Monday, 14 March 2011

and then there were three ... shots for River and Endykins that is

continuing in the rp of Endy and i getting our shots.


River:” lets go in brother and get this over with.” : looks to see who is here, " i hope the lady is here today, the jarl last night hurt me badly brother
Endy knocks on the door and looks round carefully worried that the mean green may be in attendance. Endy nods at River in agreement
River takes a sigh of relief seeing the pretty lady here and not the mean green jarl
Endy looks around but can only see the nice green in attendance, and kneels patiently by his brother as they wait silently for her to finish her paperwork. He Endy leans forward slightly and gently runs a finger down River's back to see if he can get the first boy to giggle
River looks over his shoulder at his brother and frowns. he then smiles brightly at him and winks before turning his attention back to the mistress
Yasminda Bamaisin smiles...putting down her quill “How are we boys”
River: we are fine mistress. .
Yasminda Bamaisin: dont ye look fetching..*grins*
River looks to the carpet and blushes. "thank you mistress. "
Yasminda Bamaisin: come both of ye undress and up on the tables with you
River looks nervously at his brother and nods
River: you want us to strip mistress?
Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye love..
Endy giggles, River not normaly needing an excuse to go naked
Yasminda Bamaisin walks to the basin and washes her hands, picking up a clean rep cloth she pats her hands dry. She pulls the basin table drawer open and grabs a fresh pair of gloves and snaps them on.
River reaches up and unties his tunic letting it fall to the floor, still not used to being naked in front of fine ladies
Yasminda Bamaisin giggles softly, as she breezes over to the apothocary, recalling both boys weight and height. She prepares tqwo syringes of stabilization serum: “Skin pale as the light of the moon...", she sings softly
River folds his tunic and then lies down on the bed face down. He shivers still remembering how much the jarl hurt him the night before and he holds his breath and grits his teeth in readiness
Endy frowns at his brother being referred to as "moon"
Yasminda Bamaisin: Eyes blue as the see and the sky,,,water flows...water flows", she continues, she picks up the tray she sets the syringes on along with a two square clothes soaked in agrimony. She sets the tray on the table and begins to strap in the long lean limbs of rivers body.
Endy moves closer to River and rests his head by the bed so that River can let him know he is close by to reassure him
Relax fair will be over soon hm..
River: whimpers at being strapped down, this was new the jarls never tied him, he looks into his brother's reasuring eyes and tries to smile
Yasminda Bamaisin: awww there there...*she croons rubbing a gloved hand on his back, * tis for your own protection eh...
River: y... yes mistress
Endy whispers knowing his brother's sweet tooth "if you are brave I think I have a candy hidden somewhere at home"
River smiles at his dear brothers offer, "i wouldnt take your candy brother. you earned it."
Yasminda Bamaisin picks up one of the clothes and cleans a small spanse of skin on the boys lower back above his left buttock
River shivers slightly at the touch of the cloth
Yasminda Bamaisin picks up the syringe...and begins to hum once more... "hearts burn like the fire in the hm hm hmmm"
Yasminda Bamaisin aiming the syringe she lifts it chest high bringing it down in a swift stabbing motion peircing the boys back...She pushes on the plunger releasing the serum into his body.
Endy giggles "I kept it for you, I know you like candy" he keeps silent that he was going to use it as a bribe for the next time the laundry needs washing
Endy winces watching as the needle penetrates his brothers tender flesh
Yasminda Bamaisin pulls the syringe out replacing the cloth in its place holding down firmly and rubbing
River cries out loudly as the metal pierces his skin and then pushes his face into the bed to stifle the soft whimpers as the serum is pressed into him and then needle withdrawn
Endy tenderly strokes River's hair whispering soothing noises to him
Endymion Avalira runs their fingers through River's soft hair.
Yasminda Bamaisin hush you soundly... "Yes... my fair one...tis over hm...", she says softly giving his back a soft pat
Yasminda Bamaisin: Come endykins
 ((endykins lol))((ok this has to be my new nickname for my beloved brother. ))
Endy gulps
Yasminda Bamaisin picks up the tray and steps to the other bed. Undress love
River watches as his brother is lead over to the other bed and wishes he could hold his hand like he had his
Endy blushes - "yes Mistress" as he crarefully undresses and folds the outfit and climbs onto the table
Yasminda Bamaisin sets the tray down on the bed and begins to strap in to your hands and feet. endy my brave little one
Endy hums softly to take his mind off the idea of the needle, unconsciously following the same tune the Green was singing
Yasminda Bamaisin picks up the remaining cloth and cleans off the spot on his lower back above his left buttock
Endy clenches the mattress slightly trying to stay calm, but glad they are being injected by the caring Green and not the rough handed mean green
Yasminda Bamaisin begins to hum in unison...picking up the syringe and aiming it at the spot. Lifting her hand up to chest level she comes down in a swift stabbing motion , the syringe peircing your skin.
Endy yelps
Yasminda Bamaisin pushes the plunger releasing the serum into your body..she pulls it out and replaces it with the cloth holding down firmly
Yasminda Bamaisin drops the used items in a nearby waste basket and begins to unstrap your arms and feet
Yasminda Bamaisin turns about on her heels , stopping by the basin to pour a small bowl of water. She walks over to rivers bed setting the bowl near him and begins to unstrap his arms and feet. : How are we feeling my pet.. ", she asks with a small smile
River: "i am not too bad mistress, thank you for asking . i feel a little sick but not as bad as yesterday
Endy listens carefully worried about River but unable to get up as the now familiar heat and dizzyness begin to take over
River hesitates then asks, " is my brother alright mistress?"
Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye love he is
River: you must think me very weak mistress
Yasminda Bamaisin: Come drink dear..." she slips her hand under his head lifting it gently pressing the bowl to his lips
Yasminda Bamaisin: Nay are not..most boys swoon and pass out
River begins to lift his head but then swoons slighly , laying back down
Yasminda Bamaisin: you are strong indeed
]  River: wanting the mistress to not think bad of him river tries again this time getting his lips to the bowl
River: you are most kind mistress," he says soflty
Yasminda Bamaisin tips the bowl slightly so you can drink. smiles..."I find it is rare a slave finds kindness in this world hm, tis not a crime if i am"
]  Yasminda Bamaisin: and Thank you, fair one
River: takes a small sips, swallowing carefully so not to make his nausea worse
River: "i shall be glad when we no longer need these mistress.
Yasminda Bamaisin carrys the water over to endy and sets it down on his bed and begins to unstrap his arms and legs
Yasminda Bamaisin: Aye love, as would i, i nay like inflicting such pain hm. Endykins i know ye are up hm.. ", she says rubbing his back
Endy nods softly, and quickly regrets the movement of his head as his stomach objects
River begining to feel a little better giggles at the elongated name of his brother and imediately regrets it as his stomach and head roll at the same time
Yasminda Bamaisin slips her hand under your head gently lifting it... "Come drink love.. will make ye feel better"
Endy looks at the bowl reluctantly suspecting that it will not but follows the Mistresses instructions and sips gently
Yasminda Bamaisin smiles... "Good", she says laying your head back down," you and your brother are welcome to stay as long as you like and rest..."
Yasminda Bamaisin: "However mistress has to be hurrying off.." she says moving to the candy machine, she twists the nozzle twice and grasps two tospit candies as they call
River pushes himself up into a sitting position but hangs his head in his hand as the world turns up side down once more
Yasminda Bamaisin presses one candy into Rivers hand.. "For you sweetling"
Yasminda Bamaisin moves to where endy lays and presses the other candy into his hand.."And one for you endykins"
River looks up and gives the lady green the brightest smile he can find. "thank you mistress" he says quietly
Endy smiles weakly knowing it will be a while before his stomach will allow him to eat it "Thank you Mistress Green"
Yasminda Bamaisin: Be good boys... and Be well..
River: yes mistress
Endy: May your path be light Mistress
River: how are you feeling endykins
Endy groans partially from the room spinning and partially knowing that River is going to have fun with that nick name "Like I drank a whole cask of paga"
River: nods, i know the feeling love
River: we should dress i guess
]  Endy dizzily and with much stumbling walks over to River to hold his hand
River: slips from the bed and kneels with his brother  and pulls his tunic on and ties it around his neck
Endy rests his head on River's shoulder, partially to give comfort - partially in the hope that the world will stop spinning soon
River holds on to his brother
Endy sighs softly "I am glad it will be our last tomorrow my brother"
River: do you feel able to walk now brother
Endy feels like saying no, but does not want his brother to think him weak so nods and begins to dress. “I am ready my brother.”
River: we can stay here a little longer brother
Endy: I am ready my brother
River stands shakily, using the bed as support. He takes a deep breath and puts on a brave face in front of his brother.
River: come then brother, let us go home to where we are loved
Endy nods
River: endykins
Endy: "oops" Endy says unconvincingly
River:”brother,” he asks softly. “Why do we need to have the shots?”
Endy: “Mistress explained that they will make us healthier, and give us the immune system of those born to Gor - and they will stop us aging, that we may have long lives loving our Master” Endy sighs "I know they make us feel ill now, but being without Master for a long time is worth it"
River: to live forever as a slave?
Endy bites his lip "unless you ran away" Endy chuckles "or Master freed you to make you his companion"
River: even i know brother that running away is a fools game.
Endy nods "a slaves life is a hard one.... but we have the best of Master's do we not?"
River looks out over the canal, "do you miss it endy?"
Endy looks at his brother cautiously "Miss what River?" Endy sits down to watch the canal and the works or the boat
River: "earth" he replies in a barely audible answer “my life was so different”
Endy looks up to his brother, and bites his lip "I... I...." he turns away his eyes slightly tearful "I do not know my brother... I cannot remember it.. nor even my time in Gor before being washed up in Etihad in the storm... only fragments" he looks up to his brother "please... tell me of your time there"
River:” i had a good job, a brother, real brother not chain,” River sighs sadly. "but that was before, this is now. we should go before the ship sets sail
Endy nods, "you are missing him?"
River pauses. "i dont know where he is, if they let him go. for all i know he could be here on gor
Endy hugs his brother "maybe you will find him one day"
River kneels and gives the captain a coin for his and his brother's passage back to hrimgar. then settles on some sacks to sleep the journey home

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