Sunday, 30 January 2011

Attack of Fluffy

I popped onto sl briefly this afternoon and was greeted by my brother Mick. Before we even had time to greet each other properly he was telling me to stay put and running off with bow drawn. As it happens two women were down in the stable. Both were attacked by fluffy my beloved sleen. Unfortunately Fluffy became blood lust and soon i forgot about rp as he attacked me, bringing me down. then both the women. Mick aided me, and then was put down himself by fluffy. In all honesty i was so busy laughing i forgot all about the role play and just aided him, One of the women recoved and made a break for it and was last seen running off with mick in pursuit along with fluffy nipping at her heels. I wish i could have stayed to find out what happened next but old face ache is at home so i cant be on the net for more than a few minutes at a time.

Safe paths all

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