin and chest
River swallows as much as he can, trying hard not to let any of it spill
Franziskus Ninetails turns around and nods to his second boy and just nods, to tell him to open his mouth too
Endy opens his mouth obediantly
Franziskus Ninetails pours the rest of the water from the goblet into his second boy's mouth
River wipes the back of his hand over his mouth, then licks off the drops of moisture not wanting to waste any precious water in the heat of the oasis.
Franziskus Ninetails finally reaches the empty goblet back to Kajirus. "You need more, my boys?"
River licks his lips but lowers his head. "no my master, thank you my master," he says softly
Kajirus takes the goblets from Master, and takes them to refill just in case more water is needed
Endy gulps the water down hungryly a soft sigh escaping his lips, his throat still parched but following his brother's example he whispers "No our Master, thank you"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the meat, holding it at the bone and - learning from mistakes - first blows a bit on it before he takes a bite. Chewing he turns to the kajira "Phoooo... hou haph iphon?" - spitting some crumbs and juice over the table while he's talking
kajira watches silently as the Master sees to his slaves.
kajira tries not to flinch away from the flying food pieces, "apologies Master, i did not quite understand"
Franziskus Ninetails chews on the meat, then holds the bone in his mouth, while he grabs another sul from the plates and parts it... and tries to blow a bit on it to cool it, but realizes this won't work with the bone between his teeth
Kajirus rises bows his head respectfully and backs away from Master's table with three empty goblets in hand, flicks away a food particle that landed on his left nipple and turns toward the well
kajira watches the Master eating fascinated at the display
Endy smiles knowing that their Master like to put traders at a disadvantage whispers "our Master was clear, he asked 'you have iron?' "
Franziskus Ninetails places each half of the sul before his boys on the table and nods to them, so they can get it themselves and not forget to blow it
Kajirus sets the goblets on the side of the well, as he lowers the bucket into the cool clear water
Franziskus Ninetails nods and takes the bone out of hims mouth, wiping his oily lips with his other arm and points with the bone to Endy "What I said! Iron! Do you have iron hereƟ"
kajira whispers to the slave, "yes we do," never taking my eyes from the Master, "some bars too"
kajira jerks straightening looking a little confused, "yes Master we do have iron and bars"
River looks at the cooling food and licks his lips again, he looks at his master, waiting for his command. Seeing his nod he reaches forward and snags the vegetable up, blowing it before biting into his hungrily.
Endy lips his lips appreciatively "Thank you our Master" as he blows on the sul, first breaking the half in into quarters then blowing on each, chewing quickly with hunger
Kajirus ladles the cool water into the three goblets. Picking them up he carefully returns to Masters table with the fresh water
River: thank you my master," he mumbles, his mouth full of hot sul.
Franziskus Ninetails beams "Ah, excellent!", before he takes another big bite off the meat. Then tosses the rest between his first boy's spread legs
kajira 's eyes flash to her brother's as he approached widening then back on the Master, "what quantities do you seek in iron and or bars Master?"
Franziskus Ninetails grabs the meat from the other plate, but still chews on the one bite "Phhooooo... how muph taphuph ou phink ou need?"
River takes hold of the meat in his hands and bites into it, " thank you, my master," he says between chewing. the meat juices running over his chin
kajira 'd head jerks a little at each word releases crumbs into the surround area
Kajirus kneeling once again at Masters table, respectfully places the refreshed water onto Masters table
kajira fights the urge to wipe chewed food and crumbs from her camisk, her face remaining even and calm, "apologies Master, i did not understand"
Kajirus looks at sister, signals to her to flick the large crumb off her shoulder
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as Cales returns with more water. He takes another bite from the other meat and then tosses the rest between Endy's spread legs, so his second boy might taste the delicious meat too. He nods to Kajirus and allowes him to place bowls with water before his boys
Endy hungrily chews at the meat, the well cooked meat virtually melting in his mouth, a soft moan of appreciation escapes his lips "mmmm, thank you my Master"
kajira looks to her brother not quite understanding the signal
Franziskus Ninetails raises his eyebrows as Kajirus again and again wipes his shoulder. "Do you have sand-fleas, boy?"
Kajirus: ummm yes Master they are bad this year
kajira bites the inside of the cheek
Endy sighs pretending annoyance with the girl "He clearly asked you, how much Tarskhorn do you think you need" after he swallows the meat
Franziskus Ninetails shrugs and turns to his first boy, swallowing the last piece of meat down with another goblet of water. "Do you know anything against sand-fleas, my lil sunshine?"
kajira creases her brow in confusion, looking from the slave to the Master and back, "how much would be available?"
River’s face changes and he suddenly looks down at the floor, expecting to see it crawling with sand fleas. His subconscious takes over and he begins to scratch at his thigh
Franziskus Ninetails then turns to his other boy with a forgiving smile "Have patience with your sister, my lil moonbeam. She might not understand my northern accent"
kajira plants a sweet smile on her face, even adding a flutter of her eyelashes
Kajirus places a bowl of cool water for Master's boy Endy then rises and moves to Master's boy river and places a water bowl for him as well
River slaps at his arm and then begins to scratch now convinced he has sand fleas crawling over him
Endy smiles at the girl "yes my Master, sorry sister"
kajira: it is quite alright brother, happens quite often
Kajirus: flicks a sand flea from Rives back before returning to his previous position at the table
River squirms a little and then scratches at his ankle
kajira watches as the two slaves seem to be having some distress, leaning to the left slightly i whisper, "are you alright brother?"
Franziskus Ninetails takes the bread and dips it into the remaining juice of the roast on the plate. Before he reaches the dripping piece of bread to his mouth, he points to the goblets before his slaves "Drink, mine!", he orders, some of the sauce dripping on table before he finally stuffs it into his mouth
River gives her a small smile and then shudders before scratching at the back of his shoulder
kajira watches the Master sloshing meat juices all over the table her attentions draw to the slave next to her as he suddenly begins scratching at his shoulder.
River: i am fine sister," he whispers back trying to reassure himself not her.
kajira’s eyes track to her brother's across the table trying to convey concern and confusion
Endy smiles gratefully "thank you our Master" and he gulps down the water, smiling at his brother’s hypochondria.... and scratches his arm subconsciously
kajira turns her attentions to the slave next to her keeping her eyes fixed on his nose as to not stare at the red patches all over his arms and chest from the scratching
Franziskus Ninetails groans in pleasure of the tasty warm bread in his mouth "Ou haph oo phaphe phiph!", he tells his boys
Kajirus watches the other boy scratching furiously at times
River wriggles a bit more and then reaches for his water, "thank you my master," he says softly before downing it in one go.
kajira jerks feeling a small splat of partially chewed beard hits her cheek, schooling her face she turns to the Master, "apologies Master, i did not understand"
Endy: My smiles "yes, it looks very tasty our Master"
Franziskus Ninetails grabs another piece of the bread, parts it and dips it into the sauce. Then reaches it to his boys' lips, one after the other, waiting for each to drink first, then stuffs a piece of bread into their mouths... some fingers following, so his boys lick his oily fingers clean
River finishes off the last bit of his meat, still scratching at the imagined sand fleas
Franziskus Ninetails while feeding his slaves turns to the girl and says very clearly "I. Said. This. Is. Tasty"
River: he licks at his master's fingers, enjoying the flavour of him mixed with the juices
kajira smiles, "oh!" moves her eyes quickly to her brother then back to the Master, "we are so happy you are pleased Master!"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles at the girl, as she really seems to have problems with the northern ltongue
Kajirus: yes Master", grins
Franziskus Ninetails frowns a bit as all three boys seem to fidget around nervously. "What's wrong with you, boys? Maybe you should take a bath and wash the sand-fleas off?" He points to the pond in the centre of the oasis
Kajirus: yes Master
Endy laps the juices, that tastes the bread, first licking then kissing his Masters hand greatful for the meal
kajira clears her voice unsure at this point how to proceed but seeing the plate is nearly empty feels it may be safe, "Master did you wish iron and or iron bars for trade?"
River: ohh thank you my master," river gasps not having to be told twice, he is now convinced that he has fleas. He  jumps to his feet and runs towards the water, pulling off his turban and loosening his sash as he goes.
 Franziskus Ninetails: Whatever you can offer. Bars of course would be better! Easier to transport
kajirus will be happy to wash the fleas from you brother
Kajirus: come brother, the fleas will not follow
River pauses at the water's edge and pulls off his pants before jumping in
Kajirus: watches brother swim like a fish
River: how do you stand the flies
Kajirus: boys has grown up with them brother, they are like pets
River: shudders .
Kajirus: i have named some of them
River suddenly looks concerned . "There are no sleen in this pond are there, or snakes?
Kajirus: no brother only me: is your first time here brother?
River: aye
Kajirus: we are very happy that you came with your Master
River: my master brought us to carry his goods: thank you brother, you have made us feel welcome
Kajirus: and we are always happy to see your great Master
Kajirus: i have to go to your village tomorrow
River ducks under that water once more to cool his head.
Kajirus: your healer will examine me
River: isn't it a long way to go to see a healer?  it took us two days by tarn: by ship it will take longer
Kajirus: yes but he is very good and my sister asked him
River: and travelling across the desert. River looks over to the tent. “i should go back to my master" he says reluctantly to his new friend and feeling much better now he had been in the water, river pads back over the hot sand to his master his clothes in his hands.
kajira squirms a little then settles under the Master's glare, "Master the price for bars is quite high, the normal is 10 wine to 1 bar"
Franziskus Ninetails: After all I have to bring the kalana the long way down here. And the iron-bars back to the north. The costs for caravanes and ships alone! I have a wife and 5 children to feed! Not to mention the 15 slaves!"
Kajirus kneels at sisters side
Franziskus Ninetails looks up as the boys return "Better now, boys?"
Kajirus: yes Master
Kajirus: grins
River kneels by his master's side and places his clothes on the floor next to him. "yes thank you my master," river says blushing slightly.
 Franziskus Ninetails smiles to his second boy "The language barrier is really high. I just understood she said '10 barrels of kalan for 1 iron bar.' Isn't that funny?
kajira narrows her eyes at the Master, assessing the situation quickly, she smiles serenely at the Master, "yes Master, i well understand your vast obligations and as i am sure you are aware, mining the ore, hauling it load by load to the forge where my sisters and my and i melt each piece day and night under out Master's whip with no food or water for days on end"
kajira pauses then continues, "not to mention, the wood that must be collected, " looks to the Master smiling sweetly, "have no idea how hard it is to gather "wood" on an oasis"
Endy nods "I am sure it was a mistake my Master, after all who would think that Ore that can be melted and poured in hours could be worth so much compared to wine which takes years to become perfect"
River nods agreeing with his brother.
kajira ignores the comments of the slave, "and.....the years of dedication it takes to hone and perfect the craft of smelting!"
River: are you sure you understood my brother, our dear sister surely said ten ore for a barrel of wine?
Kajirus: remembers collapsing at the forge yesterday from the heat and his profound exhaustion
Franziskus Ninetails nods in agreement to his boy "Hmmmm... wood... we have plenty"
kajira huffs a little remembering her place she quickly settles smoothing her camisk she feels yet another piece of chewed food, scrunching her face she flicks it at her brother
Kajirus feels a piece of food hit his chin, thinking its a sand flea he slaps it and spreads it all over his cheek
Franziskus Ninetails: Maybe we should talk about ore then?" - He considers a moment if it would be easier to bring wood to the oasis and get iron bars for it, of if it would be easier to take the ores and let the blacksmiths deal with it
kajira looks to the Master, "you have wood, oh....." she thinks, "well wood is good" chuckling, "that is a different story all together, if you are willing to toss in some wood we would happily reduce that number to 7 bars per 1 wine"
Franziskus Ninetails grunts at that suggestion "And how do you think I should feed... " He interrupts "Oh, did you just say 7 bars for 1 wine?"
kajira glances over her shoulder at her brother, her eyes locking on whatever is smeared across his cheek, she tears her eyes away and back to the Master
Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head "Ah.. must be the language barrier again"
kajira blinks innocently, 'did I Master, I don’t recall, the sun seems to be affecting me today"
Kajirus grows concerned as he sees his sister sway in the intense heat
Franziskus Ninetails: "sooo... how do you think I should feed my 7 children and 18 slaves? Not to mention my pretty wife that weighs two tons?"
kajira fakes a sway
Kajirus fans sister with his hand
Franziskus Ninetails: How much wood do you need to make an iron bar?
kajira blinks recalling the numbers were different before, then shakes heard
Franziskus Ninetails frowns "You are well, girl? Maybe my boys should fan you a bit fresh air?"
River raises an eye brow at his master's bargaining and then looks down at the carpet smiling slightly and starts looking for sand fleas again.
kajira counts on her fingers, "i would say a load of wood to do perhaps one or two bars"
]  Franziskus Ninetails ponders and grabs the.... carrot ((is carrot gorean? I dunno...)), to chew on it while he thinks
kajira braces for the onslaught
Kajirus backs away a little
Franziskus Ninetails while he nibbles at the carrot looks at the ground, searching for more sand-fleas which seem to make Kajirus fidget nervously
kajira looks to her brother, her eyes widen seeing he has backed up, she casts a look at him that promises pay back later, fixing a smile on her face she turns to the Master watching him chew
Kajirus scratches his cheek and feels a semi paste like substance
Franziskus Ninetails swallows the carrot and flushes it down with another goblet of water before he continues: "How's this.... 1 kalana, 1 sa-tarna paga, 1-sul-paga and 5 piles of wood for 10 bars of iron?
kajira forces herself not to both gape at the Master and ask if he needs to lay down, "How many bars are we speaking of Master, i do not recall a number"
Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Because we didn't talk yet about a number. The number depends on the price!"
Endy watches Kajirus trying to figure out what the mark on his face is
kajira raises her finger in the air, "aha!" smiling she looks to the Master thinking she has him, "but the price too depends on the number!"
Kajirus: pre occupied, scoops it off his cheek on his finger and looks at it trying to figure out what it is
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmmmmm, lets say... we are talking about... 200 bars of iron. Does that make it cheaper?
River studies the bottles on the table, they remind him of something from his past life
kajira eyes widen for a brief second before she pulls it together, "it may"
Franziskus Ninetails notices the eyes widening and smiles "It's a long travel down here, girl. Do you think I will travel for weeks just for a few bars?"
kajira starts doing the math in her head and beings grining, "Master allow me to clarify, you wish to trade 200 of the finest steel bars in all the Tahari and surrounding lands for 20 kalana wine, 20 paga, 20 sul paga and 100 wood?" she looks to him disbelieving
Franziskus Ninetails nods with his nicest pokerface "Aye. A very good offer, isn't it?" - He fakes a sigh "I'm just too generous all the time. My profit with this will be almost zero. My 9 children will starve and I'll have to sell at least the half of my 21 slaves! Maybe I sell my wife too..." - adds almost unhearable "... that greedy tarsk"
Endy gasps faking horror "half!!"" he gasps
Franziskus Ninetails nods to his second boy "Aye. So you better behave to be in the one half that's allowed to stay, my lil moonbeam. Ohhhhhhh.... I forgot Ol' Grumpy! He won't be happy, when I sell ALL our stocks of paga and wine!!!"
Endy nods his head vigorously "yes my Master, I shall my Master"
River: gulps and hopes that he isn't in the half that are to be sold off
kajira raises and eyebrow now certain those numbers keep changing, "I hear Tarks are of high value Master, perhaps a sale is in order," mimicking the Master's poker face, "how about this," me straightens a little brushing her hand along her long braid, "2 kalana wine, 2 sul paga, 2 paga, 2 mead and 3 wood PER 10 steel bar" glances to her brother, "we can always send him to fetch the extra wood"
Kajirus looks at sister and frowns
Franziskus Ninetails shouts out and fakes an almost fainting, getting hold at the shoulders of his boys before he falls from pillow.. which wouldn't be THAT deep, but the thought counts! Aah!
kajira plays with the end of her braid a look of disgust coming across her face as she feels yet another piece of chewed food wondering if the Master got any food in his belly
kajira jumps a little a the Master's display
River: grasps at this master going along with the ruse, "my master, are you alright, Quick kajirus get water while i fan him to cool him down
 Endy represses a smile and keeping his face stony, fans his Master's face
Kajirus rises and runs to the well
kajira raises an eyebrow noting the lack of flush or sweat on the seemingly fainted Master, leaning forward she asks, "will he be alright?"
Franziskus Ninetails takes a deep breath "Ahhh, thank you, mine... Must be the heat. I just understood 4 paga, 2 mead and 3 woods for 10 steel bars!"
River: endy, quick loosen our master's tunic so that he doesn't faint from the shock
kajira: well Master 2 paga 2 sul paga
kajira smiles just to clarify
Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head as if recovering from the shock, then reaches for the last two carrots... almost threatening... but then reaches each of it to his boys"Aye... makes 4"
Endy pulls at the laces of his Masters shirt to expose his chest to the breeze
Kajirus hands River a ladle of water with the greatest urgency
Franziskus Ninetails before River can take the water rips it out of Kajirus's hand and... splashes it into his own face
River smiles and accepts the food before taking the ladle from the boy and holding it out to endy, so that he can hold it to his master's lips. “ohh”
Franziskus Ninetails: "Ah, thank you, pretty one! That's what I needed!", he says, the water dripping from his face and his hair down to his chest
River: blinks in surprise as his master snatches it out of his hand
kajira sighs heavily, "aye Master, i will most assuredly be beaten for such a cheap trade on the bars, but i too am a generous person"
Kajirus feels the masters very strong grip as he rips the ladle from the boys grasp
Franziskus Ninetails: "Well... how is this? 2 sulpaga, 2 satarna paga, 2 meads and 5 woods for 15 steel bars? I will have to sell all my 25 slaves...." - looks at his boys ... and only keep these two. Will have to sell my 11 children too. I wished at least the girls were as pretty as their father so I could marry them rich, but unfortunately they all look like their mother!"
River stifles a laugh and covers it with a cough
Franziskus Ninetails scratches his ear as the fan tickles his ear. "Damn sand-fleas!", he swears silently
kajira bites in the inside of her cheek trying not to laugh, shaking her head slightly to clear her hearing as it truly must be failing, "did you forget the kalana and 15 bars Master! Truly?"
Endy feigns a deep sigh of relief that his Master will keep them
Franziskus Ninetails slaps his face "Ohhhhhhhh.... I forgot the kalana? You are tough to trade with, girl! "
kajira purses her lips studying the strong slaves, raising an eyebrow pondering the trade, "yes Master," smiles ever so sweetly, "i see no trouble with 2 paga, 2 sul paga, 2 mead, 2 kalana, 3 woods, per 8 bars", nods her head, "a very fine deal indeed Master, though we will probably have to sell my brother to make up the difference to our Master"
Kajirus frowns hopes renting will work too
Franziskus Ninetails: Well, well... my last word: For 20 steel bars - 3 sul paga, 3 satarna paga, 3 kalana wine, 3 mead and 6 piles of wood.... AND I will send my daughters to work in your mines, and my sons out as coin-slaves!" - adds mumbling "Other way round it wouldn't make sense. Ugly bitches!"
kajira gasps and chuckles, "Master ... Master ... Master ..." sighing heavily her shoulders slump, "fine, alright i will accept your 2 sul paga, 2 paga, 2 kalana wine, 2 mead, 2 rence beer and 3 wood per 9 steel bars", sighs again, " course now we will have to sell a sister as well as my brother, but such is life anything to please a trade partner"
Endy begins a burst of laughter before he can help it and then grabs his mouth with his hands and adds a "chooo" pretending he sneezed
Franziskus Ninetails looks up "Rence beer? Did we mention rence beer?"
kajira purses her lips innocently, "oh did we leave off rence beer, my deepest apologies Master"
kajira: innocently*
Franziskus Ninetails whispers to his boys questioning "Do we have a brewer to make rencebeer?"
River bites his lip to stop from sniggering.
Kajirus grimaces as he visualizes sister selling him to some dried up old oversexed free woman
River: i am not sure my master, do we endy?
kajira day dreams of selling her brother to some dried up oversexed free woman, she casts a wry smile in her brother's direction
River adds. "is my master cool enough now or would he like his to keep fanning him?
Kajirus thinks he may run away in the night
Endy looks to the containers trying to remember where they bought the Rence wine "ummm... yes, I am sure we have one in the village my Master" his brow creasing as he tries to think
Franziskus Ninetails waves to his first boy "I'm fine. Thank you, my lil sunshine"
kajira stretches her back a little
River: this one is most grateful to be allowed to have served you my master," he says bowing his head and lowering the fan.
Franziskus Ninetails not sure if they even HAVE rencebeer or if he has to buy it somewhere else offers, "Well.... then... uhm... 2 sulpaga, 2 satarna, 2 kalana wine, 2 mead, ONE rencebeer and 4 woods for 10 steel bars. My last word!"
kajira absent mindedly runs her hands along her thighs suddenly freezing as her hand encounters yet another piece of chewed food, trying not to make a few she picks it off discretely
Franziskus Ninetails pats his thighs so his boys might relax and rest their heads on his legs after the long travel finally
kajira smiles, "just to be clear Master, " starts counting on her fingers...slowly, "2 sul paga, 2 paga, 2 kalana wine, 2 mead, 1 rence beer and 4 wood per 10 steel bars and you would like to order 200 bars?"
kajira pushes the stool ouf of the way
Kajirus: moves closer to sister
River moves to his master's leg, knowing better than to hesitate
Endy yawns and rests head on his Master's thigh looking up lovingly
River rests his head on his master's lap, and gazes up at him as his brother strokes his chest and toys with his nipple. (god modding i know but hey , can you blame me)
Kajirus: (watches jealously)
kajira studies the Master while he ponders her words
Franziskus Ninetails caresses his boys' chests, sure they are coming to an end of the negotiations soon. He nods to the girl "Aye. That would be... 40 sul paga, 40 paga, 40 kalana wine, 40 meads, 20 rence-beers and 80 piles of wood for 200 bars of finest steel?"
kajira claps her hands together happily, "it seems to be a deal Master!"
Franziskus Ninetails beams "Very well! You boys remember the numbers?"
kajira: when would you wish to make the trade Master?
Franziskus Ninetails points over his shoulder to the samples he brought "I brought some samples as I expected to negotiate with one of your merchants. I think it wouldn't be appropriate to let slaves taste the paga and wine and rence-beer"
River: blinks and frantically tries to remember the numbers agreed. he wonders if he can blame endy if he forgets.
Endy nods "40,40, 40, 40, 20 for 200 my Master"
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmmm... oh well, maybe try the rencebeer... Only a small sip for each of you!"
kajira groans remembering the last time her brother got into the rence beer. “Master what day would you like to make this trade?”
Franziskus Ninetails looks at Kajirus and points to the barrel on the pallet "Will you go and get a bowl for you and your sister to taste the rence beer and celebrate the good trade?"
Kajirus thinks if he doesnt want to be rented or sold he better get busy soon mining ore
Kajirus: yes Master, right away.”  He pours two bowls to the very top with rence beer and brings them back. Kneeling he gives one to sister.
Franziskus Ninetails ponders "Hmmmm... let me think... we will need a while to get back... and then order our brewers to make all the paga and wine and beer... So, I think we can return in about 3 hands!"
kajira relaxes a little feeling the tensions of such a vigorous trade easing from her body
Franziskus Ninetails: And on my return we will discuss about dates and salt and other goods you can offer!
kajira nods doing the math in her head then relying on her trusty fingers, "there is mining, then hauling, and smelting of the bars", bites her lip, "yes i think that is doable, will be close but we can do it" she perks up hearing words of future trades. kajira smiles to her brother happy to be able to keep him in the home
Kajirus is so relieved he doesnt have to worry about that ugly old oversexed woman buying him, at least not this week
Franziskus Ninetails points with his chin to the bowl with bear "So, don't you like the rence beer?"
Kajirus: mmmmmm it is deliscious Master' he slurs
kajira sips the rence beer, swishing the brew around my her mouth, "very tasty!" she glances to her brother hearing his slur, shaking her head at his easily intoxicated state
Kajirus: meets his sisters glance and gets a stupid grin ion his face, then takes another gulp
kajira reaches back rubbing her hand across bottom smoothing her camisk when her hand scrapes across another piece of food her eyes widen considerably wondering how in the name of the Tahari a piece of food got back there, she turns her head narrowing her eyes at her brother
Endy grins wondering if they should have given them the samples of wine BEFORE the negotiations
Franziskus Ninetails getting a bit tired from the long travels and the heat keeps caressing his boys for a while, his thoughts drifting ((sorry, bit busy in IMs now))
kajira smiles watching the Master with his boys
River snuggles down onto his master's lap, his eyes lowering as he fights to stay awake
Kajirus feeling dizzy from the rence beer, starts to giggle. “BURP”
kajira blinks hearing her brother beginning to giggle, smiling nervously at the Master.....she freezes hearing a loud *burp*
Kajirus head swimming now, takes another big gulp
Endy chuckles hearing the burp and giggling and notes to himself that when they come back for the next trade to make sure their Master gives the wine first
Franziskus Ninetails yawns "Well.... is there a tent somewhere for travelers? I think it is time to get a rest. Tomorrow we will take our passage back"
Kajirus: yes Master, can boy show Master?
Franziskus Ninetails nods and pats his sleepy boys lightly "Up, mine! Time for the furs!"
Kajirus: this way please, Master
River picks up his clothes and waits to follow his master.
Franziskus Ninetails nods to the girl "Safe paths for now, kajira." He grins "Tough negotiates. I enjoyed it!"
River: waves at the girl and hurries after his master
Endy smiles "serve with fire sister"
Franzi and his boys follow the kajirus to a pretty blue tent. They step inside and look around at the plush interior and furred bed.
 Franziskus Ninetails: Ah, this looks very nice
Kajirus: Master boy sincerely hopes that you and your boys will enjoy your stay
River: smiles at his new friend
Kajirus: grins back at River then at Endy
Endy smiles at Kajirus being slightly drunk and walking strangely
Kajirus: burps and puts a hand over mouth.” was most delightful to see Master once again
Franziskus Ninetails searches in his pouch for some copper-bits, puts them in a piece of cloth and reaches it to Kajirus, grinning at his burps "Here, give this the tarnkeeper to take good care of my tarn!"
Kajirus: “And to meet Master's boys,” the boy continues. He takes the coins wrapped in the cloth. “yes Master. with Master's permission boy will see to the tarn keeper right away
Franziskus Ninetails slaps his still naked boy's butt "Prepare the furs for me, mine!"
River: yes my master.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

sighs first it was bunnies now Meeroos ... why did i fall into the trap again

You would think i learned my lesson with the bunnies wouldn't you. But no. This boy has fallen into the same trap again and now is the proud owner of 6 .. yes 6 meeroos. well here is a picture of me with my new babies. selling all nests that we can lol

Monday, 1 August 2011

Time with our Master

Sunday night is always time with our master,

Today he had us entertain him in his own unique way ... giggles

and this next picture is from a few days ago during a role play and i thought it summed up what the love of a slave is.

total devotion to my master ..

sunday down time

Sunday Endy and i spent some time with our Meeroos and each other. We put on our Arabic outfits so that we would be ready for when our master came home and wanted to go dancing.
Here are a few pictures i took