Friday, 15 April 2011

The plants, the rain the travel to Thentis

Not sure if its worth posting this ... so much drama going on that i am sure this will be forgotten. Oh well here goes nothing.

River wakes up and yawns, he scratches his balls and takes a few minutes to wake up properly. Reluctantly he gets himself moving and goes into the kitchen, putting a pot of water onto the stove. The sky is still looking grey as he peers out of the window so he decides to go out and do his outside chores first.  He collects the eggs from the Vulos, taking them back into the house and placing them on the preparation area for later. : He then goes back out and milks the verr, and the bosk making sure to keep the milks separate in the chilla so that he can use the verr milk for cheese and butter.
by the time he has finished the sun is high in the sky. He takes a few ihn to rest and eat an apple that he knows his master would not mind him having, as his master knew how hard he worked and would be more angry if he didnt eat. River checks the vegetable garden, picking the ripe tomatoes and root veg that looked to him like carrots.
He presses his hand into the small of his back and stretches. the hard work in the garden made his back hurt but he never dared to complain. It was just expected. : finally River goes to his herb garden and blinks in suprise as he realises that his little plant was now almost as tall as him.
: He counted the days on his fingers, and then scratched his head, it had only been four days. River strokes over the plant and hisses in pain as it seems suddenly to bite him
[07:37:39]  GM 4.02: Leech Plant hit you with Poisonous plant realistic V. 1.0 no copy (10%) - strike type: trap( x4)
He steps back and then yelps as the plant seems to lunge after him.  He steps back a bit more and studies the harmless looking plant, his hand stinging badly where he had touched it and his leg throbbing from where a tendril had wrapped around it. : He takes a breath, "it must be like a stinging nettle," he mutters to himself. : "you will have to go i am afraid," He looks around for something to grab it with but finds nothing to hand. Reluctant to leave it still growing he grabs it with both hands and pulls it out, stifling a scream as his hands are badly stung.
He heaves it over to the compost heap and slings it on top suddenly feeling very dizzy and sick
He slumps down against the line post cradling his hands in his lap. His leg painful and his hands feeling like they are on fire, even his body was aching. River curls up, he will just close his eyes for a few moments.  What he didn't know was that beneath the earth the roots to the plant had began to spread,

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