Sunday, 3 July 2011

cleaning our master's bath the morning after

Giggles i just realised that i should have posted the night before first but oh well. as this one is already ready. We actually took some time off to do some role play so here it is. ... sigh now back to building again. 

Cleaning Our Master's bath.

Endy stretches in the sun, greeting the dawn light. He chuckles, spotting his brother below, and careful not to make any noise, slides down to jump down and surprise hug his brother
River: greetings my brother
Endy looks around the trade hall. “I think our Master wanted some more tea, *looks at map* if I remember correctly there is a market at Iron-hall that sells some nice selections, we would go trade before our Master wakes up?
River: aye he wanted sugar too
Endy: aye, sugar, I forgot that
Endy: heh, this is why you are first boy
River: what do we have to barter with
Endy smiles to his brother lovingly knowing his well his brother has earned his position for his dedication and service to their Master
Endy: hmmmm. Endy opens one of the crates wondering if they are still there
Endy: "Ahhhh yes, there we are, this one has a lot of bandages, not worth much, but maybe a green would need them, maybe enough for sugar"
River pulls the doors shut from where he opened them to let out the smell of damp
River: he then lowers the grid, ensuring that if anyone did managed to pick the lock they could not get in
Endy scowls at the bottom of the door, "mould! That is not a good sign, think we need a good clear out down here.... just after we were properly bathed too....."
River: aye and talking of the bath,
Endy tries to look sad, but grins at his brother after a moment knowing the fun they have in the bath. yes my brother?
River eyes drift over to the bathroom and the dirty bathwater that was still there. maybe we should empty that first
Endy: empty what my brother?
River: and wash the tub. it will take two of us to drag it out
Endy: ah, yes, the bath tub
River: our master will not be pleased if he sees the dirty water still there
Endy: uggggg.... dirty catacomb water *shudders*
River: you had better open the doors again my brother
Endy: best reopen this door so we can get to the docks
River: i don't want to drag it upstairs
Endy giggles as they say the same thing at the same time
River: i will clear the towels
River enters his master's bath chamber and cringes at the muddy floor and bath.
River: he picks up the wet towels his master used and takes them to the bottom of the stairs.
Endy giggles, his mind drifting for a moment to the pleasure they had in bathing their Master
River: placing them on the bottom step ready to move
River: can we find something to hold the door open my brother
River looks around and sees the stool that his master uses when he has his feet washed.
Endy: /picks up on of the towels that the need to clean and puts it under the door to jam it
River: he goes to lift it and finds it is much heavier than it looks so drags it to the door: kicking the dirty towels that Endy had placed there already
Endy giggles, and resists the temptation to give his brother a rats tail with the towel
River: okay let’s move the bath outside my brother
River joins his brother at the full heavy tub and sighs .. this was going to be hard work
River takes the rim of the bath and grits his teeth as he tries to pull it alone. : it moves no more than a couple of inches: it will take us both brother maybe we should bail out some water first
Endy watches his brother yanking at the bath and wonders why he tries it alone "aye, that is true" he says as he positions himself with his shoulder to push the bath
Endy: "you will have to guide the direction, this low I cannot see there I am going
River: think we should bail a bit first my brother.  River looks around for the buckets they used to fill the bath and dips one then the other into it filling them both to the brim

Endy continues to push at the bath wondering why it is not moving, then looks over the bath to see his brother still standing, and listens to him, "ah, yes, that would be wise my brother"
River shoulders the yoke and stands as straight as he can under the weight
Endy sighs, wanting to help his brother, but there not being enough buckets
River waits for his brother to fill his buckets, squatting down a little so his rest on the floor
Endy: ummmmmphhh... gosh, these are heavy
River: nods: i think two trips each will be enough my brother
Endy struggles to his feet, and nods, "I hope so"
River straightens his legs lifting the heavy buckets up and follows his brother outside

Endy staggers to the dock with his brother close behind
River: his shoulders ache under the pressure of the yoke and he reaches the dock side and one by one tips in his burden
River: his buckets empty river goes back for his second trip
Endy lowers his knees to that the buckets rest on the ground as he tips each on into the dock waters
River hurries back to the bath and immerses his buckets once more
Endy dips the buckets into the water and gasping slightly ligts the weights once more
River: he waits for his brother so that he can see if a third trip will be necessary and decides that it won’t be as the water drops to mere inches.
River approaches the dock carefully not wanting to fall in: he lowers the buckets to the ground and slips his head out of the yoke
  Endy sighs happily as they reach the dock, and lower the buckets again to tip them
River: then one by one empties the dirty water into the bay.  River picks up the heavy yoke and takes it over to the side, the buckets upturned to drain completely
Endy follows his brother, and leaves the buckets to dry in the heat of the sun
River: let us get the bath my brother
Endy: yes, my brother
River waits for his brother then takes hold of the bath, and tugs. This time it moves more easily but still is heavy
Endy takes the other end of the bath and begins to push it in his brother's direction
River: as endy pushes he pulls: inching the heavy bath towards the door
Endy: Watch you bath with the razors my brother
River: between them they manage to pull the bath out of the bathing room and into the storage hall. River pauses and wipes the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand
  River: sigh we will need a bath, " he says, "to get over emptying the bath"
Endy whimpers as they go through the door, fearful of their Master's reaction if the scratch the fine marble. Endy smiles, "Well, at least we can bathe at the pump, far less cleaning"
Aye”, River says.  Nodding to his brother that he is ready again he bends and grabs the rim of the bath, and pulls hard
Endy nods back to his brother and pushes. He looks to his side nervously as they pass the sleen cage and it hisses at him
River: one more push Endy," river encourages and pulls back with all his might
Endy groans and braces, then panics as the bath sides easily on the wood and shoots out of his grasp
 river taken by surprise stumbles back and grasps for the edge of the bath but can't stop himself from falling off the dock and into the river

Endy yelps as his brother falls into the water, hold on, hold on my brother. Endy grabs the fabric drying in the sun, ands quickly rolls it
River grasps at the side of the dock trying to pull himself out
River: (( think we need a ladder here lol ))
Endy prepares to throw the fabric for his brother to grasp, and only just stops from hitting his brother having forgotten he can swim
[2011/07/02 02:26]  Endy holds out his hand to pull his brother up
River reaches up and grasps it, resisting the urge to pull him in also
Endy giggles as his dripping brother: "well, think that means you really really do need a bath"
River heaves himself on to the dock with his brother's help and then looks down at himself. "Well I guess I don't need one now," he says with a wry grin
Endy grins at his brothers words and whispers "two words my brother...... 'urts' 'piss' "
River: eeewwwwwwww!
Endy nods as his brother realises. Endy bites his lip to resist giggling
River: let’s get this bath emptied and washed, He fights the urge to push his brother in to the river. grinning he thinks oh well and shoves him backwards laughing loudly as he lands on his back in the water with a surprised look on his face.
  Endy: ((git))
Endy: ((and god modder))
River: oops sorry my brother
Endy shouts: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, help!
River grins and offers his brother his hand
Endy panics, being used to swim naked as his tunic gets tangled with his legs
River sighs and jumps in as his brother seems to be drowning
River: he grabs his brother and drags him to the edge
Endy splutters, his head just above the water as he tries to catch his breath, normally being a good swimmer but the combination of panic and his tunic having caused him to fail badly at swimming
River drags his soggy brother on to the bank and grins, “sometimes my brother i worry about you. enough messing about my brother, lets finish our chores before our master comes
Endy scowls at his brother "you worry about me? And you pushed me into that Sewer of a dock??" Endy growls and storms off to go back to the chore... posing only momentarily to whisper more quietly, "..but that you for rescuing me" as he carries on waking
Endy growls as in his huff he went the wrong way
River: okay endy lets tip it up .. but careful it don't fall in

[2011/07/02 02:43]  River: (( and i was not god modding lol, i simply pushed you into the dock))
Endy: (("grinning he thinks oh well and shoves him backwards laughing loudly as he lands on his back in the water with a surprised look on his face" WATER not DOCK))
River: ((giggles it was funny though))
Endy: ((and God modding, as you forced the action, not 'tries to tip his brother"))
River: (( ohh shush or i will push you in again lol ))
River: (( <---- first boy and is always right ))
Endy: ((agreed, the pissed off is IC not OOC, Endy is SOAKED, Terry is plotting revenge))
Endy: ((<----- last boy and can make mistakes and blame it on the 1st boys training to their MAster))
River: (( lol bitch ))
Endy: ((yes, which part of this have you not realised before))
Endy: ((XD))
River: (( hahahahah ))
River: (( okay bk to rp ))

Endy tugs the bath, still huffy with his brother, and says curtly "help me tip this onto it side.... brother"

Here I deleted a whole load from a passing slave, it was just pointless to leave it in as it added nothing to our rp and was basically just an interruption from someone that didn’t have a clue how to act. His first thing was to address endy and I as mistress, then later as hey guys .... so its gone. 

River grasps at the bath feeling it slip a little and holds it firmly, supporting its weight better as it drains into the dock
Endy skids and growls through clenched teeth "I... can't. hold.. it.... much.... longer... without.... your.... help....."
River pulls it back from the edge of the dock and grins at his brother. " what a strange slave," he says as he starts to drag the bath back
River: let’s lean this to the wall and you can then run up and get some clean water to rinse it
Endy scowls at his brother "oh, yes... thank you... brother"
Endy helps his brother lean it, and then stalks off to get the buckets and some water
River sniggers as his brother stalks off and takes a cloth and begins to wipe the tub out
Endy fills the buckets at the pump.... then giggles as t thought occurs
Endy carefully eases himself onto the porch and yells down "river my brother??"
Endy: "my brother??" Endy tries to add worry to his voice
River: yes my brother, river looks up towards his brother's voice
Endy: "Does the horn still work my brother? Has anyone tested it as we have been trading in the city so long"
River frowns and backs up from under the porch so he can see his brother
River: what a strange question he says as he moves from under the cover
Endy simply tips the bucket, in the hope he got the angle right, then with a grin walks back to refill the bucket

River: Aah!
River: river yelps as a bucket of cold water tips over his head
Endy: "oops" he yells down
River growls like a larl
Endy: sorry my brother, I ummmm.... lost grip on one of the buckets
River: just for that second boy you can clean the bath alone: i will be checking it]  River gives his brother a grin to show he is not really angry then pouting stomps up the stairs to the pump to wash.
Endy sighs knowing his bother has the right, and lays one bucket down, and empties the other into the bath, sticking his butt out at his brother
River: as he passes his brother he slaps his ass then runs away laughing
Endy: "well, at least now the Urt piss is washed off my brother" he yells up at his brother heading towards the pump and rubs his spanked ass.  Endy takes the cloth and begins scrubbing
River pulls at the knot that holds his tunic in place and drops it on the ground ... it needed washing now anyway. then he squats at the pump and begins to wash
Endy moves round to another angle of the bath and continues scrubbing hard
River shouts: make sure you get all that mud off endykins
Endy grits his teeth "yes My brother" he shouts, regretting the day they met that green...
River sniggers under his breath knowing how much his brother loathed the cuteified version of his name
River pushes his head under the pump and washes the river water from his hair. He smiles at the knowledge that his chain brother felt secure enough now that he would play a trick on him

Endy strains and tips the bath to drain the water, then pours the other bucket of water in to rinse down the bath
River: if you have done endy,” river shouts "you may come up and wash before our master comes home."
Endy yells up, "the bath needs moving back first my brother"
River washes out his tunic under the pump and then carries it to the washing line and hangs it over
Endy struggles to move it onto its side once more for the last of the water to drain out
River:” let it dry first my brother, we will do it later.”
Endy: as you wish my brother
River: wash your tunic too my brother
Endy begins to take of his tunic, biting back a response to his brother and just says "yes my brother"
River: with his tunic hanging river runs around to the back of the house and pulls two apples from the tree then runs back and finds a comfortable perch to dry in the sun
Endy tugs at the damp knot of his tunic and releases it. He shivers as he washes the dirt... and other stuff from his body
River bites into his apple as he watches his brother washing and licks his lips of the juice. “come and have your apple my brother .. i think you are clean enough now.”
Endy scrubs off the last of the dirt and goes to join his brother
River: don't forget your tunic endykins
Endy bites his tongue and begins to hang his tunic to dry
river smiles sweetly and drops the second apple down to him

Endy smiles, "thank you my brother"
River: well we will rest a while then we can go exploring a little
Endy nods
Endy: aye.  Endy stretches
River: i was hoping our master would be home by now
Endy nods, "trade must be good"
River: lets put the bath in then we will be ready if our master gets home
We were so caught up in our rp we never noticed the panther creep up on us. I ran down the stairs to move the bath and ran right into her,
Naomi: TAL
River: greetings
Naomi: i am hungry
River shouts up to his brother, run and lock the trade hall: hungry mistress
Naomi look up and down the naked males
River: i can find you something to eat
Naomi: aye?
River backs away carefully, noticing the bow in the half naked woman's hands
River: if mistress would follow me i will show her where there is apples
Naomi laughs
Naomi: apples??
River looks towards the trade hall hoping his brother has locked it
Naomi: apples cannot feed my hunger, lil naked male.  come here to me and show me how you kneel. Naomi raise an eyebrow
River swallows nervously and slips to his knees, never taking his eyes from the woman
Naomi: i said: come here and kneel! ]  Naomi point to the floor close to her feet: here!
River moves a little closer and looks to the house once more
Endy looks down at his brother and tosses him a bow "here brother, you said your bow needs cleaning - catch"
Naomi grabs his chin....her voice is low as she say: : i am hungry....allright?....i need something to eat lil slaveboy....something which feeds me well.....
River: hears his bow clatter on the walkway behind him but his chin is gripped by the woman
Naomi looks up to the another slave.  get “your ass here”
River: no endy stay i order you. River: "wh ... what does mistress hunger for?" he asks stammering over his words, he wonders how far away his bow is
Endy overhears the women’s words to his brother, and states "there is a tavern on the docks Mistress, they are very hospitable"
Naomi: guide me to the tavern
River: yes mistress
Naomi: and you up there...let fall your arrows
River gets to his feet and holds his hands behind his back. he curses that he was not more attentive and was fooling around with his chain brother
Naomi push the slave in front with her feet....lets go!
River: yes mistress,
Kalana Fjord Alarmhorn shouts: Endymion Avalira blows the Horn
Kalana Fjord Alarmhorn shouts: Kalana  Fjord is under Attack!
Naomi: no one here to serve: too bad
River leads the woman over to the west side of the village and pauses in the tavern door way
River: this is the tavern mistress
Naomi: aye, i see....but she looks closed
River: if mistress would like to take a seat i will serve her
Endy blushes, "sorry, I seem to have knocked the horn"
Naomi: aye...get in here, both
River thinks fast
Naomi: allright....ill take a sit. you lil blonde one serve me food and you outside! Naomi shouts. “GET IN”
River: yes mistress
Endy: Sorry Mistress we we completing a chore for our Master, as you are aware our masters orders over-rule ANY other orders
River runs over to the kitchen and searches for food, hoping that there is some, River searches the cupboards and eventually finds some bosk.  he cuts off a big chunk and puts it on a plate, he then rummages around and finds a loaf he cuts three thick slices and places that on the plate too
Naomi take a sit and focus the naked one behind the bar
River: he then carries it back over to where the woman is waiting
Endy: Come my brother, our Master told us to clean the bath last night - put food before her and we will go
Naomi looks over her shoulder....aye....go...
Naomi turns her head to the kneelin one]  Naomi grabs the plate......GO NOW....
River kneels before the mistress and offers up the tray of bosk and bread .. all that he can find in the strange tavern.
Naomi: let me alone slave
River: yes mistress thank you mistress
Naomi reach him 1 silvercoin.  “ here....for you”
Menander Blaisdale: tal all
River: ohh thank you mistress, river says accepting the coin, he places the tray on the floor and edges away
Endy: Greetings Master
Naomi nods
River: tal master,
Naomi mubles...*tal*
Tala Silvercloud glancing inside the tavern but not stepping in
Endy kneels in the presence of a Master, but pretends to still be cleaning his quiver, protective of his unarmed brother
River clutching the silver coin takes his opportunity and runs grabbing his brother's arm as he passes
Menander Blaisdale notices one mumbles, wonders if drink has impaited speech then turns and asks the boys 'all well?'
River runs to where his bow is lying and grabs it up slinging it over his back
Endy: and collides with him on the docks
River: are you safe brother
Endy: yes my brother
Menander Blaisdale nods to the boys as he passes
Tala Silvercloud: your brother ok then? smiles seeing they are
River: greeetings mistress
Endy: Yes thank you Mistress, [2011/07/02 04:23]  Tala Silvercloud: Serve well boys
Endy: He is well
River: thank you mistress. Let’s go home my brother
Endy hugs his brother close "I was worried for you, I am sorry for the trick I played my brother"
River: no harm was done
River: but i do remember telling you to stay where you were
Endy blushes
River: i shall have to tell our master that you disobeyed me.
Endy: she walked off with you my brother, and you were unarmed
Endy's black hair: River Airy reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair. “ but thank you”
Endy: yes my brother
Endy blushes, and hopes he will not be punished for disobedience
River: come brother,
::Kool Door opened by River Airy (memo) [2° click to keep open]
River takes off his bow (that decided to update as soon as he tried to wear it along with the hud) and puts it back in the weapons locker
Endy sighs and oils the doors as they seem to be jamming again
Endy smiles as the open, but wishes he could stop the persistent squeak no matter how much oil is used. He puts away his repaired bow, sad that he still has not had opportunity to test it since weapons Master Tarl fixed it
River: we should pull the bath in i guess
Endy nods. “ aye”
Endy kicks the cage with his foot, and regrets it quickly "fine help you are fluffy"
Endy grins "so much easier to move empty"
River pushes the empty bath back into the trade hall with his brothers help
Endy grips the front, tugging the bath hard
River pauses and locks the doors behind him .. wary that the panther might still be around: he pulls the lock and then lowers the grate: he then goes back to helping his brother. finally they get it back in place.
Endy breaths a heavy sigh of releif
and river moves the stool holding open the door back to where it should be.
::Kool Door opened by River Airy (memo)
River curls up by the pillows and closes his eyes for a while, waiting for his brother and master to get back
Endy grins finding his brother lying on the cushions, and sits beside him stroking his cheek
River opens his eyes sleepily looking up to his brother, welcome back my brother
Endy: Thank you my brother
::Kool Door opened by Franziskus Ninetails (memo) [2° click to keep open]
River: welcome home our master
Endy: Greetings our Master
Franziskus Ninetails quickly hides the map to the boot-camp behind his back to not give his lil sunshine any ideas
Franziskus Ninetails: Greetings, my boys: I was out hunting
River: did you catch anything my master?
Endy looks up at their Master's hidden face but says nothing
River pushes his nose into his master's groin and nuzzles deeply
Franziskus Ninetails: Missed the tabuk, missed the verr, but caught a... uhm... dildo?
Franziskus Ninetails pulles his boys close to him
Endy looks blank and blinks Endy purrs and hugs his Master "welcome home our Master"
Franziskus Ninetails grins behind his mask
 [2011/07/02 05:17]  VISTA ANIMATIONS-ZHAOII MB2-CASUAL 5 ANIIMATED v.NOV08 U: Sit anywhere: On
Franziskus Ninetails looks around "So you cleaned up nicely, my boys
River: it was a hard job my master
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Well, been very dirty"
Endy smiles as their Master's crotch is directly in front of him, his tongue flicks out to dampen his Master's leathers.  Endy blushes, and holds his breath, afraid of what his brother will say
Franziskus Ninetails with his boots kicks both of his boys' knees further apart to have a better view "But you didn't shave yet?"
River: no my master
River lowers his head and bites his lip that they hadn’t done that one simple task yet
Franziskus Ninetails: I don't think you should wait for your third brother. He is prolly lost again
River: nods.. i havent seen him in over a hand my master
Endy bites his lip, "it... is strange.. he seemed changed...."
Franziskus Ninetails: changed? ]  Franziskus Ninetails frowns behind his mask "Changed? What you mean, my lil moonbeam?"
Endy whispered, he was nice before but.... with his mind on..... *blushes* one thing
Franziskus Ninetails nods
Franziskus Ninetails: Oh well, he had a chance... We will see. Don't have much time to care for my boys anyways these days. And this...." - he pushs his boot hard between River's legs ".... is the result!", he grumbles. Franziskus Ninetails moves between river's legs and presses his boot down on his cock and balls pinning them to the ground
River: groans
Endy smiles "Our Master is always attentive our Master, it is our fault for not... taking care of ourselves"
River spreads his legs wider so his master can see better and keeps his head low and his eyes on the floor
Franziskus Ninetails pushes his boot harder against his first boy's hairy balls "What did I tell you is the only thing those hairs on your balls are good for, mine?" ]  Franziskus Ninetails moves between river's legs and presses his boot down on his cock and balls pinning them to the ground
Endy looks puzzled wondering what the answer is
River whimpers from the heavy weight of his master's boot pressing and crushing his balls to the cold marble floor. "i .. i don't know my master," he stammers not able to remember what his master had said
Franziskus Ninetails grunts about his first boy's bad memory "FOR POLISHING MY BOOTS!"
River: whimpers "yes my master , forgive me my master,"
Endy tries not to giggle
Franziskus Ninetails gabs his first boy's collar and pulls him closer, the leather of his boot grinding hard against his boy's balls"
Endy grins, watching as his brother attempts to polish the boots for their MAster
Franziskus Ninetails as he rubs his boots against River's balls, looks over his first boy's shoulder to his second boy with the bright grin on his face. "You find that funny, mine?"
River whimpers once more as he is dragged forward and his master's boot pressed to his genitals. He begins to move over the leather, rubbing his pubes over it. Using them to clean them
Franziskus Ninetails: "I have TWO boots!"
River: soft moans fall from his lips as he becomes aroused. He ignores everything but his task... his hairy balls rubbing over his master's dirty boot
Endy blushes "I am sorry my MAster" and resists mentioning his Master would fall over with both feet lifted
River moans as he feels wet leaking from his slit and he moves his pubes over the wet spot to mop it up before his master notices.
Franziskus Ninetails after a short demonstration pushes his first boy back and off his boots. "Enough! It's your duty as first boy to make sure, you and your brothers are always clean shaven, my lil sunshine!"
River: yes my master forgive my lapse my master it will not happen again: i shall see to it now my master: endy get on the table.
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Get shaved! I will be back soon and control it!"
River fills a small bowl and places it on the table then picks up the razor. "lift your legs brother and expose your balls and ass hole to me
Endy watches the wall trying to concentrate on the image and not on how close his brother is to his privates with a razor. Endy gulps, "yes my brother"
River soaps his hands and rubs it over the course pubes, and down between his brother's arse crack and over his hole. he takes a firm hold of his cock pulling it up so his balls lift
Endy yelps
With gentle but firm force, River Airy grabs Endymion's cock and demands his attention. he then drags the blade carefully over the exposed ball sack
Endy breathes deeply and carefully
River: he rinses the blade and repeats it, careful that he not nick the skin: again he rinses the blade and with a few careful swipes cleans the remaining hairs from his brother's sack. He then turns his attention to his brother's ass crack, parting it with one hand as he drags the blade down with the other. With gentle but firm force, River Airy grabs Endymion's cock and demands his attention. “Hold your ass open my brother" he orders
Endy gulps nervously, but trusting his brother "Yes my brother" and grips his ass
River pulls on his brother's cock once more stretching it so that the heavy balls lift as well, he brings the blade down around and over his brothers arsehole, removing every hair from it. he then puts down the blade and picks up a pair of small scissors and clips the hair around his cock down almost to the skin, making it neat before getting the razor and shaving away the straggling hairs from his groin and legs and belly. He rinses the blade once more and wets a cloth, rubbing it over the shaved area and making sure its dry, River Airy conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of Endymion's genitals. : He then inspects it throuroughlly making sure he hasn't missed any before placing the razor back into the bowl. there" he says now stand and display for our master to inspect you
Endy tries to resist the urge to spank his brother . “Your turn my brother.”
River reluctantly gets on to the table. "have you done this before my brother?" he asks
Endy smiles at his exposed brother. “oh yes, the Master said I was very good at it my brother”   Endy begins shaving his brother's butt and upper thigh
River closes his eyes and lets his legs fall apart having to trust his brother completely
Endy grins, and washes the blade, carefully scraping the hairs from his brother's buttocks between washes

Endy smiles knowing his brother is in no position to argue "can you, part your cheeks for me my brother?"
River nods and pulls his ass open exposing his hole
Endy grins, trying hard to concentrate and not on how turned on his brother's exposed hole makes him as he very carefully shaves the hairs from around his brother's hole. Endy giggles, and decides his cheek is soft enough to check his brothers softness and sneaks a lick of his brothers pert hole as he does so
River whimpers softly as he is subjected to the intimate treatment
Endy tugs gently at his brothers sack to make it easier to shave, having rested the blade in the water for a moment to make it better for shaving without risking nicking his brothers skin. Tenderly, Endymion Avalira slides a single moist finger around the head of River's cock and tugs gently. Endy lifts his brother's balls to one side, then another, carefully shaving the hair from each side as he was taught, rinsing the blade again and again. With gentle but firm force, Endymion Avalira grabs River's cock and demands his attention.
River: whimpers softly as each swipe of the blade touches his skin
Endy presses down on his brother's cock, to smmoth out the skin above it, and begins shaving the skin above it as close to his brother as possible
River groans and holds his knees up so that his brother can reach where he needs to
Franziskus Ninetails returns from his inspection of the docks, looking for his boys
Endy smiles, not having heard their Master enter behind him, and tugs his brother's cock upon completion "There my brother, all hairs gone" Tenderly, Endymion Avalira slides a single moist finger around the head of River's cock and tugs gently.
Franziskus Ninetails looks over his second boy's shoulder "Are you clean shave now?" Franziskus Ninetails frowns a bit behind his mask "Hmmmmmmm... you should keep your brother erected. That tightens the skin and makes it much easier to shave!"
River stands to display so that his master can inspect him more easily
Endy places the blade down and stands to display for inspection
Franziskus Ninetails smiles behind the mask as his first boy already goes in display-position. He reaches for his balls and cock and turns it between his palms
Franziskus Ninetails conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals.
River: moans softly as he is fondled
Franziskus Ninetails strokes his boy's cock to get it harder for an easier inspection. Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches. Franziskus Ninetails's fist closing around the shaft, waiting for his boy's cock to respond to his touch
River: groans his cock getting stiff in his master's hand
Franziskus Ninetails teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him. Franziskus Ninetails lifts the shaft with one hand, his other hand's finger close around the balls and pull them down to stretch the skin and inspect every inch around his boy's cock. Franziskus Ninetails conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals.
River moans as he realises his brother shaved all of his pubes off not just his nut sack and arse hole
Franziskus Ninetails squats down before his first boy. still holding the cock with one hand, he gets nearer with his face. His tongue sliding along his slave's balls to inspect the softness of the skin
Franziskus Ninetails licks over River's glans. Franziskus Ninetails stands up again and smiles "Very well!"
River tries to hold still as he is inspected closely
Franziskus Ninetails slides the back of his index-finger over the spot above the root of his first boy's cock "Next time leave a little bush here. Just trim it short. But this is fine too!" Franziskus Ninetails teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him.
River: yes my maser
Franziskus Ninetails with a smile slaps his first boy's cock "Now turn around and bend over!"
River: yes my master.”
 River bends over as far as he can so his master can see
Endy looks puzzled, unsure what their Master meant, not realising he was not meant to shave all his brother's hair off
Franziskus Ninetails grabs his first boy's buttocks and stretches them to have a better look at his slave's butthole Franziskus Ninetails gropes River's ass with both hands, squeezing and probing
River: moans
Franziskus Ninetails's package rubs against his slave's thighs as he slides a finger through the buttcrack. Franziskus Ninetails slides a finger deep into River's ass, causing him to squirm.
River: ohhhhhhh River feels his cock leak and he grits his teeth to control himself
Franziskus Ninetails squats down again behind his first boy and as he done before he licks along his boy's buttcrack.. up from the hole... to ckeck the softness of the skin with his sensitive tongue. Franziskus Ninetails stands up again and nods content. Then slaps his boy's butt. Franziskus Ninetails slaps River proudly on the ass.  Nice job!
River: moans over and over as he is subjected to his master's pleasure then yelps as his ass is slapped
Franziskus Ninetails: "Well done. Don't forget to repeat that at least once a week, boys!"
River: yes my master thank you my master,
Endy giggles, not being able to see what is happening, but hearing his brothers moans
Franziskus Ninetails: You can get up, my lil sunshine
River: thank you my master
Franziskus Ninetails turns to his second boy "Now lets see Endy...."
River turns and kneels
Franziskus Ninetails as before grabs his second boy's cock
Endy gulps
Franziskus Ninetails holding the cock with one hand brushes his finger through the trimmed bush over his slave's cock-root. With gentle but firm force, Franziskus Ninetails grabs Endymion's cock and demands his attention. Franziskus Ninetails: "See, my lil moonbeam? Your brother did it right. Next time just trim your brother's hair here....", and brushes a bit more over the bush. Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes Endymion's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches. "Unless I command you otherwise"
Endy 's eyes widen, "not the whole thing?"
Franziskus Ninetails holding the cock in his hand turns it left and right, up and down, inspecting every inch of the skin.  Franziskus Ninetails conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of Endymion's genitals.
Franziskus Ninetails: "No, not the whole... thing" Franziskus Ninetails giggles a bit at the choice of his boy's words
Endy moans at their Master's inspection and his rough hands brush and caress against his skin
River: watches in silence as his brother is examined by his master
Franziskus Ninetails as with his first boy closes his hand around his second boy's shaft. His fingers tighten around it and starting to stroke it, waiting for his boy's meat to grow in his fist. Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes Endymion's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches. Franziskus Ninetails with his other hand grabs his slave's balls. He pulls the down to stretch the skin between ballsack and cock. With gentle but firm force, Franziskus Ninetails grabs Endymion's cock and demands his attention. Franziskus Ninetails takes a firm hold of Endymion's cock and drags him forward.
Endy: groans
Franziskus Ninetails nods satisfied "Hmmm, very well" Franziskus Ninetails looks up and frowns "And what's this?!?"
Endy gulps “my Master?”
Franziskus Ninetails snips his finger to command his first boy closer
Endy shudders slightly, nervous as to what is wrong
River moves closer wondering what he had done
Franziskus Ninetails moves his left hand up, reaching for his second boy's wrists.  Franziskus Ninetails holds them in a tight grip behind his neck, while his other hand snaps around his first boy's collar, pulling him up on his feet
Endy tries to stay in position, but his panic increasing
River starts to panic slightly not knowing what is wrong. his eyes drift to his brother's pits and he whimpers wondering if that is it
Franziskus Ninetails changes his grip from the front to the back of his first boy's collar, He pushes him forward, burying his nose right into his other slave's armpits like he'd dump an untrained puppy into it's own pee
River whimpers as his nose is pushed into his brother's pit the sound muffled
Franziskus Ninetails: "LICK IT!", he commands, forcing his first boy's face into his brother's armpits
]  River: shaking river drags his tongue over the pit, licking it eagerly so he will please his master
Endy gulps, glad that he and his brother only recently bathed after cleaning the bath
River: he laps over and over, covering every inch of the skin, swirling his tongue over the area taking in the taste of his brother his master's grip on the back of his neck not allowing him to pull away for breath
Endy bites his lips, trying desperately not to giggles with his brother's action tickling the hairs on his armpits
Franziskus Ninetails finally pulls his first boy back at his collar and scowls down at him "So? Did you forget something?"
River gulps yes my master," he whispers. “ i didn't realise you meant there too my master forgive me. i will see to it now
Franziskus Ninetails still with a growl in his voice "Do you think I want to have your hairs between my teeth when I chose to lick your armpits, boys?
River: no my master
Endy grimaces "no, our Master"
Franziskus Ninetails nods and finally releases the grip around his second boy's wrists: Take care of that. I will check it later!
River: yes my master right away my master
River falls to his knees and nuzzles his master's cock begging for forgiveness. ”River will see to it my master i promise.”
Franziskus Ninetails pats his first boy's hair "You better do, my lil sunshine. Or I will command you to shave your WHOLE bodies! Arms, legs... everything!"
Endy gulps
River: gulps. “We will obey my master”
Franziskus Ninetails: Now continue! I will check later
River: yes my master

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