Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Tiger Clan move home. (day one)

We decided that the Tiger Clan needed more room and more privacy. (Don't you just hate it when people that are sharing a sim with you build ugly buildings that tower over your property.)
Well, we have taken the plunge and rented a sim, 6999L$ a week.

We found a lovely island sim called Singer and have created Tiger's Song of Light and Shadow. Our Master build a lovely new house, soon to be found on his Marketplace and placing that first, the rest of the sim is being built around it. Here are day one's photos.

us in our building gear

making the frame work to the house

all the framework is a sculpt, makes a lot less prims needed
finished house. placed  on top of a hill

start of the hidden grotto

grotto again

making the rock sculpt for the waterfall and entrance to the grotto

inside the grotto

inside grotto

lotus and lights

view into the grotto before waterfall goes in

view from afar

the lagoon

sim from way out, really to show the map

another angle of the terraforming

the lagoon at sunset

a little more landscaping

add some colour to the ocean and some waves

terrace by the lagoon

another view of the terrace house and grotto

view from the terrace

view from the top deck

tired building boys


  1. Endy looks shocked

    "What, no view of sea henge, my brother?"


  2. day one,my brother, we didnt build that till day three.