Sunday, 9 October 2011

What happens when you rip the heart out of something?

Rest in Peace

It dies that is what happens
 And that is what is going to happen to Corcyrus, the once beautiful city that was built by my master.
Last night we were summoned to Corcyrus and asked (told) to take the temple away. The temple, the reason for our master building the city in the first place, the lynch pin around which the city was built.
We have never made a secret of the fact that the temple was special to our master; it was the only part of Tidra that still existed unchanged. We feel betrayed by those that we thought were friends and understood the importance of the build.
Yes we know that things change in SL and yes we understand but the space and prims wanted (200 by the way) could have been saved elsewhere. I know for a fact I could have found it myself without removing the temple.
What the sim owner has done is surround herself with people that know sod all about how to run a sim. They have no idea of true beauty and think that they can preserve the beauty of Corcyrus ... well I can tell you they are wrong.
Instead of it being a Venetian based city, they are taking out the river and erecting the ugliest wall I have ever seen in my entire life around the city. The textures don’t even match. (Bitchy I know but I tell the truth when you see it you will understand)

They want more room for houses ... yet the houses that are there are standing empty.
Well now you have the space for your houses. Sling up some prefab average buildings that barely pass as a build. It’s no longer our concern. When your doors break down don’t come crying to us to fix them. When you want something altered ... don’t expect us to come running over to do it like we used to.
My master has vowed never to set foot in Corcyrus again and wants nothing ever to do with it. Seeing his city butchered is more than he can stand.
So Sondra, I wish you well and I hope you will be happy surrounding yourself with totally average builders that whisper in your ear and your foul mouthed companion who has no manners and was the only person at the meeting that couldn’t string a sentence together without uttering a profanity.
I regularly sent people to the city to look at it. I regularly recommended it to people to settle in and move to. I passed out the landmark like other people pass out sweeties but never again. How can I recommend a city that has betrayed my master?
So while right now you think that you have won ... mark my words.
Those people you surround yourself with that are whispering in your ear will be the first to abandon you when the city starts to crumble. A city wall is only as strong as the people that live behind it and the people of Corcyrus are self-centred.

So Rest In Peace Corcyrus ... you are now the City of Dust. 


  1. You surely do know how to hurt someone.

  2. I only protect when i am attacked and i haven't said a word that isn't the truth.

  3. Hey River , I agree with you 100%... how they say, "you reap what you sow!" She will get what's coming to her... Words spreads around like hot cakes

    Your friend Calvin

  4. honestly Calvin i don't wish her ill. I actually really like her but i really believe the wrong people are giving her advice.

    it breaks my heart to see all our hard work going to dust and being corrupted by inadequate builders.

  5. *nods*

    Yeah, one minute they were saying they needed space, and when it was pointed out that there was a quarter of the sim about to become released by draining the water it suddenly became an issue of prims, when the temples relatively low prims for such a huge building (376) could have easily been saved in other parts of the city by removing personal items that are not really adding anything to the city. Especially insulting as River (self confessed prim whore (love you my brother)) pointed out to certain people where very high prim items could be removed or replaced with lower prim items about two weeks before.

    I do sympathize with certain people being in a "rock and a hard place" situation... but our Master's temple was used as an "easy option" ignoring the fact that the city was build for free on the condition that the temple stood.

    I am amazed that our Master was accused of being childish when he would have had every right to pick up the city (all his work) as they had gone back on a verbal (or SL equivalent) contract - and then they could not understand why he felt betrayed and pissed off....

    Though I did enjoy the fact that they gave a lot of insults to my Master's 'childishness' in group chat not actually thinking that as the builder he might actually be part of the group.... funny