Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A message recieved

It is all quite sad that the entire city is now gone. I read the comments that were said today about the Builder that made him decide to remove everything. The words said about him were cruel, horrible and totally unacceptable. As I read them, the comments about him were said by two people in Group Chat who did not represent anyone else but themselves.

I don't think anyone in Corcyrus knew the background or understanding between Franz and Sondra about the Build.  Despite the money problems facing the owner I wish the options for the sim were better thought through and discussed by Sandra with Franz and whoever else so the sim could have remained as is...very beautiful and very unique. Unfortunately, from what I read everything unraveled and got heated very quickly and then poof - gone!   I certainly understand why Franz was so upset by what was said but again, it was said by two people who from what I understand upset and stunned everyone who heard them. They do not represent the overwhelming majority of people who call Corcyrus their home.  As I think about all the work that Franz and you did, more than buildings went to the City of Dust. I am referring to the work done by the two of you, and that is perhaps even more sad.

I tried to put this on your blog but I was not registered there.  I am not interested in going back and forth on this with you as what is done is done so perhaps better just to send to you.

I wish you and your Master well.

Mercy Riiser, resident of Corcyrus

(thank you master,)


  1. Well.. thanks (I think), Mercy, for your words. Believe me: I didn't feel happy to take off my property right under the feet of the residents of Corcyrus that easily! But to make some things clear:

    First: No, it was not group-chat, it was local chat.

    Second: It was not "just two people". In this chat it's been at least three. One of it the SIM-Owner (!), another her partner. (And some other people in other chats which were forwarded to me; who didn't have the slightest idea, what's it all about, but talking big.)

    Third: I don't mind that much the homophobic, insulting talk. I know, where THAT comes from. I feel much more insulted by trying to belittle my building skills. And the lying behaviour of Sondra Jevon, which in this chat as well as in some other chats openly admitted, that she wants others to build copies of my "little grecko-roman architecture", so she can exchange sooner or later my builds anyways with her own.
    Every builder and creator in Second Life would have done exactly the same in my place. (Well, very few would have build the whole city for nothing anyways.)
    She's even been stupid enough to order a rollback from LL to get my property back on her SIM, which is a total violation of the TOS.

    I'd recommend, that everyone, who just has a bit of honor in his heart, would turn his back to her and search for a new homestone.

    And that's all I have to say for now.

  2. where as i appreciate your understanding (the reason i posted your letter to me with your permission) I have to agree with my Master, (and not because he is my master) She was there too and never once said, 'that is enough, i wont have that kind of talk on my sim.'
    in fact the only person in that group that said anything was Jaiden and she left there and then and has since been barred from the sim because she stood up for us and gave us a heads up on what She (i wont even say her name) was planning on doing.

    this is the kind of person she is.

    2011/10/10 12:03] Sondra Jevon: Why
    [2011/10/10 12:03] River Airy: why
    [2011/10/10 12:04] River Airy: you really can ask that
    [2011/10/10 12:04] Sondra Jevon: Yes the city is gone
    [2011/10/10 12:04] River Airy: you are building copies
    [2011/10/10 12:04] River Airy: i have proof
    [2011/10/10 12:04] River Airy: you were stealing myh master's build
    [2011/10/10 12:04] River Airy: don't deny it
    [2011/10/10 12:04] Sondra Jevon: No I wasnt
    [2011/10/10 12:04] River Airy: yes you were
    [2011/10/10 12:04] Sondra Jevon: Prove it
    [2011/10/10 12:04] River Airy: want me to show you
    [2011/10/10 12:04] Sondra Jevon: Yes
    [2011/10/10 12:05] Sondra Jevon: For I never did a thing like that
    [2011/10/10 12:05] Sondra Jevon: Maybe try to blend something but never copy I dont have that tallent
    [2011/10/10 12:05] River Airy: that is why you hired a builder to do it for you
    [2011/10/10 12:06] Sondra Jevon: I never hired anyone
    [2011/10/10 12:06] River Airy: and well it was only built by a homo, fag, queer , nancy
    [2011/10/10 12:06] Sondra Jevon: Abares and I were trying to build up the other side
    [2011/10/10 12:07] Sondra Jevon: I cant control what others say
    [2011/10/10 12:07] River Airy: and our second class building can be done by anyone cus all we did was rez it anyway
    [2011/10/10 12:07] Sondra Jevon: Well whats done is done, But you have no proof at all I did any thing of what you claim
    [2011/10/10 12:08] River Airy: and he is a whining little bitch
    [2011/10/10 12:08] Sondra Jevon: And Well you doing this can and will Ruin Franz

    quote [18:24] Sondra Jevon: But what I would like to do is slowly recreate the city saving the catacombs so I can alter the builds and not worrry about Franz happy trigger finger
    [2011/10/10 12:08] Sondra Jevon: So now you know why
    [2011/10/10 12:08] Sondra Jevon: But recreate doesnt mean Copy
    [2011/10/10 12:09] River Airy: well now you can recreate it honey
    [2011/10/10 12:09] Sondra Jevon: You just ruined your Masters reputation
    [2011/10/10 12:09] River Airy: we know that you asked liam to try to do it
    [2011/10/10 12:09] Sondra Jevon: Your Muted
    [2011/10/10 12:09] River Airy: who cares
    [2011/10/10 12:09] River Airy: bye

    and then later this came into our possession

    [15:39] Sondra Jevon: and if the Roll back does happen, then I will Poof things As I see fit for all I really want is the Catacombs out of it

    Another admission from her that she is intending to steal someone else hard work.

    STEALING is STEALING be it in real life or secondlife.

    Anyone that sticks with her knowing that she is doing this is guilty by association and some one with real morals would say .. so long ... I am more choosy with my associates.

    on a much lighter note. She has put an effigy of my master, a free woman and a slave mounted on spikes on the sim and made it her landmark picture. Not really sure if the slave is meant to be me or not, it looks like a girl to me but you never know ...lol.