Thursday, 29 December 2011

We're going on travels my lil Sunshine

A nice little roleplay that we had during the day and continued later. again i forgot to take pictures.

Master's lil Sunshine takes a large scoop of beans from the caoca sack and takes them over to the grinder. putting them into it a little at a time he begins to grind them into a powder so that he can restock the market stall before his master wakes up. its a long tedious job and River hums to himself as he works. He hears a mewing at his feet and looks down to see his little larl looking up at him. He picks a sliver of meat from the tabletop and drops it down to him and then carries on with his work.
Master's lil Sunshine puts some suls into roast and some carrots to simmer. He then fries some vulo and tabuk. He curses as the fat spits at him, hitting his naked belly, making a tiny blister. He sighs and continues to cook, maybe his master wont notice yet another mark on his skin. He looks down again, examining the burn, its not bad, a little salve and it will be gone in no time. He considers just treating it but then decides that he should ask permission first. Its not painful so he puts it to the back of his mind and serves the meat on to the plates he has ready. One plate for his master and one for his master's son.
Master's lil Sunshine: with his master's meal now cooked, river turns his attention to the blackwine beans, He takes two large scoops and starts to grind them too. he looks over at the samava suddenly remembering he hadnt put it on yet.
Master's lil Sunshine: he leaves his beans for a moment and puts a fresh pot on and lights the flame, leaving it to brew while he continues grinding
Franziskus Ninetails wakes up from a long sleep at the fireplace. He hears his boys roumaging in the house... at least one of them. He gets up and closes the laces of his pants. A grin on his face as he notices the spots on the leather. He walks to the kitchen to get a black wine before he takes a quick bath and change his clothes
 Franziskus Ninetails kisses his working boy's shoulder from behind before his slave falls to his knees “So, you're busy working, my lil sunshine?”
Master's lil Sunshine starts at the sudden kiss and smiling jumps down off of his box and kneels before his master, waiting for permisson to greet his master properly
Master's lil Sunshine: good morning my master
Franziskus Ninetails pulls his boy to his crotch, the scent from last night.. the scent of his seed mixed with the scent of leather - teasing his boy's nostrils
Master's lil Sunshine inhales deeply and then looks up to his master, a smile on his lips. "did you sleep well my beloved master?" he asks before nuzzling his master's crotch once more. “may this boy continue with his work my master?”
Franziskus Ninetails nods and pats his boy's head
Master's lil Sunshine: thank you my master. i have made a bath ready for you my master
Franziskus Ninetails: I will just have a quick black wine, then wash and change clothes
Master's lil Sunshine: smiles as his master says he wants to bathe just as he tells him that his bath is ready. i also laid some clothes on your bed my master for you.
Franziskus Ninetails takes the bowl with black wine his boy already prepared for him and the warm, steaming bread in his other hand
Franziskus Ninetails gets some butter from the chiller and smears it on the fresh bread. He eats and drinks standing, watching the muscles on his slaves body moving under the tanned naked skin, as his boy works hard grinding the beans
Master's lil Sunshine feels his master's eyes on him and blushes slightly and smiles to himself, keeping his head lowered so his master will not see the pleasure in his face at being watched so closely
Franziskus Ninetails as he finished his quick breakfast puts the bowl and the plate to the washing sink. He slaps his slave's butt playfully before he turns to the door "Well, taking a bath now, mine" Xcite! X3 Ass is spanked by Franziskus Ninetails.
Master's lil Sunshine yelps and then grins. “yes my master.”
Closet right door: Franziskus Ninetails opens his closet and thinks 'Oh my God, I have nothing to wear!'.
Master's lil Sunshine: do you require any help my master
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmm, no, I'm fine, my lil sunshine
Franziskus Ninetails: We should prepare for some travels to sell some good
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master
Franziskus Ninetails: We just need to find a busy place
Master's lil Sunshine stands straigh as he watches his master dress himself. he keeps his hands behind his back so not to impair his master's veiw of his property
Franziskus Ninetails rubs his chin "Hmmm, let me think... " - His thoughts get distracted by the view of his naked slave.  Franziskus Ninetails points to a new bruise on his boy's belly close to the scar "What do you have there, mine?"
Master's lil Sunshine looks down at where his master is pointing and bites his lip. "its a small burn my master, when i was frying your tabuk it spat at me and hit me on my belly.
Franziskus Ninetails nods understanding "You should put some salve on it"
Master's lil Sunshine: thank you my master,  this boy thanks you for your kindness: if i may i will go to the kitchen and do it now before i forget my master"
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, go, my lil sunshine"
Master's lil Sunshine: thank you my master.”  Master's lil Sunshine goes to the medical and takes out a small jar of salve and uncorks it. Master's lil Sunshine: he smears a little on his belly. he then puts the cork back in and puts it back then goes back to find his master.
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, I thought I got more cherry candies.. hmmmmm
Master's lil Sunshine: i haven’t taken any my master: maybe the young master's runaway took them with him
Franziskus Ninetails nods and fills the box with Ramberry Candies from a drawer in his desk "Well, got enough ramberry candies" Franziskus Ninetails tosses one of the remaining cherry candies to his boy
Master's lil Sunshine catches it with a bright smile and pops it into his mouth. "thank you my master" he says happily
Franziskus Ninetails: Get dressed warmly, my lil sunshine. We're first going to Tabor East. I want to see, if I can buy some more of that warm underwear to sell it in the North!"
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master. Master's lil Sunshine goes over to the chest where his master keeps his silks and he pulls out the winter underwear that his master bought for him. Master's lil Sunshine pulls on an old sweater that his master had discarded and some old pants. He ties some furs around his feet and then puts on his cloak. Hoping that it pleases his master he hurries off to find him.  Master's lil Sunshine pauses at the weapons locker and takes out his bow, boomerang and rock pouch. Strapping each in turn in place
Master's lil Sunshine: i am ready my master
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as his boy returns, clothed warmly:” Very well, my lil sunshine. I already put some stuff in the sled. I think we will take the snow sleen with us”
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master
Franziskus Ninetails looks for a moment at his boy and considers loudly "Hmmm, as long as you are injured, it's better I drive the sled"
Master's lil Sunshine nods, and climbs on board
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as they reach Tabor East really fast, getting better and better with driving the sleen
Master's lil Sunshine: as his master pulls up the sleen, river jumps out and grabs the harness quickly tying it securely Mast “now be good sooty, we won’t be long. No eating any stray boys."
Franziskus Ninetails commands the sailors to load the sled with all the goods and market-carts plus the snow-sleen on board of the ship
Master's lil Sunshine: i wonder what happened to the baker my master. i haven’t seen her in many days.
Franziskus Ninetails inspects the goods of the bakers woman, finding most empty and the pies wasting. He mumbles "Hmmm, yes... I wonder, where she's gone. I hope she's fine"
Master's lil Sunshine: you don't think that she has been taken by hammergaard do you
Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head "I hope not"
Master's lil Sunshine: i don't think i have ever met the seamstress my master
Franziskus Ninetails buys some sets of the warm underwear from the seamstress and places some coins for it on her desk
Franziskus Ninetails: Ah, you haven't met Lady Moonsie?
Master's lil Sunshine: no my master
Master's lil Sunshine tuts at how deep the snow is and wonders that the city boys do with their time.
Franziskus Ninetails turns as he hears steps and a voice behind him "Tal", he answers the greeting
Master's lil Sunshine looks to his master as a free comes up behind them.
Skeeve Portal: I don't think we have met. : I'm Skeeve, Green, and new to Tabor
Master's lil Sunshine: greetings master, " he says softly and takes a step back
Franziskus Ninetails tilts his head to the side and studies the man's face "No, I think we haven't yet. Well met, Skeeve. It's good to have another physician in the city. I'm Franziskus of Tidra, merchant in Tabor "
Skeeve Portal: Well met!
Franziskus Ninetails: This..." - He pats his slave's head on the hood "... is my first boy and lil sunshine River"
Skeeve Portal: Pleased to meet you as well, River!
Master's lil Sunshine: tal master healer, on behalf of my brothers i bid you welcome."
Skeeve Portal: Thank you! : Merchant, you say... perhaps you may have certain herbs available?
Franziskus Ninetails smiles, all merchant: "If you need medical supplies, Sir, I am your man! We have the finest herbs, powders and medicinal juices in whole Tabor! Collected and selected in the Tabor Mountains " Franziskus Ninetails turns to his boy "Go to the ship and search the crates with the herbs, my lil sunshine. I already packed them up for our travels, but the captain can wait!"
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master.”  Master's lil Sunshine hurries over to the ship to do his master's bidding. "master captain, my master has told me to collect a box from his goods, please would you direct me to them"
Skeeve Portal: I shall definitely want to purchase herbs occasionally. I tried bringing some live plants with me, but they did not handle the travel well.
Master's lil Sunshine goes down into the hold of the ship and searches through his master's packages and crates pulling out the relevant ones and carrying them one by one up to the market cart for easier viewing for the master
Franziskus Ninetails nods "We have herbs. They grow in Tabor Mountains and the slave of the Lord of the Mountains grinds them. And we have another healer to distill it to juices. But if you prefer to distill it yourself, that's fine"
Franziskus Ninetails scratches his head "Hmm, I think you need spirit then too?"
Skeeve Portal: Yes! It's nice to meet a merchant so well stocked! : In the small village I came from, the arrival of any merchant was cause for celebration
Master's lil Sunshine trudges through the snow, and places the goods on the cart before going back for more
Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "Well, I travel around the city and the rural places around it. And I buy here from the peasants and wintners and brewers"
Skeeve Portal: These giant bird statues.. I've seen several around the city. This is a local custom?
Master's lil Sunshine pulls out the market wagon as soon as he can get to it , placing it where his master is talking to the healer. Master's lil Sunshine: he then collects the crates that he already dug out of the ships hold
Franziskus Ninetails watches his boy for a moment quietly as he pulls the heavy cart off the ship again. Then at the healer's words he looks over to the bird "Ah, the vulos... Hmmm...."
Master's lil Sunshine: and places them on it for his master's inspection
Franziskus Ninetails: "I heard some slaves have built them. I'm not sure for what purpose"
Master's lil Sunshine: i think this is the last box my master.” Master's lil Sunshine places the final crate on the stall.
Skeeve Portal: Most intriguing.. but they do add an interesting look to the city. I'll admit surprise at finding one INSIDE the infirmary!
Franziskus Ninetails commands his boy "Put the flasks and bags on the cart, so the Healer can inspect them, my lil sunshine!", then nods to the physician "Aye, I have seen that too. It was... intriguing, as you said"
Master's lil Sunshine sighs a sigh of relief, he had been having nightmares since he had been ill that a giant vulo was chasing him to eat him. hearing that he hadn't hallucinated it made him feel strangly better.
Franziskus Ninetails points at the sign "Don't mind the prices on the sign. As a Healer in Tabor, I will make you a special offer"
Skeeve Portal looks over the items and makes his selections
Franziskus Ninetails: Brut vine and slave wine you can have really cheap. For some reason they don't sell too well in Tabor!" *scratches his head wondering, why that is so*"As you are new to Tabor and to show my good will, lets say, you get two for the price of one!"
Skeeve Portal: Every region seems to have it's favourite beverages. Ah, that is most kind!
 Master's lil Sunshine lowers his head and giggles ... surely his master had noticed the lack of slavegirls in tabor by now.
Franziskus Ninetails: Do you need spirit too?
Skeeve Portal: Yes, please!
Franziskus Ninetails looks to his boy "Did I pack some bottles of spirit, my lil sunshine? Or did I forget it in the stockhouse?"
Master's lil Sunshine: i think you packed some my master. i can go and look and see if you packed it in a different box my master” Master's lil Sunshine runs back to the ship and down into the hold once more, he searches through the packages and boxes until he finds the bota's of spirits. he pulls them out one by one, tucking them under his arms and carries them back to his master
Skeeve Portal: You do indeed carry good quality. The powders are very fresh!
Master's lil Sunshine places the bota's on the wagon for the healer's inspection. "i could only find six my master."
Skeeve Portal: I'll take all six! <smiles>
Franziskus Ninetails rubs his nose "Hmmm... normally it would be about 1 KT each, but I'll give the six to you for... hmmm... 3 KT? Is that fine with you?"
Skeeve Portal: wonderful! you are most kind
Master's lil Sunshine: master healer do you need a boy to carry your purchases to the infirmary for you?" river asks offering his assistance to the new tabor healer.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and takes the coins from the Healer, then nods to his slave to pack the six bottles into a crate together with the other medical supplies
Skeeve Portal: At your convenience, thank you!
Master's lil Sunshine packs everything into one crate for the healer and lifts it up quite easily. He might be a small boy but his strength seemed to be as good as any other boy he had met
Skeeve Portal: I will not insult you by asking if you would sell River, but should you hear of a boy similar for sale, I would be willing to pay a reasonable finder's fee.
Master's lil Sunshine looks at his master slightly panicked as the master speaks of buying and tries to shrink into the background so not to bring more attention to himself.
Skeeve Portal notes River's panicked look "Don't worry, River. I can see in you master's eyes he would never sell you!!! "
Master's lil Sunshine looks to his master again, hoping that the healer is right. He feels confident that his master would not part with him but he was after all a merchant and if the right money was offered who could say for sure.
Skeeve Portal: Franziskus, I do apologize for discomforting River.
Franziskus Ninetails smiles while he inspects once again that all the goods are put into the crate as promised "Ha, I won't sell my lil sunshine. He's such a good boy; it will be hard to find another one pleasing like him. But I can keep my eyes and ears open”
Master's lil Sunshine takes a breath of relief and whispers. "shall i tote these wears to the infirmary my master?"
Skeeve Portal: Then I am already in your debt. Should you or yours need my services, I will give such as I can for free. But I should warn you... now that I know how low you "can" go on prices, I expect to have a good time negotiating in the future! <winks>
Franziskus Ninetails puts some extra herbs and juices into the crate as a surprise and welcome gift to the healer, knowing that at the cold season the health of the Taborians will be challenged.  Franziskus Ninetails points to his slaves belly "My boy had a surgery a few days ago. Maybe one day in close future you could take a look at it. I'm not so sure, if your.. colleagues did a good work"
Skeeve Portal: I will be happy to! Just let me know when.  What type of surgery?
Master's lil Sunshine stands holding the crate patiently waiting to be given permission to either put it down or take it to the healer's office
Skeeve Portal: <to River> And you! Put that down on the cart.
Franziskus Ninetails again scratches his head. "Appendix, they said. But it's a big scar they left." - As his boy has his hands full he reaches for his slave's top-part of the underwear and lifts it a bit to show his boy's belly
Master's lil Sunshine looks to his master for confirmation of the command by the healer
Skeeve Portal takes the load from the boy:  I'd like to see him no later than tomorrow, and he's on "light duty" until then,.
Franziskus Ninetails takes the crate from the hands off the healer who took it from the hands of his boy and places it on the cart, so the healer can take a look at the scar
Franziskus Ninetails nods "I restricted him already from his duties in the furs for a while..." and he adds with a grin "... though he's not pleased about that!"
Skeeve Portal: Actually, careful furring would be ok, but he should not be doing any heavy lifting or orher heavy work just het
Franziskus Ninetails: And told him to have his chain-brothers done the heavy work, but he just can't hold still.
Master's lil Sunshine blushes as his master reveals his strong slave heat but says nothing and looks down to the ground so not to show his master up.
Skeeve Portal: In fact, properly done (as in gently) furring can provide excellent relief from pain.
Master's lil Sunshine gives his master a "i told you so " look then looks away again.
Franziskus Ninetails chuckles and pats his boy's butt... a bit harder then just 'playful' "Ah, you heard it, my lil sunshine"
Skeeve Portal: and by gently, River, YOU must be very very still.
Master's lil Sunshine blinks and looks at his master thinking the torture that would be. he gulps at the thought and whispers ."yes master healer" in reply
Franziskus Ninetails rubs the back of his nose "Hmmm..... some ropes could guarantee that...."
Skeeve Portal pointedly stares at the sky
Master's lil Sunshine raises an eyebrow and thinks .. maybe not so bad then, then shakes the thought from his head.
Skeeve Portal takes a closer look at the healing incision
Franziskus Ninetails smiles "Thank you for your advice, Sir. I think I know what to do now"
Skeeve Portal: The cut was larger that the technique taught me, but it looks like the work was competently done. I'll want to remove the stitches in about another three days, IF he does not stress the wound further.
Franziskus Ninetails looks at his boy "Hmmm, well... maybe we should wait with the travels to the north then until your brothers are back, my lil sunshine? I'm sure the captain can wait a few hours"
Master's lil Sunshine hangs his head as he is indirectly scolded
Skeeve Portal: River. I know you are eager to prove your value, but if you do not properly take care of yourself while healing, you may cause damage that could kill you. Death would take you away from your master even more certainly than being sold. Do. You. Understand. Me????
Master's lil Sunshine whispers ."yes master healer"
Skeeve Portal: I'm not sure I heard you
Franziskus Ninetails frowns at his boy "Do you have a cold or sore throat, mine?"
Master's lil Sunshine: "yes master healer," river says louder looking at his master  “and no my master, i do not have a sore throat,"
Skeeve Portal: Good! I've yet to have a patient die on me, and if you are my first to do that, I'll hunt you down and kill you myself! <grins>
Master's lil Sunshine: thank you for asking about this boy's health my master"
Franziskus Ninetails smirks as his boy speaks louder "Ah, I thought because we could barely hear you"
Master's lil Sunshine looks up in total horror and gasps " i won’t master healer i promise."
Skeeve Portal: Good! You are too good a boy to be lost! <smiles>
Master's lil Sunshine: not actually getting the joke of what the healer had said.  “i try very hard master healer to make my master proud.”
Franziskus Ninetails as the physician is ready with the inspection pulls the top of the underwear over his slave's belly again
Master's lil Sunshine tucks the woollen underwear back into his pants
Skeeve Portal: Keep the incision clean and dry as it heals. Make sure any cloths used have been cleaned in boiling water, then allowed to cool in a clean place. Wounds heal better if kept properly clean
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, how about sul-paga?
Skeeve Portal: As a beverage or as a cleaning agent?
Franziskus Ninetails: It's a nasty drink, but I normally use it to clean wounds
Master's lil Sunshine eyes widen knowing how much that stings.
Skeeve Portal: Fresh, clean water would be better.
Master's lil Sunshine lets out the breath he was holding
Skeeve Portal: The strongest spirits you have *could* be used, but they tend to sting. A lot!
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmmmm... maybe safer too? Last time when my lil sunshine had splinters in his cock and I cleaned it with sul-paga, his chain-brother was drunk some ahn later for... strange reasons
Skeeve Portal: <laughs loudly> I have a feeling his chain-brother was helping with the washing.. a lot!
Franziskus Ninetails scratches his head "Or was that the day with the numbing salve and your brother couldn't talk for 2 days, my lil sunshine?"
Master's lil Sunshine: it was the salve my master,
Skeeve Portal: (( it's so nice to be with good rpers!!! )) ok couldn’t resist leaving this bit in.
Master's lil Sunshine: the paga i got whipped because Endy suggested that i drank the rest for pain.
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Ah, I remember now! It was YOU who was drunk, because your chain-brother convinced you to DRINK the sul-paga instead of using it to clean the wounds. Yes!"
Master's lil Sunshine hangs his head at the memory of the beating he got due to his brother.
Skeeve Portal: It has truly been a pleasure meeting you, but I must return to the city. I hope we meet again soon! Safe paths, both!
Franziskus Ninetails smirks "Well, the one paga-barrel in the kitchen is there for some reason!"
Master's lil Sunshine: groans
Franziskus Ninetails: Always a threat, if I find you ever drunk without permission, my lil sunshine. Franziskus Ninetails nods to the healer "Safe paths and thank you, Skeeve"
Master's lil Sunshine: you won’t my master, my word on it
Franziskus Ninetails: I will send the boy to you in the next days
Master's lil Sunshine: safe paths master,” ]  Master's lil Sunshine begins to pack up the boxes off the wagon, collecting all of his master's goods.
Franziskus Ninetails: Well, put all on the ship and tell the captain that we will pull anchor in the late hours. We will take your chain brothers with us"
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master.” Master's lil Sunshine pulls the loaded wagon to the ship and speaks softly to the captain who nods and orders his men to take the wagon back on board he then returns to his master. “ the captain says he can wait a few hours but if we miss the tide it will be tomorrow morning that we sail.”
Franziskus Ninetails nods, then suddenly remembers that they can't return with the sleen, as the beast is already loaded to the ship.  “Hmmmm... go and buy two or three fish for the sleen, my lil sunshine. We need a name for him, I think
Master's lil Sunshine: sooty my master
Franziskus Ninetails: sooty?
Master's lil Sunshine: i called him sooty: nods: because he is white.
Franziskus Ninetails nods though he doesn't understand it. I hope I can remember that name.  now go and get some fish for... Sooty .
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master
Calum shouts: Waves Tal!!
Master's lil Sunshine hurries over to the stores to see if they have some fish there
Franziskus Ninetails looks around as he thought he heard steps in the snow. He notices the boy Calum and waves back to him "Tal, Calum!"
Master's lil Sunshine smiles and waves. Master's lil Sunshine pays for three big fish and takes them back to the sleen and feeds him careful not to loose any fingers in the process
Franziskus Ninetails sniffs at the portions offered by Will Galuptra and grimaces
Franziskus Ninetails: Pah! some adulterated nasty wonder he can offer it so cheap!
Master's lil Sunshine listens to his master muttering under his breath used to his growls
Franziskus Ninetails: Well, I guess we need to take the ferry home, my lil sunshine
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master,  if it is running in this weather
Franziskus Ninetails: I heard they changed it to a sleigh but we can also walk on the ice or skate?
Master's lil Sunshine: aye
Franziskus Ninetails: oh... that reminds me to check the crates up there and tell one of your brothers, that the crates here have to be refilled
Master's lil Sunshine: yes my master i shall put a note on the board. Master's lil Sunshine runs to catch up with his master slipping and sliding as he crosses the ice
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, the gingerbread is not selling as good as I thought only one of each sort... no candy canes at all. I was sure, the boys would ask their masters a lot to buy them candy canes
Master's lil Sunshine: aye but not all masters are as kind as you my master
Franziskus Ninetails: Ah, I have an idea, my lil sunshine
Master's lil Sunshine: what is that my master?
Franziskus Ninetails takes some ice-skates from the rack and puts them on his boots
Master's lil Sunshine grins getting the idea
Franziskus Ninetails: we can skate to the tropics at least to the fields
Master's lil Sunshine: aye my master
Franziskus Ninetails: have to check the markets there too
Here we were skating home.
Master's lil Sunshine takes off his skates as they get off the ice
Franziskus Ninetails as they reaches the corner of Tabor Tropics sits down to take the skates off
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, the house looks good from here with the addition to the stable
Master's lil Sunshine: it does my master. Master's lil Sunshine shrugs off his cloak thankful to get rid of it now he is warm again. he also takes off his bow and boots. Master's lil Sunshine collects a plate of food for his master and brings in a hot black wine to warm him from their travels
Franziskus Ninetails takes his cloak off and puts it beside his pillow, then places the bow above it. He looks at the full plate "Is it already dinner time, my lil sunshine?"
Master's lil Sunshine: i thought that you might be hungry my master after skating so far. Master's lil Sunshine lifts the blackwine and offers it to his master, "to warm your insides my master. Just the way you like it with cream and two sugars "
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and takes the bowl from his boy "Thank you, my lil sunshine. Well, I could eat a bit meat and a sul and..." - he pokes with his fork into the brown thing "... whatever this is"
Franziskus Ninetails: Oh, it seems to be vulo, hm? Quite big
Master's lil Sunshine: it was a big bird my master
Franziskus Ninetails: Maybe I should consider a new position for myself.... Hmmm, I'm not a warrior... what else could I be but a merchant? Apply to the builder caste? Franziskus Ninetails grins at the imagination that he would rebuild whole Tabor.
Master’s lil Sunshine smiles, “they could do worse my Master.”

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