Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Tiger Clan move home. (Day 4,5,6)

Due to My Master having to work long hours the past couple of days, and Endy working long hours too, not much has been done on the sim. So I just took some photos of places that were finished or close to being finished.

Day 4

a place for river

dancing area from afar

A place for river from afar

cuddle off sim island

more overall view

Endy's stonehenge

from way out

From the side

so pretty

saying goodnight

contemplating life

Day 5

living room


living room


washing away the dirt

repaying the favour

kissing goodnight

nini day 5

Day 6

roses round the door

add a path

pretty garden

add a cuddle spot

build a beach 

walking on the beaches

looking at the peaches

up on a hill

add a camp fire

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  1. wow very pretty, maybe i can talk you guys in opening the sim as the free city Lys. where they have many pleasure slave. lol, I would love to open that myself being the slut that i am