Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy Collaring day, my brother

On Friday 24th February, it was Endy's first year anniversary of being collared to our chain. (How many master's can boast owning the same slave for over a year, never lone two of them?)
Our master took us out dancing in celebration and we went to The Cat's Meow Lounge Bar We had a lovely time and our master looked handsome in his tux, endy looked elegant in his suit and so did I, just dont look down at our feet. (these slaves don't own shoes)
We were joined later by Lillia who looked fabulous in her red slit to the waist dress.

Here are the pictures.

Care to dance, my lil moonbeam

add a twirl

taking to the stage

master entertaining us

My turn now
twirl around the dancefloor

dipping low

dancing slow

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  1. I've been remiss on following the blogs, what with some RL stuffs and all, but I'm so glad y'all enjoyed the club! Congratulations on a year together, and here's to many more!

    Great pics, btw.... :)