Sunday, 23 January 2011

River's day

River stood on the dock and waved goodbye to his master. Every time the ship left the left Hrimgar, his heart sank. Gor was such a barbaric world, it scared him, making him wonder if this was the time that his Master would meet his match with the bow or sword, that this was the time that he never came back. He watched until the ship rounded the mountain and sailed out of view taking his beloved master with it.  He sighed deeply and his arms feel limply to his sides. Even though it was early, not even light River knew he had work to do. Although his master never gave him a list, there were things that were expected of him, things that had to be done every day whether he wanted to do them or not.  

Resignedly, River walked along the long dock, his head hanging low to his chest as he negotiated the slick dew covered wooden walkway. His feet knew where they were going. It was a path he had followed more than once. He took the bunch of keys from around his neck and pushed one into the lock of the trading hall, turning it twice and unlocking the door. Now would be a good time to take inventory as he seemed to be alone. He picked up his board and a charcoal pencil and began to count his master’s supplies.  
Silks – 26
Ropes – 27
Slave wine – 10
Collars – 10
River continued to check off the goods that were stored for trade, making sure that nothing had been stolen while he and his master had slept. Satisfied that everything was there, River put his board down on the small desk that was provided for him and picked up his quill. He dipped it into the small bottle of ink and wrote out the inventory form neatly for his master, making sure to blot each line so that it was legible. He put down his quill and stretched. The lowness of the desk hurt his back and made his legs ache but then it was not designed to be comfortable, it was a slave desk, not a master’s with a large padded chair. He was grateful that his master afforded him a simple cushion to save him from the icy cold floor. He placed his quill back on to the desk top and rolled the parchment up and tied it with a piece of string before placing it on his master’s desk. He tidied up a little using a small feather duster to clean the desks and cages, and then swept the floor, making sure that it is pleasant for any master’s looking to do business with his own master. 

He left the trade hall open and walked the short distance down the docks to the home of his master. There were house chores to be done before the first ship arrived and delivered more trading goods.
“Hello my lovelies,” he says as he opens the door that leads to his master’s bosk. He lifts up a shovel and begins to clear the dirty hay away. He worked up and sweat and by the time he had finished his nice clean tunic was smeared with dirt. He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, leaving a dirty mark in its place and then spread nice clean straw for the bosk to stand on. He stood back and admired his work, pleased to have one of the chores under his belt. 

He sighs and strips off his tunic, thinking he should have maybe cleaned the bosk while nude; it was much easier to wash him that to scrub clothes. He carries them back up to the kitchen and drops them next to the wash tub, ready to do when he got the time. As he straightened up he caught sight of his master’s muddy boots and couldn’t help the sigh that slipped from between his lips. River sits down on the stool and reaches down and picks up one of the boots, slipping his hand inside. The inner sole was soft and River stoked it, trying to remember what it felt like to have something so soft under his feet, cushioning him as he walked. His feet were almost always bare now as was the rest of his body, although since moving north he was allowed to bind his feet with fur and his master had purchased the plain tunics that he was allowed to wear, and for really bad weather he did have a fur cloak. These of course had to be removed whenever he was inside. Absentmindedly he lifted up a brush and began to clean the dried mud away. It took much longer than he thought it would to get the boots back up to a shine and he placed them neatly against the wall and put away the brush.

He stretched, pressing his fingers into the small of his aching back. He didn’t know what time it was, but he knew the day was moving onwards and soon his master would be home, expecting his chores to be completed. How he wished that Mamba would return; there was just too much to do for one lone boy. The day just seemed to fly past, morning turning to afternoon as the first ship sailed in and the captain rang the trade bell. River worked hard, helping to unload the bales of silk and kegs of salt and a multitude of other goods, cataloguing all of it and gaining signatures of captains and traders so that his master could settle with them on his return. In between ships arriving he carried the goods up to his master’s trading hall for safe keeping, heaving the heavy sacks onto his shoulders and staggering under the weight until the sun began to dip below the horizon once more.
As the light faded River took the key from around his neck and locked up the trade hall for another day, first checking that he had left all inventories for his master’s approval on his desk. Wearily, the owned boy made his way back to his master’s house and climbed the steep stairs. He removed the tunic that he had put on for his work outside and put it next to the wash tub, ready to wash before he retired for the night. He had a quick wash, wishing that he could have taken time to soak in the bath but knowing he still had so many chores to do. Not knowing the ahn of day, River began to prepare a meal for his master’s return, placing a hank of bosk to roast, sprinkling it with a variety of Gorean herbs and spices that his master had in small corked jars on the shelves of the kitchen. He then sat on the floor and peeled a pan of sul’s and onions and put them to roast also along with some mushrooms. With a sigh, he went over to the pump and began to fill his tub at least he could soak the soiled clothes while he was cooking.
“I am home Mine.” The voice rang out clearly as the door to the lower level banged open.
River quickly arranged himself in the bracelets position, with his knees spread widely so that his master could see all of his property when he entered the kitchen.

He trembled slightly as his master’s feet sounded heavy on the stair, not from fear but from excitement. Being owned had opened up feelings in him that he never knew existed. The kitchen door opened and River automatically straightened his body, pushing out his chest, the tiny rings through each of his tender nipples glinting in the torchlight of the dimly lit house. His flaccid cock hung between his spread legs, resting on his hairless ball sack. He widened his knees further, and his cock and balls rested on the rough wooden floor.
The tall handsome master moved so that he was standing between his property’s spread legs and looked down at him, a smile touched his lips as he pressed his booted foot down on the boy’s exposed genitals. River gasped, biting his lip to stop himself from moaning out loud and his master pressed down a little harder, letting his boy know that he was owned.
“How is my lil sunshine?” Franziskus asked looking down not unkindly.
River swallowed and tried to ignore the pressure on his balls. “This boy is  ... is well  ... m ... my master,” he stammered.
Franziskus smiled again seeing the look on his boy’s face. “And have you finished all of your chores my sunshine?” he asked, pressing down again.
“N ... no ... m ... my master; please forgive this lazy useless boy.” River hung his head, feeling the pressure of his master’s foot.
The master let the smile slide from his face as he contemplated his property for a moment, moving his foot slightly from side to side, grinding his boy’s tender organs under it. River trembled and let out a low moan, shaking as he waited for his master’s displeasure. Franziskus suddenly beamed widely and moved his foot backward and off of his property and clapped his hands twice, indicating the boy should jump into his arms.”
Not hesitating River leaped into his master’s arms and hid his face into his neck. “That is alright my lil sunshine, I know that you have done all that you can, you would not dare not to. Now go get me some Kalana wine and something to eat.” Franziskus slapped his property’s bare arse making him yelp as he dropped him so he could go and do his bidding.  He began to strip off his armour as he watched his boy run to the pantry and collect a new bottle of wine and a smile came to his lips once more knowing that soon the boy would be providing more than just wine for his pleasure.

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