Tuesday, 25 January 2011

okay this is going to sound like sour grapes but ....

why the fuck should i have to roleplay five days of cleaning and rebuilding for a total of four lines of roleplay?
I don't have the transcript here at the moment but as soon as i go in world i will post it.

my main gripes are.

1) why has my Master's private house been burned down. As far as i knew private houses were safe zones unless you are in a roleplay and retreat into them.
2) Just cus we live on the harbour why should we be the targets everytime.
3) how can four lines of roleplay justify burning down a private house? especially when there was one door that was lockpicked that wasnt roleplayed and only one fire was lit yet .. three were burning. (the one that was lit in roleplay was lit in our private bedroom.)

As sure as I am concerned the role play was invalid, unfortunately I don't have a say. In all honesty I rp'd treating my injured sleen (bitches tried to kill him) with more lines than were used to burn down my master's home.

Am I a bitter queen. Too fucking right I am!

I am really on the verge of asking my master if we can move to farmlands. Yes we have a wonderful home and i would miss it but if it meant that we actually got some privicy then i would go in a heartbeat.

Okay Bitch fest over

safe paths .


  1. Well that sounds like balls >:/ Something like that should make for fun RP not last for four lines.
    "Lulz, burned ur house! Bais!"
    I guess you are easy target being on the harbour but still sounds off.

  2. i know it was a limit rp, but i was pleased as punch to get a notecard for once. you know know any more fires and prim crap we get on the sim with out any rp or notecard at all. as ther the dock house, it is and will be a very busy place and a target. that is why i just ruled the fire only in the office and the very top of the tower and not the living space. gor is a dangerus place, i my self have burnt down a house.. well cooking.

  3. ohh i am well over it now babe, i just get annoyed sometimes and my way of moving on is to rant in words. It wasnt your ruling that upset me. It was just a general bitch.