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Master collars a new boy

Tonight My Master re-collared a former boy, Mick, who was his boy on Tidra. From the rest of the chain I would like to welcome him back and I hope he finds the happiness that I have found in MY Master’s collar.

Mick: “greeting my brother”
Endy smiles "greetings my brother"
Franziskus Ninetails: “greetings, my lil sunshine”
Master's lil Sunshine: “greetings my Master”
Master's lil Sunshine: “greetings my brother”
Rivers new golden hair xcite: Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
Master's lil Sunshine: nuzzles you deeply
Franziskus Ninetails buries his fingers in his first boy's thick blond hair and pulls him close to his crotch
Master's lil Sunshine:” i love you my Master”
Franziskus Ninetails:” you are okay, my lil sunshine?”
Master's lil Sunshine:” i am my Master.”
Franziskus Ninetails: “good.  love you too, mine”
Rivers new golden hair xcite: **Your Rivers new golden hair xcite is being touched by Franziskus Ninetails
Master's lil Sunshine: “thank you for asking about a boy's health”
Rivers new golden hair xcite: Franziskus Ninetails pets River on the head.  Good boy!
Master's lil Sunshine nuzzles again at his Master's crotch
Franziskus Ninetails: “Now go and bath all of you, before you put your silks on. Except no silks for Mick of course.”
Master's lil Sunshine: “yes my Master”
Mick: “yes my Master”
Master's lil Sunshine: “come Mick, we will prepare you for your collaring”
Mick: “yes my brother”
Master's lil Sunshine: “come Endy”
Master's lil Sunshine: “my Master, should we use the pump or the bath?”
Franziskus Ninetails:” As an exception you can use my tub”
Master's lil Sunshine: “thank you my Master” Master's lil Sunshine reaches in to the bath that has already been filled and tests the water.
Mick removes his house silk and waits at the feet of the tub.
Master's lil Sunshine: “it’s cool but nice i think,” river says as he flips his hand in the water.
Endy smiles "it would not do to have you scolded before your collaring"
Master's lil Sunshine: “remove your silks too 2nd. We will all bathe. join me my future brother.”
Franziskus Ninetails having bathed before already, watches his boys for a moment with a warm smile, then starts to undress and searches in his closet for something to wear appropriate to the occasion
Endy mumbles as he struggles with one of the knots, and spying their Master thought the modesty screen giggles at their Master's ummmm..... eagerness for the new slave. Endy nudges their reluctant brother towards the bath, willing to throw him in if required
Master's lil Sunshine rubs over his brother's back, smoothing soap over him.
Master's lil Sunshine smiles as his brother joins him
Master's lil Sunshine: he passes him the soap
Master's lil Sunshine: make sure his cock and balls are nice and clean 2nd
Mick smiles and purrs at the soft touch of his first brother washing his back, teasing Endy’s inner legs with his toes and look innocent
Master's lil Sunshine slips his hand beneath his soon to be brother, washing his crack, making sure that he is perfectly clean for his Master
Endy rubs the soap vigorously on their new brother's chest first, then grins as his daps a spot of lather on their brothers nose before reaching between his legs and lathering
Mick pokes his brother Endy when he rubs so strongly, and splash him back. Mick shakes his ass when river washes and cleans his cock and balls, he softly purrs at the teasing
Master's lil Sunshine pours water over Mick’s head gently, a small smile on his face as he guards the soon to be brother's eyes from it
Mick shakes his spikes wet hairs and splashes his both brother
Master's lil Sunshine massages soap into Mick’s scalp: he kisses the slave's shoulder and then tells his brother Endy to take his place behind him. “Rinse Mick’s hair for me please Endy, I will check on our Master” Master's lil Sunshine uses a thin towel to dry his body, so not to drip all over the floor. Master's lil Sunshine walks on silent feet to where his Master is rumaging through the trunk. "can i help my Master?"
Franziskus Ninetails looks over his shoulder "Did you finish bathing?"
Master's lil Sunshine: “i am sorry my Master, i wondered if you need help. I have bathed my Master; I left Endy to finish bathing your new slave”
Endy grins after being splashed in the face earlier, and taking a jug dumps the lot over his brother's head. Endy chuckles "there, I think you are clean now"
Master's lil Sunshine: if you do not need me my Master, I shall put on my silks and see that Endy wears the right ones too, Briantoo
Franziskus Ninetails nods and continues searching for the old collar of his lil devil "Put on your chain silks and then put a cushion in the middle of the atrium, my lil sunshine"
Master's lil Sunshine:”yes my Master. Are you ready my brother and future brother?”
Endy pushes as their future brother who seems too comfy in the bath "up"
Master's lil Sunshine holds up a towel for Mick to stand into
Mick shakes his hair and replace his spike then nods at Endy
Endy grins and flattens their vain future brother's hair with a towel pretending he is only doing it to dry his hair
Franziskus Ninetails: “Get ready, boys!”
Master's lil Sunshine: “yes my Master, you heard our Master hurry up now. Put on your silks Endy.”
Mick move out the baths and grabs a towel, drying his body while his brother finish to try flatten his hair
Endy shrugs at their bossy brother, chuckling "first time you have been in a hurry to put silks ON my brother"
Master's lil Sunshine hurries over to the chest and takes out his yellow silks, he also takes out the red set for his brother and lays them on the bed. Then the green ones for Brian
Endy bounces on one leg as he tries to put on the silk, shivering at the cold metal parts
Master's lil Sunshine: “are you ready yet Endymion,” River asks impatiently. Not wanting to keep their Master waiting on such an important day. ]  Master's lil Sunshine examines his soon to be brother, making sure that he looks perfect for his Master
Endy blinks at his brother using his formal name, and smooth down his silk, "yes my brother"
Master's lil Sunshine turns his attention back to his brother, straightening his silks on his hips. “red suits you my brother”
Endy smiles "that you my brother" as he brushes his brother's hair away from his eyes
Rivers new golden hair xcite: Endymion Avalira hums peacefully as they slowly brush River's hair.
Master's lil Sunshine: “come my brother.”
Endy: Yes my brother
Master's lil Sunshine: let us join our Master
Endy nods "yes, my brother, come brother"
Brian: greetings my Master
Franziskus Ninetails: greetings, my lil angel.  You kneel behind the cushion, my boys. Franziskus Ninetails sighs "Can you kneel a bit more... in a line? you all kneel in one corner of the carpet "
Master's lil Sunshine kneels between his two brothers, his knees spread wide and hands behind his back
Franziskus Ninetails: this looks very fine. Franziskus Ninetails proudly smiles down to his lovely slave boys

Endy straightens his back, smiling adoringly at their Master, his heart filled with love for his family
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as his new boy approaches. “Come closer, my lil devil.”
Mick lowers his head and nods moving at his Master feet and kneel on the ground side of the cushion
Franziskus Ninetails: Kneel before me and assume the position of submission, my lil devil. Franziskus Ninetails points to the cushion at his feet
Mick lowers his head and cross his wrists rise them in front of his Master and lower his eyes
Master's lil Sunshine feels a lump form in his throat as memories flood through him. He smiles as Mick enters the room and kneels before his new Master
Endy grins at their new brother kneeling in the wrong place and whispers "training is going to be interesting" to lil sunshine as their brother finally moves to the correct position
Franziskus Ninetails reaches for the ropes he had wrapped around his new slave's neck to claim him as property. His fingers fondle with the knots... Opening them....
Mick feels the fingers wrapped on the ropes and remove slowly the knot, he bending his head much more and his heart beating faster in his chest
Franziskus Ninetails as he has opened the rope collar, takes the rope and wraps it symbolically around Mick's wrists, as he speaks "After a long time, you finally found your way back where you belong, my lil devil.    Franziskus Ninetails as he wrapped the rope around his new boy's wrists reaches for the old collar that once already been around his lil devil's neck
Mick raises his eyes and looks at the ropes, listening at his former Master and future one, beams proudly ' yes i found my way my Master, your way and on your collar
Master's lil Sunshine looks up with dewy eyes, seeing how straight and proud his new brother kneels
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as he closes the cool metal ring around Mick's neck. "After a long travel you come back to the chain and we welcome you in our arms and our hearts."
Franziskus Ninetails closes the collar with a metallic click, then reaches for the little keys at his belt. "So repeat after me, my lil devil..."
Endy watches, his heart thumping in anticipation, delighted for the lil devil, and his heart filled with fond memories of his own collaring, his eyes drifts for a moment to the collar as his Master places it around the lil devil's neck which is one of the two he has seen his Master idly toying with in spare moments of the office, and he wipes away a tear from his eye, glad that they have the most caring Master who waited so long for the chain  to be repaired 

Master's lil Sunshine jumps as the collar clicks, his fingers lock behind his back and he swallows again at the lump in his throat
Mick feels the cold old metal ring wrapped around his neck, his heart beating like a thousand of tallarions, he holds his breath at the first click and can’t avoid a tears of joy from his blue eyes corners
Franziskus Ninetails slides the tiny key into the small padlock and prompts,  " I, once known as Mickael of Tidra....'"
Mick trembling in his voice, 'I, once known as Mickael of Tidra....
Franziskus Ninetails turns the key the first time and continues " '.. herewith submit myself completely and totally in all things...' "
Mick again hold his breath a the first key click, '.. herewith submit myself completely and totally in all things...  
 Franziskus Ninetails turns the key a second time. " '... to him who is known as Franziskus of Tidra, merchant to Tabor "
Mick hold his breath again at the second click and beams , '... to him who is known as Franziskus of Tidra, merchant to Tabor "
Franziskus Ninetails turns the key the third and final time. " 'to be his boy, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases."
Mick raises his head and looks his new Master, he smiles widely and his blue eyes shining in the light if the room, “to be his boy, his slave, an article of his property, his to do with as he pleases. “
Franziskus Ninetails smiles warmly as he pulls the key out of the locked padlock and adds it to the other three keys at his belt. Then he rests one hand on the roped wrists, the other hand on the collar on his boy's neck. With a warm voice he says the simple, but meaningful words: "I am your Master.Your name will be Mick or lil devil, as long as it pleases me "
Master's lil Sunshine wipes away a tear quickly and then gets his hand back behind his back
Endy forgets himself for a moment and thumps his fist to his chest in a Gorean clap, then looking guilty quickly resumes his stance in bracelets
Franziskus Ninetails unwraps his new boy's wrists, attach the rope to his belt, then opens his arms "Now come into my arms, my lil devil. Welcome back to my chain! Give me a hug before you hug your new brothers"
Mick looks at his Master with a proud smiles then he turn and smiles at each of his new chain brother, turns back at his Master , “i am your boy, turning again, and i am your brother “
Endy smiles that his brother seems to be so happy he almost seems to be walking on air 

Franziskus Ninetails pulls his new boy closely into his arms, holding him tight
Master's lil Sunshine strikes his hand hard to his shoulder in applause
Franziskus Ninetails softly kisses his lil devil's lips before he slowly lets him down to his feet. "Now hug your brothers and let them welcome you in the family"
Mick wraps his arms around his Master and licks his neck like a lil larl then softly pose a devoted kiss on the lips
Master's lil Sunshine approaches his new brother and offers him his arms. He then returns to his place
Mick wraps his arms around his first brother and kisses him softly
Endy grins and wraps his arms round his new brother "Welcome to the chain"
Mick hugs his second brother and warps his arms around him. Mick kneel down near his last brother, he warps his arms around him and softly kiss him with an higher intensity
Mick: ((a toi mon amour je te donne tout mon coeur et mon amour dans ce moment que je partage avec toi et nos frères)) Mick: ((on you my beloved, i give all my love and my heart in this moment we share with our brothers))
Master's lil Sunshine stands and goes into the main hall and collects a package he returns to his new brother and hands him the package that contains the chain silks. “i believe these are yours my brother.”
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as he watches all his lovely boys hug. “Ohhhhh, for the special occasion today, I prepared dinner myself!!!”
Mick takes the package then open it, waiting his new Master to proudly wear it
Master's lil Sunshine groans thinking of the burned pans that now would need to be washed
Franziskus Ninetails nods to give his permission for his lil devil to wear the family silks, before he turns to go to the kitchen
Endy gulps wondering if his acting skills are good enough to show enjoyment at food cooed by their Master
Master's lil Sunshine sighs, "why did i not think to prepare the food first
Mick nods at his Master and quickly and proudly dress in the new silk
Franziskus Ninetails takes the hot, steaming... very, very steaming bosk roast out of the oven. He cuts some slices of bread, a bottle of wine, some simple bowls and 1 goblet, and some plates. He returns balancing it all on his arms back to his boys
Endy looks down the line at the four brothers, smiling that they are now simetical with two black hairs and two blonds, and purrs at the family in their finest silks in celebration
Franziskus Ninetails returns to his slaves and places the BLACK bosk roast before his boys. "Ahhhhh, doesn't it look delicious!"
Master's lil Sunshine gulps ... "it looks delicious my beloved Master"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches the plates to his lil moonbeam as he is next to him, so he can reach them further to his chain-brothers
Endy wonders how to answer a direct question without lying, and opts for diversion "my, you have been busy our Master, thank you for your kindness to unworthy boy" he schools his expression as he looks at the meat wondering if he can use chucks of it to replace the stones he uses as weapons. Endy takes one of the plates and passes the others to River to pass down the line
Franziskus Ninetails reaches the bowls and also a piece of bread to each of his boys
Master's lil Sunshine passes two plates to Brian to pass one on to Mick
Franziskus Ninetails while he pulls his dagger to cut the meat with more sawing noises: "Today you are allowed some wine"
Endy: Thank you our Master
Master's lil Sunshine: oh thank you my Master," river says giving his Master a genuinely bright smile. He hopes that it hides the taste of the burned meat
Endy winces watching their Master sawing at the meat, and wonders whether it will have the effect of blunting the dagger, or acting like a whet-stone and sharpening it
Franziskus Ninetails fills his own goblet with wine, then reaches the bottle to his first boy so he can fill the bowls
Briansouriant de toutes ses dent le coeur remplit de joie de voir son nouveaux frére à ces coté, il prend elicatement le plat et le presente à celui si, son ceour remplit de joie de voir notre chain aussi belle et complete et partage un large sourire avec son Maitre et ses fere tout en degustant doucement le plat preapre avec amour par celui à qui il appartient
BrianWarcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) smile on his face fills the heart with joy to see his new brother at the side, he takes the dish and elicatement present than if the ceour filled with joy to see our chain as beautiful and complete and share a smile with his Master and his fere while tasting the dish gently preapre with love by the person to whom it belongs
Master’s lil Sunshine pours a bowl of wine for each of his brother, thinking that it would maybe hide the bitter taste of the meat.
Mick take the plate from his new brother a eatinf as he is always hungry,widely smiling anf take the food then the wine ,enjoying his collaring day with his family
Franziskus Ninetails scratches a bit of the black, burnt crust from his own roast, then grabs it with his fingers and commands "Eat! Eat, my boys!", biting into the boskmeat
Master's lil Sunshine looks at the feast before him and smiles at his Master. Master's lil Sunshine reaches for his meat, glad his Master only gave him one slice.
Franziskus Ninetails chews with loud, grinding sounds. "Mmmmm, crunchy!"
Master's lil Sunshine: he tears at it with his teeth and chews and chews and chews and chews
Franziskus Ninetails chews
Franziskus Ninetails chews
Franziskus Ninetails chews
Master's lil Sunshine not knowing what else to do takes up his glass and takes a swig of wine to wash down the hard meat.
Franziskus Ninetails looks at his boys as they are chewing. "Good, huh?"
Franziskus Ninetails ... and chews
Master's lil Sunshine nods and tries not to choke as he swallows the hard meat
Endy watches their Master carefully, and when their Master is looking away for a moment stuffs the piece of meat into his wine goblet whispering a soft prayer to the priest kings that the wine will soften it before his risks braking a tooth
Franziskus Ninetails rips a piece of bread off and stuffs it into his mouth to the boskmeat. Franziskus Ninetails chews even more, now with his mouth full
Master's lil Sunshine thumps his chest to try to clear the meat that seems to have stuck in his windpipe
Franziskus Ninetails interrupts his chewing and speaks with his mouth full "Enjoy it, mine! You don't get that every day!"
Master's lil Sunshine: he lifts his goblet once more. "To our beloved Master," he croaks. "May his paths always be safe and his boys always hot"
Franziskus Ninetails: ((and he knows, that they all think "Thanks to the PKs!!!!"))
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and lifts his goblet too. "To the most beautiful and lovely chain of Gor!" Franziskus Ninetails flushes down the wine, swallowing loudly as he gulps down the meat.  Franziskus Ninetails mumbles "Hmmm, next time I should make some sauce with it"
Master's lil Sunshine lifts his glass once more, now able to speak better, "may the Preist kings always watch over and protect you my Master"
Mick lift his goblet let and gulps the wine
Franziskus Ninetails lifts the bottle "More wine, boys?"
Master's lil Sunshine: wanting to get rid of the taste of the meat, river lifts his goblet. "a little more if i may my Master" Master's lil Sunshine hiccups
Franziskus Ninetails reaches the bottle to his lil sunshine
Brianlève la coupe et regarde son Maitre et ses freres, regardant le ciel une priere sortant de sa bouche, quel les pretres roi benisse notre Maitre et mes freres
BrianWarcliffe (Q-Translator fr->en) up the cup and his own Master and his brothers, watching the sky a prayer out of his mouth, what the priests bless the King our Master and my brothers
Franziskus Ninetails points to the roast "Any more beef, mine?"
Master's lil Sunshine gulps and shakes his head. "ohhh no thank you my Master, i am not used to such rich food, i don't want to get sick
Franziskus Ninetails pouts a little, but then brightens again "Ah well, yes... leave some room for pie, Unfortunately I had no time to bake.... so we will eat the one from the baker "
Master's lil Sunshine beams ... "ohhh that is too bad my Master, maybe next time."
Franziskus Ninetails: My lil moonbeam, go and get five pieces of pie for me and your brothers"
Endy smiles "and as his brothers are raising their goblets in toasting downs the wine glad of the chance to taste some, then with his cheeks bulging realises the meat was still in the goblet, his eyes start to water as he tries to figure out whether to risk swallowing or spitting out
Franziskus Ninetails watches his lil moonbeam with cheeks like a hamster "Something wrong, my lil moonbeam?"
Endy mumbles "hmmmm fffffff mfffstter" he says, grateful of the excuse and virtually running towards the kitchen before choking
Master's lil Sunshine drains his wine glass once more, hoping that it will take away the burned taste
Franziskus Ninetails looks with sad eyes to the remains of the bosk roast "Hmmm, so much left! Well, you can feed it to Fluffy and the new snow sleen tomorrow"
Endy looks around frantically then spotting the Gaini and larls food bowls gratefully empties his mouth, and wiping his lips with the back of his hand quickly grabs the pie to take back to his Master and brothers
Mick looks at the food wonder if he will not give them to the Kalana woods outlaws
Endy passes his new brother a cookie "our Master's orders, one cookie and one candy each day"
Mick takes the cookies from his brother
Endy places cake before his Master first, then each of his brothers
Master's lil Sunshine smacks his lips in anticipation of the pie. It was from the bakers thankfully and not another burned effort of his Master’s cooking. He looks up to his Master expectantly then hiccups again
Endy remembers the question his Master asked as he was heading to the kitchen and answers carefully "no my Master nothing is wrong now"
Master's lil Sunshine takes a big bite of his pie and says "goooff pie mafter
Master's lil Sunshine:  Hίccuρ! 
Master's lil Sunshine:  Hίccuρ! 
Franziskus Ninetails eats his and nods "Couldn't have made it better", he answers after he swallowed it all
Master's lil Sunshine:  Hίccuρ! 
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as his first boy's hiccup "You're not used to wine, it seems"
Master's lil Sunshine: "issssssssh verrrrry gooze piezzz muh mafter"
Endy smiles and answers truthfully "the best you have cooked yet my Master"
Master's lil Sunshine:  Hίccuρ! 
Franziskus Ninetails finally stands up "Well, bring the rest of the roast to Fluffy. It was a long day. You should prepare for the kennels. You can all warm my bed tonight.. .Maybe I will use the one or other of you later. Bur for now you should get some rest, my boys!"
Master's lil Sunshine nods and picks up the rest of the meat and feels slightly sorry for poor fluffy and staggers towards the door
Franziskus Ninetails nods "So, hurry to my bed! I will follow soon, my lovely boys!"
Endy: Yes our Master
Brian: yes my Master
Master's lil Sunshine tosses the meat to the sleen and runs back to his Master's furs, suppressing the irresistible urge to giggle.
He trips up the steps and can’t help but start giggling
Endy belches loudly, then hurriedly covers his mouth in horror
Franziskus Ninetails shrugs and eats it anyways
Master's lil Sunshine:  Hίccuρ!  Master's lil Sunshine closes one eye so he can see the steps and crawls up them one by one. Hίccuρ! 
Franziskus Ninetails smiles as he sees his boys fighting at the stairs who'd be first in his bed 

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