Monday, 3 October 2011

boys are punished for not doing their assigned duties!

this roleplay has been altered slightly to make it read more like a story. 

Franziskus  was in the main hall of his holding speaking in low tones to his second boy  when he looked up to see his first creep in from out of the courtyard on silent bare feet.  “Oh, look there! My lil sunshine woke up too!” he said and beckoning him towards him.

Endy smiles as his brother walks in from the courtyard “Greetings my brother" he says as his brother kneels beside him.

Franziskus looks down at the slightly smaller boy. “Greetings, my lil sunshine,” he says, a small smile touching his lips.

River lowers his head. “Greetings my master,” he replies softly. “Greetings my brother.”

Endy nods answering his master’s earlier question. "Yes my Master, I will make sure he is well fed in the morning."

River looks up and asks, “Who is well fed? And my brother do you have any slave gruel made?” he adds as his belly rumbles.

Endy blushes and lowers his eyes to the ground in shame "no my brother, our Master has already chastised me about that"

“Do we have any corn?” river asks hoping that the answer will be yes cus he really is very hungry right now.

Franziskus nods and growls "And I had to fry an egg myself!" *points to the charcoal in the pan*

Endy thinks for a moment "Y..... esssss.. I think so my brother"

River lowers his head in shame as his master points out that he had to cook his own dinner that night. "Forgive us my master,” he begs. “I meant to prepare something but time got away from me.”

Endy lowers his head in shame again, "it was my fault my Master, not my brothers, I should not have been lost in thought"

Franziskus looks from one slave to the other "Hmmmm. *I* decide, who's fault what is, my lil moonbeam! I think you both haven't felt the switch for way too long! It's time to remind you of your duties! But not till AFTER I got a cup of black wine!"

River lowers his head even more. "Yes my master,” he answers with a shudder.

Endy gulps and stammers "y...yes my Master"

River whispers to his brother, "is the black wine made? I didn't make it" he looks at his brother hoping he had at least done that.
Endy gulps "yes My Master....." then looks down again answering his brother.  "Ummm.... I think we made some....... yesterday....."

Franziskus checks if there's at least some black wine left in the can and grunts if there's enough left for at least 1 cup. He pours it into a bowl and turns to his slaves "Go outside and each of you cuts a nice switch and bring it to me!" He takes a sip of the black wine and spits it out the next moment "Eeeeeeech! How OLD is that stuff????"

River swallows hard. "Yes my master," he says and gets to his feet to obey. He pales as his master spits out the wine and then hurries to obey him, hoping that being prompt will ease his master’s temper somewhat. River steps outside and looks around worriedly

Endy hastily follows his brother.

There are no trees in the courtyard so River opens the main gate and goes outside. He looks around till he sees what looks to him like a bamboo reed. He takes hold and snaps a bit off stripping off the leaves. He flexes it in his hands, feeling the springiness of it and he bites his lip knowing that it’s really going to hurt to be hit with it but he has no choice but to choose a good strong switch, to do less would just make his master angrier than he already was. River swings it through the air, hearing it cut through. He looks at his brother and gives him a weak reassuring smile.

Endy looks to the bamboo plant, and whispers to his brother "would this do for our Master?" he asks eyeing the switch of bamboo in his brothers hand with fear

“It’s the only choice my brother,” river says softly, his voice cracking a little. “There are no trees here like in Kalana.” He sighs sadly and breathes, “Come my brother, let us take our punishment.” As River goes back into the courtyard he is surprised to see his master already outside.

Endy nods, breaking one of the rods and quickly stripping it of leaves accidentally leaving some at the tip in his haste and then hurries after his brother, so that they don’t keep their master waiting any longer than they have to.

Franziskus waits in the courtyard for his boys, his arms crossed, his sandaled foot tapping impatiently on the ground.  “Ah, there you are! Let me see, what you brought,” he demands holding out his hand.

River moves to his master's feet, kneeling in the dirt. He lifts the switch to him so that he can examine his choice but keeps his head lowered between his outstretched arms. “a switch to punish your boys my master," he says softly as he kneels trembling.

Franziskus reaches his hand out for the stick his first boy brought him. He takes it into his hand, looks at it from all sides, flexes it and swings it through the air with a swishing sound

River kneels back on his heels and places his hands behind his back and lowers his head as his master decides if the switch is acceptable and he worries his lip, the sound of the switch cutting through the air making him shiver

Franziskus nods contentedly and reaches the reed back to his first boy... holding it to his lips expectantly. Franziskus holding the switch to his first boy's lips commands "Open your mouth!"

River kisses the switch then looks up to his master, his eyes filled with sadness. He opens his mouth, waiting

Franziskus pushes the switch between his first boy's teeth "Hold it there, mine!" He turns to his second boy and reaches his hand out in expectation to get the switch his slave cut.

River clenches his teeth around the switch, holding it between his soft lips

Endy watches his Master swishing the switch through the air, his concentration to intent on the switch as their Master waves it that he still does not notice the leaves on the tip of his as he holds it out to their Master. As he holds out the cane to his Master, his eyes suddenly widen with fear as he spots the leaves, too late to remove them now that the switch is displayed to his Master

Franziskus takes the switch from his second boy and frowns immediately. He holds it right in front of his lil moonbeam's face "What Is This?” he growls.

Endy whimpers softly, and whispers quietly "a... a... switch my Master"
Endy raises a hand to hastily pluck the last leaves from the switch, his eyes big and fearful

River shakes from the tone of his master's voice and keeps his eyes on the ground not daring to look up and see what his brother had done

Franziskus shakes the switch so the leaves rustle "And what is THAT?" he demands angrily. As his second boy rises his hand to pluck the leaves off he quickly slaps the switch down on his hands

Endy lowers his eyes in humiliation "I am sorry my Master, I missed some...... aaahhhhhhhh, leaves" he cries as he shakes his painful hand.

"Hands on your back!” Franziskus commands harshly, towering above the second boy.

Endy gulps and draws his hand back wrapping his painful hand in his good hand to sooth the aching "Yes my Master" he whimpers and pulls his still stinging hand behind him.

Franziskus holds the leaves to his second boy's mouth "Now pluck it off... with your teeth!" he growls.

Endy whimpers "yes my Master" and leans forward, tugging at the leaves with his teeth, plucking them one by one as quick as he can.
Franziskus while holding the switch with the leaves to his second boy's mouth pushes a sandaled foot between his second boy’s spread legs. "And you... STRIP."

River moves without hesitation knowing that he was included in the command; he pulls at the knot that holds his silk around his waist letting it drop free, exposing his body for his master’s pleasure.

Endy whispers "yes my Master" and tugs at the knot in the silk and pulls off the arms bands.

River spreads his knees widely hoping that his body will appease his master’s mood a little.

When his second boy finished ripping the remaining leaves off Franziskus starts to inspect the switch the same way checking its smoothness and flexibility...  swishes it through the air. Finally nods content. He points with the switch in his hand to his first boy "You...." - then points to the whipping post ".... There! I don't think it's necessary to chain you, is it?” he asks not expecting an answer.

River’s slave training forces him to jump to his feet and move to the post quickly.

Franziskus' Cane is placed firmly into Franziskus's hand.
Franziskus' Cane is now aimed at River Airy

Endy gulps nervously, feeling his brother stand up and move from his side, but not daring to look behind him after his brother

River reaches up and takes the cuffs in his hands, holding on to them tightly so that he does not feel tempted to try to protect his exposed bottom.
River is dragged to the whipping post and is chained securely to the eyebolts.

Franziskus pokes the end of the switch into Endy's shoulder to turn him around "You watch my lil moonbeam!"

River bites down on the switch in his mouth thankful for having something to bite down on and closes his eyes as he feels his master move behind him.

Endy turns slowly, his eyes forced up by his Master's order, "yyyyes my Master"

Franziskus pats River's butt with cane several times carefully to take aim

River makes a small whimper even though the taps didn't hurt,

Franziskus with a look over his shoulder assures himself, that his other slave is out of reach and not accidently hit, when he swings the switch he flicks the cane against River Airy's flesh.

River bites hard to the switch in his mouth, a small cry escaping from his lips as the switch bites into his exposed ass.

Franziskus swings the cane wide and slaps it precisely over his boy's butt smacking hard with the cane, leaving a red welt.

A muffled cry escapes from River’s lips but he holds on to the switch in his mouth not daring to let it drop.

Franziskus swings the switch again leaving a second red welt on his first boy’s soft buttocks.

Endy winces hearing the sound of the switch meeting his brother's flesh, but not daring to look away because of their Master's orders

Franziskus waits for a moment, watching the red welt appearing across his first boy's firm butt. Then swings the cane again.... and again....

River clenches his fists each stroke bringing a muffled cry of pain from him. He whimpers and presses hard to the whipping post trying to escape the harsh cane

Endy winces again, wanting to look away, but his eyes drawn to the welt appearing on his brother's butt

 River feels his buttocks burning, stinging more and more with each passing moment

Franziskus scowls at his boy's whimpering and swings the cane again, smashing it hard down on his boy's butt again. "Oh, don't be such a sissy! We just started mine!"
Franziskus' Cane whispers: River Airy is smacked hard with the cane, leaving a red welt.

River whispers and muffled “yes my master,” and tries to steel himself against the onslaught of blows raining on his exposed bottom, using all the strength he has not to twist away.

Franziskus swings the switch again cracking it on River’s backside. “Seems ... you’re... not... used... to... it... any... more... my... lil... sun... shi... nnnnn” between each word he cracks the switch on the prone boy’s arse, crossing each welt painfully.

River: he swallows his cries, his body trembling with each stroke, still standing only because of the tight grip he has on the pole’s chains.

Endy screws up his face, his eye watering in sympathy for his brother

Franziskus rubs with the cane over his boy's butt, and then takes a step closer, checking the welts and bruises with his rough hands. He gropes River's ass with both his hands, squeezing and probing. Franziskus taps the crop against the palm of his hand impatiently.

River leans his forehead to the post, trying not to make a sound as his master examines him

Franziskus slaps the butt several times with his hand "You think that's enough, my lil sunshine?" He pats River gently on the ass

River whimpers a soft yes master, though it is muffled by the switch in his mouth

Franziskus nods and steps back. "Get off then!” he commands and turns to his other slave and  steps between Endy's spread legs and holds the switch to his mouth "Open it!"

Still shaking River releases the cuffs and gets down on his knees, his painfully bruised ass resting on his heels, knowing better than to try to lift off it. River whimpers as his ass touches his heels and he lowers his head quickly so not to anger his master with his pathetic noises.

Endy gulps, his eyes following his Master closely as he opens his mouth.

Franziskus sticks the switch between Endy's teeth. The wood is warm from the spanking. "Hold this!" he demands.

Endy whispers "yes my Master" and gently clamps down on the switch

Franziskus nods as the stick is clenched between his second boy's teeth. He turns to his first boy and reaches for the reed-cane, waiting for his slave to open his mouth to release it to His grip

River releases his hold on the switch and then hangs his head. He shudders again at the sound of the switch even though he knows it’s not aimed at him now

Flexing the switch between his hands Franziskus paces up and down before his slaves: "Soooo... you boys forget to feed the tarn.... "... You forget to make my black wine..."

River whimpers, "please my master, forgive your boys"

"... You even forget to eat your slave-gruel... AND your broth...." he growls his temper growing again.

River trembles as his master tells him and his brother off

Endy lowers his eyes in shame, a tear forming for having failed their Master "Izzz sooddy miiii Mashher"

Franziskus nods "You WILL be even sorrier soon, mine!"

Endy gulps fearfully, his teeth grinding against the switch nervously

Franziskus reaches for the cane and teases his second boy's nipple with the tip of it

River makes a small terrified noise and shrinks back, hissing again as his ass presses on his feet

Franziskus flicks Endymion's nipple roughly dragging across Endymion Avalira's nipples.

Endy whimpers nervously, his eyes almost straying to his brother for reassurance but remaining fixed on their Master

Franziskus looks from one to the other "So, who of you is in charge and responsible, hmmmm?"

River: "I am my master," river answers in a small shaking voice

Franziskus nods "And did you tell your brother about his duties and chores?"

River looks at his brother then lowers his head. "I did not command him my master, forgive this one"

Endy tries to butt in before his brother can speak “‘ezz, eee old meez oooo eed the arn"
Endy: but does not speak fast enough

River doesn't dare look up, knowing that there will be disappointment in his master's face.

Franziskus nods once more and looks for a moment at his other boy, not understanding a word anyways, nods again "So, I will have to add some extra punishment for you, my first boy!"

River looks up sadly and whispers. “Yes my master, thank you my master”

"Run to my bedroom and bring me one of the wooden butt plugs from the chest there"
Franziskus barks, “NOW!”

River groans and jumps to his feet... hissing as his skin pulls, sprinting towards the steps that lead to his master’s office and behind that the bedchamber.

Franziskus swishes the cane again threateningly through the air making sure that his lil sunshine knows that he is serious.

Endy picks up two clothes pegs, then carries them back to their Master, kneeling before him holding up the pegs

River runs up the stairs and searches the chest for the plugs, grabbing them up and then running back down with them. He falls to his knees, panting, before his master and holds up the two wooden butt plugs in his open hands.

Franziskus ignores the pegs in Endy's hand and looks a bit puzzled at the two plugs in River's hands. "Did I tell you to bring TWO, mine?"

River trembles even more at the anger in his master's voice, "I ... I  ...” he stammers. "I thought you said two my master," he whimpers pathetically.

Franziskus scowls down at River and shakes his head "I'm pretty sure I said ONE. Soooooo.... you want to take two up your ass?"

“no my master" river whimpers suddenly more afraid than ever.
River: forgive me my master

"Sooooo.... who's the second one meant for, any suggestions?" Franziskus looks with an evil grin from his first to his second boy and back"

Endy gulps loudly

“ Endy my master," river answers in a tiny voice... he looks at his brother apologetically and then looks away again biting his bottom lip feeling terrible that he was suggesting that his brother took the second plug up his ass but then again Endy had failed as much as he had.

Franziskus doesn’t wait for his slave's answer "Well... as you brought two of them....” he takes the two plugs from his first boy's hands then nods with his chin to the kitchen "Bring me some butter from the chiller!"

River hurriedly gets up once more and rushes to the chiller hoping this time he doesn't make a mistake and anger his master even more than he had already.

Endy blinks, and winces at the single word of betrayal from his brother, but keeps his eyes fixes on their Master

River opens the chiller and picks up the plate with the butter, and then hurries back, dropping to his knees and holding up the plate up so that his master can see it

Franziskus points with the cane to the ground before his feet "Put it there!"  He points the tip of the cane to River's nipples, teasing them with it, gently touching them.

River puts the plate on the ground in front of his master and then puts his hands behind him once more and whispers “I obey my master."

“And you put the pegs on your brother's nipples, my lil moonbeam,” Franziskus orders grinning.

River closes his eyes and bites on his lip in anticipation of the pain that is to come

Endy nods and mumbles “es miiii Mafter" and turning to his brother whispers " 'orri miii budder "

Franziskus  while they are busy squats down and dips one of the plugs in the butter, turning it around, greasing it from all sides

Endy places himself between his Master and brother, and using his back to try to conceal his actions, pinches his brother's nipples hastily to harden them, then pulling each in turn clamps the peg to cover the flesh behind the nipple as well to try and make it less painful for his brother, then quickly return s to his spot beside his brother

River moans loudly as the pegs are clipped to his sensitive nubs, biting into them without mercy, wanting so much to take them off again as almost immediately the pain begins to build.

Franziskus rises again, and points to the whipping post "When you are done, take your position at the post, my lil moonbeam!"

Endy gulps and whispers " ess, mii Masfter" without hesitation he moves to the post and like his brother before him holds on to the chains trembling in anticipation of the upcoming punishment.

Franziskus points to his first boy with the cane "And you come here, mine! Stand and bend over!"

River gasps as his nipples begin to throb painfully and murmurs “yes my master,” and moves straight to the indicated place bending over and wrapping his arms around his knees.

Endy grips the post, his breathing heavy and noisy as he struggles to restrain the rising panic

Franziskus holds his first boy with one arm in a tight grip around his waist, holding the greased plug in his other hand. Franziskus  holding his first boy tight pushes the greased plug against the butthole, making sure, his other boy can watch
Franziskus  inserts something warm and hard into River's ass.
Franziskus  pushes an enormous anal plug deep into River's anus.

Endy winces wondering how his brother can take something that big

River tries to relax as he feels the plug at his tight little hole but can’t contain the loud moan as his ass is penetrated. He groans loudly as the plug forces him open, sinking deeply into him and his legs shake as he forces himself to stay in position

Franziskus  as he thrusts the plug in against the resistance of the sphincter until the thickest end passed the ring muscle, holding it in place.... his biceps tensing as he holds his first boy in position with a firm grip....

River yelps as the thickest part of the plug sinks in past the tight ring of muscle and his ass sucks it completely inside him.

Franziskus  ... mumbles "This will remind you while I spank your brother that it is YOUR task to make sure, he's doing his chores, mine!"

Endy whimpers softly, his face screwed up in sorrow for his brother

River: ‘y  ... yes m... master" river whimpers. His nipples feeling like they are on fire and his ass burning now too

Franziskus as the plug is fully in, he turns it to make sure it will stay in place. Then slaps River’s  buttocks with his hand and commands "Kneel and watch now!"

River nods and kneels back down. Groaning as the plug moves deeper into him, stretching his insides impossibly wide.

Franziskus squats down and turns the second smaller plug in the butter like he did it with the other one before

Endy tries to look behind him to see what his Master is doing

Franziskus approaches his second boy, standing close behind him. His leather shorts rubbing against his slave's thigh, as he leans forward and whispers into his slave's ear "You can ... 'thank' your brother later for this, my lil moonbeam!"

Franziskus slides the greased plug down Endy's spine... through the butt crack.... until it reaches the butthole

River lowers his eyes ... sorry that his stupidity and lack of attention was causing his brother pain

Endy clenches down tight on the switch and his body tenses at the plug sliding down his back, desperately trying to make certain parts of his anatomy as un-tense as possible having watched his brother take a much bigger plug.

Franziskus pins his second boy with one arm against the post, his other hand pushing the plug against the resistance of the ring muscle
Franziskus inserts something warm and hard into Endymion's ass.

Endy whimpers, his hands gripping the post tightly

River begins to whimper; he clenches his hands behind his back and bites his lip trying to distract himself as the fiery pain builds in his nipples.

Franziskus pushes the plug deeper and deeper, ignoring any complains out of his slave's mouth, stretching the butthole until the thickest part passed the sphincter, keeping it in place.  He  turns and with the tip of the cane teases his first boy's pegs causing his first boy to whimper even more.  "Don't stay too close my lil sunshine. But watch closely!"

Endy yelps, his butt squirming, unsure whether to try to force the plug in or out, his sphincter burning from the stretching.

River moans softly as the pegs pull on his painful nubs. He moves back a little, not wanting to be hit by his master

Franziskus flicks River's nipple roughly then slides the tip of the cane from his first boy's nipples down his belly.... to his cock... slightly patting the cock with the tip of the cane

River closes his eyes and swallows the hiss that is threatening to spill from his lips

  "Get hard, mine!" Franziskus commands. "And make sure you STAY hard, while I punish your brother!"

River nods and looks up to his master, "may I touch myself my master," he asks in a small but hopeful voice.

Franziskus’s lips cross a quick smile "Aye! What else should I have meant?!"

River nods in understanding and begins to stoke his cock, leaning back as his hand pumps up and down on his shaft, with the harsh pinching of his nipples already contributing to his already growing boy part he pumps the blood into it and making it thicken even more than it had already.

Franziskus looks down to his first boy, watching him for a while playing with himself to get hard as ordered. "But don't dare to cum yet!" he threatens, before he finally turns his attention back to his second boy

“ I won’t my master," river gasps.

Franziskus pats and teases Endy's butt with the cane. "Are you ready, my lil moonbeam?"

Endy fidgets nervously his breathing slow as he tries to retain control of his fear

Franziskus' Cane is rubbed gently against Endymion Avalira's ass.

The pressure on River’s nipples and the plug deep in his ass make him harder and it’s hard not to cum but he grits his teeth and obeys his master hoping he won’t take long to punish his brother.

Endy whispers softly "'ess miii Mafter"

Franziskus swishes the cane once more through the air, and then smacks it right across his slave's buttocks.” And,” he growls. “you... my... lil... moon... beam... will... listen... to... your... brother... and... not... cause... him...  trouble... is ... that ... understood?” again each word was separated by a harsh stinging blow to the naked boy’s buttocks leaving thick red welts in their place.

Endy clenches hard on the switch in his mouth, having learned his lesson from watching his brother he tries hard not to yelp. "Ummphh," he whimpers, biting harder on the switch. Endy whimpers "'eeessss,,, 'ess ie Master"

Franziskus shakes his arm with the cane to relax it after the several switches. He steps closer to his second boy, sliding the rough palm of his hand over the bruised and welted buttocks. He gropes Endymion's ass with both hands, squeezing and probing, then rubs a hand between Endymion's legs, parting his buttocks and running a finger lightly down his ass.

River begins to pant as he fights his orgasm

Franziskus  pats Endymion gently on the ass then  tosses the cane over his shoulder somewhere into the corner, and reaches up for the switch in Endy's mouth. “Give that to me,” he says harshly.

River slows his hand on his cock almost stopping but not quite hoping to ward off his orgasm until his master gives him permission to cum, if he gives him permission to cum.

Endy releases he switch to his Master's hand, his teeth marks deep on it

Franziskus holds the switch in his one hand, his other hand pats again Endy's red butt, then reaches for the end of the plug. "We are not finished yet, Hold your breath!"

Endy whimpers and breathing deeply holds his breath

Franziskus as he hears his second boy holding his breath, grabs the plug and pulls it out in a quick move and tosses the plug over into the washing-basin

Endy squeaks slightly at the suddenness of the plugs removal

Franziskus then turns to his first boy "Stop playing, mine and come here and stand!"

Gasping with Relief River stops stroking himself and hurries to his master.

Franziskus reaches with his free hand for the pegs at his first boy's nipples with a quick move takes the one off... then the other ... and rubs the nipple quickly pinching and twisting it for good measure.

River gasps as the clothespins are removed. River cries out loudly as the first peg is pulled off and whimpers as the blood rushes back into his painful nipple

Franziskus then steps back and swishes the remaining switch through the air "I'm not finished with your punishment, my lil sunshine. I will teach you to take your responsibility as first boy more serious!"

River lowers his head and whispers ... yes my master

Franziskus reaches with his free hand up to grasp his slave's collar

River lifts his chin not trying to avoid his master's reach

Franziskus’s fingers close around the collar. He pulls his first boy behind his second boy: "I'll cane you, until you cum in your brother's ass, mine!"

Endy tries to look at his brother to reassure him as to how well he teaches Endy, but is fearful of his Master and his current temper

River looks at his brother's ass and chews on his bottom lip and then back at his master, pleadingly.

Endy whimpers, as their Master's words register to him

Franziskus  pats a few time with the tip off the cane on river's cock "Now put this...." - then points with the cane to Endy's butt "... into that!"

River gulps... Yes my master," he says softly. He moves behind his brother and lines up his cock with his ass hole. Rubbing the head gently over it

Franziskus  flicks the cane across River's ass "FUCK HIM! NOW!"

Endy whimpers, his ass still sore for the plug, but suddenly very glad of the butter that covered it

Franziskus flicks the cane against River Airy's flesh, leaving a red welt.

River slips easily into his brother, not being very big anyways and his brother opened from the plug

Franziskus paces up and down behind his slaves, from time to time the cane smacking over his first boy's already welted butt making him yelp in pain. “ FASTER!” he snaps.

River: cries out as the switch cuts into his ass and he increases his thrusts

Franziskus smacks the butt from every side switching  River hard with the cane, leaving a red welt.

Endy whimpers, his brother’s pace increasing and thrusting Endy against the post

Franziskus  growls , “I won't.... stop... until... you... filled...  your... brother’s... ass... with...  your...  seed... mine.” With each word  he whips the cane painfully across his first boy’s already tender ass, leaving it bruised and welted.

River cries out with each blow then screams as he cums suddenly in his brother's ass.

Endy groans loudly as his brother's hot seed fills his ass

River shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm pumping the thick cum into his brother, his fingers digging into his brother's waist. He shudders trying hard not to show his master just how much pain he is in. his bottom burns like fire and every muscle in his body aches
Endy whimpers his brother's thrusts pressing his brother against his sore and bruised flesh

Franziskus stops the caning when his boys groan. The tip of the cane sliding down along his first boy's spine "Did you cum, mine?"

“ Y ... y ... yes my m .. Master,"  River stammers

Franziskus nods and tosses the cane finally into the corner to the other one. "Then turn your brother around and give him some relief too!"

Obediently River turns his brother around as ordered and drops to his knees taking him into his mouth.

Endy yelps softly as his painful butt rests against the rough and splintery wood, his hips thrusting forward s his brother

River bobs his head back and forth, taking his brother deep into his hot mouth, pressing his tongue hard to the shaft so each bob of his head drags his tongue the entire length. He deep throats him, knowing his master is watching carefully, gagging as Endy’s cock hits the back of his throat but he keeps sucking despite his eyes watering.

Franziskus towers over his first boy, watching him closely as he tries to get his brother hard and help him to an orgasm

Endy moans softly, his brothers sucking exciting him more and more as their Master watches

River Airy licks over Endymion's glans, sucking and probing at his brother’s piss slit before deep throating him again and encouraging him to mouth fuck him hard over and over.
Endymion shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!

Endy yells as his spunk gushes forwards into his brother’s mouth

“Make him cum in your mouth, mine! And swallow it all!" Franziskus commands

River sucks as hard as he can, swallowing the thick cum that fills his mouth

Franziskus watches carefully the expression in his second boy's face, groaning softly. He adjusts his cock under his kilt. “I said: Swallow it All!!” he growls forcefully.

River sucks the last drips from his brother's cock and then sits back on his heels... yelping as his tender ass touches them.

Endy gasps, his breathing hard and panting his body shaking softly from the orgasm

River opens his mouth to show his master that he has swallowed showing his cum covered tongue on command.

Franziskus nods content and pats River's head "Good boy!"
River pushes his head against his master's hand and whimpers softly and looks up with sad eyes, "I will do better my master, I promise"

Franziskus smiles down to his first boy "I am sure you will, mine!"

River keeps his head low and weeps, “forgive this boy for failing you my master?”

Franziskus smiles and says in a softer tone. “You’re forgiven, my lil sunshine. You should know that. Once punishment is done, all is fine but from time to time a reminder is necessary

River hugs his master's legs, burying his face into his crotch hiding the tears that are in his eyes.

Franziskus turns to his second boy. “Come off the post now and give me a hug too.”

Endymion is released from the whipping post.

River moves back so that his brother can hug his master's legs

Franziskus pets Endymion on the head. “ Good boy!” he says kindly.” I know you both will do better.”

River whispers softly containing the shake in his voice, “we will our master, I promise.”

Franziskus nods “You’re the best boys anyways,” he says. “Now go and eat something, and take a candy too we have way too many anyways.”

Endy nuzzles into his Master's hand, and hugs his Master close "thank you our Master"

River nods and tries to give his master a smile. “Yes my master .. Thank you my master.”  Candy meant that they were truly forgiven

Endy smiles and runs off to follow his brother... pausing for a moment to whisper to their Master "would you like some candies too?"

Franziskus he grins back to his second boy "No candy for me"

River limps quickly to the chilla and grabs a piece of meat, too hungry to wait for his brother. He tears it apart swallowing it as fast as he can.

As soon as he's sure his boy's are eating well, Franziskus nods and turns to walk to the main hall

River: he takes a piece of bread too biting into it hungrily. He blushes as his master watches him eat and he hopes he isn't being too greedy. he looks over to his brother, "I am sorry that I am not a better first boy Endy," he says softly

Endy giggles at his brother’s belching and races upstairs to pick up some candies for them all
Endy pauses before running out and drags his bother close "you are a great first boy my brother.....”

“ But I got you switched,” River says pathetically.

Franziskus shouts towards the kitchen "Bring me some wine and cheese. The good one from Galuptra "

Endy pouts for a moment " Even if you can’t tell the difference between one and two" he says ruefully, his ass still sore.

“ A piece of bread too,” Franziskus yells.

River breaks away from his brother. "Yes my master," he shouts back. “Get the wine my brother I will get the cheese and bread.”

Endy grins and grabs a cookie "yes my brother"

“I brought fresh tospit juice too. Try it for the vitamins! It’s in the chiller,”Franziskus shouts. “Or maybe it was larma! Not sure!”

Endy picks up the bottle of wine and carefully pours it into a goblet for their Master, having checked it or blemishes or marks

River gets the cheese from the chilla and cuts off a chunk he puts it on a plate and then cuts bread for his master placing that too on the plate.” yes my master," he calls back

“Was that before or after you bought and gave away the paga to the peasant my Master? Endy asks as he carefully carries the goblet to their Master

Franziskus frowns "Do I hear some critics in your voice, my lil moonbeam?  Maybe your butt is not red enough, hm?" Franziskus lifts his eyebrows with a grin. “But I bought it together with the paga,” Franziskus adds.

Endy looks horrified "no, no my Master.... I am sure you had your reasons...... though you ugly wife may starve"

Franziskus ponders his main hall. “Hmmmm, when I buy furniture, I think we need some small side tables around here too.”

Endy knees before their Master, raising the goblet before his face and kissing the rim, then holding it above his head to their Master "your wine my Master"

Franziskus takes the goblet with one hand and ruffles his second boy's hair with the other one. "Thank you, my boys"

River places the food where his master can reach it

Franziskus takes a sip from the goblet, then reaches for the cheese and tosses it into his mouth... or at least tries as it slips out his fingers, Slippery lil sucker!"

River winces as his bottom rests on his heels

Franziskus  finally catches it adds the bread to the cheese and chews with full cheeks

Endy settles slightly, the cold tiles soothing on his butt

Franziskus speaks with his mouth full expecting his boys to understand what he is saying. “Houph phe aama phuiphe?”

River blinks not understanding what his master was saying and looks at Endy totally lost, hoping that the second boy understood what their master wanted.

Endy nods and stands up.  “I will get some for us both my Master, would you like a goblet of it too?”

Franziskus flushes down the cheese and bread with the rest of the wine, then pats his belly "No, I'm fine"

  Endy smiles "may I get juice for my brother and I, and candies for us all our Master?"

Franziskus sighs "I thought I told you to bring juice for you and your brother. And candies too, but not for me. I'm bursting, don’t forget that I had a DELICIOUS vulo-egg for dinner!"

River makes a soft regretful noise as his master reminds them of their failings as slaves.

Endy blushes "yes my Master" he says, not saying anything specific about the charcoaled eggs

“ Remind me to get a new pan,”  Franziskus say. “ But not from the blacksmith in town. Don't like him, and he's way too expensive

River mutters, “ yes my master.” He can’t help but squirm feeling the plug still deep inside him.

Endy whispers "I have heard his tools break easily my Master"

River sips his juice not waiting for permission as his master had already ordered them to try it

Franziskus frowns a bit as he sees more than one candy for each boy, but as they didn't get their daily candy for days, he just nods, smiles and remains quiet

Endy gulps down the sweet juices, a pleased growl rumbling deep in his chest at the pleasure of it.

Franziskus pats on the cushions beside him "come closer, my boys" he says smiling, “come and show your master your love. “

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