Monday, 24 January 2011


((I really am not the best roleplayer. I am new to Role Play and still I am making silly mistakes. All I can ask is Forgive me and I promise I will try to do better.))

2011/01/24 08:54]  Franziskus Ninetails: greetings, mine!
[2011/01/24 08:54]  Mamba Serpente: greetings my Master
[2011/01/24 08:55]  Franziskus Ninetails wrinkles his nose as he seems to smell smoke. He frowns "Hmmm, all is well?"
[2011/01/24 08:57]  Mamba Serpente jumps in his Master's arms
[2011/01/24 08:57]  Franziskus Ninetails almost falls backwards, out of balance, as his lil rascal jumps into his arms
[2011/01/24 08:57]  Mamba Serpente hugs his Master tight with arms and legs
[2011/01/24 08:57]  Franziskus Ninetails: Aren't freezing, my boys?
[2011/01/24 08:57]  River: yes my master
[2011/01/24 08:58]  Franziskus Ninetails pulls Mamba close to his body, warming him with his pelts and his body temperature
[2011/01/24 08:58]  Mamba Serpente: yes a bit my Master+
[2011/01/24 08:58]  River: but the doors have been broken and i didnt know if to go in or not
 [2011/01/24 08:58]  Franziskus Ninetails: why are you naked out here on the docks?
[2011/01/24 08:58]  Couples MultiAnimator Advanced v3.41: Franziskus Ninetails would like permission to animate you. Select [YES] to accept?
[2011/01/24 08:59]  River: i checked the trade hall my master to ensure that nothing was stolen, and in my hurry i ran straight to there
[2011/01/24 08:59]  Mamba Serpente: waiting for you my Master
[2011/01/24 08:59]  Couples MultiAnimator Advanced v3.41: Say /99stop if you wish to stop the animation early or revoke permission to animate again.
 [2011/01/24 08:59]  River: i had been in the long house
[2011/01/24 08:59]  River jumps into his master's loving arms
 [2011/01/24 09:00]  Franziskus Ninetails hugs his other boy tight also, smiling as the boy snuggles his cold, shivering body against him
[2011/01/24 09:01]  Franziskus Ninetails lets his boy down and frowns in surprise "The doors were broken? So why didn't you repair them? Leave it open all day long???"
[2011/01/24 09:01]  Door-7 whispers: Franziskus Ninetails opened the door
[2011/01/24 09:01]  Door-7 whispers: River Airy opened the door (mem)
[2011/01/24 09:02]  Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, the bosk seem well
[2011/01/24 09:02]  Franziskus Ninetails looks into the sleen-box and frowns
 [2011/01/24 09:02]  Franziskus Ninetails: hmmm, Fluffy seems injured!
[2011/01/24 09:03]  River: watches as his master checks the sleen and bites his lip as his master sees it  injured
[2011/01/24 09:04]  Franziskus Ninetails pulls the whimpering sleen out of the cage and sees it's fur full of blood
[2011/01/24 09:04]  Franziskus Ninetails swears
[2011/01/24 09:04]  River: ohh my master is fluffy going to be okay
[2011/01/24 09:05]  Franziskus Ninetails reaches the sleen to Mamba and commands "Bandage it!"
 [2011/01/24 09:05]  Sleen Cage v1.52 G a low menacing growl comes from the cage but the sleen stays inside recognising the scent
 [2011/01/24 09:07]  Franziskus Ninetails whips his bloody hands clean at his kilt, then looks with sad eyes to his lil sunshine "I don't know, if he'll make it. Sleen are strong, but Fluffy is old. Maybe we should soon look for another one to raise"
[2011/01/24 09:08]  River wipes a tear from his eye, worried for the pet he had got used to
[2011/01/24 09:09]  Franziskus Ninetails raises and lifts his face. There's a smell stinging even harder then the smell of the bosks. He frowns and hastens up the stairs
[2011/01/24 09:09]  River: jumps to his feet and chases his master
[2011/01/24 09:09]  ::Kool Door whispers: Franziskus Ninetails opened the door
 [2011/01/24 09:11]  River: ohh
[2011/01/24 09:11]  River: my master
[2011/01/24 09:11]  Franziskus Ninetails: Here's the fire!!!!
[2011/01/24 09:11]  River: runs back down to get a bucket of water
[2011/01/24 09:12]  Franziskus Ninetails: quick! get some water, boy!!!!!!
[2011/01/24 09:12]  Franziskus Ninetails rips the fur from the ground and slaps it on the fire on his desk
[2011/01/24 09:12]  River: hastily fills two buckets of water and runs back up stairs
[2011/01/24 09:12]  Franziskus Ninetails coughs at the smoke rising
[2011/01/24 09:13]  Franziskus Ninetails as the flames are getting a bit smaller, covers them with the fur-rug.. .killing the flames
[2011/01/24 09:13]  River throws a bucket of water over the flames
[2011/01/24 09:14]  River: then throws the other one
[2011/01/24 09:14]  Franziskus Ninetails coughs heavily as the room is full of smoke
[2011/01/24 09:14]  River quickly opens all the windows to let the smoke out
[2011/01/24 09:15]  River struggles to open the second window but eventually it pushes out
[2011/01/24 09:16]  River: we are lucky it did not spread my master
 [2011/01/24 09:18]  Franziskus Ninetails runs to the window
[2011/01/24 09:18]  Franziskus Ninetails inhaling the fresh air
 [2011/01/24 09:19]  River waves his arms around stirring the air to chase the smoke out coughing as he does
[2011/01/24 09:20]  River: wipes his eyes that are streaming from the smoke
[2011/01/24 09:21]  Franziskus Ninetails looks down at the heavily burnt desk and books. He swears. "Who the hell breaks into a house and makes such stupid things? And why haven't you killed the fire earlier, boys? The whole house could have burnt down!!!!!!"
[2011/01/24 09:22]  River: drops his head in shame, he hadn’t checked the house just the trade hall. Thinking only of his master's goods
[2011/01/24 09:22]  Mamba Serpente: i beg you pardon my Master, boy did not come upstairs and hasn't seen the fire
[2011/01/24 09:22]  Franziskus Ninetails: well, good there was nothing important here
 [2011/01/24 09:22]  Franziskus Ninetails: ((I still wonder, which painting they set on fire))
((at this point I admitted to accidently killing the fire before we could rp it. But as the panthers only rp’d  firing the picture and we put out the desk I think we are even))
[2011/01/24 09:22]  Mamba Serpente: next time this one will see that doors have been picklocked will check all over the home and repair them my Master
 [2011/01/24 09:23]  Franziskus Ninetails grunts "Well, clean the mess here. And I think I need a new desk!
[2011/01/24 09:23]  River hangs his head in shame, coughing now and then
[2011/01/24 09:24]  River: yes my master
[2011/01/24 09:24]  Franziskus Ninetails looks at Mamba "Did you bandage Fluffy?"
[2011/01/24 09:24]  Franziskus Ninetails: Maybe you should take him up to the kitchen to observe him and care for him
 [2011/01/24 09:24]  River: i will my master
((at this point we all had to sign off for rl.))

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