Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Master pierces his boys

We had a nice little roleplay last night and our master pierced his boys. Here is the roleplay, I tidied it up a little bit.

Master pierces his boys

 Franziskus looks in the chilla and frowns "Hmmmm, you boys soon have to get new ice for the chilla!"
Endy whispers to River "Ice? Where do we get ice from without it melting?"
River chews on his bottom lip as his master speaks; he looks to his brother as if to say, got any ideas?
Franziskus looks out the window, up to the snowy mountains of Hrimgar "Don't know if it's easier to get ice from up there or if it wouldn't be easier to ship north?”  He turns to his boy "I heard those lands of the kurii are still covered in snow and ice"
River gulps at the thought of the huge beasts.
“Maybe we will take a travel there soon and fill a ship with it,” the Master continued not really caring if his boys wished it or not.
“As you wish my master,” River says nervously.
Endy looks to his brother and whispers "The land of the Kurii was very cold, we could see if they have some?" he looks up guilty realising that his master was closer than he thought as his Master speaks the same words
Franziskus points to the chilla "For now take that ice-block that's left and come with me up to the village"
River jumps to his feet and mutters the customary  “yes my master,” before moving over to the huge wooden box that holds the house’s ice. River follows his brother to the chilla and looks at the remaining ice
Endy whipers to River "if we get some cloth, that should stop our fingers freezing"
River nods “aye” he says then adds. “Look over on the shelf and see if there is a rep cloth.” He then squats down in front of the dresser and pulls open the door and rummages around and pulls out a cloth, "got one” he says triumphantly.
“Bring it up to the village. I'll come soon” their master says nodding towards the door.
Endy grins, "There is not that much ice, I will carry it for you brother - you are first boy"
River: thank you brother, come brother. River opens the door for his brother
Endy: Yes my brother, he giggles as he tries to stop the ice from slipping out his hands
“Can you manage my brother?” River asks concerned.
Endy stares for a minute, admiring the view of the first boy from behind
River: smiles, He holds open the door to the long house for his chain brother. “Wonder where our master wants it?”
Endy gulps, always feeling nervous in the long hall
“Over here I think brother,” river says pointing to a spot away from the fires.
Endy: "It will be too warm in here brother"
River: okay leave it outside maybe till our master arrives
Endy: “Yes brother, Perhaps the fish merchant has a way to keep it cool"
River: will it not smell of fish
Endy frowns "yes, perhaps"
River: maybe here in the shade
Endy giggles as he puts the ice down and slides it over to where his brother is standing
Endy giggles and hugs his brother, just because he feels like it
River: i wonder what our master is up to
Endy looks towards the ice and has a worried feeling about why they may need it - he rubs his branding scar nervously
Endy looks around checking that there are no free and sits on the steps, he  scooches over to sit behind River and whisper with him
River: it’s still quite chilly isn’t it
Endy: Yes, but at least it is warming up now... I have not got used to wearing clothes
Franziskus gives the steps tup to the village a look full of desire, knowing his slaves waiting for him. He nods to the man: "Well, good luck with finding that wench... or the other. If you are tired of searching, you are still welcome in the longhall, Sir! Ah, there are you, my boys!”
River: greetings my master
Franziskus : Met a stranger who's looking for Nefes, I think
Franziskus : Seems she stolen something. he grins
River: we kept the ice out here because it was too hot in the long house
Franziskus  nods
Endy scowls wondering it is the same man that tried to use her for breeding
Franziskus points over to the Smithery "Take it over to the smithery, And have you seen the blacksmith?"
River mutters his customary “Yes my master and then right away answers, “ no my master, I have not seen the smithy. River: looks nervously at his brother and nods for him to get the ice
Franziskus : Leave the ice out here. It would melt inside
River: leave it out here brother so it doesn’t melt
Endy: Yes brother
Franziskus looks down to his slaves. "Hmmm, get naked, boys!"
River looks at his brother and then says "yes my master," slowly he pulls his tunic off over his head and folds it neatly by his side
Endy looks to his Master, then nervously to his brother and obeys the Masters instructions despite the cold
Franziskus  while his boy are taking off their clothes searches around in the smithery until he finds between all the tools of the blacksmith what he was looking for. he returns to his slaves with a clamp in his hand
River: is all well my master?" i ask nervously
Franziskus smiles warmly down to his boy "All fine, my lil sunshine!"
Endy gulps nervously “Master needs new weapons?”
Franziskus pats with his flat hand on the ice block and looks at Endy "Lay down here, my lil moonbeam with your belly and chest close to the ice!"
River chews on his bottom lip eyeing the tool in his master's hand and winces at the sight of his brother lying on the ice,
Endy whimpers at the feeling of the cold ice against his naked flesh as his nipples harden and goosebumps appear on his naked flesh
Franziskus squats down, making sure that his boy's skin touches the ice everywhere... chest... belly...He nods contend and turns to his other boy, snipping his finger "Come, my lil sunshine!" Franziskus points to the cross "Stand there. Front to me!", he commands
River: follows his master, looking back over his shoulder one last time before standing before his master.
Endy tries to look over his shoulder to what is happening to his brother, not daring to turn to far in case he moves from the ice
Franziskus reaches up and quickly snaps the cuffs that are attached on chains to the cross on his boy's wrists. He then bends down to do the same with his boy's ankles. Franziskus  smiles warmly to his lil sunshine "Don't worry, my lil sunshine. I won't hurt you... much."
River shivers slightly in the evening air and blinks a few times at his master's words. He bites his lip and nods trustingly.
Franziskus reaches up with his free hand for his boy's hair and yanke his head back, his body very close to his naked slave, the fur of his kilt brushing over his boy's privates, his package grinding against River's member.  River moans softly as his master's hand fixes in his hair, he swallows hard as he looks into his master's dark eyes uncertain about what would happen. Franziskus  closes a metal ring attached at the cross around his boy's forehead ((have to emote that; it's not there)) and snaps it into a lock at the other side, so his slave's head is fixed to immobility
River feels a slight panic as his head is restrained
Franziskus reaches into his pouch and pulls something out. He lift the hand up to his boy's face so he can see the little silver ring. Simple, but nice and filigree, made of the best silver from the mines of Tharna
Franziskus : Relax, my lil sunshine. I will just mark you as my first boy
River: y ... yes my master," i stammer
Endy wishes he could offer words of reassurance to his brother but being so far away knows he cannot without his Master hearing and wanting to punish him for his lack of trust... and not feeling very reassured in the ice - wishing he could aww what was going on behind him
Franziskus reaches up with his left hand again, gently caressing his boy's hair as he whispers "No hold still, mine!", and while he caresses his hair, he lifts the clamp to his boy's nose
River closes his eyes as the clamp pushes into his nostrils and he holds his breath
Franziskus makes a soothing sound and whispers "It's very quick, mine", then he closes the clamp with quick pressure, piercing a small hole into his boy's nose. Franziskus  retracts the clamp and leans forward, licking some drops of blood from his lil sunshine's nose
River makes a slight squeak as the clamp punches through his nose making his eyes water
Franziskus takes the little ring and pulls it through the hole. With a smile he ruffles his boy's hair "There. Already done, my brave boy! Wasn't too bad, was it?" Franziskus  reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair. He takes a step back and looks at the result for a long time. He nods satisfied

nose pierced

River: no my master,
Endy risks lifting his head from the block to get a better view, and not being able to see clearly at least sees his master caressing his brother in reassurance and trusts his Master that he has a reason for whatever he is doing, only being able to see the Master doing something to the side of River's face
Franziskus steps forward and reaches for the ring that holds his boy's head in place. Releasing his head first, he then kneels down. His hair tickles his boy's privates as he opens the cuffs at the ankles. Franziskus teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him. He rises up again and leans forward, placing a soft kiss on his slave's lips: Franziskus closes the distance to River and kisses him gently on the lips.
River melts into his master's caress
Franziskus then reaches up to release his wrists too
River kneels before his master and lifts his face for his master to examine his handy work
Franziskus as he released his boy and the slave fallen to his knees and proudly ruffles the hair again "This looks fine on you. Now show it your brother!" Franziskus reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
River: thank you my master
Franziskus returns to his other boy, nodding content as the slave obediently shivers on the ice block. He pats his butt lightly "You can get up now, my lil moonbeam!"
River kneels before his brother and lifts his face for him to see what his master has done to him
Franziskus points to River's nose "I marked your brother as first boy. What do you think about it, my lil moonbeam?"
Endy looks up to his brother now kneeling beside him and see what his Master was doing to his brother "c-c-c-ongratulation m-m-m-my brother" he says as he tries to keep his teeth from chattering
Franziskus gives Endy a moment to look at the nose ring, then commands "Stay and display!" to him
River wipes his eyes which are still watering
Endy stands and displays as ordered, wincing at the tightness of his flesh as the melted begins to evaporate causing his body to get even colder "y-y-es, m-m-y Master"
Endy eyes the clamps nervously unsure as to what is to happen
Franziskus still holding the clamp in his right hand, reaches his left out for his boy's nipples. He feels the coldness of the skin, the nipples hard from the ice. He pinches one of them and asks "Do you still feel this, my lil moonbeam?"
Franziskus pinches Endymion's nipples between their fingers.
River watches with interest having a good idea of what was going to happen
Endy gasps, the ice having made his nipple more sensitive than normal "Yes Master"
Franziskus frowns "Hmmmmmmm.... then you were not long enough on them!" He points to the ice block "Back in position, mine!" Franziskus puts his boot on his boy's back as he took position on the ice block again, pushing him closer to the ice "Make sure your nipples touch the ice!"
Endy shivers as the last of the feeling in his chest fade from the freezing ice as his chest this time is forced to make contact with the ice "Yes Master"
Franziskus turns to his other boy "My lil sunshine? Come closer to the ice block too. Hold your belly against it!"
River winces knowing that the ice would sting before it numbed,  “yes my master,” River presses his belly tight to the block of ice, shivering as the chill seeps through his body
Endy shudders as his chest goes numb, and he can no longer even feel the tightness of his nipples against the ice - his body gradually going numb
Franziskus  humms a while, watching his boys melting the ice block with their hot skin. He pats Endy's butt again "Let me see how it is now!"
River whimpers softly as his cock gets trapped against the ice block too
Endy winces in pain as his butt is slapped, but is glad at least one part of his body is being warmed
Franziskus  as his boy gets up again reaches once more his hand out and pinches one nipple "How's this now?"
Franziskus  pinches Endymion's nipples between their fingers.
Endy looks down disappointed that he cannot feel the Master's touch "I cannot feel it my Master"
Franziskus  nods contend and slides his hand deeper, pinching a bit of the cold skin around his boy's belly "And this?" Franziskus  pulls gently on the jewellery hanging from Endymion's belly button and smiles.
Endy looks puzzled at the Master question, then realising where his hand is "numb also Master"
Franziskus  nods and points with the clamps over to the cross "Then go over there and stand to the cross, my lil moonbeam!"
Endy gulps, and walks nerviously over to the cross
River shivers and then sneezes three times in succession
Endy looks over to his brother "Thor protect you my brother"
Franziskus  as his boy takes position at the cross ties him up with the cuffs the same way as he did before with his first boy. He's avoiding to get too close to his boy to not warm up his skin too much to keep the sensitive parts cold and numb. Instead of a ring around his head he closes a ring around his boy's waist, keeping him fixed in place
Endy yelps , He looks at the binding in fear, worry clenching his heart as to what is about to happen to him - fearful that he is to be tortured from the look of the cross as his Master binds him to it
Franziskus  smiles to his boy and reaches a hand out to ruffle his hair. Then his hand slides deeper to his right nipple: Franziskus  reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair. He then pinches the nipple between a finger and thumb with one hand; his other hand with the clamps reaching up "It won't hurt as long as it's numb, my lil moonbeam!" Franziskus  pinches Endymion's nipples between their fingers.
Endy: watches his Master, his breath catching as his hand moves to areas that are still numb
Franziskus  positions the clamps and then quickly shuts it, piercing a tiny hole into his boy's nipple.  "Did you feel that, mine?"
Endy 's eyes widen as he feels a tugging at his flesh but unsure what happened "no my Master"
Franziskus  doesn't even see a drop of blood as the nipples are well cooled down. He nods and his hand slides over to the other nipple, pinching it the same way between his fingers. Franziskus  pinches Endymion's nipples between their fingers. Franziskus : "The next days..." - He reaches the clamps to the nipple and positions it exactly - "... it will burn a bit...." - He closes the clamps quickly, piercing a hole into the sensitive meat there too. Franziskus  steps back and tilts his head a bi, looking left and right at his boy's nipples. Then he steps closer again "... especially when you bath...."
Endy looks worried, but trusts his Master has a reason "Yes, my Master"
Franziskus reaches for his boy's belly, pinching a bit of cold skin between his fingers right over the belly-button "... you will have to keep it always clean... " Franziskus reaches his other hand with the clamps to his boy's belly and closes it it quickly, piercing another hole into his boy's belly"But it will look very nice."  Franziskus  smiles as he reaches into his pouch, pulling out two more rings
Endy grins, glad that he will look more suited to his Master's wishes
Franziskus  holds them up and shows them to his boy before he slides them one after the other carefully through the tiny holes. Franziskus reaches into his pouch again and pulls out another little ornament of finest silver from Tharna. Franziskus slides his tongue between his lips as he fiddles the jewel through the hole at the belly.
River sneezes again
Franziskus slowly traces a finger erotically down Endymion's tummy aiming towards his groin. He attaches the clamps for a moment to his belt, reaching for the small bota of paga. He decorks it with his teeth.  Franziskus holds the bota over his boy's chest, pouring some of the liquid over each nipple. Then lowers the bota to pour some over the belly too. His other hand rubs the paga over his boy's skin, to disinfect the piercings and to warm his boy's skin up. He then rubs some of the paga into his boy's cock and balls too, just to warm his slave up a bit. He steps back and inspects his work "Very good. Very good!"
Endy winces as the liquid touches his chest and feeling begins to return, primely with a stinging
Franziskus smiles and steps closer to release his boy from the cross, opening the belt, then the cuffs at the ankles and finally the wrists
Endy: "Thank you My Master"
Franziskus  ruffles his brave boy's hair, then takes his shield from his back, so his slave can use it as mirror. He reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.

River kneels shivering, his belly pressed to the rapidly melting ice block,
Franziskus : Here, mine. How do you like it?
Endy leans into the caress from his Master, the gasps finally being able to see what the Master has done, and looks up to the Master adoringly. and with no small amount of lust
Franziskus  smiles "Now get your brother on that cross!"
"It.... " Endy tries to think how not to be vain in answering the Masters question "It wonderful Master" Endy carefully whispers in his brothers ear - "Your turn again brother" has he helps his numb brother stand and go to the cross
River: nods shaking from the cold and moves over to his master, he waits nervously, his body trembling from the ice
Endy picks up the cuff and fastens them to River's ankles and wrists and gently but firmly pushes his brother to the cross and attached the chains
Franziskus points to the big ring "Fix his waist too!"
Endy: "Yes Master"
Franziskus frowns as he recognizes River's cock shrunk from the cold. so he adds ".... and warm your brother's cock and balls up a bit.... best way to use your mouth for it!"
being sucked off by his Chain Brother

Endy attaches the big rings round his brother's waist taking case not to press against him in case he warms him, then hears his Master words
River bites his bottom lip as he is fastened back to the cross and then moans as his master commands his brother to suck him
Endy looks his brother in the eyes, them grins as he kneels
Franziskus as Endy kneels before River, grabs his hair and pushes his mouth deeper onto his first boy's cock
River cries out as his brother’s hot mouth envelops his half frozen cock and he pushes his head back, his eyes closed as the pleasure fills him
Franziskus reaches around Endy's head and for River's belly. As before he pinches some skin near the belly button between his fingers "Do you feel this, my lil sunshine?"
River: n ... n ... no ... m .... my .... m..... master
Franziskus pokes River in the tummy.
Endymion Avalira licks over River's glans. Endy moans as his Master forces his to do something he has longed to do to the first boy, his mouth enveloping River's hardening but cold cock, his hands gently tugging at River's sack warming it with caresses.Tenderly, Endymion Avalira slides a single moist finger around the head of River's cock and tugs gently.

Franziskus nods and keeps the skin between his fingers. "Very well!", he says as his other hand takes the clamps from his belt, reaching for his slave's belly
River groans loudly as his cock is kissed and sucked, he can barely concentrate on his master's fingers pinching his belly
 Franziskus positions the clamps moving it a bit here and there... carefully.... until he's finally satisfied with the position. The clamps snap close leaving a nice little hole in his boy's belly button
Endy moans as the slight take of pre-cum from his brother, the sweet taste making him salivate and desire more
River jumps at the click of the punch
Endymion licks over River's glans
Franziskus tosses the clamps on the table and reaches for his pouch, pulling another little ornament from it
Endy gently teases at his brother's perineum wondering if he can get revenge for his brothers educating him on "cleaning" he teases and tickles River's cock, tormenting him.
Franziskus fondles the ring into his boy's belly with some problems as he has to manouvre around his other boy's head
River begins to pant a little, trying to control himself as he is tortured by his brother's mouth. He winces as the punch is pulled free of his skin and he presses his head to his master's hand as he strokes his hair
Franziskus  finally has the piercing in and steps back, inspecting his work. He grunts satisfied with the result. He steps closer again and proudly ruffles River's hair "There! It's done, mine!" Franziskus reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
Endy laps softly round his brothers warming cock, his hand stroking his brothers disirable cock, his tongue darting out tormenting his brother as Rivers cocks jumps with each lick. Fervidly, Endymion strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.
River: t ... thank ...you m .... my .... master," He stammers. He looks down at the silver orniment that now adorns his abdomen
Franziskus  takes the bota again and pours some of the liquid over his lil sunshine's belly to desinfy it. The paga streaming down his boy's belly.... over the skin.... down to the root of his cock.... He smiles as his other boy's lips must taste the paga "Don't get drunk, my lil moonbeam!"
Endy grins, spying the glint of his brother's new belly piercing above him, and catches his brother's eying down just as he gets a face full of paga streaming down from the Master pouring it over River's body
River hisses as the firey liquid seeps into the newly pierced belly button and inadvertently pushes his hips forward
Franziskus  steps back and smiles "Make your brother cum, my lil moonbeam! You both earned a little reward!"
River groans as his master instructs his brother to make him cum. Unable to stop himself he presses his hips forward, rocking as much as his bonds will let him
Endy grins as his Master gives River permission to cum and begins to work with abandon taking his brother fully in his mouth now taking the whole length of his cock and pulling playfully at his brother's balls, his tongue quivering over his brother's glans and cock piercing. He giggles at his brother's thrusts forwards and alternates his sucking in accordance, his left hand straying to stroke his brother’s thigh. He steps closer to River and, reaching down, begins to caress his inner thigh.
River begins to pant heavily as his brother's slippery mouth slides over his cock, which is now burning as the feeling and warmth returns to it
River: hmm. River shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!
Endy moans at the taste of his brother mixed with paga, and desiring for a taste of his brothers cum, he licks t his brother's tight before taking River's balls his his mouth gently lapping at them, sucking and gently tugging as the skin. Endymion Avalira begins to lick River's thighs, slowly and erotically.
River cries out loudly as his balls suddenly spasm and his cock spurts a rope of thick creamy cum into his brother's mouth
Endy giggles as his brother cums earlier than he expected and he gets a faceful of his brothers seed barely able to move in time to take the seed and swallow it lustfully
Franziskus  as he recognizes River at the edge of an orgasm reaches his hand out to Endy's neck. With soft, but strict pressure he forces his lil moonbeam deeper on his brother's cock as his lil sunshine cries out in an orgasm, forcing his other boy to swallow all of his brother's cum
River shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm!
Endy groans as his mouth his filled with river's seed, he swallows quickly savoring the taste, licking at his brothers cock and balls to stop any escaping
  Endy: mmmmm
River feels his knees buckle under him and knows he is being held up only by his chains, but he is too weak to care, his balls and cock ache and his belly and nose throbs as the feeling returns to them. He River looks down with a smile touching his lips, wanting to taste his brother's mouth
Franziskus  grins and releases the grip in Endy's neck after he's sure he swallowed it all. "Now let your brother taste a bit of that mix of paga and cum before you release him, my lil moonbeam!"
Endymion Avalira steps closer to River and, reaching down, begins to caress his inner thigh. Endy chuckles, having finally tasted his brother, his eyes fluttering lustfully at their Master desiring a taste of him as his hand stoke his brother
Endy: "Yes My Master"
River licks his lips hungry for his brother's lips
River's lips whispers: River puckers his lips, waiting for a kiss.
Endy stands and learns into his brother, their chests and new piercings toughing as he kisses his brother wanting to devour his lips as he devoured his cock. He in and passionately kisses River. He leans close to River and seductively sucks on his lower lip.
]  River: presses his mouth hard to his brother's and licks at the mixture of cum and paga from him
Franziskus  smiles proudly as his boys kisses. Happy that he has two such devoted, beautiful boys, and even happier they are loving each other as well as they love their Master
Endy grins and tugs at one of River's nipples pretending his is just inspecting their Master's handywork .  Endy pulls on River's nipples, causing him to squirm.
River: groans and wriggles tied as he is
Endy giggles realising that this may be the only time he has the first boy is a vulnerable position and numerous lustful thoughts fill him mind he  gently touches River's nipple. Endymion Avalira tickles River's tummy, causing him to collapse in a giggling fit. Endy grins and wonders if his brother is ticklish
River looks into his brother's eyes and plots his revenge.
Endy smiles as he finds the answer is yes. Endymion Avalira steps closer to River and, reaching down, begins to caress his inner thigh.
River: ah
Endy looks behind him to see if the Master is watching, and deciding he can get away with it
Endymion Avalira massages River's tummy with gentle motions. Endymion Avalira pulls River's nipple into their mouth and begins to suck.
River: groans loudly
Endy laps the last of the paga of his brother's chest, feeling light headed and slightly giggly
River: careful brother ... i am still first boy
Endy leans forward again, and lest their master head covers River's mouth in a kiss: Endymion Avalira leans in and passionately kisses River.
Endy whispers "mmmm... first boy later... captive right now"
River: moans into your mouth, my tongue entwining with yours, my hot sweet breath mixing with yours.
Endy presses into River's body, his head dipping and nuzzling at River's neck, a finger tracing River's delicious lips. Endymion Avalira slowly traces the tip of their hot wet tongue over River's sweet mouth.
River tugs at his chains and fixes his eyes on those freshly pierced nipples, tomorrow would still be good for a bit of torturing himself.
Franziskus too busy with other things in his mind lets his boys time for some fun, but finally he says with a strict voice "Enough now, boys! Endy, release your brother from the cross!"
River gives his brother a knowing smile
Endy sighs softly knowing that later he could be in trouble with his brother and begins first taking the cuffs of his brothers ankles, then his waist, then finally the cuffs sneaking one last kiss in before he releases the cuffs
Franziskus  grabs his boys' clothes from the ground, sure they won't need it for the short way to their home he stuffs it under his belt
River moves shakily to his master's side
Franziskus’s boots crushing the last remains of the ice on the ground as he waits for his boys "Time to go home, mine!"
River: yes my master
Franziskus  smiles proudly as he looks at his two boys "You are so beautiful, mine! Now come! Time to sleep”
Endy: "Yes Master"
]  River: lifts his head to display his nose ring better, "thank you my master"
Franziskus  frowns as he leaves the back gate and recognizes the signs "What's this?"
River: what is it my master
Franziskus  shakes his head in confusion "I have no idea, my lil sunshine. Looks like sleen-skeletons,  Hmmmm, strange, strange "
 Endy scowls at the flag being familiar with then during his time as an outlaw, and being scornful of people that cannot even flag within gates to show their skill
Franziskus : well, we will care about it tomorrow
Franziskus  points to the furs "To the furs, boys! You will sleep in my bed tonite!"
River: thank you my master
Endy: "Thank you Master"
River climbs into the furs and snuggles down
Franziskus  quickly slips out of his clothes, not waiting for his slaves to undress him as they had a long and hard day
Endy snuggles into one of the cushions, glad of the breeze caressing his flesh and lessening the stinging from the new piercings
 River: i love you my master. goodnight my master
Franziskus  pulls both of his boys close to him
River: i love you my brother
Franziskus  laying on his belly covers each of his boy's cocks
Endy: love you my Master
Endy: love you bro
 Franziskus  mumbles sleepy "Love you, my boys. Now sleep tight and well"

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