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What is an SL Gorean Slave?

What is an SL Gorean Slave?

Over the past few days this is a question that has been gone over and over and around and around in our household. So I thought I would clarify how I see the role of a slave.

"One owns slaves and commands them. One does what one likes with them. One does not bargain with them."

Page 365 - Mercenaries of Gor


  1.       Master is always right.
2         2.     In the rare occasion that Master is wrong refer to rule number one.

These are the two most important rules of slavery. A slave does not bargain with his Master, does not question his Master: he simply obeys.

The following points I feel are valid and should be considered when deciding if you want to be a slave or not. (In SL you do have the choice unlike in rl, and rl slaves do exist regardless of what you want to believe)

  • ·         A Gorean Slave is property
  • ·         He/she has no In Character (IC) rights at all
  • ·         He/she is subject to their Master’s will at all times
  • ·         A Gorean slave is subservient and obliging
  • ·         A Gorean slave lives only to please and serve their Master/Mistress if they fail in this duty they can be disposed of by either being sold or killed. It is their Master’s will.
  • ·         A Gorean slave watches his/her tongue (especially if they wish to keep it) and may speak only when granted permission to do so. If he/she wishes to speak, first they should beg permission; this of course can be denied in which case they keep silent.
  • ·         A Gorean slave never shows aggression towards a free
  • ·         The opinion of a Gorean slave is unimportant and un-needed. The only valid opinion is that of their Master.
  • ·         A slave works hard and does not complain EVER. He/she keeps their Master’s house, feeds and tends to the live stock and garden, even runs their Master/Mistress’s business. In lots of cases they are sex toys also and tend to their owner’s pleasure.
  • ·         A Gorean slave is little more than an animal, albeit an intelligent animal and is treated as such. You  don't ask your dog to fetch your slippers, you order him to.
  • ·         A Gorean slave is a sexual toy, there for their Master/Mistress’s pleasure. Their own sexual relief is unimportant. A gorean slave can be denied sexual relief for days, weeks, even months while being forced to pleasure their owners.
  • ·         A Gorean slave will bend to the whip and even thank their master for correcting their mistake or behaviour.
  • ·         Fighting slaves are just that, slaves that fight for the entertainment of their Masters. They are not free to wander the streets with a bow or a blade, challenging every free or slave that they meet. They are subject to the whip as much as any other slave is. On occasion men are bought as bodyguards but they are still owned and subject to the will of their Master/Mistress

"Insubordination, slaves are quickly taught, is not acceptable, in any way, to the Gorean master."

Page 123 - Kajira of Gor

Of course these points are my opinion of what a slave should be and should act like but I also believe that if you as a slave disagree with any of these points then you should re-think your chosen role.

In SL Gor we cannot be what we would be in a real life situation. For instance, on Gor a slave never is armed or expected to go on a raid, it’s just not done but we all know that in SL Gor there are more slaves than frees and the slaves are more likely to be on line. So we relent and give a slave a bow and tell them to help protect the city. But as soon as the raid is over the slave should kneel and give back the weapons, his/her head down, subservient again.

In SL Gor we choose to be slaves so if you are not prepared to act like a slave then make a different choice.

A friend of mine said to me yesterday. “You Gorean’s take second life way too seriously. It’s a game.”
To him I say, “Yes I do take it seriously. Being a gorean slave is a serious business. So serious that I call My Master, ‘My Master’ even when not on Gor and we are at our earth home. The reason for this is that slip ups are easy to make. If I make myself familiar with him out of character the chances of me slipping up and embarrassing him IC increase.

Even on my phone he is listed as ‘My Master Franziskus Ninetails.’

I rarely refer to My Master by his name when out of character (OOC)

Of course in real life I am not a slave. I have the right to say no; I have the right to disagree or say I don’t want to do that. I have the right to say I am signing off now. But it is kept OOC. If we need to talk then we change our tags and say okay we need to talk and the playing field is levelled. But when that tag is changed back to green and I am back IC then I behave as a slave should behave.

I strive to make My Master proud of his boy. I want My Master to be the envy of all other Masters. I want them to look at his boys and say I want to own them and have them worship me the way they worship him.

"He is strong enough, if I don't please him, to lash me."

Page 141 - Tribesmen of Gor

A strong Master is a good Master. A Master should not treat his slave like a pampered princess. (I think too many slaves male and female think that they are or should be treated like this.) A slave should know that they sleep at the foot of their master’s bed and that their place is at their Master’s feet.

My Master IC is my life. I live to please him and expect nothing in return.
In saying that, a good Master repays his slave for his loyalty and devotion by giving love in return. Not much a tiny show of affection now and then is all that is needed and sends a slave’s heart soaring.

When you kneel before your Master and whisper the words “I submit,” then that is what you should do. Put aside all of your preconceptions and open yourself to his world and his law. Two last quotes to leave you with.

"We must thus see to it that we are marvels to them, that we serve them with eagerness and perfection. This is not a matter, incidentally, of serving regardless of our will and possible desires, or in spite of them, but of actually adjusting our will and desires, in such a way that they now find expression and fulfilment even in such service."

Page 312 - Dancer of Gor

And this one

"Do some men care for their slaves," I asked, "just a little?" "Some men care for them much more than a little," he said. "Even natural slaves?" I asked. "Those are the best sort," he said."

Page 436 - Kajira of Gor


  1. Very well written, my lil sunshine!

    love you

  2. I agree with you and your Master on this. This was something i tried to go by myself. all of this was in IC. From what I see in all of gor, Many slaves thinks they are the boyfriend or girlfriend of the owner. If they want to be that they should be a free and become FCed.

  3. I agree completely. I think there is a difference between the cutesy "But Master..." and completley disregarding what Gorean slavery is supposed to be.