Wednesday, 29 February 2012

its been a few days

Sorry, it’s been a few days since I posted. So this is the first of maybe three posts. We are still on earth. Gor is just not as much fun as it has been in the past. I am so sick of meeting people that think they know all about Gor but have Never read one book. Yes, I know that the books are badly written and contradictory in many places but we are playing a game based on them. So read them before claiming to be Gorean!
On my one venture into Gor in the past three weeks I was met by a slave girl that didn’t see the harm in me telling her my Master’s name! A slave would never speak his or her Master’s name. There are so many ways to let someone know who owns you. You can write the name on a piece of parchment, draw the letters in the dirt or sand, wet your finger and draw the letters on a wall. Or the easiest of all, point to your collar that is engraved with your Master’s name and emote it.
(River points to the steel band locked around his throat which bares the inscription, River, property of Franziskus Ninetails. “This is my Master,” he says as he lifts his chin so that the master can see more clearly.)
We debated the why nots for a while and then I lost patience, told her to read a damn book and tp’d out. I haven’t been back since, other than to check our house.
On the subject of our house, it seems the role-players of Gor seem to be incapable of reading the words, PRIVATE HOME AND SAFE ZONE.  For those of you that don’t understand these words they mean. Keep the fuck out. We don’t come into your house, don’t come into ours. What makes the intrusions more annoying is that they are obviously occ. Our house is protected by two sleen, Fluffy 1 and Fluffy 2. As they both attack at the same time, how can anyone stand still long enough to pick a lock. Also its only internal doors that are being picked so they are tp’ing in. I now send them note cards demanding the role play and if I don’t get one, I am banning them from our parcel. Fuck them, if they can’t follow simple sim rules then I don’t have time for them.

NLS has turned out to be pointless. As my master has pointed out in the past, everyone is so busy harvesting that they forget the idea is that you role play trading. You still get slave girls in their finest silks digging for gold or mining salt.  We were the only people on our cluster that stuck to our allocated crops. For everything else we bought and traded goods for. As no one ever bought from us anyway, the market was burned down read it Here.
On other news, it seems that Corcyrus has finally sank into the Thassa. I have to say, I am so pleased that it has. My master built an amazing sim for nothing and had it slapped back in his face. So, goodbye and good riddance. May you never rise again and I hope your owner lost a fortune. (slaps his own hand, “Bitch.”)
That is it for this post. See you again later.

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