Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Trip

River looked at his passport lying on top of the pool table alongside his travel bag and tickets. He worried his lip as he reconsidered once again what he was about to do. He’d packed as if he was going on any regular holiday, shorts, flip flops, 20 tee shirts, fresh undies and IPod that contained everything from Lonestar to Kylie and Opera. He was as eclectic in his taste in music as he was in the rest of his life. He changed his mind like most men changed their socks, which was why this was such a huge step he was taking. It was a huge risk, what if he didn’t like it, and what if he wasn’t the man he thought he was, what if....

 River looked at his phone and picked it up, unlocking it then hesitating. He wondered if his chain brother was having the same anxieties that he was. He looked up at the clock on the wall. His taxi that was booked to take him to the airport wouldn’t be there for another hour. That meant he had a full hour to panic and worry. He checked his ticket for the fifth time that day, destination, Bahamas, transfer included. It didn’t say where the transfer was too, he figured it would be a coach of some kind.

His fingers itched to phone Endy but they had an agreement, no real life calls only text messages. He started to type out a message then stopped, remembering that his master had told him that he was not to send text messages to Endy until after they had been away. He looked up at the clock again and wondered if his master had taken off yet, he had been illusive about his schedule, choosing to keep his sluts guessing to when he would arrive. River sat down at his pc and booted it up again. He waited for the internet to connect and then moved his mouse over the Second life icon, tempted to sign in and check to see if his master was there. But then his master had banned him from signing in again until after the holiday, what if he was there waiting, checking to see if his sluts obeyed him? Reluctantly River moved his cursor to the Firefox icon and clicked that instead.

He typed the key words into the search bar and after a few seconds a page opened up. He leaned back in his chair and let his eyes sweep over the pictures.  When his chain brother had found the link it had intrigued him so much that he had promptly shown their master and he had been as excited by it as Endy had.  By the time River had signed on it had been pretty much decided that his master and his boys were going on vacation together and meeting in real life for the first time.  He clicked on the first picture of a beautiful Caribbean island set in blue seas and another page opened with a block of text and more pictures. At 26 miles wide and 32 long, it wasn’t much bigger than greater London. It was very beautiful. River started to read.

Ever dreamed of being on Gor for real?
Well on Cabot Island you can be. Realise your desires to own or be owned.
Beneath it in smaller letters was written:
Cabot Island is set in the beautiful blue Caribbean Sea and is a small private island that is exclusively gorean. When booking to stay on Cabot Island you must state if you are a free or a slave. All slaves are welcome regardless of travelling with a master or not but unaccompanied slaves will be treated as island slaves and housed in the public kennels for all to use. Private slaves can be housed in the kennels or with their master if required.
Cabot Island is exclusively for gay men. Nudity and bondage is the normal way of life here.

Beneath that in bigger letters read:

Slaves beware, once you accept the island transfer then you will be in bondage for the entire time of your booking. There is no changing role on Cabot Island. You will be subjected to slavery and all that goes with it. Terms and conditions are Here. Over 21’s only will be accepted and conditional contract must be signed and returned before travelling. 

River gulped and closed the page. What the hell was he doing? Maybe he should re-think this whole thing, maybe this was a step too far. Maybe he should just....
His door bell rang and he looked up at the clock. Shit where had the time gone? His cab was here already. He closed down his pc and hurried to the door. An hour later he was chewing his nails at East Midlands Airport and handing over his passport and tickets to the heavily made up woman at the check in, and checking in his bag that were for once grossly underweight. He looked behind himself at the queue, trying to decide if any other the men waiting in line were going to the same place he was or if one of them might be Endy. He had never seen his chain brother so for all he knew he could be standing right behind him. He smiled briefly at the dark haired man standing behind him and was met with a blank stare. The woman behind the counter said. “Thank you sir,” in a tone that told River she had already tried to get his attention.

“Thank you,” he muttered and took his boarding pass and passport from her. Now he had an hour and half to wait till boarding. His stomach churned... Maybe he would visit the bathroom again. He wandered around the airport in a daze, even going into the duty free and thinking about buying a bottle of scotch. His stomach rumbled reminding him that he hadn’t eaten yet today, so he found himself sitting in burger king eating a bacon cheeseburger and fries. A man walked passed him and looked at him closely and River stared back, maybe it was Endy? He wanted to ask him but he knew that they were not to meet until they were chained so he hung his head and finished his meal.

The flight itself was uneventful. River was in a window seat with a young couple sitting beside him. He spent most of the ten hour flight watching movies and the rest sleeping. As they neared his destination his anxieties resurfaced. He was committed now.

By the time he stepped out of the airport his heart was running a marathon. He looked around knowing that there had to be a holiday rep waiting for him but not knowing where. Then he saw him. A huge man with a long blond pony tail, dressed in leather pants and a sleeveless tee shirt stood with his arms folded across his chest and a smaller brunette in bootie shorts and a crop top, stood next to him with a clipboard. He made his way over to the two.

“Excuse me,” he said in a small voice. “I am on the Cabot island adventure. Could you tell me where to go please?”

The bigger of the two men looked him up and down, a smile playing on his lips. “What is your name please?” the smaller man asked.

 River’s eyes fixated on the metal band that was obviously locked on the smaller man’s neck. 
“Jovian...“he started to say, using his real name but was cut off before he could say his surname.

“Got you,” the smaller man interrupted. “River Airy, Is that your case?”

River looked down at the small case by his feet. “Yeah,” he said. “I wasn’t sure what to pack.”
The smaller man waved off his words. “Take it over to that bus,” he said pointing to a luxury cruiser bus. “Then come back to me.”

“Come back?” River repeated.

“Yes,” the man said staring right at River as if he was stupid. “Put your case on the bus then wait over by the wooden wagon over there.”

River started to pull his case over towards the bus as the smaller man confirmed the name of another man, this time the taller of the two men spoke, telling the new arrival where to go and what to do. As he watched as his bag was stashed in with some other bags along with his flight bag that the driver insisted had to go as well. The man that had arrived just after him came over, the smaller of the two reps dragging his case for him.

“I will put your case on Master,” he said. “If you would like to get on the bus. There is air conditioning and a small gift of cold drinks on your seat.” He turned his attention back to River, who was listening. “I told you to wait by the wagon didn’t I?” he said snappily.  River nodded, swallowing the uncertainty building in him. “Then obey,” the man said gruffly. “And no talking”

River blushed red; almost embarrassed by the way the man was speaking to him but just nodded again and rushed over to where a small group of men were already assembled next to the wooden wagon.
After waiting for an hour, he joined the other men that had sat down on the ground. The cruiser bus had long gone along with his luggage yet he was still sitting waiting at the airport. He wished he still had his flight bag; at least he could have a drink and listen to music. Another cruiser bus arrived and he watched as more men got on that and a few more men joined the group that were waiting by the wagon.

“When I call your name, you will stand and say ‘yes master’.” The sudden voice made River jump, he had started to doze. He blinked against the sun seeing the two reps that had greeted them standing in front of them. This time the smaller of the two stood to one side his hands behind his back and his head slightly lowered. “In the wagon mine,” the man said and the smaller man nodded and climbed into the back of the wagon. The rep drew himself up to his full height turning his attention back to the men sitting and standing around waiting. “After you have identified yourself by your first name only, you will get onto the wagon where mine is waiting for you. You will obey him. Fail and you will be punished.” The man looked at the clip board and barked “Jonathan.”

A small blond man with huge blue eyes jumped to his feet and put his hands behind his back. “Yes master,” he said quickly.

The tall rep grinned. “Nice to see you back with us Jonathan,” he said not unkindly. “How is your master?”

“He is in good health master, he went on the bus already,” Jonathan replied.
The rep nodded. “Get in the wagon boy. As you have been here before you can help Simon to settle the new boys.”

“Yes master,” Jonathan replied and climbed into the wagon.

One by one the ‘boys’ were called forward and told to get into the wagon. River kept his eyes on each one, waiting to hear Endy called. “River.”

River jumped to his feet and put his hands behind him as he had seen the first two boys do and the tall rep smiled and nodded his approval. “Your master and chain brother are joining us I believe,” he said.
River’s voice cracked a little as he whispered, “yes master.” The Master looked him up and down then nodded towards the covered wagon. River swallowed nervously then climbed in. The leather curtain fell closed behind him and his eyes struggled to see in the sudden darkness.

“Strip.” The voice was Simon’s.

“Excuse me?” River replied shocked.

A hand grabbed his hair and twisted and he cried out as he was taken by surprise. “Do you want to start your time here with a whipping boy,” Simon barked.

“N  ... No,” River stammered.

“Then obey boy,” the man that was fisting his hair said softly. He released his grip and ruffled River’s hair, “good boy,” he said.  Quickly River pulled his tee shirt up over his head and then pulled down his shorts holding both in his hands till they were snatched away from him.

“Shoes and underwear too,” Simon snapped. River closed his eyes and took a deep breath then kicked off his flip flops and pulled down his underwear, stepping out of them. He shivered even though the air inside the wagon was close and humid.

The second man nodded his appreciation of River’s nude body and then indicated for him to sit on a bench. Nervously River complied, his heart beating faster still as the man locked his feet into a stock and locked a collar chained to the side of the wagon around his neck. He looked up at him scared and the man smiled kindly. He leaned close to his ear and whispered. “You are safe; this is what you signed up for.” He ruffled his hair once more. “Now be a good boy. No talking at all. It’s a long drive to the boat so try to rest.”

River nodded, biting on to his bottom lip and leaned back against the side of the wagon, closing his eyes trying to relax. His heart was beating wildly, scared was an understatement. Suddenly all he could think about was what if they don’t let me go? What if my master isn’t there... what if ... what if they sold him ... really sold him? He began to hyperventilate, gasping for breath.

An inhaler was pressed between his lips and he gasped at the drug that was being pumped into his lungs. “Deep breaths,” Simon said calmly. “Deep breaths.” As soon as it was obvious that the drug was working Simon lifted River’s chin making him look into his eyes. “Better?” he asked.  River nodded, indicating that he was alright and to his surprise Simon smiled at him. “Now you know why we ask all those questions on the application form,” he said kindly. “You will be examined by a physician when we get to Cabot Island. Try to relax. We will be moving as soon as the rest of the sluts arrive. If you feel yourself going again raise your hand.” Simon squeezed River’s chin. “Do you understand, nod don’t speak.”  River nodded his understanding and Simon smiled again.” I will have Jon keep an eye on you.” He let go of River’s chin and then ruffled his hair.  “The rest of you keep your mouths shut,” he snapped shooting a withering glance around the dim wagon, silencing the muttering that had started. “Anyone breaking the silence will be switched when we arrive.” He looked around glaring at the bound boys, daring them to speak. Satisfied that all was well he went to the curtain, looking out briefly then coming back in. Within seconds another boy came into the transport and Simon began the shackling process again, River forgotten.

River didn’t know how long he sat shackled in that humid wagon, it was impossible to see outside but it had to have been more than a couple of hours. His bladder was beginning to complain. It wasn’t desperate... not yet anyway; but if they were there much longer he was sure it would be an issue. He looked around at the other boys and at least felt some satisfaction that some of them were beginning to look as uncomfortable as he was feeling.  The wagon shuddered and started to move and River had to contain a cry of joy. He leaned back again; resting his head back against the wall and his eyes met Jonathan’s. The experienced slave gave him a reassuring smile and mouthed ... “are you okay?”  River nodded and gave him a weak smile back. He closed his eyes and relaxed into the sway of the wagon. There was no going back now.


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