Monday, 25 April 2011

This might hurt ... a bit

My master sent for me on saturday and he ordered me to drink paga, and then he ordered my brother to drink too .....

(unfortunately phoenix decided to turn off my chat log so i have to rely on My Master and My brother to post, Lucky i took my own pictures, so here is the links so far.)

The Branding   The Branding pt2

tied down and worried

River screams in pain as the iron bites deeply into his exposed flesh and the smell of burning meat fills his nostrils 

lack of comunication made it so that i was at sim settings and my master and brother set to midnight

River screams again as the iron is pulled free leaving a deep burn in his right buttock, His master pours over paga to clense it and then examines his work making sure it is not blurred.

Marked as My Master's

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