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RP no.2 Master and girl at the temple

After leaving the girl with the arrogant master’s inside the temple River sits on a stone to wait for his master to return from his nap and a girl strides towards him, her hair flowing in the light breeze.
The slave girl: tal
River: tal: are you lost girl
The slave girl: smiles im aura. who are you
River: my master calls me river. well met aura
The slave girl: shakes her long white gold hair.. im not lost.. im never lost.. giggles.. well met river.. its very rare that I can look into a kajirus eyes without looking up
River: shrugs... i am a barbarian," he explains, "tall in my own land, " the hairs on the back of his neck lift as he senses the presence of another behind him. he turns and see';s a master and kneels
The slave girl: grins jumps seeing the Master..and smiles as she turns... greeting Jarl
  The Master: smiles ..and your still standing why two
River: greetings Jarl.
The slave girl: sinks down to her knees.. forgive this one please jarl..
The Master: of course i understand
River lowers his eyes to the man's feet. forgive this one jarl. i never heard you come up behind me.
The Master: i forgive you both this once but dont let it happen again
The slave girl: yes Jarl.. thank you it won’t happen again: whispers to river.. im barbarian too.. tall for where I come from.. giggles softly
The Master: i know it won’t happen again
River: thank you jarl." river adopts the more natural word of jarl rather than master after hearing the girl speak it. He had already been disciplined for calling a free jarl , instead of master, and now adopted what he heard around him. might this boy be of service to you jarl?" river asks not recognising the man
well what a pair i have here then what to do with you both ..rubs his chin.
River captures his lip between his teeth worriedly. his eyes dart around looking for his master, hoping that he had woken from his nap. River's lips whispers: River bites his lower lip.
The Master: no i have my girl to serve me boy
The slave girl: shakes her head.. her long mane dancing across the back of her feet..and across the soft skin of her leg as it draws around her...reaches down to touch rivers arm... Its ok.. this is aura's jarl.. seeing River bite his lower lip: sultry and slow.. stretching upward .. aura whispers.. How may aura serve you Jarl
River blushes being misunderstood, "yes mas ... jarl." he says lowering his eyes once more. The Master: walks up lifting the boys chin with his finger under it .. well boy how did you get up here all alone? The Master: well girl ..looking at the boy grinning ..i should say a tub of bosk grease but for now nothing aura
River looks up at the jarl, reluctantly meeting his eyes. "My master is the master builder here jarl. I was waiting for him ." River shifts a little on his knees unused to kneeling for so long.
The Master: i see you have green eyes boy like my girl very partial to green eyes
River: thank you master." river stammers ..
The slave girl: peeks over to see that river does have the same color eyes as she does.. his hair was darker blond then her platinum locks..
River: he cringes as the word master slips from his lips and he recoils instinctively away from a blow that he expects to follow
The Master: looks at aura ..grinning ..but speaks to the boy ..i wonder how pleasing you could be boy..perhaps i should take him home aura something to keep us both warm ..hmmmmm
The slave girl: blushes as she has not been used by the jarl in a long time.. wondering why it has been this way.. perhaps he didnt like girls.. and kept her only to clean and she had been doing since she was given to him.. but then again.. she had been his wages along with coin..perhaps he hadnt wanted a girl.. bites her lip.. and whispers as Jarl wishes
River pales physically, the jarl he could deal with but a girl! ... he stammers over his words not sure what to say, "my ... my master will trade for me, " he says hoping that it was true. Again his eyes search desperately for a sign that his master had woken and come looking for what was his
The Master: girl remove your top the boy what he may be getting
The slave girl: looks down her eyes filling with tears.. her lashes covering the green depths..
The slave girl: Yes my Jarl .. : reaches up and undoes the clip at the top of her kirtle turning a little as she blushes pink. dropping the kirtle top to the side behind her.. the pink flowing up and over her cheeks.. as she drops her eyes downward to the stones
River blinks as the girl exposes herself to him. Not sure how to react, he had seen female parts before. So he says what he thinks the jarl wishes to hear. "Very nice jarl. You have a fine beast. I hope she serves you well."
The slave girl: fights to keep her hands down on her thighs.. wanting to wrap her arms around herself.. especially since the kajirus was barbarian and she was too
The Master: aye she does and i must say your master has a fine boy
River lifts his head proudly . "i am his first boy jarl and his lil sunshine. I brighten his day just with a smile
The Master: then he will always have sunshine coming in on him
The slave girl: may aura put her kirtle back on my Jarl.. wiggling uncomfortably
The Master: aura replace your top now I’m sure this boy and i will get to see them and the rest closer up later
The slave girl: at least her knees were padded by the kirtles skirt
River lowers his head a smiles a little at the jarls choice of words cus usually it’s his master cumming in on him. (sorry tmi i know but couldnt resist)
The Master: ((lol is ok i was implying similar))
River: whimpers and wonders if he could run .. aura was pretty and all but ewwwwww girl.
The Master: but perhaps another time i wouldn’t wish to use another’s property without first asking permission
The slave girl: pulls her kirtle up and over her body.. her cheeks any pinker and she would glow.. she didn’t want to be used by river.. or by her jarl.. Suddenly dishes and cooking seemed quite wonderful
The Master: reaches over and ruffles the boys hair and traces a finger down his shoulder
River: river nods enthusiastically, "oh no mas ... jarl i am sure you would never do that. " he breathes a sigh of relief but feels insulted that the master doesn't want to use him.
The Master: who knows boy another time perhaps ..grabs the boy by the hair pulling him to his feet kisses him deeply on the lips before dropping back down to his knees ..looks at aura ..oh do not fear girl i would not neglect your needs and i will see to them soon
River groans loudly as the jarl claims his lips. River slips back to his knees as the jarl releases him and he pants slightly, having been taken by surprise at the kiss
The slave girl: jumps as she sees the Master come... her emerald eyes fly down to the stone.. Greeting Master
River hears the temple open behind him and turns to see who it is .. Smiling brightly as he recognises his beloved master
River: tal my master
The Master: sees the man come out of the stone
Franziskus Ninetails: Greetings, my lil sunshine
The Master: tal sir
The slave girl: moves over to her owners leg...
River moves to his master's feet ready to embrace him when commanded.
Franziskus Ninetails nods to man "Tal, Sir" and nods with a smile to the girl. Franziskus Ninetails snips his finger for his first boy to welcome him
The Master: I’ve just been being kept company by your boy and my girl ..a fine boy he is to you should be proud of him he does your name honour
River lifts up to his knees and presses his face to his master's groin as is expected, inhaling his maleness and whimpering softly
Franziskus Ninetails smiles and ruffles his boy's hair "Aye, fine boys I have"
River nuzzled deeply like a loyal puppy, relishing the touch of his master's hand on his hair
The slave girl: watches river.. her green eyes soft.. her body leaning against his leg.. what would it be like to be that devoted.. Master may aura continue on to the dishes.. Im sure there are many to wash.. sliding away from his leg to kneel beside him
The Master: soon aura you stay here by my leg for now come here
The slave girl: yes my jarl
Franziskus Ninetails: So, are you giving tours again, my lil sunshine?
River reluctantly releases his master, "oh no my master i was waiting for you to wake up from your nap and the jarl came along with his girl.
The Master: pulls her close to his leg thats better aura stay close and he was the epitome of politness sir
River: i did offer my services but he said he had his girl. " river blushes pink again at the small misunderstanding . He had been offering a tour not to fur
Franziskus Ninetails chuckles
The slave girl: moves forward to where she was ordered quickly and quietly.. learning more of this world each hand..she leans against the leg.. becomming more and more used to her collar and being on her jarls chain..
The Master: yes i have my girl for whjat ever i need ..thinks to himself though he does have a fine rounded butt
The slave girl: tosses her white gold mane back as she looks upward to her owner.. he confused her most times..just when she thought she was just another kitchen slave.. he would want her near.. then later banish her again to the pots and pans of the kitchen
The Master: who knows sir perhaps someday the boy and mine here can keep me entertained while you are busy
Franziskus Ninetails looks down to the girl, then up to the man with a grin "I'm sure she pleases you in every way, Sir"
River looks up at his master wide eyed
The Master: but for now i must get her to my rooms as i have much to do.. and yes she does please me in every way
The slave girl: looks up.. my Jarl likes my singing and danceing .. im sure perhaps river can sing too: looks up innocently..having ment the comment sincerely
 Franziskus Ninetails smiles delighted "Oh, singing and dancing? Yes, River loves that! Would be nice to watch your perform together one day"
The slave girl: wiggles happily..
River: if you ever need a tour of the city mas .. jarl i am available.
The Master: aye it would be grand to watch them perform together
River: sighs with relief that the jarl meant that kind of entertainment.
The slave girl: giggles as she changes from jarl to master when she speaks to her owner..since gorean is not her first language..
The Master: i will keep that in mind river. The Master: looks down to his girl come girl lets get you testing those new furs
The slave girl: since her jarl seemed to be in such a receptive mood she wraps her small hands around his boot..
The Master: be well sir and serve with fire kajirus
River: safe paths jarl. and i will and always do jarl.
The Master: runs his fingers throuh her hairs and around her face.  The Master: come aura
The slave girl: gentle paths Master ..
River gazes up devotedly to his master
The slave girl: serve with fire river
Franziskus Ninetails grins and raises his hand in a greeting "Safe paths, Sir. And serve with fire, kajira"
River: serve with fire aura
The slave girl shouts: waves goodbye to river.. see you later river..calls out in english
The Master shouts: aura
The slave girl: peeks around the corner before finishing watering the flower with her water can.. and scoots back inside

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