Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Trip pt 3

River’s arse throbbed from the caning as he curled on his side staring into the darkness. The kennel Master had said he wouldn’t be there long but it already felt like an eternity. He rested his head on the crook of his arm and closed his eyes. There was nothing he could do but try to sleep. His belly rumbled and he realised he hadn’t eaten anything in over twenty four hours. Again, there was nothing he could do to change that. All he could hope for was that someone remembered to feed him in the morning. He shifted on the rough woollen blanket, trying to get comfortable in the stuffiness of the kennel. He looked around now that his eyes were getting used to the darkness. It was a plain room. Other cages were lined up and piled on top of each other and he could hear movements but no one spoke, probably warned to silence, he thought to himself. His eyes travelled up the walls to the narrow windows that ran the length of every wall, noticing that there was no glass in them. He smothered an ironic laugh. Now that is what he called air conditioning. He wriggled on the blanket again and hissed as the welts on his arse brushed the fabric. He closed his eyes, tired, as the jet lag began to hit him. Soft snoring came from one of the cages somewhere above him and he found it strangely comforting.
A bright beam of sunlight streaming through the window, right onto his face woke him up and he tried to stretch, sighing as his feet hit the end of the cage. He was hungry, he needed to pee and his mouth was dry, but he knew enough not to call out for attention. He just had to wait like the other boys in the kennels. He looked up as he heard someone shift above him. The upper cage had been empty when he had been locked in the lower one. Some more boys must have arrived during the night. He laid for what seemed hours before the door finally opened and a short dark haired boy came in dressed only in a loin cloth, pushing a trolley with a pot on it and some plain wooden bowls. He never spoke, just started to ladle a thick greyish substance into the bowls. He then started to push the bowls through slots in the cages and River gulped as one was pushed in to him. He looked into the bowl and swallowed the bile that rose in his throat. He looked up at the boy, a question in his eyes. The boy just nodded towards the bowl and mimed eating with his fingers. River looked into the bowl again then back up at the slave. He shook his head no, and pushed the bowl back at him. The slave boy smiled, and then pushed the bowl back again, miming again to eat. As he did, he reached over and picked up a cane, showing it to River. He smiled again and again mimed eating with his fingers.
River swallowed again and took a deep breath. He dipped his fingers into the thick gruel and brought it to his mouth, touching it with his tongue. The boy nodded to him again and tapped the cane to his leg impatiently and River thrust his fingers into his mouth and almost gagged at the bland flavour and thick gooey texture. The boy crossed his arms over his chest, his eyes fixed on River. So River took a deep breath and began to scoop the gruel into his mouth, swallowing as fast as he could, just wanting feeding time to be over. Satisfied that River was now eating, the boy moved on, handing a bowl up to the occupant of the cage above him, and again having use the cane as a threat.
 River wiped his fingers around the bowl, cleaning it out. It might not taste good, but it was filling and after 24 hours of having nothing at all, it was welcomed. River watched the breakfast boy as he went from cage to cage, most of the time the occupants accepted the food. It was only now and then that the cane was raised in warning.
He finished licking out his bowl, knowing that it would be expected of him and then placed it in the slot so that it might be taken back and laid back down. He heaved a sigh, already a whole day of his holiday had gone. He lay on his back staring at the roof of his cage wondering how long he would spend waiting for his Master or Endy to arrive. A sharp poke in his ribs brought him back and his face dropped.
“You got to be kidding me!” he exclaimed as the breakfast boy pushed an empty bottle to him through the bars.
The boy frowned and got a tag from his trolley and tied it to the bars of River’s cage. He nodded to the bottle and then stood with his arms crossed, waiting.
River got up onto his knees, best he could and held the bottle to his penis. His face burned bright red as he released his bladder, watched intently by breakfast boy. He passed the bottle back and the boy tagged it and placed it on the bottom of the trolley, alongside some others. The boy then turned back to him and lifted the tag on his cage so that he could read it. River groaned.
Punishment for speaking without permission in kennel
River nodded acknowledgement of the words and the boy smiled nastily. River got the distinct impression that he enjoyed his chore immensely. He rolled onto his back hissing as he brushed against his already sore arse. Great, he thought to himself. Now his Master would be pissed at him, two punishments in less than 24 hours! He sighed, make that three, he thought. There was no way he wasn’t going to get a beating from his Master for this. One he might have overlooked but two! “I wonder how Endy is doing,” he muttered to himself under his breath. “Silence,” he hissed to himself and slapped his own hand. He stifled a giggle and lay back down to wait.
It was amazing how slow time went when you were locked in a cage and River had plenty of time to consider what his Master might look like. He closed his eyes and started to daydream, the same one he always had. Where he turned up at his Master’s house in Germany and knelt before him, begging to be his house boy. A throat clearing caught his attention and he opened his eyes and was captured by two stunning hazel eyes staring at him. River scrambled to his knees and lowered his head. He was just as he imagined he would be. His shaggy hair reached his collar and a smile played on his lips. His eyes sparkled as he drank in the body of what was going to be his. He reached for the label and read it. He tutted and shook his head a little then he smiled again.
“Hello my lil Sunshine,” he said in his smooth German accent, sending shivers down River’s spine. “It’s good to see you at last in the flesh.”
River stammered and whispered. “Greetings my Master; I hope your journey was pleasant.”
Franzi smiled. “It was my lil sunshine, now where is my lil moonbeam?” he looked up to the cage above River. “Ah there you are my lil moonbeam. Do you have a tag too?” he smiled. “Well at least I have one good boy.” He took a key from his pocket and unlocked Endy’s cage, holding his hand out to help him out. It was the first look River got of his Chain brother and he smiled seeing that Endy too sported a few welts on his backside. Franzi gathered his second boy into his arms and hugged him tightly, squeezing his ass cheeks as he did. He indicated for Endy to kneel by his feet and turned his attention back to River. “Now, my lil sunshine, what am I going to do with you? Seems that you have been a naughty boy, Hmm?”
“Sorry, my Master,” River said softly. “I didn’t mean to be.”
Franzi smiled. “I know, my lil sunshine, so we get someone to come and punish you then we take you home and I will teach you to be a good boy in future, do you agree?”
River nodded, knowing he really didn’t have a choice. “Please may your boy greet you?” he asked softly. He bit his lip and kept his head low. It was strange; he suddenly had the urge to cry. He had put disappointment in his Master’s eyes and it ... it hurt.
Franzi smiled and put the key in the lock and with a loud click the door opened. River looked up to him. “Thank you, my Master,” he said and crawled out of the cage, kneeling before his Master for the first time.
Franzi put his hand on the back of his head and gripped his hair, pulling him forward so that his face was buried in his denim clad crotch. River groaned loudly and rubbed his nose deeply, inhaling his Master for the first time in real life. “I am so happy you are here, my Master,” he said, his words muffled by his Master’s groin. He kissed over his Master’s hardening penis, moving his mouth over the tight denim of his jeans. Franziskus groaned and pulled the eager slave from him.
“You need to stop, my lil sunshine. You will have me cumming in my pants if you keep that up.” Franziskus ruffled River’s hair with affection. “Now my lil sunshine we need to see what punishment the kennel Master has in store for you.
River looked up at his Master, his eyes moist. “I am sorry, my Master,” he said truthfully.
Franzi nodded and smiled, showing his boy that he wasn’t really angry with him. “Come my boys,” he said with authority. He led the two boys into the Kennel Master’s office, where the Kennel Master sat; his booted feet up on his desk. The breakfast boy knelt by the side of his chair, writing on a note pad as his Master dictated to him.  
The Master grinned when he saw Franzi enter with his boys in tow. “I see you found what is yours,” he said swinging his feet off onto the floor.
“Aye,” Franzi said returning his grin. “My lil sunshine and lil moonbeam seem happy enough to see me.” He held the tag out. “I believe my lil sunshine has to be punished.”
The kennel Master took the label from his hand and nodded. He looked over his shoulder at the boy, who was still kneeling by the side of the chair. “Explain,” he growled.
The boy gulped and replied in a low voice. “He spoke without permission, my Master. So I tagged him.”
The kennel Master glared at River and growled. “Did you speak?”
River nodded, biting his lip. “Please may I speak Master?” he said softly.
The kennel Master raised an eyebrow and looked to Franzi. “He is your boy,” he said.
Franzi considered for a moment. “Aye my lil sunshine, you may speak.”
River swallowed and his eyes darted to his chain brother who was kneeling silently by his side, watching with wide blue, slightly panicked eyes. He looked up to the Kennel Master and then to his Master. “This boy begs forgiveness, my Master. I didn’t mean to speak. I was taken by surprise when I was handed the bottle to ... to relieve myself in. This boy is very sorry and will strive to be more obedient in future.” He hung his head and waited.
“My boy can be a bit over zealous,” the Kennel Master said smiling. “I think I will have to retrain him, but as your boy has been tagged, he must be punished.” The Kennel Master went to his desk and opened a drawer then returned to stand in front of River. “Open!” he growled and River opened his mouth as wide as he could. The Master pushed a ball gag into his mouth and secured it behind his head, locking it with a small padlock. He handed the key to Franzi. “Four hours,” he said, looking to Franzi for his approval.
“Four hours,” Franzi repeated. “What do you say to the Kennel Master, my lil sunshine?”
River groaned through the gag, “mmank oou, mafter,” he tried to say. The gag had only been in place a few minutes and already his jaw was beginning to ache and drool was already dripping down over his chin.
The Kennel Master folded his arms across his chest. “Welcome to Cabot Island. If you need anything, just ask. Did they give you a map and list of facilities?”
“Yes, thank you,” Franzi replied, tapping his chest pocket. “Well we will take our leave, Sir,” he said. “Come my boys, heel me.”
Endy whispered, “Yes, my Master.”
River mumbled through his gag, and fell into his place at his Master’s left heel and they stepped out into the bright sunshine. River blinked, seeing the village for the first time in daylight. It was very like the villages that were in Secondlife, probably built purposely to emulate them. He looked over at Endy, who was looking very pale and nervous. Their eyes met, and River nodded to him as the hurried after their Master who was striding down the main street.
“May beast take you somewhere, Master?”
Franzi paused at the sound of the voice and looked around. A well muscled young man knelt in the dusty road, his wrists chained to the bars of a rickshaw. He was nude except for a steel collar around his neck and bells locked around his ankles. His mousy brown hair had been cut short and his head protected from the harsh sun by a wide brimmed straw hat hat. Franzi climbed into the back of the rickshaw. “Bungalow 1875,” he said and leaned back to enjoy the ride. As the boy stood, River gulped and nudged Endy, pointing to the beast’s rump. There on his right arse cheek was a deep brand. Both boys gave a small whimper, unable to tear their eyes from it. Franzi noticed the boys staring and followed their line of sight. He hid a smile. “Keep up, Mine,” he ordered as the boy took off jogging down the road, pulling the rickshaw behind him.
Endy and River started to jog after their Master, trying to keep up with the boy. It wasn’t long before both of them were panting. River gripped to his side as a stitch started to build up. Gagged as he was it was hard to breath. He sucked air desperately through his nose. Endy seemed to be fairing no better, he seemed to be as out of condition as River was. Just as he thought he could not take another step the boy stopped.
“Bungalow 1875, Master,” the boy said, stopping jogging as suddenly as he had started. River bent over, as he tried to catch his breath, his hand pressed into his side. Endy stood to the side, his chest heaving. His face was flushed as red as River was sure his was.
Franzi climbed out and looked at his two exhausted boys in dismay. The rickshaw beast had hardly broken a sweat and was not panting at all. He frowned at them both. “I think we need to do some training while we are here, don’t you, Mine?” he growled. He walked up to the door of what was their accommodation for the duration of their stay and opened it. He indicated with his head for his boys to enter and then followed them inside waving the boy and his rickshaw away first.
The bungalow was divided into two rooms. The first, biggest room was a joint living and sleeping area. A big bed dominated one side, adorned with iron rings for attaching chains, and underneath it was a narrow cage. There was a soft couch down the other end, next to a huge picture window that gave a spectacular view of the surrounding tropical landscape. “Nice,” Franzi said as he took in the view then looked around the bungalow, making note of the rings set into the wall and the frameworks that stood against the walls for easy use. “To my crotch, Mine,” he said, standing with his legs shoulder width apart. Both of his boys dived forward and fell to their knees both pressing their noses into his groin and rubbing their faces to his hardness. He gripped both of their hair in his fists, forcing their faces further into him, groaning as Endy’s eager mouth moved over his shape, trying to suck him through the fabric.
The scent of his Master made River whimper, all he was able to do was watch as his chain brother did what he wished he could, but with the gag all he could do was nose his Master.
“To the bed, Mine,” Franzi growled arousal obvious in his tone. “Bend over side by side, arses in the air.” The two boys hurried to obey him, laying side by side their lovely rumps on display for their Master’s pleasure. He walked up behind them, unbuckling his belt as he did.  He undid his jeans and pulled out his manhood, which was already solid. He moaned softly as he stroked himself. He had been looking forward to this moment for so long. He stroked his hand over the rump of his blond slut, a shiver of excitement rippling through him as he felt the boy shudder from the pain of the welts on his ass. He turned his attention to his brunette, repeating his actions. His cock jumped as the brunette also shuddered when he touched his welts. “So, my boys,” he said pulling his belt free from his jean loops. “What am I seeing on your asses?”
River whimpered audibly unable to answer because of the gag. “Welts, my Master,” Endy said quietly, a small tremble in his voice.
“My lil sunshine?” Franzi said. “What do I see on your ass?”
River made a pained noise in the back of his throat. “Umnphn ny mnafa.” He shivered and gripped the sheets of the bed.
Franzi sighed, and shook his head. “My boys, my boys, what should I do with you? Endy, why was you punished?”
The brunette groaned loudly. “I spoke your name, my Master. When I arrived, they asked, Master’s name and I replied without thinking. Forgive me, my Master.”
Franzi nodded. “And you, my lil sunshine?” He sighed again as he remembered that his boy was gagged. “Ah well, “he said. “I know why, I was given a full report when I arrived.” He rubbed his chin, thinking. “Three strokes of my belt each, I think for being punished.” He paused briefly then said. “Plus three more for my lil sunshine for being punished a second time.” He bent his belt double. “Endy,” he said, “count nice and loudly for your brother.”

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