Saturday, 9 April 2011


Had a bit of time away from SL today and spent some time with my rl partner. (those that know me personally know what happened last weekend ) We went to Wellsbourne Market and spent a couple of hours walking around, nibbling on pig roast baps (bap=bread roll)  and chips, (french fries) Eating icecream and spending a small fortune on junk that we really dont need like five fluffy white cushions, two duck egg blue cushions, a manbag, new number plates for my car, some toy cars for when he goes to Iran as presents for family children. Buying the biggest Yumyums i have ever seen and a selection of fruit.
When we got back to town, I nipped into boots and ordered my free pair of specs that they owed me and we finished by going to wilko and buying fish food and a pot plant.

When we got home, i had a nice suprise as Harry Potter and the deathly hallows had arrived two days before it is released here. yay.
I then picked my Grand National Runner, (just for fun no money exchanged hands unfortunately) and watched as Oscar Time romped home into second place. (each way at 14-1 would have been a nice little windfall, oh well maybe next year.)
( I know that some people think that horse racing is cruel but if the horses dont want to run why don't the loose horses stop? they still keep running and they even jump the fences. On the sad side though, two horses died in the race this year. reminding me just why i dont put money on it any more.)

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