Monday, 26 December 2011

my post was meant to be of a happy occasion but

I am sure you have all seen the post my master made of the collaring of his son's first slave. I was going to post the whole ceremony and pictures. I worked on it, and got it edited and ready to go and then Jasper blew a fuse and attacked me IC and has been trying to attack my master and i since and bad mouthing us to our friends.
For that reason i am going to delete the whole thing and not post it.

As you all know, i do take roleplay seriously. I am my master's property and first boy and as first boy it is my duty to ensure that the other slaves know our rules and expectations.

on christmas eve, my master, and jasper and myself went out to roleplay. As usual jasper was playing the fool and giggling, making stupid jokes. So in IM i said "babe you need to be more serious." He went quiet and i thought no more of it. Ten minutes later he attacked me with a bow, took me down and said "now tell me to be more serious."

My Master was angry and upset because it ruined our roleplay. I tried to talk to jasper and he ignored me completely. He was how ever talking to my master (apparently i was always criticizing him, I dont think, 'please stop playing with my cock and spanker while we are in roleplay cus it ruins it, its there for my master not you," and "can you please stop using gestures while we are in roleplay" and "babe you need to be more serious," is always criticizing. i see it as being first boy and correcting mistakes before my master blows a fuse and tells him in not so nice a way.

Since christmas eve, he has attacked us again. this time trying to use a magic hud to disrupt our roleplay. My master however was faster than him and banned him from our parcel, ejecting him.

I now personally see him as a griefer and truly believe that he should be banned from the cluster for his misbehavior.

I will name and shame him because i think others should be warned of his psychotic personality.


I apologized to him right away when i found out that he felt overly criticized

IM, as follows.

[2011/12/24 07:21]  River Airy: sweetie you need to be a bit more serious

 here he attacked me IC.

[2011/12/24 07:40]  Sparks Zarco: now you can tell me to be more serious
[2011/12/24 07:40]  River Airy: sorry that was uncalled for babe, i was only giving you a pointer
[2011/12/24 07:41]  River Airy: i didn't want my master getting anoyed with you for being too light hearted
[2011/12/24 07:47]  River Airy: why are you being like this. i thought you wanted to learn about being a slave.
[2011/12/24 07:57]  River Airy: i am sorry if i upset you jasper but i was trying to help, please don't throw away our family for nothing.
[2011/12/24 08:08]  River Airy: i can only say sorry jasper. i wasn't criticising honest. i wanted to help you be the best roleplayer you can be. if i overstepped the mark i am sorry. I wont say anything again i promise. i thought you liked us and trusted us. we trusted you and liked you. please come back
[2011/12/24 08:12]  River Airy: i guess you either muted me or are ignoring me completely. i am sorry jasper . never meant to hurt or upset you .
[2011/12/24 08:27]  River Airy: sighs sadly

after that he still attacks me when i am in roleplay. As i say a griefer.

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  1. nothing hurts more than letting people into your inner circle or family and get nothing but hart ache and drama.