Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Hrimgar - and new friends

When Master took me to Hrimgar all I could think about was how much I was going to miss the bright sunshine of Tidra. We were going from a tropical paradise to the cold snowy north. The first thing My Master had to do was buy this boy some clothes, in Tidra I was almost aways nude, on occasion I would cover my modesty but those occaisons were rare and usually decided upon by my beloved Master.
But as a slave does I quickly settled into life as the Harbour Master's boy. The work is hard and long and with Mamba still missing from the flood, even the household chores fell on this boy's shoulders. Most nights I fell exhasted into My Master's furs with little energy left but to fall asleep. My beloved Master has been most understanding of this and for that this boy is grateful.

Good news was comming though, and my chain brother Mamba found his way north to us and has rejoined our household. And with the addition of Korbin Mortenson and Peniyle Querrien (pen) two lovely thralls that are living with us for a while with their Master, my work load is suddenly much more managable.

Though not officially my chain brother's I have become close to them, especially Korbin, with whom I have a lot in comman.
I have also met another new thrall to our area, he is only visiting at the moment but I found out that he is masterless and I am working on pursuading him to stay. His name is Endymion Avalira (Endy) and he has come to us from Etihad, where he was finding life quite lonely. ((he admitted to me that he had more roleplay in the few hours that he had been visiting with us than he had in his entire weekend at Etihad)) He seems like a nice boy.
Something rather disconcerting though. ... last night in the longhouse there was a slave that was my double apart from the fact I have green eyes. I am now worried that this other thrall might do something bad and I will be blamed. Maybe I should tell My Master about him.
My Master is calling me now so I will finish this scroll.
Safe Paths free's
and Serve with fire thralls.

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