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RP no3 The Mistress Green

As soon as River said goodbye to his master, he heard the sounds of a scuffle, he runs to see what is going on and sees a lady run into the green’s office. Worried, he follows her.
The Green: what is it slave?
River: mistress, are you well: i heard a noise
The Green: well..i suppose i am now...yes....thank you
River: forgive me for not being quicker to your aid
The Green: there was a barbarian who spoke strange tongues rampaging in our city...and setting building alight. it is all right boy... The Green looks at him... have you had your examination, boy?
River: do you need anything mistress, a black wine or tea
The Green: well a black wine would be extremely welcome dear...
River: i have been examined in my own village mistress
The Green: oh that is good to many slaves here seem to still need a serious evaluation from the medical point of view
River reaches into the small pouch sewn into his scrap of silk and gets out a scroll and passes it to the mistress
The Green looks at the scroll nodding
The Green: and you had your shots? The Green probes into your eyes
  River: yes mistress," river gulps in memory of the painful shots. "five of them, one a day,"
The Green: oooh excellent. has Mistress Sondra had a copy of these yet?
River: no mistress, she did not ask for them, i have my chain brother's too
The Green: I shall hand these over to her. The Green smiles: ah you have a brother here as well...that is good to know
River: we are chain brothers mistress not blood
The Green: i see, well..I am ready for the black was an upsetting morning and who do you belong to?
River looks around, "do you know where the kitchen is mistress or shall we go to the free woman’s house
The Green notices the boy's many piercings: oh the free women’s house will be best. The Green steps inside, fanning herself with a hand and floats down onto one of the soft cushions spreading her skirts around herself, and looking up at the helpful boy
River moves closer to the mistress and lifts his chin to show his collar. "This is my master," he says to her, pointing to the engraving that reads 'Property of Franziskus Ninetails'
The Green: oh...the builder! You are extremely helpful, boy...
River: "it is my duty mistress. Would mistress like her wine first or second slave?"
The Green: he is an outstanding builder; i must say...i never saw a city as beautiful as this one second slave dear...but....
River blushes with pride of his master’s work
The Green leans close to him and whispers "please add a dash of sul paga to it, will you?"
River grins and whispers ... of course mistress, for shock." he winks at her and gives her his best smile.
The Green nods winking back with a conspiratorial expression. The Green whispers: don’t tell anybody
River gets up to his feet and crosses to the kitchen searching for the black wine beans hoping that there are some
The Green eases back, adjusting her up do while she waits...and finding that the pins hidden in her hair did not prove useful against the crazy barbarian marauder
River: he lifts an already full kettle to the fire and leaves it to boil while he searches further. He crouches down and finds a small bag in the back of a cupboard. They are whole beans as he expected and searches for something to break them with: finding a rolling pin he grunts in approval. he searches for a rep cloth and finds a nice clean one he wraps the beans in it, making a nice little parcel then he turns and speaks to the mistress.
The Green finishes adjusting her hairdo
 River: do not be alarmed mistress i am about to make some noise, forgive me
The Green: oh do not worry will make the atmosphere jollier, in a way
River smiles brightly my master calls me river mistress or his lil sunshine
The Green chuckles is a nice name, elicits the idea of things flowing from you...surely good things
River turns back to his work and brings the pin down hard four then five times, smashing the beans and making a huge noise in the process. He then takes the rep bag and places it in a clean jug
The Green pops her eyes, the noise being much louder than she anticipated, then she chuckles once more, amused at the unique way of preparing black wine...
River: he crosses to another cupboard and searches for a tray and cup which he places on the table: even though the lady asked for second slave, he goes to the chilla and takes out the sugars and cream. He places them on the tray also in case the lady changes her mind. : he then searches again, smiling when he finds an open bottle of sul paga in the back of a shelf
The Green watches the handsome boy...she considers that once she gets settled in Corcyrus, having a nice boy on her chain would be pleasant and useful...she wonders, however, how much boys know about mortars and pestles, and grins
River: he pulls the cork with his teeth and smells it, he hesitates, not really allowed by his master to drink it but he feels obliged to test it to make sure it is safe for the lady to drink. he makes a decision and sips a little. waiting to see if he drops down dead from poison, when he doesn't he places that on the tray also. he takes the jug with the rep bag to the stove and ladles in the now boiling water
The Green notices the slave having a go at the paga and smiles, thinking he will have to keep quiet about her having some too, now, lest she inform his Master
River: letting it brew. He waits till it’s the right shade then places it back on the tray.
The Green observes him at work...finding he is most pleasing to the eyes,
River kneels before the mistress, placing the tray between his knees. He considers closing them in tower for a moment then dismisses it as his master has commanded him never to kneel so  Believing it cruel to make a boy do so
The Green turns and picks her cup...she looks at him a bit reproachfully in the eyes...
River: your wine mistress he says, still second slave mistress? He asks as he adds a splash of sul paga for her.
The Green: ...but remembers what he had said about kneeling in tower. yes second dear...with that little extra i requested
River smiles brightly at the mistress and lifts his head in the direction of the door. "did i hear the door mistress?"
The Green: apparently yes there was somebody...but i do not hear noises any more. it irks me when i hear the door knocking while i visit patients...
River lifts a cup to the mistress. : may this black wine calm you beautiful mistress and i hope that you find this boy as pleasing
The Green picks her cup nodding slowly in approval and whispering "you serve pleased me dear, because felt your desire to please"
The Green brings the cup to her lips and sips the black wine, smiling
River kneels back silently his head down in reverence
The Green: mmmmm and it is also very good
River: smiles
The Green: tell me, dear....
River: my master likes the way i filter the beans. he hates having to pick them out of his teeth. none of his boys had done that before
The Green: ah...i see....well the black wine is delicious and there is nothing to pick from ones teeth. : tell me, i was saying...those metal decoration you wear on your penis..did your Master have you wear them?
River beams brightly at the mistress living up to his nickname of sunshine.  River blushes and presses his penis back hiding it from the mistress, "forgive me mistress i never meant to offend you with my body, but in answer to your question, he likes them mistress, I already had them when i was kidnapped from Ear.... “river pauses not knowing if the mistress shared the knowledge of earth or not. "my home mistress " he changes his words. "They were a choice i made as a free man, now i wear them because my master demands it.
The Green: aaah: i see, so it is a barbarian custom....that is why they surprise me, dear. : did a green apply them? I should like to learn how to do that perhaps...i imagine it must have hurt, but surely you were brave. The Green cups his genitals in a hand, her professional way, gently raising hem a little to better see the strange adornments
River: no mistress, it was done in a shop, and it did hurt very much but i was on a self hate kick at the time and felt i deserved the pain
The Green: oh
River stands and displays for the mistress to see better
The Green: pain should be a flower oe offers a beloved Master or Mistress...not a punishment one inflicts on oneself...I am glad that you realise it yourself, dear. The Green conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals. oh....and there are more behind! The Green conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals.
River bites his lip a little being handled so casually by the mistress
Tenderly, The Green slides a single moist finger around the head of River's cock and tugs gently.  The Green teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him. these are these little balls hanging from chains on your sac odd! How intriguing!
River feels his face burn redder as the mistress examines him closely
The Green notices that the boy has grown in her first she is somewhat unsettled...yet at the same time he is sweet and seeing him in that state pleases her...affecting medical interest, instead of stopping, she continues. The Green teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him. Fervidly, The Green strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.
River: my nipples and nose were pierced by my master's hand
Fervidly, The Green strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.
The Green: oh i see... The Green conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals. The Green: you seem a most healthy boy, river... The Green teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him.
River whimpers as the mistress strokes him without thought of what it was doing to him, he grits his teeth knowing that he might not cum.
The Green: mmm....and how beautiful you are when you display all your manhood, dear, your Master has a true pearl in his house
The Green: I hope I am not upsetting you?
River: thank you mistress,
The Green keeps his balls cupped in her warm and silky hand, gazing up, feeling him throb and quiver in her hand
River: ohh no mistress this beast is not allowed to complain
The Green: mmmm,  The Green releases him...she glances at his eyes, trying to detect his expression as suddenly she stops touching him
River: he gasps softly as she holds him so intimately, unused to the soft small hand of a woman but more used to the rough grip of his master as he claims what is his
The Green: well...i shall stop examining these fascinating adornments, or else you might have a wrong impression
River lets out the breath he was holding and fights the urge to step back away from the lady but holds still in case she has not finished.
The Green: it would be most improper
River: yes mistress, i would not want you to fall foul of the couching law
The Green: thank you for showing them to me the one on the tip is most interesting...
River: that one hurt the most mistress
The Green: you might be introducing a fashion her in Corcyrus *chuckles softly* The Green crinkles her brow
River: it goes through my piss slit and out of the side. it is called a prince Albert reverse where i come from
The Green: fall foul of the couching law? how dare you even suggest such a possibility, slave?
River: reverse cus it normally goes out the other side.
The Green blushes and resumes drinking her black wine: I am no slut, boy... and i find men's bodies completely uninteresting, seeing so many of them each day in the infirmary!
River gulps not realising how he offended the pretty mistress. "Forgive me," he says falling to his knees and lowering his head to the ground
The Green drinks her black wine, somewhat flattered by his delicate sentiments
The Green: you are forgiven, slave...your lovely company saved you.
River: i never meant offence .. i merely was explaining the procedure, forgive me beautiful kind mistress .. this one begs forgiveness
The Green: please do not underestimate me, however...
River keeps his head to the ground, though he knows he could take the woman in a struggle his training and fear of his master keeps him in check. “ never mistress: this one is ashamed of his failings”
The Green: though I might be kind and caring, i do believe in discipline very much. I pride in being disciplined myself, and expect nothing less from, even though i understand that that..uhm...state of excitation that you experienced before might have led you to have certain thoughts, do realise that i am a Free Woman. A Lady. You owe me respect, absolute respect, and nothing else.
River: yes mistress of course mistress. i never .. Would never disrespect you mistress
The Green: Never dare suspect me of being the sort of Woman who braves couching laws ever again, or I shall complain to your Master
River trembles now terrified that the lady would speak to his master
The Green: but now, as I said, you are excused, The Green ruffles the boys hair gently, at the same time allowing her eyes to trail along his muscular back...
River feels tears welling in his eyes and he whispers.. "Thank you mistress. "
The Green: that is quite all right. I shall be on my way please proceed with the washing and thank you, again, for having me made forget that shocking episode that struck us earlier today. The Green trails her hand along his cheek as she rises, her perfumed robes swishing before him like the wings of a dark dove: Be well, little one
River keeps his head to the ground afraid now to move, he had spoken in jest and now feared that he would be punished. He would have to admit his mistake to his master and that was far worse than any wrath of the woman whose feet he was cowering at. “Yes mistress”
Afraid that I had offended the mistress ooc , I im’d her and I think she missed the point of my im.
River Airy: i am sorry if i offended you .. i never meant to
The Green: slave, you are forgiven this once. I do have a kurt, dear, and know how to use it.
River Airy: it was just in jest mistress i swear and i thought i emoted it not said it. i apologise once more hangs his head in shame that he ruined the rp for you
The Green: your apologies are accepted, as I already said. Do not irk me with your apologies, boy.
River Airy: yes mistress
The Green: ((you did not ruin anything, dear, I very much enjoyed my black wine))
River Airy: smiles so i never offended you ooc that is what i am afraid of.  ic i understand
The Green: ooc? what is that? another oddity from the planet of barbarians??
River Airy: out of character
The Green: i do not know what OOC is dear i am a Gorean Lady: stop speaking in riddles and listen to me : you are forgiven. And I very much ejoyed your company...
yes mistress
The Green blushes and corrects herself quickly
River Airy: thank you mistress
The Green: i meant, i very much enjoyed how you served me, of course
River Airy: of course mistess
River Airy: safe paths mistress and may you find joy in this day
The Green nods and smiles, as she turns and swishes back to the infirmary, thinking to herself that the boy has something exquisitely sweet about him
River Airy: this boy lives to serve and to be found pleasing
The Green: be well little one
River Airy: and you mistress.  River Airy quickly clears away the tray and washes the cups that wer used. he places the cream back in the chilla and the sugars whre the ants cannot get to them. he puts the bottle of sul paga back int he cupboard and tosses away the crushed beans and washes the rep cloth and hangs it to dry. satisfied that the fw inn is as it was before they arrived. he takes his leave.. worried at how angry his master will be at him for offending the fine green .
The Green seats herself before the desk, writing a medical report...she looks out of the window, still delighted by the irresistible sensitivity of the boy, and a touch of wicked enjoyment in how regretful he had been at her feet...she sighs to herself, thinking that, as a Free Woman, she ought not to have such feelings, but rather be the cold physician she appears to be normally...and wistfully resumes writing
River Airy: he goes out of the house and up the stairs to the small pond and sits on the edge dangling his feet in it. He wipes a tear from his eyes and stares at the fish swimming around and envies their freedom and ignorance of the world of men.
The Green has ended the unverified conversation.

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