Sunday, 13 March 2011

Getting Stabilisation shots.

The great thing about having a chain brother is i dont have to blog about every thing that we do. Soooooooooo our master sent Endy to get his slave examination and he had to have his first shot. Unfortunately My Master remembered that I hadnt had mine so I ended up being treated too. you can find the full roleplay here Here 
Urg, we have to have three more shots and then a final exam.

As Endy did visit one I will post visit two.

Two boys and one hot but mean healer (i forgot to take pictures but i am sure that endy would have some)

River: let us go to the healer, do you not knock brother?
Endy knocks on the door and pokes his head round carefully
Endy: "Master Green?, Mistress Green?"
River: maybe there is no one here my brother
Endy looks around not being able to see any of the greens in attendance: "It looks that way brother... Master will not be happy in the injections have gone to waste"
River: “aye, : i did not want to have the next shot but our master will be upset if we don’t
Endy nods "aii"
River: “Hello, Master or Mistress Healer? maybe we should just wait a while maybe someone will come?
Endy nods at the wise first boy
River: if we wait at least we can tell our master we tried
Endy looks around, impressed by the size of infirmary that city folk can afford.  He sits gently behind his brother and gently toys with his hair
rivers golden hair (xcite) whispers: Endymion Avalira hums peacefully as they slowly brush River's hair. rivers golden hair (xcite) whispers: Endymion Avalira reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
Endy shrugs, “Master has not given any details about what I am to wear when I may offend free women - so when not naked I am not sure what to wear
]  River: usually we wear the rough tunics my brother
Will hears voices below and comes down to see who is about, scowling at the two he finds, "What is it you do here in my Infirmary?"
River moves forward a little being the first boy
Endy: Master said my family colour was to be blue, but I am not sure what to wear n...." Endy stops as a Green approaches
Will moves closer and studies them as he waits for a reply
Endy: "Greetings Master Green"
River: forgive us jarl, our master bid us come and get the second of our shots.
Will lifts a brow, "And who is your Master? I have not seen you about the city"
River: looks up at the master and hope he can read, "this is our master jarl. :  He points to his collar that reads property of franziskus of hrimgar
Endy moves closer to the educated green so that he can read both collars declaring them to be the property for Franziskus Ninetails
Will frowns looking at the symbols, "This man is not of Tabor... Why do you come here? You would have me aiding thieves?"
Will shakes his head and turns for the table, "Come here"
River: forgive us jarl , we were here last night and the kind lady gave us our shot
Will examines the notes left on the counter seeing the comments from the Lady Yas, and nods, "Very well... sit up here whichever of you will be first"
Endy: "Master and Mistress Green both met our Master, Master Green, and approved of him" Endy points to the portraits to show which free he refers to: "I will go first Master Green, I recovered quicker than my brother, and he may need assistance getting back to the ship"
Will nods as he turns to prepare the injection and gather supplies, "On the table then, flat on your belly boy"
River: I shall go first brother, as you say i need more time to recover
Endy stops in mid movement and returns to kneeling respecting the 1st boys wishes
Moonsugah Monday peeps inside and smiles....
River climbs on to the table and lays on his front like he was ordered to last night
Moonsugah Monday: Greetings green..
Will turns back and cleans the injection site on your back above your left hip, "You've had the first already, this one will be no different", as he stabs the needle into your back. ]  Will turns to her voice as he pushes the serum, and smiles to her, "Greetings Lady Moon!"
Endy rests his head against the side of the bed looking into Rivers eyes to give him reassurance
River closes his eyes and grits his teeth trying not to cry out as the healer stabs the jab into his hip with no gentleness.
Moonsugah Monday gasps..shots again doctor Will!!
Will pushes the serum as he speaks looking back to the boy to note any reaction, "Indeed... and these not of Tabor... I wonder that we aid the enemy but I shall examine the matter more a bit later"
Endy looks over and blushes recognising the "lady" and her confession the last time when she was recovering from Paga "Greetings Mistress"
Will finishes pushing the last of the serum and withdraws the needle wiping the site with anti-septic and taping a small piece tightly in place, "Lie still boy until you are steady enough to walk"
River hides his face in the table and can’t help but wonder why the healer is so hostile to him.
Moonsugah Monday smiles... Greetings Boy *squints* you are the strange lad that was here with lady yas.
Endy frowns at the Greens words having thought that the Green oaths were to help friend and enemy alike and shrugs, looking up to the Mistress speaking to him "Yes Mistress"
River: "yes jarl," he says softly wiping his eyes when the healer isn’t looking
Will looks to the other, "Come here boy, I will give yours on the other table while this one recovers"
Moonsugah Monday giggles.. aye.. what a hang over....
River watches as his brother goes over to the other table and feels sorry for him that he has to suffer the same rough treatment.
Endy: "The Master who was injured by the sleen has recovered?"
Will chuckles at Moon as he prepares the injection and gathers supplies then turns back and cleans the site, then stabs the needle and begins pushing the serum, "More mischief in the tavern Moon?"
River recovers enough to realise there is a mistress in the infirmary. "greetings mistress forgive me for not kneeling to you.
Will watches the boy for reaction as he pushes the serum and listens to moon with a grin
]  Moonsugah Monday: nah... doctor will.. travel in the jungle my last trade mission...we camped with a caravan who turned out to be outlaws... Moonsugah Monday gentle smiles is ok boy...lay down and rest...
Endy bites his lip trying hard not to cry out
River sits up slowly wanting to just go home. The mistress healer had been so kind to him and his brother.
Will nods as he pushes the last of it and withdraws the needle, taping down an anti-septic wipe tightly to the site, "I hope you managed to depart without incident"
Moonsugah Monday laugh of there was many a incident..i am lucky to part without iron jewellery.... Moonsugah Monday purrrsss... but what is a trade mission without risk....
Will chuckles as he tosses the supplies, "Lie still boy while you recover", then back to Moon, "Indeed... but to be rid of them without injury is all that matters"
Moonsugah Monday: lucky to have some of scimitar's finest brew along..
Will laughs, "But Lady Mint's concoctions might have rescued you! Those not of Tabor would have been put to their furs even at the fumes, and you might have escaped even with your jewelry"
Moonsugah Monday: unfortunately ..i wil have to find new escort..those was sad left behind when i left in the night...on my kailla
Endy groans softly into the Mastress and the burn from the syrum once more becomes a spinning of the room
Will: Oh? Who was the escort?
Moonsugah Monday: oh well.. they should i hired man of the longshadows...
River holds his head in his hands feeling just as sick as he head the day before only this time there was no offered candy as a bravery reward. He looks up trying to see if his chain brother is recovering, feeling responsible for him as he is first boy
Moonsugah Monday smiles and comes over and tenderly brushes the boys head...
Will: Hmmm... I don't know that one then... Perhaps you might borrow mine next time, I expect he fares better then most in such circumstances
Moonsugah Monday smiling as she wipes the stained face..."who is you master boy? ah... aye he might.."
River points to the name on his collar that reads Franziskus Ninetails of Hrimgar
Moonsugah Monday: i know the guard for ostia have been will to accompany me too...
Will watches her and chuckles, "You make me think of the Lady Yas, all this coddling nonsense... You will have these beasts coming here only for attention"
Moonsugah Monday smiles... they are like children doctor will...
River: our master has friends in tabor and we felt safe to come here ..." looks at the healer with fear. "we had our first shot last night mistress."
Moonsugah Monday reaches into her pouch and hand the boy a cookie..they are so sweet...
Will grins, "And you like their mother? These need the firm hand of a Master, or they will be spoiled from proper use"
River gives the mistress a small smile of thanks. "you are most kind mistress. thank you."
Moonsugah Monday grins.. do you think so.. hehe you know i have none of my own but seems must in the kennal will run 10 miles to make me smile... : i thik they get fair "
Will chuckles, "I imagine so... the gentle hand of a female, with her warm smiles and cookies... only mischief for a kajirus... you will have them spoiled"
River listens to the master and wishes he could say something in return. He and his brother were far from spoiled. Hard work was the bane of their lives but no one cared for a mere thrall
Endy blushes brightly
Moonsugah Monday grins.. and checks the other one...that she had met before.. "doctor i like his bum is a bit red..."
River gets shakily off the bed and kneels on the floor, his eyes down as he waits for his brother to feel up to moving.
Moonsugah Monday: hehehe.. a little spoiling never broke any slave...
Will laughs, "Then you must firm your hand! You cannot redden bums with a cookie and smile Lady!"
Endy blushes even brighter that the Mistress noticed where he had been spanked
Moonsugah Monday: *sighs* ye men.. pamper your slut and be harsh with your boys...
Endy gingerly stands using the bed for support and he returns to a proper kneeling position
Will raises a brow, "But what is the difference between the two? I do not pamper any"
Moonsugah Monday smiles as they kneel.. so what good boys they are...
River looks over to his brother glad that they have a master that cares for the health and happiness of his boys
Moonsugah Monday laighs.. me think doctor will needs the pampering.. Moonsugah Monday tosses him the rest of the bag of cookies... hehehe you could do with some fattening up...
Will looks at the two kneeling, and smiles, "These seem well trained, yes... But as I say, too much of your coddling and treats will turn them to mischief most certainly"
Moonsugah Monday turns and grins.. aw yesh and the holiday fast approaches..
Endy frowns at the suggestion that he and his brother would give anything but the upmost love and devotion to their Master
Moonsugah Monday whispers but in fear to the good doctor boys..he had a wicked streak....
Will looks sour and nods, "Indeed it does... I suppose we must all prepare eh?"
River makes a soft noise and asks. "Please jarl might a boy speak?"
Will looks to the boy quizically, "Yes boy, say what you must"
]  Moonsugah Monday: oh i already have.. i have bogs of sl tarna and chocolate for cookies.. they wil be to busy eating ot cause much mischief...
]  River: "please jarl, this was the second of our shots, how many more must we have, and when should we return for the next?"
Will shakes his head at her with a grin
Will: Surely this was explained to you already... There are four shots you must take, one each day, so you must return each of the next two days... Then they day after the last you must return so we may test the effectiveness
River: lowers his head. "i was just checking, forgive a boy jarl."
Moonsugah Monday smiles.. doctor will surely they are gorean breed.. they most be given shots...
Endy 's eyes bulge in fear wondering how they are tested remembering the Mistress Greens words "You will heal faster...."
Moonsugah Monday shuddler at the thought..
River looks over at his brother once more wishing their master had not told them to make the journey to the healer alone.
Will shrugs at her, "I only follow Lady Yas' notes here, I did not examine them... If they are Gorean they woudl be gone to the city of dust already, this serum would kill them surely"
Endy lowers his eyes in shame, "Mistress, boys are both barbarians" he says in a small voice
Moonsugah Monday: ah... okies...*smiles*: it is okies..mine own mother was a is no shame.. work hard and serve with fire and you may earn you rights to be a man
Endy delicatly gets to his feet to test his balance so that he can move to his chain-brothers side, and feeling the balance sufficient does so. Endy looks to the Mistress, and does not say that he would never want to be free as it would take him away from his Master, but following the slave paces answers "Yes Mistress"
River looks up at the green, "if you have finished with us jarl might we be allowed now to leave? our master will soon be home from his travels and expect us to be kneeling naked waiting for him by the door
Will watches the two of them closely and sees no sign of reaction, noting they have recovered some balance, "I will leave notes here for the Lady Green, perhaps you will find her when you return tomorrow, her coddling will suit you better than my firm hand no doubt... you may go, and safe paths to the both of you"
Moonsugah Monday grins and the doctor..
River: "thank you jarl. and safe paths to you too. i bid you farewell kind mistress. thank you for the treats. we will return tomorrow for the third shot."
Endy walks unsteadly to the Master Green and hands him a small package that was hidden under his shoulder pad "In thanks for your time and services Master Green"
((we must stop endy from giving away bandages to everyone he meets lol)
Moonsugah Monday: safe paths kajiri ... server your master well
Endy holds the bed slightly "You are ready my brother?"
Will takes the package and ruffles your hair witha hint of a smile, "Thank you boy... well wishes to you and your Master"

River: come brother let us catch the ship before it leaves us behind the captain told us not to linger: safe paths jarl, mistress
Endy: Yes brother, May your paths be light Master Green, Mistress
Moonsugah Monday: *waves*
River moves gingerly over to the door, taking deep breaths as he approaches them. as they get out of sight of the healer and the lady he grabs for his brother for support
Endy: You stood to quickly in order to get away from the healer?
River: his smaller frame betraying his lack of strength
[2011/03/11 14:48]  River: aye, he was rough handed and hurt me badly brother: what was it you gave him brother, my master gave me no indication of payment
Endy nods, but having been used to living with outlaws and thieves being slightly more used to rough and uneducated treatments from many times being captured
River: let us go home brother: i will feel better having the shores of hrimgar beneath my feet once more
Endy: "A bandage brother, I still have some left over from my time before our Master, and I have some coins still that need to be given to the Master so he had trade (not had enough time to empty my server properly yet))
River: a bandage is a high price, you should have given it to the lady healer last night
Endy blushes "I did brother, I hoped that giving the Master healer one also would make him better disposed the next time if he is the one to treat us"
River hands over a coin to the captain for his and his brothers passage back to hrimgar. then settles down on some sacks, still feeling ill from the shot but not wanting to let his brother know. let us go home brother
Endy thanks the captain, Endy sighs, happy to be home once more
River strips off his best silks and puts them away.
]  Endy lies down "oooooooooo this is a nice fur...."
River: we needed somewhere where we could rest. we cant use the cushions
Endy nods "hmmm, yes this works well"
River lies down feeling sick and dizzy, maybe they should have waited at the healers a while longer: i dont feel well brother
Endy leans over and toys with Rivers golden locks marveling at the colour so differant to his own so dark

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