Tuesday, 25 October 2011


After seeing Teleny's blog about his and Derren's anniversary, it reminded me that River met Franzi at the same time. I was focusing on the date of my collaring and overlooked the day we actually met in character.

I sort of had a hand in Teleny and Derren meeting. I had got myself a master at jungleboys and Derren was already his boy. Well to cut a long story short neither of us were happy with him. He was abusive for the sake of being abusive, even forbid us to wear bruises after he beat us up.

So I told D i was leaving and asked him to come with me to Tidra, the rest is history.

I like to think it was a good day's work taking D with me.

Happy Anniversary Derren and Teleny. And happy Anniversary My Master sort of .. ... still focusing on my collaring date though.


and bruised

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