Monday, 11 April 2011

weddings and memories

Tonight I attended the Free Companionship Ceremony of Kenny Draesia and Reiji Ryada, it was really nice, Both masters looked very handsome and I did see most of it (i crashed three times).  As I knelt and watched two men in love start their lives together i couldnt help but remember the memories it brought back for me.
First of all I was smiling widely remembering the awful duo that Aki Lusso hired as a surprise gift to Jarrod and I, and the hysterical laughter that we both fell into as they slapped each other on the back and congratulated each other on a "good job babe" Bless Aki for the thought but i think i could have murdered him that night.
unfortunately my smiles turned to tears as I remembered that Joshua and Jarrod are no more.
I know i am not the only person to have lost what they loved. (my master for one has suffered the same in the past year) but i cant help but cry. I miss him .. and i always will but ....

.. if what happened hadnt have happened i would not now have the most wonderful, loving, caring master in all of gor. nor would i have my two lovely brothers. They say things happen for a reason and i guess the reason was to bring me and my master and brothers together. I am very happy, blissfully happy. I love my master with all my heart, i have no choice but to, he owns me and i hope he will for a long time to come.
the one that made me crash lol

one i took

one my master took

my love and I 

I will add the photos tomorrow cus i cant find them right now. Nite all

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