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River's abduction - How River came to gor (short story)

 River groaned loudly, and tugged at his bound hands. His ankles felt sore from the metal that encased them and the cloth that had been stuffed and secured into his mouth tasted sour.  The sack that was tied around his head was hot and clammy and his body was cold, lying naked on the metal floor of the van. he had no idea how long he had been in this situation, the hood stopped him from seeing anything and even if he could see, he could tell from the lack of light filtering through the course cloth that the van was pitch black inside. He grunted as the van went over a bump, tossing him a little into the air and letting him land heavily on his right hip. 

The day had started out just like any other day. He had been to work, finished, had a MacDonald’s for lunch, had a bit of a sleep and then had a shower. That was when his phone had rang and the disembodied male voice had snarled huskily. “I AM WATCHING YOU.”  He had hung up and tossed his phone over onto the side of the sink. It wasn’t the first time he had received such a call, it had been the third that week. He pushed it to the back of his mind and carried on showering, using the soap to slowly stroke himself into an erection and then to climax. He had just cum when his phone rang again. He jumped still dripping out of the shower and grabbed up his phone. 

“Yes?” he snapped.

“Very nice,” the same husky male voice growled. “When I own you, you will do that for me every day, putting on a show for me and my friends.
River froze, his blood running cold. He looked around himself, his heart beating fast. He didn’t know what he was expecting to see but his mouth felt dry. He shook his head, cursing that he had let the disembodied voice get to him. 

“Don’t shake your head BOY,” the voice growled. “I saw that pretty little show you put on just now: and I promise you, you will perform for me again.”

“What the fuck!” River snarled, his head whipping around the room looking for something, anything that was out of place. “Who the fuck are you? “He yelled down the phone. “Show yourself you arsehole. I will give you a fucking show.”

“And you just earned your first beating boy,” the voice snapped back and the phone went dead.
River dried and dressed still shaking from the encounter. His eyes kept going to the phone, praying that it wouldn’t ring again but knowing that eventually it would. On a sudden impulse he picked it up and dialled 1471, the automated voice on the end of the line answered. “Caller has with held number” He threw the phone back on the bed and took a deep breath.

 It started to ring again.

“Who the fuck are you?” he screamed. 

“Tsk Tsk Tsk, “the voice said calmly. “Beating number two,” he said. “Want to try for beating three?”
“What do you want?” River whispered. He lifted his hand and pulled at his golden brown/blond hair.
“Don’t pull your hair,” the voice said. “Put your hand behind your back and keep it there.”
“You can see me?” River said anxiously looking around himself once more. He still could see nothing out of place. 

“I can see you are still pulling at your hair, stop now or I will shave it off.”
River stopped hesitantly bringing his hand down to behind his back. “That is good Boy. Shows me that you are not stupid. Now boy, you asked me a question. Take off all your clothes and kneel on the floor in front of the mirror, open your knees wide and display your cock and balls, put the phone on speaker and put it on the floor between your knees. Then lace your fingers behind your back and listen.”

“You are insane,” River snapped. He turned off his phone and threw it into a drawer and sat on his bed biting his nails. His eyes fixed on the drawer, his heart beating faster and faster. He lunged at the drawer and grabbed his phone out, switching it back on. He hadn’t dialled more than the first nine when it rang once more. 

He shook as he answered it, not knowing what else to do. “Do that again,” the voice snarled and you will never see your brother again.”

“What?” River gasped almost silently. “What about my brother?”

“Strip and kneel in front of the mirror like I told you and you will find out,” the voice snapped “NOW!”

Fear flooded through him and he pressed the button that made the phone speaker and then took off the shorts and tee shirt he was wearing. He took a breath and pulled down his underwear, stepping out of it. Trembling uncontrollably he fell to his knees in front of the mirror, splitting his legs wide open, showing off his genitals to the mirror. 

“Very nice,” the voice said. “You will never be clothed again Boy. You will display my property to me morning, noon and night.”

“What about my brother? “ River mumbled. “What have you done with him?”

The voice on the end of the phone laughed lightly. “Nothing yet,” he said. “It’s you I want, not your brother.”

There was a silent pause and then a voice River knew spoke.”

“River? River its Jonas, help me.... “

Tears welled in River’s eyes. “Let him go,” he whispered. 

“Maybe,” the disembodied voice said. 

“He’s just a kid,” River wept. “I’ll  ... I’ll do anything.”

The man on the phone laughed again. “Of course you will Boy. Stand up; do not dress, you will remain naked. Keep your hands behind your back. Leave the phone you won’t need it again. Go down the stairs and out on to your drive. There you will see a white van, the doors will be open. Get in it. On the floor, you will see a bunch on rags push them into your mouth and secure them in place. Then shackle your ankles. You will see a sack on the floor pull it over your head, pull the strings tight and tie them. Then use the cuffs and cuff your hands behind your back. Do that and your brother goes free.” The phone went dead as the caller hung up. 

Confused and not knowing what to do, River stood up keeping his hands behind him and moved quickly down the stairs. “I’m insane,” he muttered. “Call the fucking police,” but he knew if he did it would be over. His brother would be gone. He took a breath and opened the door tentatively and peered out. As the voice on the phone had said, there was a dirty white van with no windows parked on his drive, the doors wide open. River slammed the door shut again and fell back against it, panic setting in. “Breathe,” he whispered to himself. “Breathe.”

The van hit another bump and River whimpered. Fear had turned to terror. He realised as he locked the cuffs on himself that he only had his abductor’s word that his brother would be released. What if they didn’t release him? What if they had both him and his brother now? Why didn’t he call the police, why did he get in the van? He rolled helplessly as the van took a tight corner and his head hit the side with a loud thump.
The next thing he knew was the van seemed to have stopped. His head throbbed painfully from where he had hit the side so hard it had knocked him unconscious. Outside he could hear muffled voices, and raised voices and his panic began to build again. There was more than one of them; god help him. He whimpered and pushed back with his heels as he heard the van doors open. Then a vice like grip grabbed his right ankle and tugged. Helplessly he was pulled out of the van and he landed hard on his ass as he hit the ground. His feet were then released and the same vice like grip grabbed the sack that was tied around his head and gripping so tightly it snagged most of his hair, he was yanked to his feet and his head pushed down, forced to walk bent over with his head at his abductor’s waist. He was thrown to the floor and he curled up in a ball, shaking.
A foot kicked him hard in his ribs. “NADU,” the voice snapped. “NADU, KNEEL, NADU.” The order was followed by another kick and River painfully pulled himself up on to his knees, his head down in dejection. A foot kicked at the insides of his knees forcing them apart. “WIDER,” the gruff male voice demanded. River parted his knees wider and even though he was hooded he felt his face burn with the humiliation of being forced to expose himself. The foot pushed at the insides of his knees again. “WIDER, WIDER,” the man demanded and with a helpless whimper River spread his knees as wide as he could. 

“THIS NADU,” the man snarled.  A hand shoved hard in the small of his back forcing him up straight and his head was forced up.  “THIS NADU,” the voice growled again. “NADU, NADU, NADU.”

“Nadu,” River repeated, his words muffled in the rancid cloth that was still stuffed his mouth.

The man rubbed River’s head, almost as if he was a dog. “Good,” he said. He rubbed River’s head once more and then River felt pressure on his cock and balls, he whimpered as a foot was pressed on to them harder.  He desperately wanted to close his legs so that the man would stop but didn’t dare move. “Good,” the man said again, and again he petted his head.  “STAY,” he growled. 

River knelt trembling, his legs still wide open.  There was nothing he could do, nowhere could he go. All he could do was wait. He didn’t know how long he waited, kneeling there in the dirt, nude and displayed for everyone around him to see but his bladder was beginning to protest. He really needed to take a piss but with his mouth still gagged and his hands bound there was no way of letting anyone know. He made a small pathetic noise, hoping to attract someone’s attention. Either no one was close enough to hear him, or no one cared. 

A tall dark man watched the kneeling boy and recognised the signs that he was in need of relieving himself. He lifted an apple from a nearby bowl and bit into it. He’d had fun taunting the boy on the phone. Even convincing him that he had his brother, and now he was enjoying the view. He smiled sadistically as the first drops of urine escaped and almost laughed as the boy’s shoulders slumped with humiliation as he wet himself. He finished his apple and tossed the core into a cage of nearby naked boys causing them to scramble after it. He stood up slowly and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, smirking at them contemptuously as they fought to get it. His eyes drifted back to River and his smirk grew larger. Standing slowly and stretching, he sauntered over to the kneeling boy and stood over him. He knew that the boy felt his nearness as he seemed to shrink back a little. That was a good sign, the boy was aware of his surroundings even when blindfolded. He crouched down and grasped the boy’s cock and balls in his massive hand, squeezing and twisting. “Hello boy,” he growled, a smile touching his lips as the prone boy reacted to the sound of his voice and the touch of his hand. “Good,” he said smirking, “you remember me. I am known as Garratt of Port Cos, my trade is slaver.” Garratt waited to see what reaction the boy gave to that small piece of information, smirking contentedly when the boy began to shiver and shake. “I owe you two beatings boy but I will give you a chance to redeem yourself: To prove to me you regret being disrespectful to me when we talked.” The man released his grip on the boy’s balls and wrapped his hand around his shaft, starting to stroke it slowly. “DO NOT CUM BOY,” he snarled. “IF YOU CUM, YOU WILL BE BEATEN AND DISPLAYED FOR ANY TO PLAY WITH.” The slaver felt his captive beginning to tremble and smoothed the leaking precum over his cock to ease his hand. He pinched the tip, encouraging more precum to pearl out and he spread that over the head, dragging his hand down the shaft once more. He reached under the boy with his free hand and held his balls, rolling them gently in his hand. River’s chest began to heave as he fought to control his climax. Small muffled whimpers leaked from the hood as he moved closer and closer to cumming. The huge man was sure that if the boy hadn’t been gagged he would now be begging for mercy. He sped up his hand, stretching the boy’s cock with every downward stroke. River shuddered and arched his back, a strangled but muffled cry bursting forth as he came hard over the slaver’s hand. The big man almost laughed, he knew the boy didn’t stand a chance of saving his arse from a whipping; he would have stroked him all night if he’d had too.   He lifted his hand to his mouth and licked the creamy fluid then stood up and grabbed River’s hood, yanking him up by the handful of hair that he captured along with it. 

River struggled to stand, his hands still secured behind him and his body weak from lack of food, water and cumming. He felt his head thrust down so that he was bent over. Then he was running, still bent over as he was dragged along helplessly. Something closed over his neck and he heard the firm snap of a padlock.
Garratt stood back and admired the slender boy locked into the stocks by his neck. He walked around behind him and ran his hands over the pretty peach of an arse, trailing his finger down his crack and teasing his arse hole. “Lucky you are white silk boy and ordered as such or I would take that tight little hole here and now.” 

River whimpered at the threatened rape and tried to beg for mercy.

“The Kurii have plans for you pretty one but rest assured that you will be mine when you have fulfilled your task,” the man growled in his ear. “But for now you will get to know that when your future master says you earned a beating, he means it.” The big slaver pulled free his belt and bent it double. He stroked it almost tenderly over river’s exposed arse, smiling at the pained whimper that it brought forth. “Fifteen I think don’t you boy?” 

River tried to shake his head, no, his muffled begging ignored. 

The slaver brought back his arm and lashed forward and the belt made contact with River’s tender unprotected arse with a loud crack. 

River screamed into his gag as the full strength of a Gorean Master landed a blow on his arse. Immediately it felt as if it was on fire. Before he could recover, the belt caressed his arse again, wrapping around his hip. If he hadn’t have been gagged he was sure he would have vomited. Each blow had him twisting, trying to protect himself. The blows stopped and his chin was grabbed. The hood was ripped off of him and he blinked against the sudden influx of light. 

Garratt’s face pushed into his, growling in a low and dangerous tone. “Try to twist away again boy and you will suffer twice the beating I have promised you. Do you understand me SLUT?”

River nodded desperately, his eyes full of tears. He blinked hard and looked at his abductor for the first time. The man grasped his chin hard forcing him to look up into his cold grey eyes. His body shook, truly terrified, the man was the biggest he had ever seen, easily seven foot tall if not taller, and his biceps were thicker than River’s own waist. His huge hand held his chin in a vice like grip and he turned River’s head from side to side, looking at his face appraisingly. 

“Very pretty,” he growled. “Now listen to me pretty little one, you will hold still and take the beating I have awarded you. Twist away from it again and I will double it.” He looked into River’s eyes, holding him with his stare. He released his grip. “Now show me you understand boy.”

River nodded, not breaking eye contact with the man holding him captive. 

The big man smiled and ruffled his hair, “Good boy.” The man went behind River and stroked his hand over the already red and bruised arse. He took a step back and shook the leather belt out again, swinging it full strength at his prisoner. River screamed silently into his gag but held still, eight more times the leather caressed his buttocks, each blow as hard as the first. The slaver stroked over his victim’s badly bruised arse once more and smiled. “Now that is what a boy’s arse should always look like,” he said pleased with his handy work.
River sobbed silently, tears running down his face as his abused arse throbbed painfully. He had never experienced pain like it in his life. Even as a child he had never been struck before and certainly not so viciously. 

Garratt took a key from his pouch and unlocked the stock, releasing River’s neck. “NADU,” he bellowed and River’s body reacted before his mind, snapping into the position he had been in when the man had approached him. He gave a muffled yelp as his heels touched his tender rump and he attempted to lift up off of it only to be pushed back down again. “No boy, your ass rests on your heels, what point of the punishment is achieved if you are allowed to not suffer the consequences?” 

River shook as the pain of resting on his heels consumed his body, he could think of nothing else as the man pulled the gag from his mouth and pressed a cup of water to his lips. The captive boy drank deeply, not knowing when he would be allowed to again. He muttered an almost silent thank you, to his captor.
“Master,” the big man growled at him. “Thank you Master.”

River lowered his head. If he had any doubt of his fate before he knew now what his abductors had in store for him, he had none now. He was destined to be a slave. What kind of slave he had no idea but a slave he was stolen to be and for someone called Kurii. Tears burned in his eyes once more and he kept his head low as he whispered. “Thank you Master.”

The slaver tied a rope around River’s neck and tugged the loose end growling, “heel,” to him. Painfully River struggled to his feet and the man stood waiting patiently knowing that it was not easy for the much smaller boy but also knowing that he would soon learn to react without thought to the barked commands he was given. When he was on his feet the man tugged the rope once more, barking the command “Heel,” once more and then repeating it in a strange language. With no choice River limped after the man, pulled by the rope around his neck. He was taken to a post that was sunk into the ground in the middle of the camp and the slaver snapped, “NADU.” Again River fell down onto his knees this time not even attempting to lift his arse from his heels. He winced painfully and hung his head in shame. The man tied the end of the rope to a ring embedded in the wood and then ruffled River’s hair once more and walked away. 

River watched him go and shuddered. Now free of his blindfold he looked around him, giant men were coming and going, some dragging naked boys or women behind them others supervising naked boys that were hauling sacks and crates encouraged on by a switch to their buttocks every now and then.  The time went by slowly and his body began to ache from his restricted position but he was too afraid to move. The sky began to darken, fading from afternoon into night: River’s eyes began to droop and his head fell forward as sleep taunted him. He shook himself awake again only to begin to nod off once more. Unable to resist he rested his head against the post and slipped into slumber still on his knees. 

A kick to his ribs woke him. “NADU.”

Still half asleep his body jumped to his knees once again sitting back on his aching ass and spreading his knees wide, displaying his genitals to anyone that was looking. He trembled and shook expecting to be punished for breaking his enforced position but instead, the rope holding him to the post was untied and the command “heel,” was hissed at him.   This slaver was not as patient as his original tormentor and struck him hard across his face when he didn’t move fast enough. With a bleeding mouth River struggled to his feet and half run half limped behind the huge man that was dragging him towards a massive wooden fence, as he was pulled through the small door he stopped dead and looked up at the ship. 

He began to shake his head and dug in his heels, crying “no, no, no.”

The man dragging him turned and began to whip him mercilessly with the end of the rope and River fell to the dirt, weeping uncontrollably. Unfeelingly the man began to drag him through the dirt towards the ship.
Garratt came out of a small tent, still talking to one of his men, having changed his clothes to his customary blue and gold kilt. His broad sword hung on one hip and his slave whip, was coiled on his other. He swore loudly as he saw one of their prettier acquisitions being dragged across dirt and gravel and he strode over and ripped the rope from his minion’s hand, snarling at him in a language that River didn’t understand.  The other man backed down and hurried off and Garrett crouched down at River’s side. “Can you stand boy?” he asked not unkindly.  River nodded, his face streaked with tears and dirt. 

“Please,” River begged. “Please let me go.”

The slaver caressed the side of his face, his features softening. “You know I won’t do that pretty little one. Your fate is with the Kurii now. Learn your lessons boy; please your masters and I will claim you when you have fulfilled your task, if you still live.”

“What is my task?” River begged. “What is wanted of me?”

The slaver smiled and rubbed his hand over River’s hair. “That my pretty I do not know. The kurii keep their plans to themselves.” Garrett lifted River to his feet and hauled him over his shoulder effortlessly and walked towards the ship. 

“Master,” River wept. “Master, my brother?”

“Is no longer your concern boy,” Garrett answered.

“But he needs me,” River protested. 

The slaver slapped his massive hand onto the prone boy’s badly bruised ass making him yelp in pain. “Silence,” he growled. “Your brother is his Master’s responsibility now boy. Hold your tongue now or I will take the belt to your ass again.” Garrett walked up the ramp, River hanging limply over his shoulder, weeping now not only for himself but for his younger brother. He looked up seeing his own world for the last time through the open doorway of the ship and bid it farewell forever.

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