Sunday, 10 July 2011

RP no.1 girl on the dock

River stands on the dock watching the waves break on the wood, he is lost in thought when he is suddenly aware of a girl standing beside him.   River: greetings sister
girl: greetings
River: you are new here
girl: i am looking for the ruins? yes a bit new
River: the ruins, you know that there are mercenaries in there don't you girl?
girl: i was told to go there
River: they hide in the shadows and devour little ones like you for lunch; River: i see: River: i will show you the way
girl: thank you
River: come with me
River leads the girl up past the temple of Sardar to the secret entrance of the Temple.
Kool door' Lever whispers: River Airy actions the lever 1
River: these are the ruins girl, Who was it that told you to come here.
Abares Freng dind't bother to glance away at the cold tone. "Dalkosora Trielis, Dalkos for short, My brother. Tuskino Arkright, his soon to be compaion, and Anhevius is my father"
River: cus i dare not leave you in here alone.  River: i don't know these names. River: what is your name girl, my master calls me river
girl: she is called girl
The Mercenary (1)nods making a mental note of the names.
River: i can't leave you in here girl: it is not safe,
Captive girl: "My brother would be the easyest to get ahold of. He works in the city you just took me from."
River: maybe i should take you to where the mercenaries have made camp, there may be a girl there that can care for you.
girl looks a bit worried:  she was told to come and wait at the ruins
River looks around nervously not liking to be inside the ruins, he knows the many traps that lay in wait, built by who know who and for what reason
The Mercenary (1)growling under his mask hearing the urts restless he glares at the woman heading out of the door.
River stands looking at the girl not sure what to do, every thing tells him to not leave her there
The Mercenary (1)raing the ramp he sees what has stirred the urts growling at the slaves.
River jumps as a man appears out of the shadows and he falls to his knees, lowering his head
River: Master," he says softly .
The Mercenary (1)"What are you beasts doing here?"
River: forgive me master, but this girl has been instructed to come to the ruins and wait by her master/ mistress
girl castes her glance to the boots of the one she had heard of
girl: greetings Master
River: i didn't like to leave her here alone; as i am sure you know it’s very dangerous.  River chances a look at the stranger, and looks down again straight away
The Mercenary (1): "Take this as your one warning slaves stay out of these ruins or you'll be fed to the urts. : Now get out of her throught the gate behind me before I change my mind."
River: come girl, your master can deal with this: i will take you to safety. come
The Mercenary (1)glances at the female slave: Wait girl. Who is your owner you look familiar to me?
girl blinks back the tears in her eyes as he speaks to her. she is owned by two Master. one is here now
River: looks around him for the other that the girl speaks off
  The Mercenary (1)Is your owner the bald warrior refered to as old man girl?
girl: she does not know that name Master
girl: he is called The Mercenary (2)
The Mercenary (1)nods with a laugh. 'Old man indeed. Boy she is fine your free to go
River: this one knows the tunnels master, i can take the girl if you so wish .. i see you are busy. River looks down at the bound girl with no sympathy
The Mercenary (1)No she will remain and join mine down in the camp downstairs. return to your owner boy
girl smiles gratefully to the one who brought her this far
The Mercenary (2): the bond Trip
slave girl (2)ioh OH
River: my owner is the master builder here Master, greetings master
exotica removes her kirtle
The Mercenary (2): greeting riveer
River nods to a man he knows
The Mercenary (1)glances at his comrade as he steps across the bridge pointing to the slave on the floor. "One of yours old man."
River: i was just delivering this girl master
The Mercenary (2): yes
The Mercenary (2): Tal girl
girl: greetings my Master
slave girl (2)Greetings, Master.
The Mercenary (1)"Deal with your beasts I have to check on our package is secure."
The Mercenary (2): chuckles
The Mercenary (2): come mine
girl whispers a thank you to river
The Mercenary (1)checking the bindings on the woman as she has fallen into slumber checks the sleen is still secure.
[2011/07/09 02:32]  River: does your master have you on a leash
The Mercenary (2): she is a big one lol
The Mercenary (1)stepping out of the room he heads to the camp to check on his beasts.
slave girl (2)I was named exotic for my heighth and natural hair color, Master.
River: left alone in the semi darkness river shivers. he had heard that other master's were surly and brutish, but he had never really met that kind before, He says a silent prayer to the priest kings that his master is a kind and fair man then takes his leave,

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