Saturday, 30 April 2011

It's all so quiet .. shhh ... shhhh ... shhh

Since my branding its been so quiet. We have had no Roleplay at all. My Master has been busy building and altering houses for people as well as placing his goods on Marketplace. Endy has now moved to My Master's Earth parcel and has been busy sorting out his house.

In real life I have been under the weather, I contracted a bad cold that has gone to my chest, causing me breathing problems. I might have to give in and go to the doctor soon if i get no better. Wont be till tuesday though as its a holiday weekend here again.

Here are some pictures My Master took of our Earth parcel .

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  1. ok lets do this again with better spelling, Who needs Gor when one has a pretty Earth home like that, no pesky panters or Outlaws and no drama