Tuesday, 14 December 2010

End of Tidra Ahoy


I am quite sad, knowing that Tidra only has a few weeks left and then My Master is packing our bags and moving us to where, i dont know. As his boy I go where he goes. I feel as if My Master's work has been under valued. To me, he is easily one of the best builders and Sim designers that i have had the privilege to meet in Sl.

I have become quite fond of the place in my short time there. Although, a small garden for me to tend, rather than a whole fort is better for me i guess. The Healer has already packed his belongings and is waiting for the final days before moving completely.

Everyone else other than My Master and myself have all but gone anyway. I wish this boy had the money to pay to keep it open for his master, but unfortunately I dont.

The baths i will miss the most. They are so beautiful.

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  1. Yeah, I cried by the time I finished my post on it this morning. We'll all survive,and I think we should have one HELL of a party.... going out with a whimper just isn't my style. Let's go out with a bang!