Thursday, 31 March 2011

Good Morning My Master

My Master and I had a nice little role play yesterday which ended up with splinters in a rather delicate place.


Franziskus Ninetails leans against the post and watches his naked boy chopping wood for a while. He smiles as his boy recognizes his Master "Greetings, mine!"
River drops the axe as soon as he realises his master is watching him and falls hastily to his knees, mumbling his greeting to him
River: good morning my beloved master
Franziskus Ninetails grabs his boy's collar as he kneels before him and pulls him closer for a hug, forcing his slave's face to sniff his crotch
River rubs his face into his master's crotch
Franziskus Ninetails looks at the freshly chopped would-piles and ruffles his boy's hair "Been busy, huh?" Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
Franziskus Ninetails: You should leave some work for your brothers too
River: yes my master
Franziskus Ninetails still holding his boy close to his crotch pulls him even a bit closer. The contours of his cock obviously noticeable under the fabrics to the slave. He grows a bit tight as his boy's face is buried in his crotch. He smiles "You please me every day, my lil sunshine!"
River moves his mouth over his master's manhood, working it with his tongue and lips, enjoying the taste of the leather and the scent of his master He looks up and smiles brightly at his master, "This one is happy you find him pleasing my master,"
Franziskus pulls his slave's head closer, forcing his boy's nose into his crotch, to nuzzle in deep and inhale his Master's scent. He groans a bit as his slave's hungry mouth works on his cock through the leather, hardening even more under the treatment

Franziskus Ninetails: "Mmmmmmm, if you continue that, my lil sunshine, I'll have to take your right over that stump!", but in spite of his words still forces his slave's face to his crotch, giving it no other choice then to sniff and nuzzle and lick
River: moans softly getting lost in the chore that he loves the most, pleasing his master
Franziskus Ninetails's hand claw in his boy's hand and yanks his head back with a deep moan. His other hand moves to his belt, unbuckling the tunic and untying the the laces that hold his leather-pants Franziskus Ninetails yanks back on River's hair, forcing his head back and exposing his collar. Franziskus Ninetails's boots teasing his slave's cock as he moves a bit to free his hard cock Franziskus Ninetails stands between River's spread thighs, the leather of his boots brushing over the slave's privates

River whimpers and licks his lips hungry for his master's meat, He groans long and loud as his cock is teased by his master's boot
Franziskus Ninetails finally releases his cock from his pants. It juts out right before his slave's face... throbbing... dripping in anticipation
River eyes grow large as they fix on his master's cock but he makes no move to taste it. He looks up waiting for his master's permission
Franziskus Ninetails grabs his slave's collar and pulls him over to the stump. He hardly yanks his boy's head back and as the boy winces in pain and surprise stuffs his hard cock between the delicious lips
Franziskus thrusts his cock between his slutty slave's lips, mouthfucking him deep throat.  He commands with a deep groan "SUCK IT, MY SLAVEBOY!"
River gasps as he is roughly handled and his mouth assulted. he gags slighly as in his excitement his master presses too far down his throat
Franziskus shoves his cock to his boy's face, forcing the slutty wet mouth to suck and gag.
River gets his breath back and dives back onto his master's penis, pressing his tongue hard against the throbbing hot muscle, he moans deeply as his master's hips begin to buck gently, fucking his soft mouth
Franziskus Ninetails holds his boy's head in place with a tight grip in his neck, his hips move faster as he thrusts his cock harder and harder into his slave's mouth, fucking him deep down the throat, he ignores the slave's gasps and choking
River Airy begs and moans, begging his Master to fuck his sluty boy cunt!
Franziskus thrusts his cock between his slutty slave's lips, mouthfucking him deep throat
River Airy takes Franziskus's cock to his wet warm lips, kissing it showing his devotion.River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him. Franziskus thrusts his cock between his slutty slave's lips, mouthfucking him deep throat
River reaches under his beloved master, cradling his balls in his work roughened hand, licking and kissing like a starving man at a banquet. a low moan escapes as tantilising precum leaks on his tongue
River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him. ]  River Airy chews on the fleshy forskin of Franziskus' tip and rolls the skin to softly probe the tender leaking piss slit.
River closes his hand around his master's shaft and begins to stroke slowly, his pretty lips still wrapped firmly around the head .River Airy closes his finger around Franziskus hard member and strokes it. He takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him. jerking his beloved master into his mouth drool runs down his chin but he doesnt stop, and starts to take his master as far down his throat as he can
River looks up at his master as he pulls back a little, his hot slutty mouth begging for his master's cock once more, his green eyes are dark with lust and his face is flushed
 River Airy takes Franziskus cock to his mouth, being the slut he is, he eagerly starts to please him. He closes his finger around Franziskus hard member and strokes it
"please my master" he whispers huskily. "please my master fuck your slut's mouth"
Franziskus Ninetails groans at his begging boy's words and pulls him back on his cock He shoves his cock to his boy's face, forcing the slutty wet mouth to suck and gag.

] Franziskus Ninetails with clenched jaws "Make... me....
... in...
...or I have...
.... to fuck...
River: sucks harder and harder, wanting his master's precious jucies as much as his master wants to give them
.. your...
... tight...
... ass....
... right...
: ...and...!!!
River: groans
Franziskus thrusts his cock between his slutty slave's lips, mouthfucking him deep throat
River: takes his master deeper in his throat, his hand wrapped around his master's balls
Franziskus Ninetails so turned on by that thought and by his slutboy's hungry mouth doesn't wait any longer, grabs his slave's shoulder and spins him around....
River: his head bobbing back and forth as he devours his master.
Franziskus Ninetails ... pinning him roughly against the stump....
River: his cock jutting out as hard as his master's
Franziskus Ninetails ... kicks his legs apart with his boots...
River cries out in surprise as he is spun around and his legs kicked open
Franziskus Ninetails's glans already pushing against his slave's fuckhole... dripping from precum and his slut's saliva
River: he lifts his hips inadvertantly, displaying his tender opening to the world
Franziskus Ninetails groans "Hold still!" as he forces his cock into his slave's tight ass without mercy
River: ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
Franziskus Ninetails has to hold still for a moment as he thrusted his cock full length into his slave's fuckhole...
River holds as still as he can dispite the painful burning in his anus
Franziskus Ninetails catches for breath, waiting till the first waves of sensation ebbed down a bit....
River whimpers as his cock is ground into the wooden stump
Laura Audebarn: "Tal male. We do not come for trouble. May we approach?"
Franziskus Ninetails as he recognizes some motions, stops and pulls out of his boy. He stuffs his cock back into his pants and frowns "Tal"
Laura Audebarn: ah!
River: gasps as his master pulls out of him abruptly and he clings to the post for support not sure if to move or not
Laura Audebarn: I did not realise you were busy
Franziskus Ninetails tilts his head a bit, surprised as well as curious
Laura Audebarn: we seek a panther tribe. All we know of them is that they are close to Sardar but not IN Sardar
Franziskus Ninetails chuckles "Just a little homecoming-pleasure with my thrall"
Laura Audebarn: they are known as the Sungaea tribe
River turns his head away from the women, hiding the bright redness of his cheeks
Franziskus Ninetails not at all embarrassed rubs his chin. As he sees his boy moving a bit he points at him "YOU STAY THERE! NOT READY WITH YOU!", then turns his attention back to the huntresses
River groans and holds still knowing that bent as he is he is fully displayed
  Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmmm, there are some panther-tribes around. But the neares I know is the one over at Sardar. *points to the North*
jen Audebarn: have you heard of this tribe?
Laura Audebarn nods. "That is the Mita Canta. I thank you for your time and I hope your homecoming is enjoyable for you both. Be well."
Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head in wonder, then turns back to his boy "Sooooo... where were we, mine?"
River: you .... you were fucking me ... my ... master
Franziskus Ninetails slaps his boy's butt with one hand while his other pulls out his cock again, still half hard
River: pre warned this time River pants as he prepares to be penitrated once more
Franziskus Ninetails manipulates it with a few strokes to full length again, doesn't need much at the view of his exposed and waiting boyslut
River: "please my master," river begs," please use your property
Franziskus Ninetails grabs his boy's hips again, holding him in position as he once again thrusts his cock deep into his slut's ass
River: cries out again as his tight hole is stretched he whimpers without shame as he presses back, impaling himself deeper on his master's throbbing cock River Airy lays the palm of his hand on Franziskus's cock and gently rubs it
Franziskus Ninetails groans deeply, and - angry about the interruption - starts to fuck his slave even more fiercly
River: ahhhhhhh
Franziskus Ninetails groans and moans... his breath going heavy as he pushs his cock again and again deep into his helpless slave...
River bites on his lip to stop from crying out too loudly, feeling his master's fustration as he pounds into him
Franziskus Ninetails ... pinning him down on the block with his weight and his cock...
River cock grinds painfully against the stump
Franziskus Ninetails takes his hand off one of his boy's hips just to slap his ass hard to make his lil slut tighten his fuckhole even more for his cock
Franziskus Ninetails thrusts hard into River's ass.
River: ahhh
Franziskus Ninetails's balls thump against his slave's buttocks with every thrust.  Franziskus Ninetails mmmmmmmm grunts like a larl
River clenches his ass muscles gripping his master and sucking him further into him
Franziskus Ninetails: that's
River: his breath coming in heavy pants
Franziskus Ninetails thrusting his hip forward... his cock into his boy with every word
River: Y ... y .yes ... my .... ma ... master
F... fuck
y ... your
sl ... sl .. slut
Franziskus Ninetails groans... his hand moves over his slave's back.. he reaches for the collar...
Franziskus Ninetails ... yanks at it and forces his slave's head up...
River grits his teeth as his cock presses even harder to the stump bringing him almost to climax but the fear of his master keeps him on the edge
Franziskus Ninetails ... forcing the back to arch....
Franziskus Ninetails ... to take his cock even deeper
  River whimpers as he is forced into an arch
Franziskus Ninetails pants heavily
River: he grasps at the stump for support as his legs begin to buckle. only his master's and holding him up
Franziskus Ninetails throws his head back and pushs his hips forward Franziskus Ninetails grunt again.. sweat dripping from his face on his boy's back, balls pulling tight to his body....... so close.. so close....
River moans loudly over and over as he is pumped. his master claiming his boy cunt as his, stretching and pounding it, his juices lubing it making his cock slide in and out with ease
Franziskus Ninetails groans deep and long as the sensation of the orgasm flashes through his cock like electricity....
River: i
Franziskus Ninetails ... ending as an explosion of lust in his slave's ass.... ... filling him up with his seed.... ... again and again.... Franziskus Ninetails thrusts hard into River's ass.
River almost weeps as he feels the hot seed of his master seeping up into his bowels filling him completely
Franziskus thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood.
River: please
please .. give
Franziskus Ninetails with the last convulsions of his orgasm groans between his gritted teeth "per... mission" Franziskus thrusts his hard, throbbing cock deep into his slut's boy-cunt, groaning as the tight ass massages his manhood. Franziskus shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm! Franziskus Ninetails thrusts hard into River's ass.
River shudders in the grip of an intense orgasm! River cries out loudly as his master gives him what he was begging for and he throws back his head and howls almost ferel as he expodes over the wooden stump
Franziskus Ninetails though softening continues fucking his boy till he feels the body beneath him shuddering in a orgasm Franziskus Ninetails slowers his moves
Franziskus Ninetails as his cock finally slides out of his boy pulls him up on his collar
River whimpers softly, his cock tender and raw from the roughness of the stump,
 Franziskus Ninetails ... and kissses his boy deeply, still heavy panting
River's lips whispers: Franziskus Ninetails leans in and passionately kisses River.
River melts in his master's arms
Franziskus Ninetails: Mmmm, that was the right welcome, my lil sunshine!
River: i love you my master," he says softly.
River winces as his master's hand inadvertently brushes over his cock
Franziskus Ninetails kisses his boy once again, softer this time. Then strokes over his slave's still dripping cock "Time to get my dinner ready, mine! You made me hungry now"
Fervidly, Franziskus Ninetails strokes River's cock, demanding his body to respond to the touches.
River: ahhh my master,"
it hurts
 ((splinters ))
Franziskus Ninetails frowns as he feels his boy's cock still hard "Hmmm?" Franziskus Ninetails takes a closer look Franziskus Ninetails conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals.
River bites his lip trying not to show weakness
Franziskus Ninetails: Uh oh! Franziskus Ninetails grins "I think you got some splinters in your cock!" Franziskus Ninetails: We need a healer maybe?
River groans at the humiliation of having to see a healer maybe it will be better later my master?" he says hopefully but not totally convinced
]  Franziskus Ninetails: Nonsense! Franziskus Ninetails gets up and pulls his boy up too
River jumps at the sharpness of his master's tone
Franziskus Ninetails grabs his boy's collar and pulls him with him.  River obediently falls into place behind Franziskus.
 [2011/03/30 08:34]  River face burns in humiliation as his master drags him down to the dock by his collar
Franziskus Ninetails still yanking his boy at the collar all over the place raises his free hand as he eyes the tavernekeeper "Tal, Sean! Do you know if there's a healer in the infirmary?"
Quar: Tal
Sean shood his head "not at the moment but i can see by bird if one can come"
Quar: is your boy sick
Franziskus Ninetails nods to the arrived savage and greets him, recognizing him just now "Tal! Yes!" - He pulls his boy at the collar forward and points at his dick
River lowers his head, looking at the ground as his cheeks burn brighter than when the panthers stumbled over him and his master working out.
Franziskus Ninetails: "He got splinters in his dick!"
Quar: ohhh has the boy got the cock drip excaliams SPLINTERS! ???
River: groans softly as his master delares is predicament loudly
Quar: laughs out loud
Franziskus Ninetails frowns "Cock drip? Well.. hmm... his cock drips sometimes... yes. But then... don't they do that all?"
Quar: Boy! hahaha
Franziskus Ninetails shrugs "I just fucked him over the wood chopping stump, that's why"
Quar: he has splinters in hic cock?
Sean receaved a bird back. "sad to say my friend can not come.Seems either we wait for the main healer, go to another land, or try to remove it ourselves."
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye, that's what I said. We need a healer with... uhm... a tweezer or a pincer!"
Quar: aye i can heal that much of the boy lol
River: it really doesnt hurt that much my master," i say slightly paniced
Franziskus Ninetails looks at Sean "Hmmm... maybe a blacksmith will do? I'm sure you have a pincer or clamps or something, Sean" Franziskus Ninetails frowns at his boy and grabs his cock roughly
River: ahhhhhhhhhhh
With gentle but firm force, Franziskus Ninetails grabs River's cock and demands his attention. ]  Franziskus Ninetails nods "Aye! I see, that it NOT hurts
Sean nods "aye i have some nearby" eyeing the boy and the cock. "i may be able to help."
Franziskus Ninetails growls and just squeezes his boy's dick again to teach him a lesson about lying to his Master
Quar: i have a smal tool to pull them out
Pinching the head of River's cock, Franziskus Ninetails grins when River jumps slightly.
]  River blinks back some tears, his cock really did hurt badly but the thought of three master's trying to get splinters out of it filled him with dread
Quar: hahah
River whimpers once more as his master proves his point by grabbing his cock again
]  Quar: look at the boys face hahaha just pour a clear alchoholl or liguer over it then use a small metal tool to remove them
Franziskus Ninetails looks from Sean to the savage, then shrugs "Well, would one of you be so kind then?"
Quar: come te tavern will do
River looks at his master pleadingly
Franziskus Ninetails nods and yanks his slave with him
Sean nods "i got liquids to clean it off"
Quar: sit here boy just a strong liquer should sting
River looks at his master, not moving without his permission
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, maybe better he stands?
Quar: kills evill spirits from entering the cuts
Franziskus Ninetails forces his boy forward and yanks his wrists up into his neck, exposing him into display and forcing him to hold still
Quar: sit up on the bar boy
River chews on his bottom lip worriedly
Sean nods pulling out a bottle "aye some rum it will help." he did not want his paga tainted...though maybe some slave cock flavor might go well...He hands it over to the nearely naked free.
Quar: splashes boys cock with liquer
River: owwwww
Quar: pulls out smal lock picking gear
oh hush
ahh theres one
clips it gently
pulls it out hard
River closes his eyes and tries to hold still. it was easy for the master to say, it wasnt his cock
Quar: there
River: ahhhhh
Quar: one
pffft splashes some liquer
River jumps and takes a step back
Quar: hold boy
swats cock
theres one
River: whimpers and holds still again
Quar: gets in close
Nico Farleigh: greetings Masters
Franziskus Ninetails growls, his grip on his boy's wrists tightening "Do I have to chain you up, mine?!?"
Quar: grabs small expose end
: pulls it out fast
Nico Farleigh: greetings brother
Icheb Wizardly: "tal" as he looks around
  River: "no my master," river replies in a tiny voice
Quar: oh looks up "tal"
Hawk bows his head: Greetings Masters
River: g ... greetings ... brother
Sean nods "tal icheb, nico, boy."
Quar: ok boy one more here
Franziskus Ninetails nods over to the new arrived, but still holds his boy tight in place "Tal"
Quar: examines tiny boy cock
Nico Farleigh stares over to the Masters working on the boys......... manhood
River bites his lip as the jarl digs around again
Quar: foolish boy should have quickly thrown a rag on to the stump before your fucking: ok...there it is....careflu...carefulll..........
River feels his face burning hotter and hotter as more and more people arrive to see his humiliation
Franziskus Ninetails coughs, not given his slave a chance to do that
Quar: gently grabs splinter with clip............ pulls it freee
River: ow ow OWWWWw
]  Quar: ahhh haha splashes cock with liquer
Nico Farleigh twists his face
Quar: boy keep this clean with such liquer
Hawk twitches as he hears the boys screams and gasps, thinks about that it must be really painful
Quar: wine or a distilled clear drink
River shuffles from foot to foot as the liquer stings him
Quar: if you let evil spirits feter you could lose the cock
  Franziskus Ninetails looks over his slave's shoulder to the dick "All out?"
Quar: yes hes fine
Nico Farleigh watches the show.. absently asking "can I serve you something, Masters?"
River: he twists his hips slightly almost trying to escape
Quar: hm yes a pga
Franziskus Ninetails releases his grip on his slave's wrist and reaches for his cock, inspecting it
Sean watched the scene play out. "well whoever sucks river off nect time might get drunk" chuckleing at Franzi.
Franziskus Ninetails conducts a thorough and intrusive inspection of River's genitals.
Icheb Wizardly: "one may dance" as he grins
Franziskus Ninetails nods "Yes, looks well!"
]  Nico Farleigh absently says.. "what temperature you prefer on the paga?"
River holds still as his master examines him
Quar: warm is best
Franziskus Ninetails nods to his boy "Relax and nadu, mine!"
Nico Farleigh rises to his feet and walks to the counter
Quar: if it needs to be removed use a red hot iron to deal it up
River sinks gratefully to his knees his eyes fixed to the floor
  Quar: seal
[2011/03/30 08:54]  Quar: again kills the evil spirits who enter cuts
[2011/03/30 08:54]  Franziskus Ninetails reaches into his pouch and tosses a copper tarsk to Sean "Seve this man..." - points at the hunter "... whatever he desires, Sean!"
Quar: ahh ty is my pleasure
Sean nods "aye what will it be then?"
Hawk slowly head sto the dancepit and looks at the Master as he raises up and starts moving his hips slowly
Quar: i have castrated many a horse
Nico Farleigh grabs a cup and starts cleaning it.. his gaze still on the poor boy Nico Farleigh twitches at the mention of castrating
Quar: in fact if the boys cock goes green or sticky come to me,..ill remove t for you
Icheb Wizardly admires the air dancing as he smiles
River gulps and looks up panic stricken to his master
Quar: notices boys anxiety well then keep it clean boy
Nico Farleigh wipes the cup dry with a fresh cloth.. then... fills it up with chilled paga...
River blinks rappidly to clear his eyes, "yes jarl," he whispers
Quar: hmm...jarl,...?
Sean "it means master"
Quar: oh hmm getting used to city dialect
Nico Farleigh holds the cup to the Masters hands.. "may it please you" his thoughts elsewhere
Hawk moves his hips in slow motion, running his hands down his chest
Quar: thank you boy a pretty dancer
Franziskus Ninetails frowns "Remove the cock or the green and sticky?". He smiles at his slave and ruffles his hair, whispering "Will not be necessary, my lil sunshine"
Franziskus Ninetails reaches a hand out and ruffles his hair.
[2011/03/30 09:00]  Icheb Wizardly: ((i must go)) ((ok this person decided to tp out in the middle of a role play, sure he was not a major player and had just wandered in but hell, get up and walk out of view then tp, ))
River looks back up at his master with relief and gives him a small smile
Nico Farleigh looks to the other Masters "can I serve you something?"
Sean stood about waiting for anyone to order something. Might as well make some paga.
Franziskus Ninetails shakes his head to the pretty boy he met several times still not knowing - or remembering his name - "I'm fine"
Hawk goes down and smiles some, before he slowly gets up again, wiggling his butt slowly, before he smacks it with a lil shy grin
River blinks as the master dissapears before his eyes and wonders if the rumours of magic he had heared were true ((ok I couldn’t resist pointing out that he tp’d
Nico Farleigh nods friendly to the Master then sits back in distance waiting for orders
Quar: well as i said
Sean pulled out a goblet and went to the paga taps. Twisting the handle releasing some paga into it. After closing he stired in a pnch of nutmeg for a interesting taste. and slid it onto the table. "Healer man." refering to Quar. "take this paga I insist."
Quar: yes
thank you sir
now i dont just remove a sweet boys cock
Sean nods
Quar: but if he gets cold and sweaty,,,or it seems to ooze green glop
it will need to be cut off
Nico Farleigh looks at the brothers dick .. waiting for it to ooze green stuff
Franziskus Ninetails grins "Well, I will watch it closely. Very. Closely"
Hawk chuckles and is glad, that he doesn't have problems like this
Nico Farleigh thinks if it will burn when sucking on it.. then waves away the thought
Franziskus Ninetails: Hmmm, do you think it's better, when we bandage it?
Quar: let it breath
Nico Farleigh tries hard to hide a grin
River blinks rapidly
Quar: keep it clean it should be fine
Franziskus Ninetails nods "I'll take care that it is washed with paga at least 3 times a day"
Quar: just trying to scare the boy eh!? haha
Nico Farleigh thinks that the saying must be true that you can breathe through it... and keeps the thought in mind to try it out later on
River: groans at the thought of his cock being washed in the firery liquid, it burned enough when just seeping into the slit how much would it hurt seeping into cuts too
Quar: sips the ppaga and laugs at his own joke
Franziskus Ninetails points over his shoulder to the tavernekeeper, addressing the hunter "I paid the tavernekeeper to offer you drinks and food, if you are hungry. If you need anything, ask for Franziskus, merchant and harbormaster of Kalana Fjord..." - he bows a bit "... which is me"
Quar: well... jst information if you may
Nico Farleigh watches his brother dance .. grinning broadly
Quar: there are woods to the north
Franziskus Ninetails kicks his boy's butt with his boot gently "Run back to the house, mine. I told you to prepare my dinner!", then turns his attention back to the savage "Information?"
Nico Farleigh: this movement does you good brother hahahaha...
  River looks a little closer at the jarl that pulled the spinters out of his cock thinking that he looked a little like the savages on tidra
Franziskus orders River to stop following. River jumps and gets quickly to his feet
Franziskus orders River to follow them.  River obediently falls into place behind Franziskus.
Hawk winks at his brother as he slowly moves his bum, his loincloth moves by his moving
Sean nods about while cleaning a glass "what about the woods.?"
River: yes my master,
River: safe paths jarls.
River: bye brothers
Quar: safe paths boy
Nico Farleigh: serve with fire brother

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